June 12th, 2011 | 585 Entries

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585 Entries for “beloved”

  1. I wouldn’t say she was beloved by anyone in particular. She was liked by some, but most passed her by, absently registering her existence before promptly forgetting about her. She had unremarkable features which blurred a little at the edges, blended in quite nicely with everyone around her. Her personality was the same; inoffensive and quiet. There was no fanfare when she left, though she was fondly remembered by those who had liked her, in the end.

    By Lydia URL on 06.13.2011

  2. He held me in his arms the way he did many years ago. I knew he still felt that sizzle between us. How could he not? It was blatantly obvious and I loved it. He could never let go of this. How could he? I was his beloved.

    By Gigi URL on 06.13.2011

  3. blive holdt af. have det godt. familie, venner og kæreste. glad. varm følelse. indeni. anti.overfladisk.

    By AM on 06.13.2011

  4. My beloved mean the world to me. My family…my friends…my dog. My life wouldn’t be complete with them. (: I don’t know where I would be without the support and everything they’ve shown me…thank you for everything <3.

    By vansa on 06.13.2011

  5. By whom? For what? Is beloved a reason or just a trifle, or formality. Archaic, benign? I want beloved as a reality and a truth not a whisper for an end. But the pure beloved of the One. Beloved as a occupation, a life time calling. Beloved by the blesser.

    By Kristine Dreamer URL on 06.13.2011

  6. she was lost, clearly. she turned to see all her loved ones crying. maybe this was a bad idea. but it was too late her foot as already off the edge.

    By escobar on 06.13.2011

  7. Si tendre, auparavant ammenuie, je respire
    L’idée de notre portée me mille… non aussi
    Boulevard éraillé, le glissando de nos défunts
    -lire la plage; raillé le cirque de tes ailes…

    6encore la cisaille laciférée de ramures
    corps à pore pour sa colombine…
    n’a-telle pas des voiliers aéroportés ?
    Je vérande plus en lisière accrocs.

    Manutence dérobe le quadrant de rousse
    Pitente déracé de brasse, la droiture de
    -Pire fou dont le détritus living.

    Balence et Valéres dégouline sur la france
    Coulée, ma main, ainsi que le clan de ma
    Gente au cieux us et costumes mrguillé !

    By Fabric Spell in Ushe URL on 06.13.2011

  8. A beloved person is someone you love and really care baout such as a husband or wife or something like that. But it can be an object or maybe animal etc. that you really like and are pretty much obsessed about.

    By Roz URL on 06.13.2011

  9. My beloved family is at home right now. I long to see them.

    By kishor on 06.13.2011

  10. Everybody liked Jane, loved her, even. She possessed some ethereal charm that made it impossible to dislike her. So, naturally, it was a shame when she threw herself off of the tallest building in Groswell. It seemed at first that she knew something the rest of us did not, that she had seen through those small green eyes, a sinister quality in the world that the rest of us could not perceive. She had in a way, noticed something that everyone else had missed, but there wasn’t really anything that she knew that we didn’t. In fact, what Jane knew that the rest of us did not was that there was nothing else to life than what we had been taught. So, it was a shame, what she did then, but it would’ve been an even greater shame if she had been able to live with that thought.

    By X on 06.13.2011

  11. Beloved…it’s’s’s what a human being is. Beloved.

    By Dana on 06.13.2011

  12. Why do I love you so much? Is it because you run ahead to open the door? Is it the way I am always laughing when I am near you? Is it the way you give me butterflies when you walk in the room? Is it the way your skin feels on mine? Why do I love you so much? Why?

    By MelissaWrites324 URL on 06.13.2011

  13. Well beloved.. no not for me it dont work, my wife would fall of her chair if I used it.. I had a bicycle that was once beloved and a pair of trainers when I was eight’ my mum threw them on the fire !

    By james cooper URL on 06.13.2011

  14. My baby gave birth to her first baby a few weeks ago. I think I understand the word beloved now. Because that’s how I feel. Those girls are beloved. they are wonderful. what a fantastic gift my baby was and now she’s had a baby!!

    By Bob Hussey URL on 06.13.2011

  15. “…dearly beloved, are you listening? / I can’t remember a word that you were saying”

    Umm so yeah that quote and also lots of things can be beloved including also stuff, items and froan. FROAN. Because it is spantabulous and therefore beloved by all.

    (hi English buddy, hope you’re not bored enough to be reading this!)

    By awesdrghjk on 06.13.2011

  16. one who you hold dear to your heart

    By teresa URL on 06.13.2011

  17. you are the one ive been waiting for. the one ive dreamed about. you are my beloved. i care for you and nobody else. keep me close, and keep me forever.

    By Tyler on 06.13.2011

  18. BE LOVED
    love and be loved
    one love
    we are love
    may you be loved
    may you be your beloved’s beloved

    By flowerchilds URL on 06.13.2011

  19. All I can think of is Susan, the lovely girl at the window, and Roland, the young gunslinger too bent on duty. Dark Tower, I love and hate you. Mostly love.

    By ISOreality URL on 06.13.2011

  20. Somi.. you are my beloved one .. I love you .. I love you .. I love you so much … you are my life babu.. I can’t live without you … Please never leave me and go anywhere.. I am always there for you .. whatever may happen but I will be there for you .. always.. Hamesa…

    By abcd on 06.13.2011

  21. I want to be beloved. I saw a picture this morning of my aunt with a friend she just took a trip with and it was labeled “bff’s” and my heart broke with wanting to be someone’s bff. I thought I was making progress with my husband but when he yelled at me yesterday, something broke inside me all over again.

