November 11th, 2013 | 92 Entries

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92 Entries for “barricade”

  1. the infintity of the wall lines up
    surrounding me, keeping me from you
    yelling until raspy squeals escape
    i need you
    i miss you
    remove these walls
    please let me to you
    your barricade is much too high
    for my small legs to hike and climb

    By velma dinkley on 11.11.2013

  2. They lined up to form a barricade, as if their mere presence would prevent his approach. It was, of course, futile. One sweep of his hand brushed them all off the table, and they scurried, defeated, back to their anthill.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 11.11.2013

  3. against the storm.
    a hurricane howls at our door
    and seeks reprieve from the cruel world.
    the inn sign flaps wildly in the wind,
    mimicking seabirds with broken wings outside.

    our hospitality fails us
    and we turn away.
    the sound of shattering glass greets us in the morning.

    By Kairn URL on 11.11.2013

  4. I barricade you in
    Because I know I can’t win
    If I simply stay put
    I’ll be able to keep my foot
    You try to knock me down
    But I can’t stand to frown
    I smile at your futile attempt
    and laugh with contempt

    By untamedimagination URL on 11.11.2013

  5. Why are you barricading yourself to others? Other people who are not other people at all? They are your friends, family, people who loves you the most? Why are you afraid to show youself? The real you inside, not the one that you want others to see.
    That is not the real you and you know that. Why keep on hiding to your own self? When there are people who wants to be with you, love you for you. Why not be yourself, a fake face you have to show everybody? Barricade your own self? Why?

    By roze_princess URL on 11.11.2013

  6. This barricade
    I don’t know why
    It has to exist
    Within my life
    Ceasing my progress
    Encasing my fears
    Arising my doubts
    Frets, worries, and tears
    This barricade
    Is too high for me to escape
    Its insignificant in reality
    But very real, in my mind, to me.

    By SareyZ URL on 11.11.2013

  7. There is a barricade in my mind that always pauses me before I begin to create in any context. Here, especially, I am aware of it because I do not have time to pause with the teal bar crawling across the screen. I wish to destroy this inhibitor someday.

    By zoe URL on 11.11.2013

  8. I noticed it when I was leaving high school. I looked through faces I didn’t care about. They smiled, said they’d miss me, but I knew they were afraid of letting go.
    I don’t miss them. I knew I wouldn’t.

    By Beth A URL on 11.11.2013

  9. I put my walls up, and they’re all gone now.
    Like sand, they caved, and you’re here with me.
    The feeling lasts like a sting —
    I glisten again and again when I think of it;
    but I pull myself away like the sea from shore.
    A match made — not in Heaven,
    but in beautiful Earth,
    hand built by the ever-shimmering sea.

    By Marissa URL on 11.11.2013

  10. The barricade put up in front of the memorial did wonders for the temper of the politician, who ranted and raved and foamed at the mouth as the reporters surrounded him. He whined and whined about the nerve of the government to shut down such a marvelous part of American history, just as an old veteran in a wheelchair squeaked by him and stared thoughtfully into the red-faced representative’s eyes.

    “You’re the one who forced us to fence this off,” the former soldier murmured, “remember?”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 11.11.2013

  11. In by these feel so deep
    So quickly.a new world has formed
    Makes me complete
    I won’t return
    I will plead beg
    That previous life was Hell
    One simple wish
    To spend eternity in you’re bliss

    By Tinasluv on 11.11.2013

  12. im taking mine down. im letting you in. ive spent so long building it. ive put in so much effort. and im done. i know longer want to put my energy into keeping people out. especially people like you. i built a barricade to keep my monsters from destroying other people. but i am lonely now.

    By lucy on 11.11.2013

  13. She uses her tongue and teeth to barricade the words inside of her mouth, jaw firmly clamped in adamant defiance. One loose word and they’re all as good as dead.

    By WearyWater URL on 11.11.2013

  14. the thieves were running in opposite side where there were barricade digged on road, unfortunately they got caught.

    By amol on 11.11.2013

  15. the barricade at the entrance hindered him from entering in the auditorium,

    By amol on 11.11.2013

  16. In these feelings
    so deep
    So quickly.a new world has formed
    Makes me complete
    I won’t return
    I will plead beg
    That previous life was Hell
    One simple wish
    To spend eternity in you’re bliss

    By Tinasluv on 11.11.2013

  17. the only barricade he has is a self-deprecating smile. when that is knocked down he is open & vulnerable – that’s when you see his true face.

    By terri URL on 11.12.2013

  18. When I think of barricades, I’m put into the mind of a construction worker. Barricades are erected to keep people away from construction sites.

    And yet, we all have erected our own personal barricades to keep others from prying into our business.

    By michaelbuzz URL on 11.12.2013

  19. “Barricade the door,” she said, barely even looking at the three of us as she moved to the window, throwing the panes wide so she could view the street below.
    “With WHAT?!” I snarled, anger mounting.
    “Anything and everything we’ve got,”
    I groaned even as Jared, Tessa, and I started pulling and pushing and piling what little there was in the spartan room against the door. Luckily, there was only the one window and, since it looked out over a nice ten foot drop, we didn’t have to worry about blocking it too.

