March 20th, 2013 | 368 Entries

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368 Entries for “beware”

  1. for some reason this word reminds me of the retelling of the three little pigs from the wolf’s point of view. I also think of Harry Potter and also the line from Macbeth something wicked this way comes. It can also be

    By Mel on 03.20.2013

  2. Beware those who seek you harm. Notice the little things; a small slight here, a thinly veiled remark there. Any red flag, no matter how small, counts. Cut them out of your life immediately. They’re no good for you.

    By Helen on 03.20.2013

  3. scare
    scary movie
    super vilion

    By nathan on 03.20.2013

  4. I am not afraid of the dark, I am afraid of the monsters that lurk within it.

    Beware for them, they are closer than you think.

    When you least expect it they will attack and devour you at the most important time of your life.

    By Kate Weatherall URL on 03.20.2013

  5. Beware, have caution, do not enter with your guard lowered. Take one step and you could plummet, down, down, down. Watch out, keep your eyes wide open, and don’t forget your flashlight on the long, winding stairs.

    By KT on 03.20.2013

  6. The fox stood in the field, staring at her. She was weary, it looked mean and ready to attack. She thought back to her childhood, playing the the forests “Beware of foxes and wolves” her mother always told her, but only now did she realize why.

    By Curtis on 03.20.2013

  7. Beware, she cried. I ran. I couldn’t stop. I didn’t know what would happen, but I knew that it would be, ah, not very good. She cried the word again to me, but this time it seemed farther away. Odd, I thought. I was running towards her, and yet she was the one who seemed to be lost. She called out again, her voice merely a soft memory in the distance.

    By Mark W on 03.20.2013

  8. beware the voices in your head
    when they tell you it’s okay
    to grow yourself in hatred
    but more than that, beware the heart
    that eagerly accepts each claim
    as if it were it’s own

    By StarlitSunrise on 03.20.2013

  9. Beware of those who say no, who say never, who say mine
    These are soldiers of the mind who dictate their ways

    By Louise on 03.20.2013

  10. Beware. It seems such an odd phrase to hear. Cartoonish. Fake.

    I hear it again, and chills run through me. I had no idea how powerful a word could be.

    I hear it again, but it cuts off. I question my surroundings, and everything goes black.

    By Mark W on 03.20.2013

  11. Beware of my older brother, Dylan: He will make you brainless!!!
    Beware of my dog, Marshmallow: She will never be out-ran by anyone!!!
    Beware of Mrs. Smith (5th grade teacher): She is a wacko rock star!!!
    Beware of Mrs. Tyson (5th grade teacher): She will make your humorous stop working!!!
    Beware of me (Katelyn Madonna): I will always be the future of awesomeness!!!!!!!!!!
    Beware of what you just read: Now you’re scared!!! Tell your mom to leave your bedroom light on all night!!! Don’t fall asleep ever again!!! AND NEVER BE STUPID ENOUGH TO READ ANOTHER POST BY: Katelyn Madonna EVER AGAIN!!!!!!

    Thank you!!!

    By Katelyn Madonna URL on 03.20.2013

  12. Beware of the wolf inside! It eats your soul and tears you apart.

    By Selfpoise on 03.20.2013

  13. Beware of the printouts. The designer smiles on happy faces looking back at you aren’t there for more than a moment in time.

    By Archori on 03.20.2013

  14. I beware everything and everyone. I used to trust lots of people, even aquaintance, but now I stopped. “Beware the wolf”, they said. But what if you don’t know who the wolf is?

    By WaryJMS on 03.20.2013

  15. “Beware of the dragon.” The sign on the ride of the road was bright red and it screamed “danger.” Others had written “turn back!” or drawn crossbones on the sign, but they did not deter me. I believed there was still some good in the dragons, and right now, we needed their magic.

    By Kristina on 03.20.2013

  16. beware of the demons of the night which come haunting at your door at 1 o clock sharp. They beg for your presence but you should not give in. They will eat your soul.

    By Boldi Rebeka on 03.20.2013

  17. Beware of what they tell you.
    Because than it’ll all become tiramisu.
    Which is gross.
    Yum. Hot chocolate.
    Beware of what turns up on your thighs.

    By Raneem URL on 03.20.2013

  18. Beware. I hear the words ringing in my ears. Unreal. Corny.

    Someone calls it to me again. I turn to find them, but see only mirrors. Myself. What must I escape? What cause these cries?

    When I hear it a third time, the cry is softer, but more intense, as if some imaginary person demanded that I know this, but was being forced into hiding.

    By Mark W on 03.20.2013

  19. the sign read “caution: wet paint”
    i leaned against the white stained wall for a minute, fully aware of what i was doing.
    i didn’t give a shit.
    my jean jacked was stained.
    the sign mocked me.
    “told you so”

    By molly on 03.20.2013

  20. Beware of the dangers that lurk in the world. They are there to stop you from achieving what you want, from being what you want. Beware of their corruption, because once you fall into their trap, there is no way out. Beware of your sanity, they will drive you crazier than you could have ever imagined.

    By Alethia Williams URL on 03.20.2013

  21. “Beware of the dog”, their gate always used to say. They were a funny pair. Only one family, with one man and a woman who seemed to be normal. But normal is always the opposite of what we think. It becomes a sort of idea where you forget that people aren’t always what they say they are. How convenient.
    For your information, there was no dog.