    By Barbara URL on 06.13.2011

  22. TJ. I can’t even write anymore because the only thing that comes to mind when I see this is his name. He is been my beloved for three and a half years and I just need him right now. I need him to tell me he is okay and that I am making it better.

    By TayDean URL on 06.13.2011

  23. I don’t have any beloved person. Personally I hate everyone. welp, that’s about it. I’m too much of a fucking pessimist eventhough i wasn’t like that when I was younger. I just grew? i’m not really sure.

    By Marietta URL on 06.13.2011

  24. She was all I had wanted – she was all I would need. Her love could only be matched by her beauty. As she walked down the aisle that day, I knew it. She was my beloved – I was hers. We would be together forever.

    By Rea Rose URL on 06.13.2011

  25. My beloved is mine and I am my beloved’s. I can remember that from the Song of Songs back when I first started Catholic school in fifth grade. I remember reading the Bible for religion class, and true to my nature, I decided that I was going to read more than just what was assigned because I was bored with what was assigned. I found the Song of Songs and realized pretty quickly that it wasn’t just about religion – it was about sex, too. I can remember reading it in the last month of school when there was nothing else to do and all our other textbooks had been turned in, and I had brought a book or two in my bookbag to school to keep myself entertained while we waited for the end of the school year and the beginning of the summer. I remember when I was assigned to sit next to the boy that I had a huge crush on and we would read our assignments together in class. I remember the one time when we actually had a good laugh. I think he was a good guy, and I wish I had been braver.

    By Jennifer on 06.13.2011

  26. Beloved, i cannot tell you how much you mean to me. I regret those awful things I’ve said. Forgive me. I would never hurt you. What a fool i mustve been, to hurt someone as beautiful as you.

    By Kastra Kaster URL on 06.13.2011

  27. the beloved; things that mean more to us than anything else. those or those things that help us get through everyday chaos and hurt. those beloved people we hold close to our hearts and never seem to forget, no matter how much time passes. the first kiss, the first love, the first hug. the first everythings. the best everythings.

    By Sally on 06.13.2011

  28. Cared about. Cherished. Held close to the heart.

    Means a little more than “loved,” it’s BEloved.

    By Clay on 06.13.2011

  29. She was elusive, moved about in ways that even the eye couldn’t behold – catch up with. Sorry for the distant puns. Wish that it could be found again only after it’s lost. Guess that’s the way it goes. Now pregnant, married 3 years. The baby us a watermelon.

    By Bryan URL on 06.13.2011

  30. He offered a toast to his beloved, but she sat there, silent. He raised his glass again, a vintage Bordeaux, and still she did not respond.
    He hung his head. His clothes were in tatter. Long, yellowed fingernails scraped across the table, leaving clean tracks in the dust. He called for her to answer his calls for love.
    She remained silent.
    Slumped as she was in the chair, long dead and decayed.

    By ThomG URL on 06.13.2011

  31. my beloved pet hamster trixy has passed away, we shall all miss her dearly because she was such a nice hamster that never bit anyone or pee’d on my shoulder. i wish trixy would have had little baby trixies so they could have all run around together in hamster delight. it certainly is a sad day.

    By Kim Rock on 06.13.2011

  32. some of the beloved are unknown to the world, some are incarnate besides the passage, the thimble and the blessed pace of deliverance and the assurance of wounds in presage to the desire for observance to the truths spent in twine, the incarnation and the perpetual force, the primordial balance of love

    By Ryan on 06.13.2011

  33. for some reason the first word i thought of was cat, but i honestly hate cats. i used to have one, and i loved him, but it was a love-hate relationship because he liked to pee all over my room…. oh gus, how you never learned. but when he wanted to be, he was a fluffy ball of comfort, always there for me.

    By Catey on 06.13.2011

  34. “Beloved man, beloved you …”, klang eine Frauenstimme aus den Lautsprechern. Ein heißer Wind wehte Sand durch die Dunkelheit. Anamena hatte keine Uhr bei sich und wusste nicht, ob sie sich auf ihr Zeitgefühl verlassen konnte. Sie stand schon lange hier, zu lange. Die Tür blieb verschlossen und es war kein Laut zu hören.

    By Eli URL on 06.13.2011

  35. My beloved frightens me today. I love her so much, and I have never loved another during my entire existence. Now I fear that she might be scared now that we are dating. I want desperately not to lose her, but I know, that like water, the tighter my grasp the less I will hold. I just pray that she stays with me.

    By vince URL on 06.13.2011

  36. MArie is the beloved wife of john. he loves her too much. couple is living their life with full enjoy & happiness, suddenly in their life their comes

    By Mradul URL on 06.13.2011

  37. People that come and go as we go through life. But it only only the beloved ones that stay with you for a lifetime.

    By Helen URL on 06.13.2011

  38. to be beloved is something most people strive for but do not always attain. society is so intolerant and judgemental that many miss out. it’s hard to swim in a world so shallow.

    By maliciousintent on 06.13.2011

  39. this is what my first name means. it really means quite a lot, and it shows truly how my life has gone. my family, husband, and even my cats hold me to be beloved. i am truly blessed with how many people have loved me.

    By Abby on 06.13.2011

  40. my beloveds are my family, friends and all the people i am grateful to have in my life

    By Helen URL on 06.13.2011