September 8th, 2011 | 232 Entries

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232 Entries for “bars”

  1. He scouted the bar, looking for her. He always bought her a red rose at 11pm. There she was, long hair and mini skirt and easy smile. One day she would be his.

    By Laura URL on 09.08.2011

  2. His words swam into my ears like slimy little eels and I wanted to scream, but their slippery poison made it feel like there were bars on my throat that slowly tightened and tightened until they strangled my ability to communicate the truth. My pathetic eyes were forced to agree with him. The panic of solitude set in and a fake smile for ego’s sake. I really thought this time it might work…

    By Kirsten Logerquist URL on 09.08.2011

  3. heavy lifting, walking, struggling. searching out between the bars that keep these fears looked in my heart.

    By amylee URL on 09.09.2011

  4. Bars.
    I walked to school just the other day. Came up the stairs and had my first class that day. My teacher gave me a mars bar, for doing something right in the day. I opened up the wrapper, and found I had won another mars bar that day. That school day was a pretty good day.

    By sarahsarahsarah on 09.09.2011

  5. these bars tighter closing in on the poor black crow. Stained with fear but capable to resist the harsh reality of no escape. Help the bird while it gives up hope. Nevermind it escaped…

    By Jonathan URL on 09.09.2011

  6. When I get my check, the first thing in mind is never the bills I’m late on. The vodka, tequila, rum, and above all, the whiskey beckon! I ignore how irresponsible I am and just beat myself up in the morning for spending all my money at the bars.

    By Ruben URL on 09.09.2011

  7. i like bars i´ts very good I don´t think I eat bars ever day but sometimes it´s good very good. YAAY!

    By Alexis Berglund URL on 09.09.2011

  8. Sometimes i go down to the market and buy some chocolate bars when I am in school I like to buy Marabou Schweizenöt with coca cola when i am going for holiday. I think it tastes good.

    By Alex URL on 09.09.2011

  9. when we have chockelet i eat it and it´s very good, i was going to go and eat chockelet

    By Elias URL on 09.09.2011

  10. I love choclate bars. My favourites are Snickers, Break and Geisha I think, but I like MANY different choclatebars. I’m eating choclatebars on mostly fridays.

    By alidapersson URL on 09.09.2011

  11. I love chocolate bars, i eat 1000 g each week. My favorite chocolate bar is Japp.

    By Fredrik URL on 09.09.2011

  12. I like chocolate bars, but I don’t got any favorite bars. But I really like Mars and Twister.

    By cajsa URL on 09.09.2011

  13. Hello, my favorite chocolate bar is mars but I like snickers to. My friend Oscar don’t like that I eat bars because I get chocolate all over my face.

    By Jacob URL on 09.09.2011

  14. I love chocolate i eat at least one hundred chocolate bars a day. My favorite chocolateis kex-chocklad it’s really tasty. my brothers eat bars every day almost like 200 bars a day. our familly lives on chocolate. My mum makes home made chocolate also we blend all kinds of chocolate to one big.

    By Andreas URL on 09.09.2011

  15. I was sitting on my sofa and eat choclte bars becusse i won star winst on liseberg. I was very happy and i like plopp and eat it when i fell to eat it. It’s very good vi plopp bars. hihihi it’s was svårt ;S All people borde like plopp becuese it’s very good. I eat bars much. it’s good for my stomach. I buy it on ica in Älvsered. When i on ica i buy choclate bars.

    By Oscar URL on 09.09.2011

  16. The crow can see the light, it can see a path yet it knows not it’s escape. The owl, grand and tall, is free already past the cunning bars that hold a fear captive. But the crow, it flaps it’s wing in a meager attempt towards the sanity of freedom, but his little wings bring him nowhere. The owl watches. The crow scawks and cries but it only returns as an echo to it’s one blacks ear, repeating the solitude he saw himself in. The owl watches. The black mass of the crow shakes at his chains and rattles at the cage, begging at whatever higher force there is to help. The owl watches. The cage is just big enough to conceal the fear of a solitude. And the fear, it grows. And the fear, it takes. And the fear, it wins.
    Just break the bars, let the crow falter freely. Just break the last bars of hope, break, break, break them.
    The crow stops, and the owl watches.

    By Saskia on 09.09.2011

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    By 18 URL on 09.09.2011

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    By Славица on 09.09.2011

  19. bars people go to to vent
    to get drunk till forever
    to forget
    to meet someone new
    they wanna forget again
    bars are no places
    to find new friends
    in bars they use to hang out
    and vent
    and bend
    the midnight
    into the morning
    and i dont make sense right now
    like ive been in a bar
    and got drunk
    too much

    By gotnothingtosay on 09.09.2011

  20. smoke filled the atmosphere. smoking, drinking, some sleazy activity in the back of the room.
    it was time for him to leave. and he had better do it quickly.
    with a slam, he dropped his glass back onto the bar table, shoved the bills at the other man, and left the scene. he took a deep breath of the cool winter air outside after he shut the door behind him. it was good to be free.

