March 20th, 2013 | 368 Entries

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368 Entries for “beware”

  1. Beware of losing who you are, where you’re from and what’s really inside your heart. Beware of letting too much people get in your life. Beware of your actions because the consequences of it can be expected or not.

    By Alice Lovelace URL on 03.21.2013

  2. to mind what is happening, take care of yourself by trying to prevent anything bad to happen, take advice, look out, stay away from trouble, try to keep yourself safe,

    By Linda on 03.21.2013

  3. Holy shit. Myron is crazy. He put his foot over the fence post, and braced the other one against the sign.
    “Are you coming or not?” he asked me.
    I grabbed the bar and leaped.
    Sirens in the distance. I nearly fell, caught myself on the grave stone.

    By Toni URL on 03.21.2013

  4. Beware of the darkness of the soul as that is the real source of downfall of humanity. Beware of the sharpness of the mind because if not used in the right direction, it has the same effect.

    By Shikha on 03.21.2013

  5. There was a feeling in the air as the party moved through the jungle-type forest. It was just a sense of danger, a sense that they should be on the alert. When one stepped too loud, everybody froze. Quiet. Silent, if possible. Draw no attention. Don’t be what is sought for here. Be the stalker, not the prey. Beware the other stalkers. All the creatures were more powerful. There was just danger at every turn.

    By Serryphae URL on 03.21.2013

  6. beware of what lurks in the shadows. beware of what lurks at night. beware of what the darkness conceals, beware of what it may reveal. beware it doesn’t consume you. be ware that you don’t get lost.

    By Yolanda on 03.21.2013

  7. beware of fire, beware of the bear beware of awareness the niceness of fairness beware of the hair of the fair and the far and the near.

    By clare on 03.21.2013

  8. beware the heartache that comes from love
    beware the wrath from up above
    beware the cars that pass by too quickly
    beware different countries that could make u sickly
    beware many things in this life
    but above all beware not living

    By whitney URL on 03.21.2013

  9. “Beware,” she said. “Beware of the demons in my heart. Beware of the pain I’ve harbored for so long. Don’t you know that I could explode at any second? I can’t take this pressure for much longer.”
    “Beware?” he responded. “Beware of that? I’m here to take that pressure away. Beware of me, for I might steal your vulnerable heart one day and fail to give it back.”

    By Calico URL on 03.21.2013

  10. In the dark of night we set forth on an adventure. As we rounded the first corner in the distance we saw a figure. As we approuched i realized this figure was no stranger, It rather she was the wicked witch.

    By Johanus on 03.21.2013

  11. beware of fire beware of the bear beware of the fair of the care and the far and the near

    By clare URL on 03.21.2013

  12. I sat there, eyes unwaveringly focused on the pumpkin-headed scarecrow, eerily lit by reflected moonlight. I sighed, partly shadowed by the old wooden sign I leant against. It wore but a single, blood-red word, “Beware!”

    Ha. If only I had adhered to that advice.

    By Land of Dave URL on 03.21.2013

  13. ‘Beware.’ His words hung in the air, choking me. I always thought he was just a superstitions old man with an over active imagination. Boy….if only he knew how wrong I was. I stuggled to keep from going into a fit of panic. I had to keep my mind clear if I was going to make it out alive.

    By Jsea URL on 03.21.2013

  14. Beware, they said
    Beware the girl with the devil’s eyes and cloud-soft hair
    You’ll want her
    She’ll need you
    You’ll love her
    She’ll leave you

    By MarisaInSanFrancisca URL on 03.21.2013

  15. i like chocolate. Do you like chocolate? Thats good…Because if you dont hand away from my chocolate than i will take you hand off. So beware!

    By DaltonRobertPepple URL on 03.21.2013

  16. A sign nailed to a tree next to the trail said one word. One word in black paint: beware. Christian blinked in nervousness, then looked up, and far away, he saw the glory of the Celestial City. Beware? Satan, YOU beware, for a soldier of the Lord comes!

    By Emma Travis on 03.21.2013

  17. Beware the dog of my old neighbour’s yard, he barks and may have an appetite for little boys. How do I know? We’ll little wild Bill, you bet that I swear that I’ve seen that old crone invite Nebraska Huey, yes the one that don’t come around here anymore. You know why? Old Nana next door invited him over and I heard the dog hollering later that day. Come morning fence bled red from the other side, all I heard was that dog chewing.

    By Eric Harrell URL on 03.21.2013

  18. Be a ward
    to your own safety
    and beware
    the intruder who knocks
    upon the door
    with cries of tension
    and false

    By Audrey on 03.21.2013

  19. “Like, beware of the Ides of March, man.”
    “Who the FUCK do you think you’re talking to, you little FUCK?”
    Julius Caesar looks into the crowd at this little nerd who think’s he’s got balls. “Little NERD.”
    Everyone laughs.

    By bud marley URL on 03.21.2013

  20. beware of those who have done you wrong and you havent forgiven that weight will press on you with such intensity air will be a thing of the past. Beware skipping late nights with friends for obligations the that seem more important, those are the memories that you will cherish and look foundly upon in your darkest moment.

    By Justin on 03.21.2013

  21. Beware, she whispered in his ears, as she circled him. Her sultry manner and coy gestures had him on edge. But the word set his nerves jittering. Slowly, he turned from her, trying to gently disengage from her.

    By Dylan on 03.21.2013

  22. beware of unkonown things on road or on anywhere present .
    beware is the word that tells us about from which things or people we shoulde be beware of.!

