January 25th, 2011 | 414 Entries

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414 Entries for “basement”

  1. its real dark and super scary in this basement.
    i think a mass murderer lives here…..
    he must be hiding from the popo:)

    By Thomas the Train:D URL on 01.26.2011

  2. I know that some houses have basements,but I don’t if a lot of houses have them or not. My house doesn’t have a basement,but I’ve had lived in houses that have had basements.

    By summer firm URL on 01.26.2011

  3. the cat is in the basement. the basement is dark. The basement is cold. the basment has alot of stuff in it. Basements are full usally.

    By dustin URL on 01.26.2011

  4. Many houses have basements. In the book “freak almighty” (Thats what i think it is called.) the main character has a basement that he lives in. This is what i think about when i hear this.

    By snickers104515 URL on 01.26.2011

  5. The basement is a place where you store you stuff you cant keep in your house.

    By werty URL on 01.26.2011

  6. A basement describes what is under your house. It is a place where you can have storage or you can keep your 40 year old son in it! I think basements are very nice because they are temprature controlled and they keep out the sun light when you are trying to sleep during the summer.

    By Breanna Craven URL on 01.26.2011

  7. the basement is as dark as the night sky and is pretty creepy with the furnace running.

    By Wltbank URL on 01.26.2011

  8. in the basement peoplke in the basement many surprises awate you in the basement people in the basement… two door cinema club-undercover martyn

    By delaney on 01.26.2011

  9. The basement. Always a place for hiding.

    Hide and seek.
    Giggles slowing into silence-

    A basement is always a place for hiding.

    By Emmy on 01.26.2011

  10. my basement was my home; i slept in a box once, with a blanket and a hole cut in the box to watch TV, after we had a new table delivered. the basement felt safe because it was beneath the ground, dark, away from the blinding light and the deafening voices of discord from upstairs. I was 11.

    By tony on 01.26.2011

  11. Alone in my basement. Once again. Is there anything here? A window… a small window. Can there be a window in a basement? I see it; the light trickling in. Slowly…. the hands on the clock ticking away. It will free me. The light! Here it comes. It feels the basement with a bright thing I have never seen before. Is it an angel? My savour, he is here.

    By Tyler on 01.26.2011

  12. I like basements. Basements are cool places because you can go down there and try to cyber and then find out that the person you want to cyber with kills you and laughs cuz no one will find you there.

    By d on 01.26.2011

  13. in the basement people don’t like to live if they have space otherwise. Basements can sometimes get messy. They not only cost more to be constructed but also take huge investment to be maintained. Home’s with basement however are more spacious.

    By Hope Smarty on 01.26.2011

  14. I went into the basement to find my old books.

    All I could find was a semi-rotten potato.

    I thought about eating it.

    It was tasty.

    M… Potatoes…

    By 50ft queenie URL on 01.26.2011

  15. I lie under. I lie within. Do not disturb me, for I will shudder. I am a hidden compartment, which can contain anything.

    By Lucy on 01.26.2011

  16. below the house we forget abou things we once loved.

    By Molly on 01.26.2011

  17. On the third day, the screams subsided, and there was only the occasional thump thump thump of a foot against a cinderblock wall. That clinched it. The miniature shitsu was now mine, FOREVER!

    By Lynx on 01.26.2011

  18. The one place where, as a child, I was afraid to walk into. The only reason to ever go there, was to make sure my family wasn’t hurled off by a tornado. And when we did finally make our way to the dark and dusty labyrinth, I found that there was absolutely nothing to be afraid of. Unless you count my brothers trying to scare me in the dark.

    By Tabi URL on 01.26.2011

  19. I would like a basement, I would use it as my bedroom. I would first have to ensure of no damp and spiders and it would have to be like any normal room but after that it would be my own little den. Unfortunately, due to living in the UK I don’t have one. Also because I live in a flat..