    By sarvin on 09.09.2011

  21. The bars that were set for that project were very high. We had no idea why that was. Looking back, and knowing what I know now, that was probably a very good thing! We had no idea how far reaching our work was going to be, or how aggressive the reaction to it!

    By Bonnie Cehovet URL on 09.09.2011

  22. A place to forget your worries (temporarily).

    By ilovedjians on 09.09.2011

  23. In and out of bars she goes,
    stumbling, bumbling, legs like does.
    Charcoal eyes and ruby lips,
    only searching for a kiss.

    Mind astray and glossy eyes,
    men only noticing her thighs.
    Simply seeking arms to hold her,
    through the nights that seem much colder.

    By Olive URL on 09.09.2011

  24. It goes without saying that the outcome was different. The poor convict tried to get out of his cell, he couldn’t. He reflected on his trouble for a long time. Then he found his main issue.

    By De Rop on 09.09.2011

  25. So many types of bars. Steel, aluminum, the ones that are made out of pressure. They can hold you out or keep you in. My favorite bar, though, is the one I’ll visit tonight. The one that helps me get drunk.

    By Mike the Magic Squid URL on 09.09.2011

  26. I slipped. It didn’t matter. It was all over my face. I put it there, of course. Then he put me out. It was on when I said please.

    By Janey Smith URL on 09.09.2011

  27. I never had the pleasure of siting at a bar, with the aim of drinking as much wine or run that I could consume. I prefer to sit quietly alone and just enjoy myself without much fuss.

    By victor walkes URL on 09.09.2011

  28. How well is phone reception in your area?

    The more bars your phone shows, the more reliable

    the quality of the phone conversation will be.

    The end.

    By Jack URL on 09.09.2011

  29. we hang in bars.
    we drink in bars.
    find hope in bars.
    lose pride in bars.
    findcompanionship in bars.
    lose yourself in bars.
    good or bad.

    By bonnie jo URL on 09.09.2011

  30. hahaha
    I can’t begin to describe the pain the epiphany the restriction the confinement the horrid elation of being behind bars.
    Oh my god I cannot breath.
    I’m stuck
    I can’t get out.

    By Jay URL on 09.09.2011

  31. bars

    mars bars
    chocolate bars

    bars, stars, cars, mars?

    playground bars

    By Sonam on 09.09.2011

  32. I feel like i’m behind bars right now; suffocating where there is no air, no way of escape. They are closing in on me, getting tighter and closer and I just want to run away.

    By Sheila URL on 09.09.2011

  33. oh my, what a word i need. i fell in love with liquor. i feel in love with the rush and the chance to act loose. i fell in love with my bartender. i fell in love with the chance of free drinks and munipulating men. i fell in love with the way you can act. pop pop pop. jukebox. play me another song. bartender, keep the drinks going. i’m closing this place down.

    By Natalie on 09.09.2011

  34. My life story has been told in bars.
    First it started in a bar with my mom and a stranger.
    Then it came to bars where I ended up tending.
    Next it came to bars when I got caught underage drinking.
    After that, back to bars where I can get your callings.
    Bars…my life story has been told in bars.

    By Lancir URL on 09.09.2011

  35. dogs are so cute with nice skin. i don’t want to be put behind bars. i don’t want to get locked up. the words that come out of my mouth

    By Ms. W URL on 09.09.2011

  36. I spent too much time in bars in my twenties. I’m glad that I have never spent time behind bars, though!

    By David Saleeba URL on 09.09.2011

  37. bar hopping on Halsted on a wet November night we fund six hundred dollars in a roll in the gutter, split up some between us to pay a few bills, put a lump in a back pocket for an AIDS charity, closed Little Jim’s again, felt like we’d found the family we always wanted, some of us were gone soon after, the rest of us are scattered now, but it was beautiful and real despite all the beer

    By geraldine URL on 09.09.2011

  38. He liked living in the city. It allowed him access to so many bars. Each night was a different theme, city country, yuppie, hipster, etc. He never drank in the bars, he just liked to read the graphiti in the stalls.

    By brad on 09.09.2011

  39. Bars in jars full of cars. God made Mars with the tars of his being.

    All of those third guys that ducked when their two friends walked into bars.
    Who does that?

    By AJLA URL on 09.09.2011

  40. bars on windows and being sick out of bar windows

    By usershame URL on 09.09.2011