September 7th, 2011 | 274 Entries

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274 Entries for “existence”

  1. existenţa determină conţtiinţa. existenţa obiectivă a realităţii este primară existenţei subiective. A exista este un miracol.

    By Valentin Eni URL on 09.08.2011

  2. The existence of the object was all too subjective. Why couldn’t anyone else see it? Was this a hallucination or was it actually there. If anyone else could see it, you wouldn’t know from their behavior.

    By WDC URL on 09.08.2011

  3. It entices, ensnares, traps and then finishes you off. You as you know yourself. It yawns – with or without you, it laughs – with or without your voice, it ripples – with or without your dance. I exist? The ‘I’ gets in the way!

    By Harvinder URL on 09.08.2011

  4. To go on without you, I must. to continue my life without you in it. Why do I feel like you have a place in my existence, when you have never been able to be there? You pop back in, and out, only to torture me. I do not understand your purpose, and until the next time, I have to erase you from my existence.

    By Natalie on 09.08.2011

  5. Like a fucking nightmare, she thought as she gazed out the window at the rain in what she smirkingly referred to later (to herself) as a cliched manner. Too apathetic to live, too averse to pain to die. What a place to be in.

    By Les on 09.08.2011

  6. The boy fell to his knees trembling, lips quivering, hands drawn to a fist. The fragments of light reflecting from the shards of shattered glass scattered on the floor revealed to him the sight of his trivial disposition… it was apathy personified. It dawned to him then that the life he had, his mere existence… it was no better than a lifeless marionette’s.

    By Ihrie URL on 09.08.2011

  7. to breath and live and feel and see. to hear and think and love. to linger on whispers and stolen promises or fly through dreams and swim amongst secrets.

    By Deshani URL on 09.08.2011

  8. living not dead has not been exist

    By christian ward URL on 09.08.2011

  9. i like to exist witch is what this means or the dino’s don’t have an existence anymore


    By Colin URL on 09.08.2011

  10. when some one exists it wierd bad and for elmo it is life and lots of things

    By Bryce on 09.08.2011

  11. my giant robot is soon to be in existence.

    By just582 URL on 09.08.2011

  12. “This is a fine existence!” Darrell mused. He knew, though, that the last days of his vacation were ahead and that soon he would be back to the drudgery of his 9 to 5.

    By David Saleeba URL on 09.08.2011

  13. existence- someone who exist in this world…..haha!!:D

    By SuSii URL on 09.08.2011

  14. Existence is all there is, all there was, and all there ever will be. Nothing is more important than existence, for without it, importance is nothing. Existence is all we should cherish, all that we should concern ourselves with, and all that we need acknowledge as the most significant thing in human thinking. Existence is the beginning and end of everything.

    By Richard Brookes-Bland on 09.08.2011

  15. dinos once existed but now they dont any more i wish they still existed but so sad thier not in existence

    By Henny on 09.08.2011

  16. I’m here. So are my loved ones.
    So are the cruel ones.
    That’s how I know I exist.
    I feel.
    Love and meanness.
    I feel.

    By CameoRoze URL on 09.08.2011

  17. today i’m really hyper because i drank a energy drink in class.

    By adrian URL on 09.08.2011

  18. she felt him before he could acknowledge himself,”well, if isn’t the bane of my existence. “

    By The Fake Dann URL on 09.08.2011

  19. we are in existence and will be forever out life is in the hands of our creator and we will always love him the lord! Thank God!

    By Maddy on 09.08.2011

  20. we are in existence and will be forever out life is in the hands of our creator and we will always love our life and live it well for all the things we will go reflect off of our existence.

    By Maddy on 09.08.2011

  21. the existence of humanity. the existence of everything around us. the existence of love. the man made creation to explain how we feel. to force us into society and have standards and wrongs. each existence with its own reasons. it’s own path in the world.

    By Natalie on 09.08.2011

  22. In her mind, he is her world. It’s overly cliche for her to think this way, but she does. He saved her when she needed it most, and for that, she is forever connected to him. Whether they’re in love, friends, or just acquaintances, he will always hold a huge chunk of her heart in his hands. He is her life, her very existence.

