September 20th, 2012 | 319 Entries

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319 Entries for “begin”

  1. time to begin my day, just like any other, with the expectations that this would not be the only beginning id see today.

    By ambivalent URL on 09.21.2012

  2. It takes one second to begin worrying, and sometimes an entire lifetime to stop. That’s what the Devil put in us. The gift of unease that lasts forever. The real truth is that happiness doesn’t exist, happiness means “less uneasy” and the real tragedy is that we believe in happiness.

    By Ming URL on 09.21.2012

  3. Beginnings and endings are hard to write about. Because without a beginning there is never an ending. And without an ending there is never a beginning. Today, my friends began college. In dorms and shit. It’s weird. Because I didn’t do the dorm thing. And their beginning seems so different than my beginning on so many levels. Am I missing out? I don’t know. It’s hard to tell if this is a beginning or an ending, you know?

    By Elise on 09.21.2012

  4. I feel so sad and lonely,I miss my lost love and I feel so miserable with my life..going down the drain with someone I thought I should have stayed with,but now only back firing my past life in my face every single day.
    I should have left him and carry on with my life..I changed everything for him..I trusted him again..I would not have gone if he loved me in the first place…
    But then he cried..yes he cried ..and I stayed..I thought it was for the best..but only to find out it is for the worst.
    Every day I open my eyes with a sigh..every night I close my eyes but you are not in sight..
    It hurts.

    By Cindy on 09.21.2012

  5. My heart raced. The sandpapery starting block scratched my feet as I moved to position. Adrenaline ran strong through my muscles. *BLEEP!* I flew off of the block. The race had begun! The girls next to me were like swimming powerhouses, arms and hands forcing the chlorene water five feet behind them in one pull. Determination took over. Now, I really begin! I kick with all of my remaining strength in the last stretch! Bam! I slam my fist into the wall. My head snaps up to see the scoreboard: “FIRST: E. TRAVIS: TIME 25:23: 50 YARD FREESTYLE”

    By Emma on 09.21.2012

  6. I want to start over. Many days I awake with a bitter resentment; a rather nostalgic feeling of memories I’ve never sowed, or even imagined. When did I become such a wreck? I ask to begin again, but a hand holds me back, like a mother would stope a child in an amusement park, restraining them from all of the delicious wonders of the funnel cake stand. If only it seemed that easy anymore. I always thought the first time was the hardest, but when it comes to living a fulfilling life, it’s just the opposite. But after time and time again, the cycle must always start over; more difficult than the last.

    By Mollie URL on 09.21.2012

  7. Caterpillars moving eating
    Waiting to begin the transformation
    The new beginning
    Stones in the river
    Almost soft, for stones
    never beginning, only forever turning, smoothing away.

    By Ara on 09.21.2012

  8. Work hard, work hard, work hard. Make the people you love never leave. Show them, especially when you don’t think of it. Always try. Always be curious. Make them feel like you love them, especially when they haven’t earnt it.

    By genahtastic URL on 09.21.2012

  9. If I were to write about the beginning of the whole affair, I would have to go all the way back to when I first entered the jungle 17 years ago. Jane and I loved to go and visit our friends in Brazil. We decided to buy some land and move there. We did not know

    By hbo URL on 09.21.2012

  10. Everything has a beginning and an end. Even the universe itself has a birth and therefore will eventually have an end. This is the only universal truth, that everything is destined to have an end. Although we know this instinctively, humans naturally try and live their lives to their greatest and fullest potential.

    By Jarrod on 09.21.2012

  11. to begin or not to begin, that is the question. on this cold morning, I don’t feel like begining anything. actually it’s already afternoon because I’m one lasy bastard.

    By Miesse on 09.21.2012

  12. I begin each race trying to control my pace. I don’t want to start too fast or too slow. The first mile is the most important. If I can get the first mile run at the pace I like, the rest of the race usually goes well.

    By Josh on 09.21.2012

  13. We are launched into the world with it all happening before us, the parents, the politics, the wealth, the poverty. We cannot touch the Beginning and yet we must begin. In medias res. There is no beginning

    By Angel Lemke on 09.21.2012

  14. Now I feel like I’ve started a test. ‘Begin’ was a poor word to be given as a prompt. I was already going to begin – I didn’t have to be told.
    Anyway. Today began yesterday for me. I haven’t slept in quite a while. I have a philosophy test at noon, too.

    By Molly Riddell on 09.21.2012

  15. Beginning is always the hardest. Whenever we begin ddoing something, we need throughout consideration. We need to ponder the risks and possible outcomes, so that we can predict the action is worthy to do or not. It is true that sometimes what we think is the best option may not turn out as we predictred, but at least we minimised the possibility of such an outcome. It takes skill and I will try my best to learn it .

    By ifyouknowwhatimean on 09.21.2012

  16. In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. I am to begin my new job today. To begin a sentence, be sure you capitalize the first letter. Did you begin your Christmas shopping yet? I like to begin my day in prayer. Mother will begin asking us questions about our day when we sit down to supper.

    By Jane Maness on 09.21.2012

  17. Once upon a time there was a great princess. She lived in a far away land in a far away country. She was lonely and missed her father who was off fighting in the Crusades. Suddenly a bird appeared and the princess discovered it could talk.

