December 24th, 2013 | 87 Entries

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87 Entries for “beforehand”

  1. Beforehand, life was great. everything was beautiful and new. Now, he’s gone and life is gloomy and blue. Beforehand, I knew how to smile and knew it was true, now my smiles are fake because of you

    By Grace Miano on 12.25.2013

  2. I look at my hands now the same ones that have lived and killed
    every strangled sound and every last wish all jotted down
    in my bloody little handbook i keep close to my heart
    i used to plan what to write but not longer
    when blood is your ink, one seldom has the time to think
    so i simply dip, and write.
    Dip, and write.

    By Alok on 12.25.2013

  3. If I had known about her beforehand, I would never have gone to that damned party. Then we never would have met and I wouldn’t feel like shit and I wouldn’t be going to a funeral on the first day of summer break. But then I also would never have known. I’d still be boring me. Nothing special. At any rate, James says its better to know. To have loved and lost and all that shit. I’m still not sure it was worth all this fucking pain.
    (wow sorry for all of the swearing… I’m working on a thing and it just felt right in this scenario.)

    By Foshizzlebeth URL on 12.25.2013

  4. beforehand, meaning before an action before anything that is about to happen. i might think what would i do before something is about to happen? i don’t know i wouldn’t because everything i do is based on impulse….which come to think of, is not really good… but how can i stop myself it takes a whole lot of self restraint which i have by the way cause i’m not some inconsiderate serial killer, if there’s anything like that.

    By phoboe hashimoto URL on 12.25.2013

  5. I don’t know what this means. Before is what something is before you change it. hand is the thing that you write with and do all sorts of stuff with it. when you put those two word together i have no idea what it stands for. Well I have some clue but not a lot.

    By Onion on 12.25.2013

  6. Knowing beforehand would really suck. It’s good that I didn’t, because we’d try to stop it, and it wouldn’t work. So whatever.
    It might be good to have had a hint, though.

    By frao on 12.25.2013

  7. I had a hand before but that isn’t true since the accident. my mom was teaching me how to chop some salad and I decided to try it on my own with a BUTCHER’S KNIFE.

    By lisa on 12.25.2013

  8. My life is broken into three sections: the Before, the During, and the After.
    In the Before, I was slowly losing hope. I was in pain. But I was also oddly innocent.
    In the During, I was blissful. I was incredulous. I was happier than I have ever been.
    Now, in the After, I have lost hope. I am constantly in pain. I am no longer innocent.
    I sometimes wonder if the During shouldn’t have happened at all, because in the Before, this pain wasn’t so very final as it is now.

    By Catori URL on 12.25.2013

  9. its a warning, but its no help.
    being warned before something happened just allows you to brace yourself before impact, and screw up your eyelids before the inevitable crash.

    By Hazel on 12.25.2013

  10. I didn’t understand why I never received noticed of an event happening beforehand. The day before the event took place, I received a note saying to begin preparations. It was incredible how you never felt pressure until you had to face reality.

    By Jan on 12.25.2013

  11. The army didn’t know what weapons the enemy had beforehand. It was 10,000 drain-o bombs set to go right as they passed the site. They just thought it was Crystal Pepsi, the General was heard saying before he passed.

    By Rover URL on 12.25.2013

  12. beforehand the man in the tan van shivered. He took out his pet snake and called over to the young boy on the sidewalk. “Who wants to pet the 8-foot anaconda?!” He referenced to his homemade sign of weathered cardboard.

    By charlie card on 12.25.2013

  13. Beforehand, there’s a wrist.

    By Dtnixon URL on 12.25.2013

  14. If I know beforehand, would I still….


    By Minette Tonoli URL on 12.25.2013

  15. after all this there was before. Beforehand, there was happiness and joy. Peace and love. The life we wanted but never realized we hand. Now all we want what was before – Beforehand.

    By Mazz on 12.25.2013

  16. i used to think beforehand
    it’s been a while
    since i think at all

    By Clara on 12.25.2013

  17. Beforehand. We think so little about the preceeding events, what happened before the climax, and we barely pay attention to it. What lead up to the big change? The little things are important too. Never forget the little things. Please.

    By alexxus URL on 12.25.2013

  18. i cannot seem to work this site
    the only word that comes up is beforehand
    how can i change the word?

    By Clara on 12.25.2013

  19. before and after there was something that is not there anymore something changed preexisting coitions you need to do something before starting

    By Roxana Wroblewski on 12.25.2013

  20. I have no clue what beforehand EXACTLY means, but I’ll give this a good try. I think beforehand somewhere in the universe pigs can fly. Lol. Pigs. Flying. Lol!!! Hehe, pigs flying that’s too funny!

    By Lillian Deuel on 12.25.2013

  21. One of the biggest events in my life was a terrible accident. Before the accident, I was an entirely different person than I am now–less wise, much less intelligent, and I cared about nothing. The recovery and consequences have changed me into the person I am now, someone I can respect.

    By Aaron on 12.25.2013

  22. preemptive. Forethought, hindsight. The feeling of regret. Shoulda, coulda, woulda. Steps to a destination. One, two, three. Building on previous experiences. The path or journey towards a goal. The first step to something better.