    By Kari Shadrick URL on 09.08.2011

  23. God, do you exist? I exist, he exists. Our existences mess each other up in the best ways possible. I don’t think it’s an accident, and if it is it’s the best accident ever. God, do you exist? Is your answer to my question found in this strong, deep love that keeps coming and going as ever consistently as the tide. For I am the moon and he is the sea and our magnetic pull is undeniable. Are you that magnetism? Though we try to fight it, though we try to make sense of our situation and say that it will never work, why do we keep finding our way back into each others arms, into each others hearts. God, do you exist? Are you the pain I feel every time he goes away, every time we miss an opportunity to express our love because the magnetism that pulls us together that it is too strong and we try to push away. I am broken on the inside God, one day I am happy, the next I am like the raging fire that eats up the land. I am torn between what is right and what is also right which contradict one another… I am torn between yes and no which are both right. To love from a far and to seize the next moment and take what is mine. Both are right in their own way. Both have pro’s and con’s. God, why are you testing me? I am afraid to fail again and never be happy again. Both answers are wrong, both are right, either way I fail. Either way I lose. God, why are you so selfish. Do you like seeing me fail? Do you like seeing me lose? Do you like see me bend this way and that only to be snapped off at the heart and do you like seeing me die over and over again? We’ve been through this before countless times every time I die more and more. I am barely a shell. What is it that you trying to get me to see. I love him. I want him. I need him. We can’t force ourselves away from each other, we snap back together at an alarming rate and it is almost more painful that trying to push him away. I don’t know what you want, God. I don’t know what to do, God. I don’t know if you exist, God. All I know is that my existence is tormenting me in ways that it shouldn’t. Love shouldn’t be this hard. Love shouldn’t have to have pro’s and con’s. Love shouldn’t have to have yes’s and no’s. I shouldn’t have to lose people over it, I should only gain. God, do you exist? I thought you were the all powerful, all good, all loving. Why do I only feel this tearing, ripping grinding feeling? Why am I the fire and the water? Why is my soul so perforated, so segregated, so prone to tearing apart? Is this you God? Is it true, am I created in your image? Was Judas a man or was he the black part of your soul that you condemned to hell because you couldn’t take the tearing and ripping in your soul anymore? If that is the case, you made a fatal error in your greatest creation which was mankind. Since we can’t rip that part of our soul out that causing us great pain, which is tearing us apart from the inside out we rip ourselves apart with drugs and alcohol and bad love decisions. We try to mend that rift, but only make it bigger. We howl at the stars in agony. God, why have you made this mistake? Is our life a test to see how we fare with this painful chasm that we cannot mend. Why are there people like me who cannot manage their mood, who’s chasm is deeper, wider and more turbulent that others. Why cannot be free to love the man I love with out tearing the rest of my world apart. If I love him, my chasm doesn’t hurt so bad, the rest of my world falls apart and I lose everyone else, if I don’t love him my soul rampages and tears itself to shreds and I am left half dead and barely a shell of who I once was. God, why do you torment me so? Why do you do this every time? God, I am not sure if you exist but I feel that I cannot be the soul reason for all of this confusion and pain, if you exist and you are this pain. You are confused, love is supposed to be a good thing, your love should be a good thing.

    By Em on 09.08.2011

  24. to be to live to be noticed to be only one to happen to be of importance to be heard to be seen to be smelt,to be feelt.

    By vinae kataria on 09.08.2011

  25. Wait a minute–I exist? I really exist? You’re not… lying? You could be lying. Maybe you are. Existence is such a silly thing. You’re so funny. Stop being funny. You’re not being funny? I exist as much as you do? I’m not a figment of your widespread imagination? Excuse me while I go die from too much laughter.

    By Antonio URL on 09.08.2011

  26. Existence. what to say about it. we all exist, some with more purpose than others. some people also take it for granted more than others do. i think i am one of those people. i never realy think about the fact that some people dont get all the chances that i do. and that although my life might not be perfect, i exist in a good life and a good place, alot of people dont.

    By amabeb URL on 09.08.2011

  27. Ian looked out over the edge of the building at the stomach churning, ball tightening drop to the asphalt; his entire existence hinging on one insane idea that was bubbling up through his mind like pop. He looked at the next building over, judging the distance between them. The top floor was about two stories below him.

    Behind him, he heard the groaning of the fire escape ladder as Steve pulled himself up and over the edge. “I’ve got you now, you little bastard!” He shouted, his voice hoarse with madness.

    Ian felt goosebumps wash over his skin as the first raindrops began to fall. He took a breath and backed up a few steps. It was about time he learned how to fly.

    By SpSquirrel URL on 09.08.2011

  28. Existence

    Descartes walked into a bar and the bartender asked “Would you like a drink?” Descartes said “I think not.” and he disappeared.

    Joke #2 (Courtesy of Cheers)

    Q: How many surrealists does it take to screw in a light bulb?

