December 26th, 2013 | 66 Entries

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66 Entries for “buyer”

  1. As I watch her perfect red lips part in a perfect smile, revealing perfect white teeth; and hear her perfect laugh at whatever her perfect handsome companion said while nonchalantly sweeping her perfect blonde hair from her perfect blue eyes, I wonder who the buyer of her happiness is and if he takes appointments.

    By Minette Tonoli on 12.27.2013

  2. Perhaps something I wish I wasn’t so much of…… I like to be a buyer. Maybe I should try selling some of the things I’ve bought that I really shouldn’t have.

    By Alexandra on 12.27.2013

  3. the buyer is warned to be careful of the items that he or she purchases. Although the items might appear to be of good quality, it is only after closer inspection that some defects might be discovered, and it will be too late to return the merchandise.

    By victor URL on 12.27.2013

  4. The opposite of seller is buyer. Consumerism is the game, buyers are the players. One who buys is the norm. It has consumed us just as we have consumed.

    By ruwst on 12.27.2013

  5. Let the buyer beware, indeed! We do not own what we purchase so much as it owns us. Every new gadget mires us deeper in the material realm as surely as any anchor. A simple life is no guarantee that you will develop spiritually. But it is a necessary step in order to do so.

    By mimimanderly URL on 12.27.2013

  6. I’m so sick and tired of the buyer complaints. Each one with a different issue and never a solution.

    By mediaman64 on 12.27.2013

  7. One who buy. Gives money to counter person. Spender. Mad about shopping. Always roaming. Add things to it. How about i buy things for it? Buying things is fun, but writing this is the best.

    By Sanah Ganju on 12.27.2013

  8. The buyer stood holding his bag waiting to pay. The clerk didn’t know what to make of him. A man holding a bag of poop in a Tiffany’s wasn’t the type of customer they were used to.

    By Rover on 12.27.2013

  9. someone who cant find what they want instead pay for it and force things to happen

    By Jeffrey korb on 12.27.2013

  10. He was the buyer. He was the one who they sent in to get in and out without a mess. Well, in reality there always was a mess–it just wouldn’t be their mess. He worked for “The Company, and it was in The Company’s best interest for him to relatively undetectable.

    By Jackee Orozco-Domoe on 12.27.2013

  11. The buyer has no time to discuss the price of the propriety.

    By Robson on 12.27.2013

  12. The buyer picked up the phone, nervously he dialled the number. Would he secure the baby for his baron wife.

    By S on 12.27.2013

  13. “If I can’t find a buyer for you, my friend, off you go to the knacker man.” The old farmer’s words were harsh, but his gnarled fingers stroked the horse’s neck gently, and his eyes glinted with unshed tears.

    By mrsmig on 12.27.2013

  14. On buying a home.

    The house was perfect for her – small, cozy, slightly whimsical. Trees, flowers and ivy decorated the front lawn, and the shutters were her favorite shade of green – rich, dark, mossy.

    By lauren on 12.27.2013

  15. One nod at the wrong time, the buyer hadn’t meant to bid for this lot.

    By Mrs B on 12.27.2013

  16. A person that obtains a product by bartering or paying currency for a selected item.

    By Bones on 12.27.2013

  17. buyer beware, oooh it was on sale, I hope it fits I hate to return things. I like to buy things. But dont spend $$$ you dont have.

    By BB on 12.27.2013

  18. He sat in the audience and watched as item after item appeared on the stage. Eventually as the most famous buyer in the room he raised his hand silently. Everyone was surprised to see what he wanted to purchase. Really? Why would he want that?

    By Collette on 12.27.2013

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    By Yours Truly, Bête on 12.27.2013

  20. buyer remorse, solid carports glistening in the rain. what have I done? that’s a Chevy-shaped hole in my next ten years, every month revving the engine, chunks of number lowballing my nerves. buyer beware, don’t buy anything at all.

    By Fred Fingery URL on 12.27.2013

  21. the mass was advancing at an alarming rate, dragging carla with them. the buyers in black friday could be a formidable force. carla didn’t know why she’d agreed to go out with her mother that year, but she knew she was regretting it already.

    By Pigeon37 on 12.27.2013

  22. I sell not for i have nothing to sell. i simply buy and buy and buy. and when my money runs out, so does my supply. i have not anything. once i buy, it vanishes, and i am once again left with nothing at all. Where does it all go you may ask. I do not know.

    By Cassie on 12.27.2013

  23. The buyer doesn’t know anything. Have you seen him around this town? He’s foolish here, but for some reason when he leaves this room and enters another he turns into a genius. I don’t understand what it means for the education system today other than that teachers who are also buyers can be one man in one room and a woman in another room. Do you get it?? I finally do.

    By Julia on 12.27.2013

  24. I am a buyer of many things, my life consists of buying things and creating things people want to buy. This is what makes the world go round, we are all buyers. We all have things other people want and vice versa.

    By sage one on 12.27.2013

  25. she went to the counter to buy this sweater for him. As simple as it seemed, it had the scent of hope on it. the hope for a smile and a warm heart as well as anything else. she didn’t care if she’d see it or be the one to share it with him. She just wanted to know she’d given him a reason to smile.

    By eva on 12.27.2013

  26. When I think of a buyer, I immediately think of buying “stuff”. But, when I think further about it, a buyer isn’t just someone who purchases items. You can “buy” into negative thinking. You can “buy” into misinformation, false beliefs and outright lies.

    What are you a buyer of in your life? Do you “buy” into what people say about you? Do you “buy” into society’s definitions of you or what they think of you?

    By Emily URL on 12.27.2013