June 12th, 2011 | 585 Entries

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585 Entries for “beloved”

  1. reminds me of how i am God’s beloved… and even when i havent thought about that fact in such a long time when i first read the word ‘beloved’ my heart aches for that connection and love that i long for… and its incredible to think i could be anyone’s beloved… let alone the Creator of the Universe.

    By lindsey URL on 06.12.2011

  2. you are my beloved and i don’t know what it is that i would do without you i f you werent there then i might die but if you werent then it would alo be ok. beloved is not something that vanishes as quicly as it appears. it comes slowingy and creeps up behind you unitl it spies you in your sleep and then just as quickly as it disappeared the last time it jumps on top of you and takes your breath away. beloved is beloved and without beloved i would not be loved. beloved is my life

    By saj on 06.12.2011

  3. imagine a single item or person. this thing has brought you so much joy and peace in your life. Now if it were to be taken away, all hell would break loose. life itself may possibly end. if that item were to return, teas of joy would immerse from your eyes… bringing peace again into your mind. that is the dei

    By Bronson on 06.13.2011

  4. i wish i could be loved by the one person i love with all my heart and soul and i want to be there for him at all times and kiss him too. i just wish he felt the same about me too

    By Teresa Hernandez on 06.13.2011

  5. i am beloved but by who I dont know. I search the world over looking for signs that will show; this to be true . Is it you? if so, you dont let it show. I will be patient and maybe in time .

    By Jerry Bradford on 06.13.2011

  6. beloved
    what does that even mean?

    be loved?


    what does it mean to you?

    By Andrew Chen on 06.13.2011

  7. He will always be my beloved no mater what the time or day.
    He may not completely know this but I am his forever.
    And it kills me to know that.

    By Teresa Hernandez on 06.13.2011

  8. Someone or something that you cherish very much; worthy of sacrifice, deserving of love and affection.

    By Britania Ison on 06.13.2011

  9. warmth and happiness .
    beloved makes me remember my childhood , my parents , my kindergarten .
    the times when all i did was to be cute and be beloved by people around me.

    By George URL on 06.13.2011

  10. family, my man, my life. and also myself.

    By Elisa URL on 06.13.2011

  11. My beloved best friend, he was so sweet and kind and thoughtful, so cool as well, which is always a bonus in a best friend (when they are actually cool that is, not the type of cool which is all consuming and shallow).

    However he has now gone insane since his dad died completely unexpectedly, and he didn’t grieve properly, and he broke up with his amazing girlfriend, traumatizing her. Then begged for her back, and made her life hell. He also is now spreading lies about me, which, thankfully, no one is believing.

    I am so scared that he is going to attempt to ruin something for me, as he has done to all the people that are supporting his ex, now that she is a nervous wreck and about to have her final exams. Hopefully, I wil be strong enough to see that he can do no damage to my life if I don’t let him get to me.

    By amber on 06.13.2011

  12. My beloved, it is time you must go. She looked in the mirror, her own eyes looking back at her, staring into the depth of her soul. She loved herself, but she knew she was changing. It was difficult, but in order to accept change you have to say goodbye to those things holding you back. And so she glanced in the mirror one last time at her former self before she took whatever change was to come.

    By Haley URL on 06.13.2011

  13. You are my beloved. I am so happy to know you but am sad to never see you. I hear from you through ear but not from mouth. You are like a ghost of my past and future but never my present.

    By iloveyou URL on 06.13.2011

  14. My beloved monster and me, we go everywhere together and If you lay her down for a sleep. Beloved monster. again,. That’s All i can really think about. Bu-urns.

    The dearly beloved are gathered here today because those aren’t necessarily always the people who are closest to you. But merely an appreciation of the dead person for thanking you for acknowleding the life that they had in their time and proving they \eally lived perhaps?

    To BE LOVED. Is how it’s spelt. That’s what it means I guess.

    By Andrea on 06.13.2011

  15. My beloved went and left me
    She rode her waves of grey locks
    Out the door one July day
    Sometimes I wonder,
    where my beloved went
    when she left my side that day…

    By TaylorMichelleOsburn on 06.13.2011

  16. Unlike so many of us,
    I beloved only one,
    For he was wrapped in blue linen
    and smallest of them all.
    He looked up on at me,
    like I was a bright May day.
    He is my beloved baby boy,
    who I gave up today…

    By TaylorMichelleOsburn on 06.13.2011

  17. My beloved I miss you more than you can imagine. i hope you know that I am thinking of you everyday of my after life. I would not have traded the life we lived together. so please know that I will look after you.

    By Beca Pina on 06.13.2011

  18. Honey on lips,
    pepper on peas,
    fish with chips,
    pizzas with cheese,
    All these and more,
    for my beloved please!

    By Harvinder URL on 06.13.2011

  19. “Ah, what a glorious morning, waking up next to my beloved husband,” she purred. She stretched and glanced down at the amused face nuzzling her side.
    “You’re so sarcastic sometimes, Alice,” he murmured.
    She laughed and lay down once more, a smile playing across her lips, “All for you.”

    By Aurelia Moretti URL on 06.13.2011

  20. My darling,

    I’ve been gone for so long and I can’t imagine the thought of not ever seeing your face again. We may never return from this land. I fear for my life every second, but I survive knowing you are waiting for me, the ring still in my pocket.

