June 20th, 2014 | 44 Entries

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44 Entries for “bellboy”

  1. He looked at the bellboy with a seething contempt. The young boy with the gawky frame and crooked teeth may as well have been a cockroach to man, who after awhile barely made eye contact with him. Any and all inconveniences of a weeklong holiday were now perfectly acceptable ammunition against the kid who just needs a summer job.

    By asavas URL on 06.20.2014

  2. She looked at him oddly. The bellboy looked so familiar. She sighed heavily as he smiled at her. “Thanks,” she muttered, taking her bags.

    “Miss?” he asked.

    She raised an eyebrow.

    “Sorry,” he said shyly. “You remind me of someone, that’s all.”

    By Rachel Cisto URL on 06.20.2014

  3. I took one look at the bellboy and knew that my summer wasn’t going to be that bad after all..I mean who has fun visiting their Great Aunt and Uncle in the middle of nowhere? I knew i had to get his name…and know more about him!

    By Annita URL on 06.20.2014

  4. He’s not very tall, not very short, and most people don’t bother checking the tag pinned to his red lapel. In fact, it’s a situation so ideal that he can barely believe it.

    The first door on the right is locked, of course, but he has the key, and easily gains access to the room. He has a gun, of course—but guns are noisy, bothersome

    By Jessica URL on 06.20.2014

  5. I don’t particularly want to write about a bellboy. Sure you could take so many angles on this prompt, but what’s the point? Mystery, horror, love, adventure. Writing can only do so much for the soul. Mine is worn down. Revitalizing it too difficult for the current state I’m in. Sorry guys maybe this isn’t for me anymore.

    By Kerry URL on 06.20.2014

  6. The bellboy rushed to the scene from the elevator that stood around the corner in the grand hotel. A gorgeous moviestar was sitting on the floor, rubbing her ankle.

    “I always believed in true love at first sight, but this is out of my league.” He thought as he stooped down, asking out loud, “Ma’am, can I get you water? Anything?”

    It was too late, he was already under her spell, her eyes drawing his very soul into her trap.

    By Rosheen URL on 06.20.2014

  7. He swung from the thick rope, reveling in the tremendous vibrations that tremored deep within his body. Dong… Dong… Dong… Anton closed his eyes and imagined what it would be like to hear such powerful tones. He had been deaf for as long as he could remember and he sometimes yearned to hear the cooing of a dove or the melody of a violin. But, given the chance to hear he would never give up bell ringing. Despite the loss they caused. Not for all the violins in the world.

    By Andi URL on 06.20.2014

  8. it’s a hotel employed
    they help with the bags anda carry the bags to the rooms

    By Ana Horta on 06.20.2014

  9. the door to the hotel was a dark, rich, red wine colour. lexi opened the door and walked in. “Can i help you?” said a voice to her right. Lexi turned to see a bellboy standing next to her.

    By NoOne6 on 06.20.2014

  10. The bellboy snatched at our bags, greedily, without even the pretense of manners or the slightest bit of deference. For him it was all about getting a tip, and getting a tip was all about survival.

    It wasn’t pleasant, but I couldn’t blame him. Life was tough in this
    country, and almost impossible if you were poor— and almost everyone was.

    By chipschap URL on 06.20.2014

  11. The towel lay in a rumpled heap around my feet. The bellboy tried to stare at the floor, the roof, the window, the bed, the breakfast tray he was carrying…anything but me. It did not seem like a good time to go fumbling in my purse for a tip.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 06.20.2014

  12. He had kind eyes and a charming smile—well, for a bellboy. Nevertheless, Lisa smiled at him once she reached the front desk. “How are you today…” She paused, eyes flicking down to his name tag. “Hector?”

    He smiled gently at her. “Doing great, ma’am, thanks for asking. Carry your bags?” She nodded and he took the two suitcases from her hands, leading her across the grand lobby to the elevators.

    “Vacation?” Hector asked after pressing the up button. Lisa rubbed her arm, and pawed at the ground with her foot for a brief second.

    “Eh, not really. It was supposed to be, with my fiancée, but he…bailed on me. So yeah.”

    His eyes flashed with sadness. “What a douchebag.” He mumbled, and then snapped his head back up once he realized she’d heard him. “Uh, no offense, ma’am…”

    The blonde chuckled. “None taken. And call me Lisa.”

    By AJ Kenobi on 06.20.2014

  13. bellboy sat in front of me and told me I looked beautiful but never looked at me. he just told me from the sound of my voice and I said you mus

    By kelsey on 06.20.2014

  14. bellboy sat in front of me and told me I looked beautiful but never looked at me. he just told me from the sound of my voice and I said you mus

    By john on 06.20.2014

  15. Okay seriously I already got bellboy.

    By Romy on 06.20.2014

  16. The hotel’s bellboy was a complete and utter klutz, as to how he got the job, Maria didn’t know. Not only had he ran over her foot with the cart carrying all of their luggage, but then he ended up spilling it, everywhere. It was insane and how she wished she could hate him. He wasn’t half bad to look at though, he really wasn’t.

