June 18th, 2011 | 423 Entries

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423 Entries for “belief”

  1. i don’t know, exactly, it’s a tough egg. i suppose my thought is that we should be able to see, or at least have experiential proof of something before we can ‘believe’ in it, but there is a lot out there that is bigger than us, for certain.

    By dan on 06.18.2011

  2. Without belief we cannot do anything in this world. Albert Einstein told that it is dangerous to believe all. he also added that it is also very dangerous not to believe anybody else in the world. Belief is the first step of self confidence. If we dont have belief in certain things to do or to realise, somebody is going to do the same by our side. better have a good belief in yourself and acieve things which are said to be impossible once.

    By Raj URL on 06.18.2011

  3. I hold many beliefs. But next to the ocean, what are they at all? I believe in God, I believe in heaven, I believe in ethics and morals and humor and my best friends. But when the waves crash and the sun looks down in that orange, orange way, what am I at all?

    By Rachel on 06.18.2011

  4. I believe in time.

    By Ryana URL on 06.18.2011

  5. She believed in hope above all else. Why? Because it’s the one thing that will always be there when you’ve literally lost everything else…when you have nothing to hold on to besides your beliefs, and you pray to god that they will be enough.

    By Sabena on 06.18.2011

  6. Belief is, of course, important for many reasons. What are we without beliefs? But how easily they are formed, and for what stupid reasons! Shouldn’t we be careful with what power we give to other people’s opinions? Shouldn’t we listen only to the truth we gain from inside ourselves?

    By Rachel URL on 06.18.2011

  7. Belief is the one thing I don’t have when it comes to Shawna Tremaine. To me, she’s like a museum display of textbook importance–something to be admired from afar, but only looked at, observed. Every museum meets its hoaxes. I don’t want to get close enough to find out if what’s behind the glass is plastic or diamond.

    By Ali URL on 06.18.2011

  8. The thing that drives us
    the thing that binds us
    the thing that burrows deep within our souls
    and pulls us
    and pushes us
    to be better than what we are
    to know that there is something better
    something better out there than what we know
    there is more to life
    there is more to this
    we only need to have faith
    we need to believe

    By Amy Brookins URL on 06.18.2011

  9. I believe that this place is alive.
    Not alive the way you might think of alive – moving and breathing, but alive inside, the way I am when I’m sleeping, or playing dead.
    This place is alive on the inside, the hidden eccentricities set loose by the fall of night – the shadows that don’t quite match.
    The footsteps that echo and the bangs and clashes around above my head, in an upstairs that probably, technically doesn’t exist. We went looking for it, and all we found were stairs that ended far short of a destination we still believe exists.

    By Lancir URL on 06.18.2011

  10. Belief is something we’re all supposed to have. Something thats supposed to make us feel connected to something bigger. Something thats supposed to help us see the light in the dark, to understand why we suffer. Belief is supposed to sustain us when we have no food, quench our thirst when we have no water. But what if we have no beliefs?

    By Rose URL on 06.18.2011

  11. The empty blank inside of her was the worst of the whole affair. Losing her beloved, her position, her very name all stung. But none of it hurt as much as the loss of her belief that there were such things as happy endings. She would just have to make an unhappy ending now.

    By Lunarflight URL on 06.18.2011

  12. Everyone has different belief’s, just because you don’t believe something doesn’t make it wrong.

    By URL on 06.18.2011

  13. It is my belief that all people who think they are wrong are more likely to be right than people who always think they are right.

    In fact, I am absolutely certain of this.

    By richpee URL on 06.18.2011

  14. What do you believe in? Maybe it’s the rapture, o wait, that DIDN’T happen. ok, try again. Maybe you believe in God? No? Keep trying. Do you believe in the boogie-man? I see, to corny to be anything actually worth believing in. Ok, I get, you like me, believe in yourself first and foremost. In your ability to strive for better. You believe in your ability to succeed against all odds. You believe in the fact that even when everyone is betting against you, you know that you can win. Me, I believe in the power of belief. I know that I am, at the end of the day, the reincarnation of effort, effectiveness and energy. I believe in two letters. Simple. M-E.

    By j.c. on 06.18.2011

  15. I believe that God doesn’t exist. It has kept me up at night many many times in the past, and I have even had to go to a therapist to get treatment. I realize that if I believed in a God, my life would be so much easier. But it is only by asking the serious questions that we begin to discover who we truly are; I’m happy that I was born an Atheist.

    By Pasha on 06.18.2011

  16. An intangible, changeable held idea, that remains fixed to base life’s multitude of significant decisions, until new information enters for processing forming newly held ideas that aid personal expansion.

    By visage URL on 06.18.2011

  17. i have belief that this may be real. we have spoken non stop for days, call them weeks but its only been one. took time to rest from fingers from txting an i’m bakk to missing you. i have belief that this may escalate to something new ,it’s true, ur a stranger to me. my heart beats, nonstop when u call so when we meet my heart skips beats

    By Lia L. on 06.18.2011

  18. I believe in gay marriage. Civil union, if you prefer. It’s one thing I strongly believe. Because isn’t love based on personality- Not gender, not colour, not anything but personality? I suppose I believe in true love.

