September 8th, 2011 | 232 Entries

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232 Entries for “bars”

  1. you fall upon my shore
    a sound of lips
    And water falling

    gift upon gift
    fill my ears
    then my lungs
    my heart

    the sand of me
    wants to be
    in all things
    drawn into you
    wave sucked
    I have no words for how you move me
    only this cool water
    and you in it surge, it’s release

    By minimalist URL on 09.08.2011

  2. “I think it may be time to raise the bars,” coach said, “it’s time to step up and show them what you can do. This is what you’ve worked for since fourth grade. You’ve worked harder than all the other girls on this court.” Deep down I knew this was the truth. Most people in my position would have quit, but I didn’t, I worked my ass off. I sacrificed my body and soul all for the game I love, just to Prove that I CAN do this. There is no decision I will ever regret, all of this has made me who I am today, and I love it.

    By foost URL on 09.08.2011

  3. Bars…as in cage bars or prison bars or public meeting houses bars? Much the same from one to the other really…all can be some form of imprisonment…or protection, I suppose. None are places I enjoy finding myself.

    By Heather on 09.08.2011

  4. every time I go into a bar I expect to drink cheap beer from a glass and argue with old men about politics. shove a jerk and possibly dance. And laugh with my friends.

    By erin on 09.08.2011

  5. bars are another word for xanax pills. bar bathrooms. high heels. black ladies giving out paper towels. Paige’s bedroom. new years party. falling down the stairs. getting into a fight. hanging off balcony. talking about life. fighting with boyfriend. streamers, balloons and new goals.

    By youwannaknow on 09.08.2011

  6. smoking in the bathroom. sneaking drinks. fake id’s. glitter, streamers, and lip gloss. high heels and short dresses. dancing on poles. photographers. xanax. that new years party. waking up not knowing what happened.

    By tina on 09.08.2011

  7. I grip the metal bars on either side of me and look out at the empty hallway. No one. Not a soul in sight. I look up and see a speck of light leaking through a hole in the ceiling. I squint past it and know that I’m the only one who can save myself. (Hi Sean.)

    By Marissa URL on 09.08.2011

  8. I have spent a lot of time in bars. And a little time behind bars. I can hum a few bars, or chow down on some chocolate bars. I have been barred from bars but neveb taken the bar exam. If i had my druthers…. I’d be sitting in a bar with you right now. And you could give me another lap dance like the one you gave me last night.. :)

    By joefeather on 09.08.2011

  9. i eat them
    they eat me
    in chunks
    from the inside
    expectations far above my head
    set beneath my feet when I’m on top of the world
    in front of me when I’m trapped
    behind me after breaking free
    i will stand on top of them
    keeping them in check
    below, they can’t do their dirty deed

    By Peacefulgeek URL on 09.08.2011

  10. bars are used for many things such as: prison; gates; barriers and many more they are mainly used to prevent something from entering or leaving!

    By Junaid Khan on 09.08.2011

  11. My heart was stuck in this prison, all my inspiration locked into this one idea. All I wanted to do was write about IT, but I hadn’t even seen it yet! Nothing else would appease the hunger. “When will Supernatural get here?” I moaned to the mail slot.

    By T. S. Patrick URL on 09.08.2011

  12. go to em. don.t sing. don.t dance. watch politics. suck face. think it.s romance.

    By Lt. K.M.B. URL on 09.08.2011

  13. bars of chocolate bars of iron the duality is in the air tonight, thank God I didn’t drink the punch.

    By Joel SCHNEIDER on 09.08.2011

  14. between you and me
    we know the bars are plentiful
    the ones that block our pure and negative emotions
    they fight urging me to react react react
    and forget forget forget
    but i am stronger than these bars
    beyond them, but close enough to feel
    lays the love in humanity
    so take me as i am
    the hate, resentment and endless commitment
    i love but i can not always focus it

    By lauren on 09.08.2011

  15. She wanted them so bad and they just sat there taunting her.

    “Please daddy, just one?”

    He knew soon he would agree, but it was important to deny her once in awhile. Her sparkling blue eyes just stared at them in wonderment as they looked into the tiny shop’s window.

    “I’m sorry dear, but candy bars truly isn’t that good for you.”

    By brittany URL on 09.08.2011

  16. “Lookin’ sometimes get me into a bad situation, ya know? So…so I tried my best not to look. Hey! A fool is a fool, right? Look….I mean, please office, let me out from behind these bars, please? I won’t look again, I swear it!”

    By Oz Nolem URL on 09.08.2011

  17. The bars on the phone blink limply up at you. You stare, hoping for the signal to last, for the battery to give you one more crucial second, desperately scrabbling to make contact with someone else in this barren, dead, world. ‘Hello?’ you whisper, empty into the void. ‘Hello?’ But there is nothing, and no one. ‘Hello?’

    By cottia URL on 09.08.2011

  18. the musty, stagnant air filled his lungs to the brim. in, out, sigh. in, out, cough, sigh. in, out-
    the burn of cheap whiskey slid seamlessly down his throat.

    he didn’t know why he always came back to this dingy local bar.
    maybe, he thought, his bleary eyes downcast, maybe he just didn’t have
    anywhere else to go.

    By invinculis URL on 09.08.2011

  19. Steve came out of the building, the box of choclate bars under his arm, and walked to his car.
    He opened the door, and put them on the front seat.

    A figure came up behind him, and put a gun into his back.

    “Do you have any… chocolate bars?”


    The figure shot Steve. Steve died.

    It was the strangest case in downtown Mongolia.