    By Braxxy URL on 06.20.2014

  17. He was like a bellboy, always looking out for those around him. Never did anyone realize that he had just as much worth as the rest of them, he was only a steppingstone In their eyes

    By Alyson on 06.20.2014

  18. There he stood. Hand on both of my suitcases, waiting on the elevator. There was something about him that I found so…so intriguing. Maybe I was just being loopy from the plane ride over here.

    “Miss…miss?” The bellboy was trying to get my attention.

    I blushed, the red flaming over my face, “Oh, sorry, what’d you say?”

    By Nevaeh on 06.20.2014

  19. Meet Estaban. He is a bellboy at the Tipton Hotel. He has been working there for years. This Mexican’s full name is Estaban Julio Ricardo Montoya De La Rosa Ramirez. He loves his job.

    By Kenzie URL on 06.20.2014

  20. There was no bellboy when we arrived in the lobby. In fact, there didn’t seem to be anybody at all. Not even a good dozen dings of the bell we slapped on the front desk seemed to draw a single soul out to assist us. Therefore, we figured we’d investigate on our own, leaving our suitcases in a pile in the nearest corner of the room.

    We went up to the second floor and heard no voices. We smelled no body odor. Not a single resident walked down the hall, shook a bucket of ice, or complained about room service. The hotel was, in all honesty, completely vacant.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 06.20.2014

  21. Sturdy, and hard-working, in an attempt to simply scrape the bottom and make it through.
    Past his prime, he seeks a final chance

    By Eric on 06.20.2014

  22. She looked to the bellboy with a slight glint of worry in her eye. She’d always had somewhat of an issue trusting people, and when it came to something that contained as much value as her luggage she couldn’t help but feel that he might just end up being untrustworthy too. maybe, just maybe, she wouldn’t feel that way if someone had traveled along with her.

    By Nova Lee Adamson URL on 06.20.2014

  23. Arnold Hopper set out to be a bellboy. He liked the uniform. Thought it had just the right amount of class and humour befitting a fellow who considered himself both innately erudite and slightly erratic. Upon reaching the end of his last week of employment at the Palm Grand he was disappointed to discover that the job entailed nothing that these two personal characteristics leant themselves to.

    By Erica on 06.20.2014

  24. “Here, just give it to the bellboy,” Thom fished in his pocket and drew out a scrap of folded paper. “Hurry now, would you?”

    His niece looked at him, then at his hand and rolled her eyes as she took the proffered tip. “He’s not even here helping us,” she complained. “Why do we have to tip him?”

    “Because he’s not the bellboy, he’s our bodyguard. Now go and give it to him. The one with the scar at the desk. If I go, they’ll know something’s up. Hurry.”

    His niece hesitated for a moment, then turned towards the reception desk. “You’ll still be here, right?” she asked.

    “Of course I will,” he lied. “I would never leave you alone.”

    By Sara H. URL on 06.20.2014

  25. I hate my new Laptop. I wrote a beautiful story about a young boy posing as a bellboy to meet an actress loved. and it disappeared. it is something I keep doing as I type I am so frustrated I will try again in the morning

    By Bethany Herrington URL on 06.20.2014

  26. he stands at the door, with his jingling personality, gazing
    at the women who allures his taste; black heels, black brah
    he cannot resist to glare farther, invasive, to bother her
    she feels his eyes on her shoulder, to mettle with his fastidiousness,
    the bell boys worst harmer, her utmost protecter, ,her shell
    escorts shortly behind her with the grace of unity, together
    they take the night, rendering day,

    By Milad URL on 06.20.2014

  27. Black heels clacked into the front door, music complimented with an outstanding roar; the clacking was still heard underneath the great sounds of teenage music, rap, hip hop, cluttering hair foamed around with stylish inconsistency, she allured him to let her in–bellboy stood no chance, motionless, indecisive; the fact that her id was implausible had no impact on the continutiy of her clacking. Strung to her transparent black top, in arms length of her elegance was a man whose might showed through his tranquil aura. Her heels moved, accentuated by the left to right bopping of his hips, then he grabs her fluffy obliques–knowing she would be understandingly his, for now she belonged to the music and ambiance beating against the floor of dance. “Be part of me and the dance floor tonight”, he whispered with the knowing bass in his voice. “I am all yours mi amor”, she clamored in his ear with echoing romance. “Tonight I am going to rub my pelvic on place I have never piligramgged on your body”. She twurled away from him, into crowd. Latching on to her palm, he whirled in, they moved, they loved with their eyes. The audio trance took away their concerns……………………………………….