    By Keni Nooner on 03.20.2013

  22. The crooked sign on the door kept out most, but not him. The house had been deserted his entire life, and it was time for him to find out what was inside. He confidently strode up the weedy yard, ascended the dilapidated stairs, and stood, heart pounding before the door. Reaching out a trembling hand, he pushed it open.

    By Sarah on 03.20.2013

  23. beware of dog. ha, I laugh in the face of danger she thought as she climbed the thin wire fence anyway. It was easier than walking all the way around the building. But as she carefully made her way to the top the dog made an appearance. Not only was it frightening, it was a real bear. She forgot herself for a min and sat at the top of the fence staring as it bound toward her snarling, spitting and barking. Just in time she freed herself and climbed back down the side she had come from. but she had ripped her nice pants and managed to also get a deep cut up the inside of her thigh.

    By yesMAM URL on 03.20.2013

  24. Beware the phrase “Bored now.”
    It will get you into trouble just about every time.
    Not always, but enough that repeating it too often hints at a lack of imagination.

    By Intuition on 03.20.2013

  25. Jest wiele rzeczy których musisz się wystrzegać. Jedną z nich jest samotny spacer po Pradze północ o godzinie 23.00 i do tego jeszcze w piątek. Istniało wielu ludzi, których okoliczności zmusiły by o tej godzinie się tam znaleźć i dlatego dzisiaj mówimy o nich w czasie przeszłym.

    By Toster on 03.20.2013

  26. beware of the dog, it said… wow, what a mess! i thought. The garden was full of garbage and there were all leaves and trash over the place. What was that house for?

    By Christian Hoen on 03.20.2013

  27. the sign was ominous yet ambiguous: “BEWARE” was all it had to say. Beware of what? I thought it rather analogous to life.

    By Brandon Ek on 03.20.2013

  28. look out for danger! Do not enter! Seeing this word always gives me that eerie, haunted house feeling. Like I’m somewhere that the word itself knows I shouldn’t be… Like it’s saying to me “I’m watching you, but you still better watch yourself.” I always err on the side of the safe. Beware.

    By Megan on 03.20.2013

  29. She heard a small low voice “beware” enter her being….the fine hairs on her arms felt alive.
    She had learned long ago to pay attention to the unseen and the unimaginable.

    By skylarkin on 03.20.2013

  30. I would tell you to beware and stand clear, but I’m sure you wouldn’t listen away. But I guess it is true what they say, hindsight is 20/20.

    By Amber Marolyn on 03.20.2013

  31. “Beware the Ides of March!” my English teacher chants as he hands out mini doughnuts, as the day that Caesar was stabbed is definitely an occasion to celebrate. I find Logan on the other find of the room, who just rolls his eyes and takes a huge bite of his powdered doughnut. I know that he hates Shakespeare, and I know that he knows I hate it, too, but I am thankful for the Ides of March and I am thankful for my English teacher and I am thankful for him.

    By EJ URL on 03.20.2013

  32. The dog was vicious, they said. She’d heard stories of his foaming mouth and razor sharp teeth. How he showed no mercy for those who dared to approach him. But she liked danger, and wanted to feel something, even if it hurt.

    By Soft URL on 03.20.2013

  33. You’ve fallen for a man, it seems. I understand your reasons why.
    The lips that whisper promises to you, I once had to kiss goodbye.
    I would tell you to be cautious; advice from one who loved too much
    He’ll leave you with his fingerprints in places he’ll never touch.

    By Carly URL on 03.20.2013

  34. We’re told to beware of a lot of things. As kids, our parents tell us to beware of what seems like everything. It’s because they’re just looking out for us. As we get older, we have to look out for ourselves and we beware of the things that scare us, not the things our parents thought would scare us.

    By Kerry on 03.20.2013

  35. beware of the heartbreaks and the trouble and danger ahead of you. beware you may lose your way just don’t lose yourself.

    By Chloe on 03.20.2013

  36. be someone.
    ware house to the left.
    be aware that you might fall of that cliff
    be wary of things that knead you, tread you from dawn till dusk
    bewahre dir die dinge, die deinen verstand aufladen und dein herz entzünden
    beware of exhibitionists.

    By berenique on 03.20.2013

  37. Beware of my wandering thoughts. Beware of my feet wiggling during suspenseful movies. Beware of me stealing the covers. Beware of my strange appetite. Beware of my irrational personality.

    By Christina Capote on 03.20.2013

  38. Beware of my wandering thoughts. Beware of my feet wriggling during suspenseful movies. Beware of my stealing the covers. Beware of my strange appetite. Beware of my irrational personality.

    By Christina Capote on 03.20.2013

  39. Beware of what? fuck being ware. Do whatever you want to do and then plan accordingly. Roll with the punches. If you can’t you were never meant to be alive. If you have to “beware” you probably should have gotten picked off by natural selection. Sack up.

    By LNKVAR on 03.20.2013

  40. beware. be aware. be wary. be war-y. be war-like. be a werewolf. be a war-like werewolf. be where. be here.

    beware of the wary werewolves warring awareness everywhere.

    By Alexander Marcus on 03.20.2013