    By ajinkya on 03.21.2013

  23. bewarrrre
    beee warrrreee
    bee there!
    Oh no!
    A bee
    Of all the things to be scared of myrtle
    she said
    A bee!
    You do watch the news? You do read Stephen King? Aren’t there better things to be scared of?
    said Myrtle,
    But the bee is there
    And the news and Stephen King are out there,
    some where,
    and the bee is sharp.

    By Benjie URL on 03.21.2013

  24. “Beware of the giant squid,” said the sign. I thought it meant that the squid would throttle me and drown me….but no. When I jumped into the water, ready to spear the giant squid, it instead went on my account which I had carelessly left open, and left many reputation-destroying messages on other people’s walls.

    By Isis on 03.21.2013

  25. beware or be aware
    fuck the fear
    comb back like your hair
    eyes opened up
    you should check out my flair
    no more more masks
    the goals not to scare
    stare into the abyss
    don’t blink

    By Dio Foxx URL on 03.21.2013

  26. Beware she says as she wraps a scarf around the young woman. Be afraid not of the skyscrapers and the cars. Be afraid not of the loud sounds and bright lights – no. Beware of the people around you. Beware of their words and their actions because not everyone will have your best interests in mind. But most of all, beware of those who will make a place for themselves in your hearts, only to walk out, leaving an empty gaping hole in your heart. For those are the people who will push you to the brink of insanity and ruin you.

    By Iman URL on 03.21.2013

  27. “Beware, little one. Beware. Not all beings are as they appear.”
    Beware what? I always wondered what she was warning me against. Rapists? Muggers? I knew everyone here and those that I didn’t know never stayed around long enough for me to worry.
    I never thought she could be warning me about myself.

    By Salaa'ut URL on 03.21.2013

  28. No one ever obeyed the sign. Everyone ignored it, worked around it in some fashion. And it always worked out for them – they never had to pay the consequences. Not until now. Not until Frank tried to do what dozens before him had done. This time it didn’t work, this time he paid the price.

    “Beware of Dog.”

    By Solo Rae URL on 03.21.2013

  29. “Beware.” The sign was clear. Marshall didn’t care. He crossed the broken fence anyway, banging the sign on his way across. It fell in the grass. He didn’t look back. Feeling the dirt under his bare feet and the sun on his head, he walked to the silhouette of a broken-down house at the back of the stretch of trees. Upon reaching it he wondered for a split second if he had gotten his instructions right. The note clearly said to meet here, but Marshall was regretting his eagerness. After all, he had no idea who this person was or what he or she wanted. “How could I be so stupid?” Marshall thought as he sat down on a mossy stumpy. Then a crash came from inside the house. His eyes widened and his head shot up in fear.

    By Molly URL on 03.21.2013

  30. “BEWARE OF DOG”.

    The sign showed a highly saturated picture of a growling, ferocious pit bull, in heavy, thick and bold red font. The dog had three heads, much like Cerberus from the greek myths Amos read in his storybooks.

    A small dog guarded the fence. Scoffing at the sign, Amos reached out his hand through the rusting metal bars to pet its silky caramel fur.

    One way or another, he would see her today.

    By dramarie URL on 03.21.2013

  31. The word beware brings my thoughts to a place where I must be apprehensive and aware. There is no immediate safety in this place but there is a sliver of possibilities that this place is safe. Beware of what will happen or beware of the past that has happened. I am aware of places that advise “Beware!”

    By Jake Gouin on 03.21.2013

  32. Beware. Be very aware. The people you think you know might not be who they say they are.

    By teeda URL on 03.21.2013

  33. of him with teethy grins and childish pretences, glinting softly he whispers in one word abut don’t know what he says, it lies he screams, it lies down with them in the pit, smiling

    By gracesea URL on 03.21.2013

  34. You have to be careful, think fast, on your feet. everything could potentially put you in danger. trust no one think with judgment and trust yourself, it’s the only person you can trust.

    By Erinn on 03.21.2013

  35. Beware of the face that appears when your eyes are close. This is one of the deadlier spirits of our world. He steals your dreams that are formed in the twilight of falling asleep. When you are in deep sleep or awake he is harmless but he is a spirit of the in-between therein is where the danger lies.

    By Tatiana Diaz URL on 03.21.2013

  36. Beware the sign said I looked at the really creepy house it was made out of really dark wood that was cracked every where.The windows weird cracked and broken all over them.

    By donovanfuller URL on 03.21.2013

  37. grothe sky is changeing color from blue as the ocean floor to gray as the bottom of a pan the people all around me are screaming and holoring. Signs all around me are Screaming the word BEWARE. But i can’t seem to move my feet from the cold concreat

    By Bekah URL on 03.21.2013

  38. One person on this whole planet is beware of every single thing that is going to happen…….ME. I am the terminator, I come from the future. I was sent me to destroy everything and everybody that will effect the world badly in the near future. My first target was Oso ban laden. I arrived at his house. When I got there I fled because there were guards everywhere.

    By Cameron Czerwinski URL on 03.21.2013

  39. Beware the thoughts that come to you at night.
    They are the ones you’ve been avoiding all day.
    They’ve come to have make you lose your mind.
    These thoughts are the hardest to bare, and
    That is because these thoughts
    The one’s you’ve avoided,
    They are the truth.

    By Sarah URL on 03.21.2013

  40. of dangerous women when you cross another woman. Dangers come at all times.

    By Youlanda Jones on 03.21.2013