    A: A fish.

    Thank you folks! I’m here all night!

    By Noisy Quiet URL on 09.08.2011

  29. i know that i exist because of the love i feel around me . i think that existance is meaningful when you are kind to other people, when you care for them as well as yourself and when you don’t worry about whether you exist or not but whether your life is meaning ful for other s and whether you are making an impact, even a small diffence in people’s lives . Everything you do for yourself you can see if it can help other people, you are happy for other peopke and you r ego doesnt get in the way. true existence isnt about where we are on earth or why we are, truely.. .we are here and we all know in the deepest part of our selbves that we are here for others. to make a difference, even if its just to smile at somone who we wountdnt have normally. i know that ive found out afterwards that someone i smiled at had a better day because of it. or even just shareing empathy and sympathy, for shared emotions are allways easier to bear and warmers to be with. I think that thinking about life after death takes us out of our emotions and the present moment. the present is a gift to us. we should nt look a gift horse in the mouth he he we shoudl treat the present as something delicate and lovely and vibrant and alive at the same time. its there for us, we shoudd be there for it; how can we even know what life after death means. None of it is relevant, honestly. life is life where you live in . in the moment. existence is to shine your own special light of compassionand love into the world in the present moment always.

    By Alexa on 09.08.2011

  30. I believe that existence is earned. Like, you needed to do something really good to keep going on doing it. You die, and maybe, if God deemed you worthy enough, deciding you were doing good things with it, he’d give you another go. And if you screwed up, he stuck you in the ground.

    By Megan on 09.08.2011

  31. Existence is brilliant and wonderful and everything, I don’t think I’m going to like not existing. Existence has been pretty good to me.

    By RCS URL on 09.08.2011

  32. my existence causes a resistance to all source of politicians. i defy authority because its within me to do so. brought up and raised not to believe a word they say i go through life building my own self image and belief on authority. i exist for a reason is what am shown day to day.

    By anthony URL on 09.08.2011

  33. Existence. E-X-I-S-T-E-N-C-E. What is my existence of being here? Where am I going to be in the next four or plus years? I have so many things awaiting me…but what am I waiting for? Taking this short personality assessment test should just be the start.

    By Nika URL on 09.08.2011

  34. “My existence is relative.” she said slowly. “As long as there is a universe then I will live. I live through everything. Although I don’t get to see everything like the Doctor does.” she looked over at him and smiled lightly. “But I’ve seen many things. And I am much older than our silly Doctor here.” she nudged him playfully.
    “Wait.” said Donna backing up, “Doctor how old are you?”
    His eyes got a bit wide, “Ahh 945.”
    “Right. Course you are.” She turned to Pandora, “Then….how old are you?”
    “Well you see….I’m…”she stalled a bit.
    “How. Old. Are. You?” Donna asked seriously.
    The Doctor opened his mouth to speak and Pan shushed him smiling. “It’s okay.” She turned to Donna, “Well if you’re correct about the year, then I’m approximately….ten billion years old.” she stared up at Donna with quiet eyes.
    And Donna stared back. “Are you joking? Are you trying to mess around with me? That’s it yeah? Mess with the new girl. Well I’m not having it! How old are you really? Tell me!” Donna started breathing heavily.
    The Doctor touched Donna lightly on the shoulder, “She’s being serious. As soon as there were intelligent beings she was alive. She is always alive, always here to fix what goes wrong and help those who need it. Pandora will be here forever.”
    Pandora was silent through the exchange while watching the Doctor. When he finished she stood and walked to Donna.
    “I am old. So very old. Old beyond most beliefs. But this is what I am. I am a time lord, I am a human. I am a being created by the unknown power that governs everything. I know things before they happen in my timeline. And I know when changes have been made to the current line. My life is long, the visions are painful, and I become lonely as everyone else I know dies out. But I remember everything. Everything that I have ever experienced is stored in my mind. I cannot forget. Ever. I’ve learned that now. Because I wanted to forget. So badly I wanted to just forget that what I considered my home was gone forever, that the person I loved was dead…..” she took a deep breath then smiled up at Donna, “I was weak. I had been holding in the pain for too long and had to let it out. My mind couldn’t deal with it and so created a brand new world for me to be happy and normal in. I became lost in my own mind, unable to escape. I didn’t even know that I was there.” Pandora looked at Pandora sharply. “I am the one true Oracle. I know the truth of the past and foretell of the future. I am forever. And I am Pandora.”

    By Elizabeth Tempest URL on 09.08.2011