December 9th, 2010 | 334 Entries

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334 Entries for “believer”

  1. many people think that there is a god, while other think that they are alone in the believer. “then i saw her face – now i’m a believer” eased the tension but was there something else, something hidden under shrek’s leek layers? seeing is believing, blind people believe everything instead of seeing.

    By Sonja on 12.09.2010

  2. i am a believer. Of things i have found to be true. i believe in the Lord Jesus, my savior, and that He came to save the world. i believe i have found the love of my life, and i believe i will never know how incredible she is. i know this not be what you believe, and i believe that is the best part.

    By jlehenbauer URL on 12.09.2010

  3. Muhammad Ali quoted: “Life is a gamble. You can get hurt, but people die in plane crashes, lose their arms and legs in car accidents; people die every day. Same with fighters: some die, some get hurt, some go on. You just don’t let yourself believe it will happen to you.”

    Also Nolan Ryan said: “And I’m a believer that you take a negative and turn it into a positive, and as it turned out, it was one of the best things that ever happened to me. And so I do appreciate the Ranger staff and the Ranger organization for giving me that opportunity.”

    By Kate URL on 12.09.2010

  4. So you’re a believer? What do you believe in? A higher being, a new world order, santa, man kind’s ability to do good? What do I believe? I believe in the power of thought, that I know nothing of any value except how to love. I believe mankind should start moving away from the fairy tales of religions and start taking collective responsibily for each other’s welfare. I also believe that the greed gene and the ego are so powerful and worshipped in the west that we are heading for the fall. Belive in yourself and your power to change your yourself…that’s all there is.

    By Jeni on 12.09.2010

  5. “Oh my god,” I croaked, “another human!”

    The figure shook his head. “No. I am just a figment of your imagination. Your spirit guide, or your higher self. Take your pick.”

    I had never been a big believer in any of this supernatural mumbo-jumbo, so I assumed that he was lying.

    By mimimanderly URL on 12.09.2010

  6. She was a believer. Not too many people these days were. She was a believer in love, she was a believer in hope. She believed that things did work out for the better, that things happened for a reason. She believed in so much more than most.

    By Piper Elliot URL on 12.09.2010

  7. I did this already but it came up as another Jeni.SO…. I believe I should have registered first.
    I also believe that yesterday’s word ‘Willow’ is listed as another Jeni too. sorry to the other Jeni for any confusion.

    By jeni URL on 12.09.2010

  8. it was you that made me a believer, it was you who took my hand and pulled me up between the stars to whisper, “Alyssa, you can do anything,” and I have. i think you’d be proud.

    By Alyssa URL on 12.09.2010

  9. Jesus. I’m a believer in Jesus. I believe that he died for me. I’m a believer in him being the son of God. I’m a believer in him taking away my sins. I’m a believer.

    By Miyuki URL on 12.09.2010

  10. I am a believer. I believe in the good that life has to off. In personal power. In mapping out what you want in life in great detail and yet still be ready to roll with the punches.

    I love little Natalie Wood repeating, over and over again, in the movie “Miracle on 34th Street”, I believe, I believe, I believe.

    By peaceable URL on 12.09.2010

  11. i am a beliver. a naive child that calls himslef a believe. i don’t believe in god. i believe in me, in the human, in my friends. i believe i eist. i believe that i feel. but is’a all a beliefe . how do i know that it’s all true? pain might be an issuaion as well. but beliebving makes all real

    By Frosty URL on 12.09.2010

  12. I am. Simple. I have faith that no matter what happens. I believe that if I EVER cry for help someone will come running, you should too :)

    By Christine on 12.09.2010

  13. I hope that everyone is a believer in something. Whether it be religion, the future or your own self. Believing keeps you going. Without belief, there wouldn’t be a reason to dream, desire and grow. I am a believer.

    By Lauren on 12.09.2010

  14. He jumped from the cliff and his dark green flannel shirt whipped around his eyes because he raised his arms and it looked like a cape, or bat’s wings. I could not see his eyes from where I was standing on the rocks nearby, a little ways away, a little across the water, but I knew they would be open. They were not green but they always felt green to me. They used to feel deep honey brown but they turned shallow green sometime when I wasn’t paying attention. He jumped and I stood and I watched and I raised my left eyebrow curiously because I wondered why, and I heard a rustling behind me in the bushes and I turned away from him and missed the end of his descent. I saw sandy gold strands of hair and new brown eyes peep through the green leaves and this stranger smiled and I saw my reflection in his teeth and he winked and I saw the clouds reflected in his eyes and I forgot about the scene across the water and the boy flying through the air.

    By Kay URL on 12.09.2010

  15. A believer is another word for someone who is open minded. They don’t let boundaries invade and ruin their thoughts or their dreams. If you are a believer please stand up for what you believe in. Be true to your heart and your way of life…

    By Leah M URL on 12.09.2010

  16. I’m a believer. I love that song. What does it mean to believe in something? Maybe it’s like, knowing it’s true or something. But I think it’s more than that.

    By Aaron Suddjian on 12.09.2010

  17. “Don’t stop, believing…” some guy whines on the radio. With a groan, Daniel rolls over and turns it off. He won’t stop believing – he never was a believer in the first place. Believing in something involves too much effort. He’d rather just sleep.

    By Andora on 12.09.2010

  18. She said she was a believer, I never knew what they meant until today. Had I known this is what it would come to, I would have tried to understand.