    By Jessica on 09.21.2012

  18. sTo begin is often the hardest part of the journey. Beginnings are more difficult than endings. Think about it. Endings come as they may, whether prepared or not. But a beginning, well that requires a decision, that fateful impetus toward a first step. Rather than peek around the corner, you move forward, closing the gap between you and it.

    By Suzanne on 09.21.2012

  19. Beginnings are exciting. Beginnings are scary. We all want something new and different but yet we fight to remain in our comfort zone. We dare to dream of new adventures but yet do we dare to live them? If we’re brave, then we’ll begin anew each and every day.

    By Rebecca URL on 09.21.2012

  20. It’s better to begin again than to berate one’s self for not following through. Beginnings are fresh exciting and full of promise and if we could find a way to

    By Trinijama on 09.21.2012

  21. this is the most important thing in your life… everythig have a beginning. and it meansthe first impresion of an activity, thing, person etc

    By Maria on 09.21.2012

  22. today begins the start of my new life. I begin the process of moving back home. I begin the start of a new chapter. I am excited, nervous and eager. Beginnings are my favorite parts of love stories…

    By kelly URL on 09.21.2012

  23. It rained this morning. I woke up to rain and thought to myself, “Well, here it is. The end of summer.” It is time for new beginnings, and I’m adaptable to change. I can do this. I can do pumpkin lattes, and cozy days by the fire reading my favorite book.

    By Tina on 09.21.2012

  24. to begin with, we as people are very much the same in our thoughts of these words for the day, in that there almost always is a common thread that is expounded on. I find this very interesting and comforting to know. We are all together.

    By eyeinthesky on 09.21.2012

  25. Oh so now I get to begin? After all that I have been through? Going round and round in circles, endlessly searching for the beginning, finally my circle broke open and the beginning lay there before me. Roll the dice, I am going to begin now.

    By Chezrobin URL on 09.21.2012

  26. i will begin , and then I will finish and to begin is always the hardest but also the sweetest and then we will win

    By Mia on 09.21.2012

  27. Begin…? How do I? So much has happened. So much time has gone by.

    By Denise on 09.21.2012

  28. One word can be so important. It depends on who you are talking to. On one word depend lifes and destiny.

    By Bette on 09.21.2012

  29. This is the day that the Lord has made. Bring sunshine into your life, even if their is a cloud cover, Jesus is on the other side calling…calling you! Go to Him now, and discover the beginning of your life.

    By Veronique URL on 09.21.2012

  30. I am unsure whether begin is the word, or is the program telling me to begin writing. Im writing anyway simply because time is running out, and perhaps there will be something interesting in the end. Something tells me i will be dissappointed…

    By Tiranin on 09.21.2012

  31. It’s time for my day to begin! The day is ready, my bags are here, my adventure awaits and everything I want to do today is outside, waiting at my fingertips, anxious for this day that I want and this life that I have to finally begin.

    The internet is easier.

    By Melissa on 09.21.2012

  32. I begin to think after you confess
    To know what’s on your mind now
    To know the truth
    To know all the lies that you lied to me
    I begin to think if I do
    I might hurt and you’ll leave
    It’s all with Begin

    By Dolphine on 09.21.2012

  33. Begin to live the rest of your life right now. Begin to explore the possibilities that exist for you even though you see the final chapter of your life journey on the horizon. You don’t know how far away i

    By Sheila on 09.21.2012

  34. this is the exact same word as yesterday and i feel BETRAYED. i would really appreciate the opportunity to further expand my poetic horizons…..thank you very much.

    By samantha URL on 09.21.2012

  35. In the beginning we were nothing. We just sat about doing absolutely nothing with our life. Then civilization grew. Their buildings surround the city streets. We were all so great, but now, we sit and waste our lives upon technology. Look where we’ve gotten since then.

    By envioussloth URL on 09.21.2012

  36. From the outset I always said she was nuttier than something on the Christmas smorgasbord among the men and all the women, lovely women, at the table, it would be like she had very little to say until she had that to say and it was always too much and it was always a bit like Jesus walked in and smote us all.

    By Bryan URL on 09.21.2012

  37. I shall begin with one simple word – beginning. Everything happened so sudden after that. World was still turning, plants were still growing, but the beginning was at it’s best. It has began. The end of the world has bagan.

    By ta on 09.21.2012

  38. He opened his eyes, his navy blue iris contrasted his other that was hazel. He punched in the lock code to his phone and turned off his alarm, checked his texts and then started that simple game. His whole day was routine, and at the end, he wondered when he’d have time for independent thought. When he was older? Then everything would be different and he’d have missed out on so much.


    Too bad I guess.

    By Eric Harrell on 09.21.2012

  39. They always say there’s a new beginning.
    But when does it begin?
    We’re constantly bombarded with “new beginnings,”
    Where do they start?
    You can’t begin without having ended first.
    But no valedictorian is going to tell 200 wide eyed graduates
    that their days of frivolity are over.
    They’ll just say it’s another new beginning.

    By Anne URL on 09.21.2012

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    By dol URL on 09.21.2012