    By Elly URL on 06.18.2011

  19. We was hungry, so we scooped in that food like we was hungry squirrels. It was a blessing, after the long road we’d been on. It was a blessing beyond our belief.

    By sometimesboy URL on 06.18.2011

  20. I once believed that somehow I could find something out there; anything that could give me a small bit of hope. Maybe somebody who would give a rats ass or anything else about me. All of my beliefs were wasted in wistful thinking. All of it was because of you too. Eff you.

    By Emma URL on 06.18.2011

  21. Belief is a term of faith. It is what we take a stance for, what we stake our lives on, what we are willing to die for. It is a powerful item and can be life changing and mind altering.There are myriads of positions we can take that are considered beliefs.

    By Brenda Troche on 06.18.2011

  22. love life and wonderland. Something to believe in. Something to love.

    By Taylor on 06.18.2011

  23. what i hope for, what i hope the world has, truth, destination..knowing that its cant doubt everything or else what is the point of hope? we all must have beliefs, and together we need to believe

    By jess on 06.18.2011

  24. Some days its a hard thing to do. Some days its as easy as saying the word. It’s one word. Simple, it really is. But then why is it such a hard thing to accomplish? It’s something you have to build on and something you have to hang onto once you have it. it won’t be and easy road but hang on. You’ll get there.

    By AmyMae URL on 06.18.2011

  25. belief is inspiration, it is when you have nothing left but strive to gain everything

    By scott tanner on 06.18.2011

  26. I believe in a great deal of things. I don’t know if I REALLY believe in them or if I just say that I do, but for now I’m going to say that I do and trust that on some level I actually do believe in them. Who knows, maybe it will turn into something.

    By Carol on 06.18.2011

  27. belief is what we are here for. God made each one of and he wants us to believe, the world has forgotton how to believe, and i wish it would remember

    By jess on 06.18.2011

  28. I believe in many things, but not god. I believe in nature, art, love, good books, truth, a good man, clean sheets, animals, and love. To me these things are godly, these things are life.

    By ART URL on 06.18.2011

  29. i thnik beliefs can destroy a person or save them it all depends on who you ate of course. but whatever. i love to believe that one day i willl be a better person but i also like to believe i am a better person. i like to belive i dont need god to save me and that i can do just fine on my own who cares.

    By hey on 06.18.2011

  30. I believe in many things,
    because belief is an important thing,
    to believe is often blind. i like that.

    By Dnaielle Dreamcaster on 06.18.2011

  31. She sat in the second row, in front of the candles. They were red. Like, roses, she thought.

    Two rows away, lay a casket.

    She’d cried, but the tears had since dried.

    She didn’t believe, but her mother had. Was that enough?

    By Leah on 06.18.2011

  32. belief, the way i think is how i believe the world should be, that’s why. when the world loses its belief in itself, we fall. heavy. hurtful. deceitful. we loose ourselves. in darkness.

    By Kristopher URL on 06.18.2011

  33. belief was held that the return of the messiah was portended far back by the ancestors and as the date of happening came closer people’s expectations got higher. would it stand the test.

    By rndm URL on 06.18.2011

  34. so there is this one word at the top of the screen however it is two words and they are two different colors and we are supposed to write about it for 60 seconds with out thinking and just write. well it is just lame i think

    By madison on 06.18.2011

  35. I have lost all belief in anything i cannot see, anything i cannot feel. Even that which is tangibpe sometimes feels surreal. This is not me, this is not who i want to be. I have never wanted to be this person.

    By muriam on 06.18.2011

  36. Belief is an absolutely ridiculous thing. To believe in something is the whole goal…right? My beliefs are, well they are still forming. I wish I could say I have beliefs but I can’t, I just don’t know how to express into words what I believe in…if I believe in anything.

    By Kristin Auzat URL on 06.18.2011

  37. To believe in something, you must have hope, have trust in yourself. Believe that you can do anything. Set your mind to it. You are you. There is no change to that. If there is something you want, go for it. Have belief in yourself. You can do anything.

    By anon on 06.18.2011

  38. Why is it that beliefs set people apart from each other? They either bring to together or tear them apart. As of now, I don’t have belief in anything but what is right in front of me. I only believe in what I see, hear, and feel.

    By anony on 06.18.2011

  39. Belief is faith in someone else. To me, blind faith seems foolish, but faith in another person to help you is important to learn.

    By Emily Hope URL on 06.18.2011

  40. It’s appropriat that the word of the day should be “belief”. I recently learned that one of my college mentors and someone who i am oroud to call a friend, has cancer. spread to the brains and lung, the prognosis i have read about is 4 months, median. However, being one of the strongest, kindest people on this planet, who is healthy and is the last person to deserve this, he is fighting this with all he’s got. though i participated, i thought it odd to tell him how much i admired him as a person. To hear his stories, advice, his passion in his lectures is a privilege. He treated me like an adult, made me want to be a better person. Now in potentially four months or less he will be gone. Belief? Where is God? Where is his miracle? My belief, is wavering.

    By Vi. URL on 06.18.2011