June 19th, 2014 | 50 Entries

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50 Entries for “swatches”

  1. As I held the swatches of wallpaper up in the foyer, I decided on an early 1800’s print to fit the era of my home which dated 1897.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 06.20.2014

  2. The world better know what a swatch is. It better ache every time it hears the word. They better crumble to their knees and know better than to disobey the ol’ might swatches. Every since the early days the swatches have been taking over the world.

    By Nevaeh on 06.20.2014

  3. The world didn’t know any better. They didn’t know what to expect when the first snap on watch, or swatch as they liked to be called, broke when a four year old stepped on it out of vein. It was a cold in the mid-afternoon when it happened. The child was simply running around when it accidentally tripped over the swatch.

    By Clare on 06.20.2014

  4. She flipped through the swatches of fabric, fingers impatient and dismissing. “There’s nothing here I like,” she said. “Nothing light, nothing airy. Nothing gossamer. I want gossamer.”

    By mrsmig on 06.20.2014

  5. That which cannot be repaired

    By one word on 06.20.2014

  6. While choosing colors may seem light an easy thing to do, most of the time you’ve just stepped up to a huge undertaking. One color may seem perfect. Sleep on it. It’ll look like garbage in your imagination in a few short hours. Nothing is ever simple. Swatches are the epitome of a thoughtless grab and go society.

    By James on 06.20.2014

  7. is a brand of a watch. a word connected with time. it is a plural noun (noun+s).

    By Khairina F Hidayati on 06.20.2014

  8. the swatches faIled to capture the vibrance of the purple in my mind. i want red-purple—bleeding, deep, over saturated, other worldly–1080p purple. these swatches are not that.

    By Safon on 06.20.2014

  9. Swatches are like watches worn by swats.They are tougher than regular can’t switch a swatch with a regular just can’t.

    By jackson on 06.20.2014

  10. i tiny little swatch on her hand
    she was a “nineties kid”
    she was born in 1998 though. some say that doesn’t count
    she didn’t care, though

    By ivy on 06.20.2014