    By Milad URL on 06.20.2014

  28. Can’t be a BELLBOY
    People don’t tip well now
    And most are assholes.




    By !Haikuuuuu-man! on 06.20.2014

  29. i saw him there, standing, waiting holding a package in his hand. i knew what it was…but it couldn’t be, i received a piece of it yesterday from the same bellboy, a hand with a note in it saying ‘i’m coming for you’

    By Melissa on 06.20.2014

  30. The bellboy dreamt on his slow nights at the hotel
    Between helping those stuck up customers and riding in the elevators up and down the floors
    he dreamt of who he wanted to be, who he was going to become, he steps he needed to take
    He was in school, he’d been in school his whole life
    But t get to where he wanted to be he had to work, so he became a bellboy
    long shifts, usually slow after a while, god for studying
    The job was okay, the entitled white people constantly looked down on him, knowing nothing of him yet thinking they knew everything about him in one glance.
    His boss, overworked always yelling and pacing
    Between the customers he dreamt of finishing his degree, being able to provide for his family, being content and happy, making the changes he wanted to see in his world
    Not the world but his because he had learned long ago that their was his world and their world
    He wanted to teach and help students grow, learn, survive… be inspired
    Late night shifts, and all day classes
    Motivated, unbreakable,constantly moving forward
    He was determined to succeed… to align his real self with his ideal self
    The bellboy dreamt on his slow nights at the hotel

    By dj on 06.20.2014

  31. What don’t you understand about me? I’m a bellboy day and night just trying to find the best way to support my family. But do you understand that? No, you don’t. All you care about is your precious suitcases and hoping they get to your room okay. You don’t care at all about the person caring the suitcase it’s like I have no meaning to you. Well, you know what? I’m a person, too!

    By Nevaeh on 06.20.2014

  32. There he stood. Hand on both of my suitcases, waiting on the elevator. There was something about him that I found so…so intriguing. Maybe I was just being loopy from the plane ride over here.

    “Miss…miss?” The bellboy was trying to get my attention.

    I blushed, the red flaming over my face, “Oh, sorry, what’d you say?”

    “I um…was wondering if there was anything fragile in this suitcases.” The bellboy explained. God, he had dimples and such blue eyes. They reminded me of gunmetal.

    By Clare URL on 06.20.2014

  33. eren growls as he mashes random buttons on his keyboard, giving his monitor a frustrated glare.

    “what’s got you flipping out over there?” levi asks from the other end of the couch.

    “i have to write something for my creative writing class,” eren answers, a tinge of a growl in his voice. “the prompt is ‘bellboy.’ what the hell is a bellboy?”

    “huh?” levi grunts back, turning to eren with a perplexed stare before returning his gaze to the television. “the hell if i know.”

    eren sighs before returning his gaze to his monitor. “fuck this prompt,” he mutters in annoyance.

    By heartful URL on 06.21.2014

  34. Fluffy. I have a blister on my thumb from singing poetry.
    To a rhythm only I strum.
    And I practice like it’s religion.
    I treat it like a poison I’m slowly distilling.
    And when the bellboy rang during my session.
    I thought about all those musicians I’ll never see again.
    Just so you know how I’m feeling.
    I’ve got a word. I’ve got a seat.
    The table is neat, but it’s down all down to the feet.

    By Intuition URL on 06.21.2014

  35. The bellboy stood there with a smirk on his face “Hello Miss.” Blush flushed through my face. His grin sent shivers done my spine right down to my…

    By Cali on 06.21.2014

  36. bellboy was broken his brain that was the doctors said so and the doctor were always right wrent they?bellboy wasn’t as sure as usual something about the new doctor

    By rosina URL on 06.21.2014

  37. The bellboy is everyon’es personal new age whipping boy. He doesn’t do anything he isn’t ordered to do. His mind isn’t his. So in a way, I envy him. There are no life changing decisions the bell boy has to make. At least in the hotel.

    By Jalen URL on 06.21.2014

  38. He hopped down the last step and sauntered over to the bags being brought in by drivers. He was so sick of catering to rich people’s needs when he saw her eyes, peeping from over the top of a pair of sunglasses. She was adorable in a white sundress; standing out completely from the stream of suits he had yelling at him most of the time.

    By Emma on 06.21.2014

  39. “What do you think I am?” Liam snarled. “Some sort of servant? Your bellboy? Hump your own suitcases, dumbass.”

    By mrsmig URL on 06.21.2014

  40. RING! RING! “Damn it!” I thought as I woke from my forbidden sleep. I ran to the desk, rubbing the sleep from my eyes.

    By Mysana URL on 06.21.2014