    By Chantastique URL on 12.25.2013

  23. She was naught but a maid servant beforehand, but after, she became much more. She became a talented, respected queen by finding out her true identity. Beforehand, she knew nothing. She remembered nothing, now she focuses on the future and what is yet to become.

    By Merlin URL on 12.25.2013

  24. It didn’t matter much back then. Where I was, who I was, no one really cared. Shadows kept to themselves and I didn’t concern myself with much of anyone but me.
    The moon tries it’s hardest to outshine the streetlights, but it ends up just looking sad. That’s not how the moon should be.

    By Beth A URL on 12.25.2013

  25. being prepared. you don’t want to come up to a disaster (a snowstorm or hurricane, for example) without having made some preparations beforehand. you don’t want to get up to give a speech without collecting your thoughts.

    By jeni on 12.25.2013

  26. we never think about things the same way in retrospect — if I’d known about you beforehand, none of these things would have happened.
    If I’d known beforehand that you’d turn out to be lovely and far away and amazing and far too far too distant for me, then I’d never have continued.

    but we never know what will happen, and i’m not sorry i met you.

    By sun on 12.25.2013

  27. i fiddle with the pendant between my fingers. “you knew beforehand, didn’t you?” my voice is rough but steady. Will doesn’t meet my eye but i feel him nod. “you knew he wouldn’t spare me,” i say, almost to myself.

    he nods again and with that, i break. “can you not speak or something – did you lose your voice in the last-” i feel my throat tighten and contract, my eyes sting and i struggle to keep calm again. i try to cough out the tension but it only builds more, coming out as sob. i have to punch a nearby wall to find myself again.

    “i knew Jackson wouldn’t save you,” Will blurts. “i knew beforehand. he’s selfish. he wouldn’t let a part of his failure walk away, wounded or not. my brother already made that decision beforehand too. i wasn’t going to let him have a choice.”

    i’m too stunned to say anything appropriate so i let Will off this time, he won’t stand a serious conversation too long. “i can’t believe a piece of metal, the size of a quarter, saved my life,” i mutter.

    By Alibay on 12.25.2013

  28. I wish i could keep some standby love for myself so that it does want fly away,away,far from reach, just in case,keeping love beforehand,for myself,in case it runs out,shows my desperation.but,see..that’s how it is ..

    By Purnima URL on 12.25.2013

  29. Beforehand? I prefer before your hand, because we can’t do anything after it. It’d be all out there and people would have fun with it.

    By Adrian George Nicolae URL on 12.25.2013

  30. Jerry went backwards as the door swung open and hit him in the face. I thought he should have checked the schedule beforehand, as to avoid the acting troupe of transvestites that came into the colorful bar.

    By Alyssa Parker URL on 12.25.2013

  31. yes, beforehand I went shopping at the mall in Joberg and got a slingshot for my boyfriend, Cody. He opened it on Christmas day and I joked that we can bring it back to Dar and shoot the crows or the loud children at our complex

    By Rorey Risdon URL on 12.26.2013

  32. beforehand in the before land of dinosaurs and pidegeons walking through the sand laying on the beach just soaking getting tan aw man the simple shit that has changed so muich, and and the simple shit that will catch that clutch. before you hand me $hit look and dont forget

    By Colton Adrian URL on 12.26.2013

  33. and see there must have been a before to this. there must have been a tidy sequence of events. a carefully dropped handkerchief. a misplaced note in a convenient corner. there must have been a before, a beginning they would say. as if there was an order to the way my skin has made way for your fingertips.

    By Bee URL on 12.26.2013

  34. in the past i remembered to forget something
    in the future i forgot to remember it
    beforehand and afterwards collapsing on each other
    now never was
    a life unlived
    loved but completely forgotten
    a distant echo
    repetition that fades in time.

    By matt m on 12.26.2013

  35. All you can do is to fight, to have the courage to stand up for your own beliefs, for what you’ve long desired to be. It is high time. If you can’t do it now, you’ll not do it any other time. Act now before it is too late.

    By Alsunian on 12.26.2013

  36. My expectations were leveled before the day was out. If I had known beforehand the extent of her stress, I would have tried to drag her out to play. All isn’t lost now that the holidays are over. Without all these other things crowding her mind and time, my plan was simple. Some time to draw, create, glue, or paste. An afternoon at our favorite art studio with some wine and paint. No deadlines, no goals, no rush and just enjoy creating something just for fun. Embracing some beauty through art play to recapture oneself and reset… a favorite way to rediscover and recharge a weary heart.

    By JDwrites URL on 12.26.2013

  37. is a word which indicates time, former time. And

    By Peter on 12.26.2013

  38. It was what happened one hour prior to arriving at the party. The shit storm that manefested as inklings of clouds on the horizon. Just a few, dark clouds that didn’t quite portend the epic malestrom about to unfold

    By mtnslamgrass on 12.26.2013

  39. Beforehand, we need to think before making important decision .Precautionary measures need to be taken care of beforehand, especially in handling laboratory equipments. I need to get down to the nitty-gritty of the job nature; make those tables spick and span beforehand, or else, I wouldnt be able to answer the fussy supervisor’s questions.. errghh

    By Anna Isha4 on 12.26.2013

  40. If I had known beforehand, I wouldn’t have brought the subject up. As soon as the word “sandman” passed my lips, he wouldn’t stop talking.

    By mrsmig URL on 12.26.2013