    By jay on 01.26.2011

  20. In the basement it was cold and damp there was an old washing machine in the cornwer by the window with a creaky staircase leading uo in to the house ,there were 2 room one had 3 beds in it and there was a must smell,the window was partly covered and looked up to the path way ithe garden ,the sun rarelypeeked through

    By write one URL on 01.26.2011

  21. I use to have a nice basement in the second house I ever lived in on Far Hills. We lived there with my mom’s boyfriend Bill. At one point he rented out the basement to one of his friends and I never got to go down there anymore. Once I had people over to smoke the first joint I ever rolled (out of a page of my Johnny Tremaine book from school) and I got caught smoking by Bill.

    By Travis on 01.26.2011

  22. The basement was where she escaped to when everything else got too rough. There was no denying that it was not the ideal hiding place — dark, damp, dusty, full of old memories she would replay over and over again. But it was the only place that felt just as she felt — alone, shut off from the world, and on the brink of death.

    By Sandra on 01.26.2011

  23. The basement is where you keep the pictures. My mother lost all her pictures of me in my grandparents’ basement: well, most of them anyways. I sometimes think that there just weren’t that many pictures of me at all, that she’s just lying to make me feel loved.

    By cptcutless on 01.26.2011

  24. Basements are a dark scary place where you get dungeon tans from.

    By Sam tate URL on 01.26.2011

  25. The basement is an unpleasent place to be.

    By nick URL on 01.26.2011

  26. Basements are a very scary places many things can live down there like spiders and bats and things also they are very dark. they can be very frightening.

    By devin21 URL on 01.26.2011

  27. i do not have a basement my house is not the best place!i wish i did have a basement though because then it would be cool

    By kimmy411 on 01.26.2011

  28. dark. scary untamed monsters spiders ghosts haunted didmissed
    One day i snuck in the basement and i got terrified of the silent

    By Brittany URL on 01.26.2011

  29. We sang away those hours, knowing well that these would be cherished memories soon. The music, the love, the basement.. those would be ours to hold forever..

    By apitcherfullofmirth URL on 01.26.2011

  30. Basements are scary. They are really scary and wet sometimes and in scary movies people get killed in them.

    By bananaphone URL on 01.26.2011

  31. My house doesn’t have a basement. I wish it did. I have a friend who has a basement it is big, and really cool. Why is a basement called a basement though?

    By Donielle is awesome URL on 01.26.2011

  32. i have a basement and it is very scary down there because it is dark and is makes wered noises:)

    By just URL on 01.26.2011

  33. dark storage some times people live in them.
    underground occasionally damp some people have them carpeted and have games or more rooms in them

    By josh on 01.26.2011

  34. as i walked to my friends house i saw a deep dark basement. and when i walked in i could hear voices. and thats when i walked in and i was trapped forever in a dimension called “The Twilight Zone”! and no one ever saw me again because i got chopped into thousands of pieces by the wrath!!! and the voices stopped and i could see where i was in a land of nothing!

    By chase Curell URL on 01.26.2011

  35. i was in the basment last night because i heard a noise. i looked and saw my bed, my couch, and …. oh my gosh i saw the boggi man. hes not really that scary but fun. he is very intertaning. he has a great sense of humer and he lives in my bastment. he has the funnest looking face.

    By ana URL on 01.26.2011

  36. the bottom of your house. that have lots of stuff. that you do not use that much.

    By delgean URL on 01.26.2011

  37. I always wanted a basement. A basement like Eric Foremans on That 70’s Show. The word reminds me of Donnie Darko and the words “cellar door” The two most beautiful words in the English language, at least, I think so.

    By rachal on 01.26.2011

  38. An underground place in which it is placed underneath a house and usually contains storage or a room, i it usually cold unless you have a heater in it. Thats all i really know about basements(:

    By Claudia Promise(: URL on 01.26.2011

  39. Warm, soft. Cold and dark. It’s a thinking place to go to infinity and come back, to go around in circles and love the world. It’s a place to be everything and one thing.

    By Jahnavi URL on 01.26.2011

  40. I live in the basement, with a bunch of old books, kindly rats and fascinating dreams. It is full with darkness, but enlightment could be reach there.

    By Ricardo on 01.26.2011