March 20th, 2013 | 368 Entries

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368 Entries for “beware”

  1. Beware of the snares of the devil. He will trip you up! Bitterness and unforgiveness are some of the most obvious but don’t forget envy, jealousy… just plain old hatred… Keep you head & heart aligned with Jesus.

    By Katherine on 03.20.2013

  2. Of what? The world? If you think like that, you’ll never know the world you live in.
    So don’t beware. Be curious. Be thoughtful. Be on the lookout for other souls who don’t beware all the time. Be in the world and of it. Beware of nothing.

    By s on 03.20.2013

  3. ok

    By Fabric Spell in Ushe URL on 03.20.2013

  4. your words! Do not soften them. Then do not use them. Find a balance. Everything said, misinterpretable. Everything not said, misenterpretable. Use the words; all is danger anyway.

    By Alastair on 03.20.2013

  5. beware of people for they are dangerous. they do not always have good intentions. Beware of caring too little rather than caring too much. Wariness, like recklessness, leads to isolation.You are never so alone as when in a room full of others whose motives are unknown to you.

    By Sonya Silvers on 03.20.2013

  6. beware of self-doubt. beware of the voice in the back of your head that tells you you aren’t enough…aren’t smart enough, pretty enough, capable enough, skinny enough, rich enough. you are enough. you are.

    By Allie URL on 03.20.2013

  7. the word follow can mean that after the speech by the pig all the animals followed his actions to take over the farm leading to an uprising and causing the cruel farmers to leave and them to have freedom. eventually others followed and became a strong army besides what they had started with.

    By natalie fitch on 03.20.2013

  8. Her look said beware. Not her clothes, certainly not her appearance, but her eyes. Under the blue brightness and ice, there was a warning. Of course, Jasper found that warning impossible to resist.
    If one thing had to make you different from everyone, he would choose warnings. He never could deny a warning.

    By greekyoghurt URL on 03.20.2013

  9. of the humans hurting the animals

    By Marissa Perez on 03.20.2013

  10. Old Major told the all the animals on the farm to beware of an rebellion that is coming. The animals were told to try and over take the humans and the animals would live in peace among eachother

    By Aspen Campbell on 03.20.2013

  11. beware i think means like even though the animals have overthrown the farm they should beware because the humans still have lots of power over animals. also the humans should beware because this uprising of theirs is getting bigger and they might try and take over something even bigger than the farm.

    By natalie fitch on 03.20.2013

  12. The fact that Major’s utopia might not run as well as he thought it would so beware of that. Or maybe Mr.Jone is going to fight back to get his farm, because its his farm and since he’s an alcholic he’s going to be able to get the money from somewhere.

    By Paulus on 03.20.2013

  13. Beware the mundane. There is something out there that will make you feel alive and spending your life in an office cubicle is a poor substitute for that.

    By F on 03.20.2013

  14. beware of the farmer
    beware of the animals
    beware of the pigs mind
    beware of clothes
    beware of humans
    beware of beer
    beware of anything human relations
    beware of everything that isn’t an animal
    beware of anything with just two feet
    beware of drunk people
    beware of

    By haylee hennen on 03.20.2013

  15. The book Animal farm relates to the word beware because the animals need to beware of the future that comes to them. That everything isn’t as easy as they think it’s going to be.. Nothing in life comes so easily. Always remember everything comes at a price.

    By Amanda Dodds on 03.20.2013

  16. Beware means to watch out for something. There are plenty things in life you have to be cautious of in life. Some signs say beware of dogs. In the book “Animal Farm” it is more like beware of the animals! The farmer has to watch out because he is mistreating them and they wanted to take over. Because he wasn’t beware, his farm was taken from him by all of the animals. Everybody should beware of their surroundings; too bad Mr. Jones wasn’t.

    By Shanelle Johnson on 03.20.2013

  17. Beware relates to _Animal Farm_ because man needs to beware of the consuquences of their choices in regards to animals, and the animals need to beware of their faults in their search of utopia.

    By Tiayana Mogensen on 03.20.2013

  18. Is a word that we hear so often…you’re supposed to be careful and you’re supposed to take care. I’m a fly by the seat of my pants kind of girl and to me beware just means enjoy. I can’t imagine living life being wary.

    By caren on 03.20.2013

  19. the animals have to beware of mr. jones so they are not caught in their meeting about their rebelion again mr.jones

    By A on 03.20.2013

  20. Beware relates to animal farm because of the animals having to be careful of what is coming next. Like, when Old major told them what he wanted for the future, he was kind of warning them that he was going to die soon and what his expectations were.