    By Carson on 09.08.2011

  20. These bars weren’t the kind that confined you; they weren’t the bars that you swung from as a child; they weren’t the bars that people stumbled out of drunk and disoriented; nor were they weren’t the bars that rotted your teeth. No, they were the bars that cleaned your dirty hands, but no matter how many times you used them it never could clean up past.

    By Haley URL on 09.08.2011

  21. Bars are the things that stop people from going where they want to. Bars in windows, bars make jails, yet bars are made to be raised. The time has come to push aside all bars and let nothing stand in your way of your goals.

    By Richie URL on 09.08.2011

  22. You sit at the bar and wonder if it’s any better than the last. They’re all starting to look the same to you. The rows of glass wonders, filled with tonics and concoctions built to loosen your state of mind–all great, all effective. And yet, you sit here, and can’t afford a damn thing.

    By Shannon URL on 09.08.2011

  23. i sit behind bars.
    not literal bars. metaphorical ones.
    and they’re there because i live my life metaphorically. i express myself through my prose and live in a fantasy world. i’m trapped inside of it and i can’t get out.
    i am trapped behind these bars.

    By sarah marie URL on 09.08.2011

  24. They keep me in, they keep you out. Bars. They keep you fueled with booze and cheap beer on tap. They let you climb, but of course not like in older days, when they rose above concrete or macadam playgrounds. Monkey bars. We were monkeys back then. And now? Who knows.

    By Randy B URL on 09.08.2011

  25. You say you want to be my friend.
    I wish.
    You contact me.
    I keep wishing.
    This friendship ships me. It trips me.
    It keeps me afloat, confined, confused.
    Bombarded with thoughts. Bars. And bars. And endless bars.
    Dash it. Dash it. Dash it all.
    Yet I keep wishing.

    By chriscrossintertwine URL on 09.08.2011

  26. The metal bars on the window were cold as ice as I touched them with the yearning to get out of this place. I looked out of the window as much as I could possible, but my vision can be blinded for only so long. I stepped away and sat back down on my bed. One day, maybe I’ll be free.

    By Jessica Auster URL on 09.08.2011

  27. Stuck behind them, eating them my life is lacking in what I need but I can see through the slats there is light and night right now is lonely and lovely but what changes the two is a consonant and that what’s constant. Remember change is constant and love is a rocket.

    By Kiera. on 09.08.2011

  28. He stumbles in and out trying to drown his sorrows but nothing can possibly mask the depth of his pain.

    By Jake Steps URL on 09.08.2011

  29. its been long since i went to one..
    they say i should not go..
    they say i have been clean for 4 months…
    how do i tell them i miss the high
    how do i tell them being clean makes me feel dirty
    how do i tell them that it them who make me sick
    how to i tell them it is to get away from them that i need to drink…
    how do i tell them that being clean is infact the worst feeling that there is..
    how do i tell them i want to loose control cause well that is the only way to control my life

    By Srishti URL on 09.08.2011

  30. bars: alcohol. drunk people. annoying drunk people. tard because he is annoying… okay bars… monkey bars. monkeys i had in my room. now there in emmas room. wonder how emma is? how is school going for her? ugg i have to go to school tomoro

    By amabeb URL on 09.08.2011

  31. she looked through the window, unable to comprehend what had happened. She didn’t remember a thing, honest. It only goes to show how much her emotions ruled her, now that she was facing 25 to live behind bars. She sighed, tears pricking her eyes. Why did it always turn out this way? She couldn’t comprehend it.

    By Andi Nightshade on 09.08.2011

  32. bars: alcohol. drunk people. annoying drunk people. tard because he is annoying… okay bars… monkey bars. monkeys i had in my room. now there in emmas room. wonder how emma is? how is school going for her? ugg i have to go to school tomorow. i feel like the part in the movie marley and me when he lists all the stuff that he did in like 6 months in 6 seconds all monotone and such. wow none of my teachers talk in monotone! thats realy nice, i like all my teachers

    By amabeb URL on 09.08.2011

  33. Sand bars breaking the waves keeping the land safe. Bars where people go to look for things to do, keeping the world in check.

    By 00bullhead URL on 09.08.2011

  34. CODE BARS chocolate bars, just bars. i dont like bars, because i dont like drinks.

    By Valentin Eni URL on 09.08.2011

  35. My head won’t fit through. My feet stick like glue. An inescapable prison, that goes down so sweetly.

    By smattc URL on 09.08.2011

  36. bars.
    iron rods bolted into our brains.
    or the green walls surrounding a room full of hopelessness.
    they speak to our insecurities.
    or quietly whisper seductive terror into a mind otherwise lost.

    By bethany URL on 09.08.2011

  37. The bar was wet and cold on Joe’s forehead. He couldn’t believe that the place where Jenn and fell into his life, literally, would be the place he saw her for the last time. That night she slipped and landed in his lap ran so vividly through his mind simultaneously as he watched her clumsily step off the curb… one last time.

    By Destin URL on 09.08.2011

  38. I have been thrown out of many bars, but the best bar I have ever been thrown out of was the own that tested my legal knowledge. What to do? What to do? I guess I should have studied harder, or paid more money…!

    By Fender2010 URL on 09.08.2011

  39. I love chocolate bars. So sweet and sugary. The way it melts in your mouth is fantastic. Thick, chunky bites of pure chocolate. Delicious.

    By charlene URL on 09.08.2011

  40. There were ten bars. Ten bars that sat on his heart. He would just sit there and wonder about these bars. Each bar represented one thing that he absolutely hated himself for. Most of these bars would just sit there for the rest of his life, until he died. Some of them, he managed to get rid of. Some of them just destroyed him slowly.

    By josephwinlove URL on 09.08.2011