    By Serenity on 06.13.2011

  21. Chane Clarey I will miss you forever, you were really loved & I’m sorry you had such a horrible life. You deserved so much more, I wish I could have helped more & been there for you more. RIP sweetheart.. xoxo Dear God, please take care of Chane, love him & cherish him.. he deserves to be in peace and happy.. Since he wasn’t happy here, please take great care of him.. AMEN

    By Kate on 06.13.2011

  22. the one who tore my heart out, when I believed hearts could be taken out, for you i whet and for you i legged it across campus to tears i shredded my vulnerable teenage angst – how many years did it take me to realise it was all in my head?
    I still see you in my mind and idealise what could have been, are you the benchmark against which i compare all others?

    By PeaRue URL on 06.13.2011

  23. my beloved is a pain in the ass. i don’t think beloved would even be the right word for, maybe pulling teeth would be more appropriate. being smitten is fucking hard.

    By Nikki on 06.13.2011

  24. my grandmother was a charming woman who always smelled of fresh flowers and a tangy wild wood sent, she loved to ride horses and instilled all of the principles from the saddle into all aspects of life.

    By kenna on 06.13.2011

  25. She wasn’t my beloved any more. Instead, she was just a hideous corpse dancing in front of me. Dancing awkwardly, I must add. There wasn’t any kind of loveliness to her. Just sagging flesh, ripped off skin and a healthy hunger in her one eye.

    By Cyhwuhx URL on 06.13.2011

  26. Beloved, this word screams family, friends and God. What is there that we hold this dear to oursleves in our lives? only the most precious things can come close to earning this title. From birth to death and throughout adulhood this word changes in realtion to ourselves; from Mother and Father, god right through to wife, children, grandchildren and finally God again in the end.

    By S on 06.13.2011

  27. How close to we hold that which we must throw away?

    We hold dear the trivialities, the passing things, but a friendship, a love, is taken for granted until it is gone.

    Only in loss do we know how we need.

    By Matthew URL on 06.13.2011

  28. Jesus. Christ. God. Faith. Pure. My husband. Someone who is treasured, someone that has captured my heart entirely. Comforting, simple, everything I’ve ever wanted. My pearl, precious..Truth.

    By Meg on 06.13.2011

  29. shahajahan built taj mahal for in the beloved memory of his wife mumtaj. my sister is the most beloved person.

    By aditi on 06.13.2011

  30. i already wrote about this, but here i go again i suppose. it was something about believing and beloving and the bewitchingness of belovedness. I don’t really know where else to go with this. Whatever. blah. *waitingggg*

    By michael on 06.13.2011

  31. someone that means a lot to me. someone i love. one whom i can go to for anything. one who loves me as much as i love them. i hold them in my heart. they matter.

    By maya on 06.13.2011

  32. to beloved. i wish someone would love me. i wish i could love someone.
    why don’t i believe in love? what is love? does it exist?
    i want to rewind my life to find my true self.

    By Sabrina Martinez on 06.13.2011

  33. When I think of the word beloved I think of all my family and freinds. people that i miss and love. Memories that I will hold forever. I feel that the things that I have learned to hold dear are things that cannot be bought and things that will stickk woth me forever.

    By k8schaaf URL on 06.13.2011

  34. My beloved crayons. Eating you is so wonderful. I long for you when I am away. Each of those moments is pure, complete, total misery. With you, my life begins. All is well and I am the happiest man alive.

    By thedoug URL on 06.13.2011

  35. Something that gets close enough to hurt you. Someone that is your heart. Someone that doesn’t know what they really are. And almost that one thing that makes you feel whole, all alone.
    There’s something to be said for the beloved; and they’re worth it.

    By Kaaaaa on 06.13.2011

  36. my dearest beloved,
    I miss you so much. You have no idea how much I loved you from the moment we met to the very last second of our frship.. you have no idea much more i love you now that i had to leave you. You will never truly understand the pain that I felt, the confusion, and the chaos that went on when I was near you or thinking about you. I miss your touch and your talk. I miss us. You had every part of me and I had you. This is tortue to go on knowing that I can’t be a part of your life anymore. This hurts so much to think that I can’t even be your friend. But I’m sparing you. Don’t think I’m being selfish. I’m doing this so you can be guilt free and hapyy, to spare us both the pain of hurting one another. I love you, don’t forget that. Please, be happy. Please, forget what I did to fuck everything up. I care about you more than you may ever realize. Don’t feel pain when you think of me. I will suffer for the both of us.

    By Kristine on 06.13.2011

  37. I really am unsure as to what to write on this website. Beloved makes me think of Jeff Buckley, my favourite human being of all time. His music was amazing.
    I’m absolutely failing at this and the 60 second time frame makes my mind think about everything but the word ‘beloved’ so I suppose that’s it… my bad.

    By sponal URL on 06.13.2011

  38. My beloved? Ha. She is down in a village, down because I am high on a mountain. Do you know what can change your life dear beloved? no it ain’t money or the fame…it’s the love for things/people/places that you love-Your beloved.

    By AniketD URL on 06.13.2011

  39. Beloved. The result of two words = Be + Loved. As human beings stuffed with hormones this one being we hunt for till eternity. It is just a default mechanism we are born with.

    By varuni URL on 06.13.2011

  40. Beloved? She hated that word. No reason either, just the sound of it. It was anathema to her ears.

    By Weiwen URL on 06.13.2011