    By Jacey on 03.20.2013

  21. The animals should be aware of the dangers that the pigs pose and how they are very controlling..

    By Nimo on 03.20.2013

  22. In the novel, Animal Farm, Major, the main pig, tells the animals on Manor Farm that they must beware man. Major goes on to tell the animals that they must rebel, and how they need to take back what is rightfully theres. He tells them that they must not let man take what they produce for their own consumption.

    By Than, Jonathan. on 03.20.2013

  23. In every government whether is be democracy, communist, or animal kingdom, one must remember to beware. No matter who people are they always have their own interests at heart. So do beware.

    By Mr. Orange URL on 03.20.2013

  24. Beware, it literally means to ‘be aware’ of your surroundings. Now that’s not such a forbidding term. I think it’s only prudent to be aware of things otherwise who knows what pitfalls you will fall into. so beware!

    By Caren Mc on 03.20.2013

  25. This very word could be connected to what the animals on the farm should do. They should beware of what they’ve done. What they’ve started is an uprising and now they have to fight for the farm and their beliefs, or lose everything.

    By Alfredo URL on 03.20.2013

  26. The sea is dark tonight and full of magic. It will call your name, crashing syllables upon the sand. You must not listen. Beware, the sea is a cold, cruel mistress.

    By emmystrange URL on 03.20.2013

  27. If you are beware, you are alert and cautious of dangers. It probably relates to the novel because the animals need to be bewaring of the challenges of the rebellion. The humans as well need to be alert over the animals’ power and ideas.

    By Lesley Marquez on 03.20.2013

  28. The animals were planing a rebellion and decided to start it a lot sooner than expected. The humans had to beware to know whats gonna happen. They had to beware of what the animals were planing and to try to stop them. The animals have to beware of the humans to stop them from continuing harming them.

    By Elvis on 03.20.2013

  29. The word beware relates to the book animal farm in the sense that the animals are wanting the humans to beware the animals. Beware and be scared. Beware of harming, hurting, or aggravating the animals because they may rebel.

    By Sarah on 03.20.2013

  30. The animals should beware of being struck by the rebellion. Be strong and indignant. Be vicious and outspoken for their message to be spread.

    By SoM3on3 on 03.20.2013

  31. Beware of his gnashing teeth, his flaming hair. I saw the demon dancing once with a big black bear, it’s vibrating lips roared with silver bliss. Return to the pleasure dome, and all will be restored.

    By Laura J on 03.20.2013

  32. Beware of the animals in your farm. They’re plotting against you and your farm. They want to overthrow you to create their own perfect world.

    By diana URL on 03.20.2013

  33. Of what? The world? If you think like that, you’ll never know the world you live in.
    So don’t beware. Be curious. Be thoughtful. Be on the lookout for other souls who don’t beware all the time. Be in the world and of it. Beware of nothing.

    By SoM3on3 on 03.20.2013

  34. beware relates to animal farm because the animals don’t know what will happen because of what they have done, like are all of the other animals going to rebel also, or is Mr.Jones going to come back with guns to take back the farm.

    By Alondra on 03.20.2013

  35. She took hold of my upper arm squeezing it tightly. Her eyes held a fear so great it caused me to shutter. “Beware,” was all she whispered.

    By Jade URL on 03.20.2013

  36. Beware! For I am here! Yelling for no reason except, shit… I dunno know. Who’s supposed to fear me? Huh? I can’t even…Shit. BEWARE! FOR I AM COMPLICATED!

    By Slimmy T URL on 03.20.2013

  37. Beware for my shots have enough power. Beware, for I am the one who speaks with passion. Beware, for my goal is to put you down so far, they’ll have to dig your remains in ancient tombs…

    By Slimmy T URL on 03.20.2013

  38. this is a truthfully scary word. warning about many many things. beware of the future, beware of danger. but what most people truly beware of is the unknown. or even more intimidating is that we beware what ourselves are or can become.

    By Nik Torticill on 03.20.2013

  39. beware of the dog. It is cute and it will still your heart. You’ll remember him forever.

    By David Salinas Cortés on 03.20.2013

  40. Beware the man with the red top hat and the white cigar, that billows out black and blue smoke that leaves odor suspended in sages and sickens the birds he has locked up in cages. He’ll try to upend you and tell you old stories that aren’t even his. He’ll attempt to pour you a glass of champagne, but it’s really propane, so don’t drink it, unless you want to go up in flames.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 03.20.2013