    By Stephanie URL on 12.09.2010

  19. i wish i was a believer but im not. i wish i could believe and have faith. but i don’t. i need explanation and reason and its not there. its unbelievable.

    By megan on 12.09.2010

  20. She checked the “F” box when they asked for her gender, and wrote out “67” when they asked for her age. The next question on the survey was “belief”. She skimmed over the list – Christianity, Islam, Judaism – and checked the box marked “Other”. In the space provided next to it, she wrote out “Truth”.

    By Andora on 12.09.2010

  21. i believe in nothing but believing b/c im a true believer

    By lizzy on 12.09.2010

  22. i’ve always believed in nothing but believing b/c im a true believer

    By lizzy on 12.09.2010

  23. In Christ. I am a believer in a lot of things but being a believer i Christ is the one sure belief that never changes. It has affected my life in more ways than I ever believed that it could. I don’t even understand how to live now without this belief.

    By robin URL on 12.09.2010

  24. Being a believer is the most sacred thing a person can have. To believe in love, life, happiness, friendship. To believe in yourself and believe in the trust you can feel for others. Seeing is not believing, feeling is believing.

    By Bailey URL on 12.09.2010

  25. I am a believer in truth. Truth outweighs all else.

    By Abby on 12.09.2010

  26. For as long as I could remember, I believed. It’s hard to imagine now what it is like to be a non-believer. I wonder, my friend, how you view me as a person, a believer of God, a self-proclaimed saved soul. Am I more saved than you are?

    By A Bananie URL on 12.09.2010

  27. there is no room for a believer in this time of need, only thinkers.
    thinkers are the future, thinkers are the engines.

    By tom on 12.09.2010

  28. I don’t think there’s anything I fear more than a believer. Not talking about church-goers, so you can shut up right now. I’m talking about believers. Don’t matter the belief; all that matters is the intensity behind it.

    For example, is a willingness to blow up a city any less because it’s for country rather than God?

    Or is there anything taken off it because Robert once punched a guy because he disparaged Ben & Jerry’s ice cream?

    By Sid McHenry URL on 12.09.2010

  29. I see all of those believers mulling about below my balcony. Many like to point fingers. “You’re wasting your time” they say “nothing could possibly come of what you believe in”

    But not me, I sit, I watch, I don’t give a damn what they do.

    By IsaacNoble URL on 12.09.2010

  30. I guess that I’m just optimistic, idealistic. Anything but realistic, really. I guess you could call me a believer. That isn’t so bad, though. Why not believe if it makes you happy? Fuck it. Santa Clause exists.

    By Anna Bell on 12.09.2010

  31. A person who believes in something or someone, usually affiliated with religious beliefs. I myself am a believer in Jesus Christ. BUT I really don’t know why I’m writing about this….this is weird..

    By Jereth on 12.09.2010

  32. When I saw her face, I was a believer. Just like the song. I never thought it’d be possible, but there was just something about her eyes, about the way she quirked her lips in a smile, it was like they were meant to be together

    By Sera URL on 12.09.2010

  33. pick up the receiver, you’ll make me a believer.
    don’t walk away.
    faith, now and forever.
    the universe is boundless.

    (but i don’t believe in you)

    By deora on 12.09.2010

  34. Believing never came easy. Growing up, his mother believed, sure. Her god the cover of celebrity magazines and day time soap operas. Now, he touches his hand to her hip and sweeps her hair from her closed eyes, and he believes. Knows it’s something bigger now that his mother’s lonely religion. It’s trusting in something you can’t see, it’s love.

    By jackie on 12.09.2010

  35. She wasn’t a believer like the others. It irked her how easily they swallowed the pill that they sold as some kind of universal reveal. It wasn’t that she was apathetic towards life but rather that their ideas were fixed, limited and left no room for creative imagination to flourish, to look beyond the immediate for solutions to global problems. The end of history? The end of global systems as we know it? There was no foresight only the inflation of their present existence, inducing the retreat to luxuries and comfort, that clouded their minds, unable to divorce themselves to envision a reality of creating a slightly better world.

    By fafine brown URL on 12.09.2010

  36. i once believed. sold it to the highest buyer with the biggest bank account that could afford my devotion. It seemed like they could use it much more than i did. i lost all the shiny ideals that went with it when i started worshiping money.

    By Adrian on 12.09.2010

  37. i believe in something that everyone else believes in. that would be believing in yourself and in other people. mostly people just believe in themselves and that is kind of stupid, but its human nature and it really can’t be helped. kind of funny when you think of it but god isnt really something that keeps people going, its their faith in themselves…..

    By rebecca URL on 12.09.2010

  38. When I think of the word believe, I don’t mind the ‘lie’ in the middle. My mind goes to me. Those times when I haven’t believed, and those when I have. It takes a lot for me to believe in something. Maybe that’s good, maybe it’s horrible.

    By Marlaina URL on 12.09.2010

  39. There is something more out there. This is the seeker’s mantra: that no matter how much I’ve seen and done, there is always more to see and do. More people to swap ideas with. More beauty in nature. More life.

    By Mel DuPont URL on 12.09.2010

  40. He sat with his back to the concrete. Thinking, listening, wondering. What did he believe in before? His mind, muddled, can’t remember. That doesn’t matter now, though. His beliefs must start anew. “I think I’ll believe in….me.”

    By Marcella on 12.09.2010