June 13th, 2011 | 645 Entries

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645 Entries for “embraced”

  1. Love, happiness, peace, joy, take these words and create a better world for us to live. We can love our neighbors , we can move mountains with just one word embrace.

    By Dee on 06.14.2011

  2. Their definition of dating wasn’t what you’d typically expect. They didn’t go on dates, they just hung out at home. Always. They’d spend the day together, sitting outside, playing card games, hanging out with friends, doing anything and everything, as long as they were together. One night it was raining. They were still outside, together. They cuddled together for warmth. It wasn’t sexual. It wasn’t leading anywhere. It was just a small embrace to keep them warm and trying to stay out of the rain. It was an embrace that she will never forget.

    By Kari Shadrick URL on 06.14.2011

  3. getting an embrace from someone.

    By Elton John on 06.14.2011

  4. it’s like the feeling of your love in your arms in the moment of time before the relationship went totally wrong and to this day, you would kill to go back to that particular moment. To embrace her completely

    By Alex URL on 06.14.2011

  5. I was always embraced by your strong commitment to loving me as whole as you do.
    I have never felt such loving arms and such a strong heart wrapped around my outer and inner body.
    Thank you for being the man I adore and cherish and love forever.

    By Debra on 06.14.2011