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 11.12.2013

  20. He shoves him against the wall. Gunfires echoes the air.

    “What do you think you’re doing? You’re never going to get anywhere doing that?”

    He pants back, staring, mad, desperate. “Well, what options do you have?! We’ll never get out of here otherwise!”

    “I don’t–” Fists squeeze fabric. He shakes his head.

    By a person on 11.12.2013

  21. hmjhj

    By odesk URL on 11.12.2013

  22. They heard a window break. Was it their house? They heard footsteps on the stairs. We must try to barricade the door

    By Alexandra URL on 11.12.2013

  23. “Hold the fort!” An Elijah with dirty knees shouts from behind couch cushion, which is now a grand wall suitable for hiding his visage when he ducks back behind the safety of it. “Keep the wall steady, keep steady, AH- MOVEMENT IN THE HORIZON. RAISE THE DECLARATION FLAG!”

    “Okay!” Petunia is still messy from breakfast when she snatches a dish towel and flings it across the barricade. She notes that it flew just slightly farther than their last two flags.

    “Wha, Petunia! Why do you keep throwing them?” Elijah turns to enlist in the aid of his second in command. “Meredith! Cross the trench into enemy line and retrieve our flags!”

    “No…” Meredith mumbles, wiser than anything, but mostly feeling incredibly cheated that Elijah had decided to bet over what they’d play next over a game of rock-paper-scissors. Petunia is peeking between two cushions and giggling to herself. Meredith wraps his arms around her and pulls her back before she could topple the few books that were stacked just above her.

    Elijah frowns. “Now isn’t the time to back out now, Lieutenant! We need to be prepared when our first barrage of fire comes! I should have known- should have suspected from the very beginning! Long have I questioned the methods of our Colonel and her suspicious behavior. Never, never did I think she’d actually betray-”


    The fort does not last.

    By kristen URL on 11.12.2013

  24. After the accident at the cross road in my district, the police erected a barricade to prevent any further incidents that were likely to occur.

    By victor URL on 11.12.2013

  25. im stuck again
    not again dammit all
    hey you
    yea you
    help me i am stuck
    i want to leave
    what do u mean u cant help me
    im hurt
    and sad
    and lonely

    By gia URL on 11.12.2013

  26. i approached the barricade. it towered over me. i summoned what courage i could and gave the signal. ADVANCE!

    By John on 11.12.2013

  27. Put the barricades up now, goddamit!

    Giles started piling up whatever he could. Anything to keep the thing out there, well, out there! Bookshelves, chairs, tables – all of it went shoved up against the door. The windows were already boarded up, ready for the attack, but the door had been the last thing to do

    By tkroache URL on 11.12.2013

  28. The pikemen thrust their weapons butt first in the muddy ground and tilted the points toward the enemy lines. Silence followed. Everyone seemed to be holding their breath.

    By mrsmig URL on 11.12.2013

  29. Beyond the barricade is there a world you long to see? Then join in the fight that will give you the right to be free! Do you hear the people sing? Singing the songs of angry men, it is the music of the people who will not be slaves again when the beating of your heart echoes the beating of the drums there is a life about to start when tomorrow comes.

    By Maggie on 11.12.2013

  30. Blocking the sun the canopy covers and protects its patron saint guarding the pure from the fiery evil. Though its materials are flaky and thin, the stinging burn shall never pass through.

    By Jimbob Jones on 11.12.2013

  31. Something makeshift, a child pushing a chair against the door. Temporary. Surmountable, if you really want to. For show more than anything. But a message: I do not want you here. Perhaps more personal than barriers.

    By Elisa URL on 11.12.2013

  32. They were screaming. I tried not to listen, I’ve buried my hands in my ears but in vain. They were screaming in my head and I’ll hear them always. For the rest of my life.

    By GoGz on 11.12.2013

  33. don’t let them in. your. our lives depend on it. here, pull that desk over here, and those chairs, c’mon, move it, move, move. I’m going round to the the front to check on the…

    By Lee URL on 11.12.2013

  34. The thing I love about punk rock shows is that there is no physical barricade, and even as much as it can be a pain when someone stage dives on to you while you’re in the crowd, the connection you feel to the musicians and the other people is electrifying. The barricade, literally and metaphorically, no longer exists for a few minutes.

    By Michael Garrity URL on 11.12.2013

  35. The riot police linked arms to brace themselves from the brutal bashing of the protestors frothing at the mouth. Their shields, which they were taught were indestructible, cracked at their homemade explosives, and they screamed out in agony as open wounds had gravel, bodily fluids, whatever the protestors could find thrown into them and beaten once more. Their barricade was about to fall, though, as orders had come in from their sergeant that the shipment the frothing protestors were so desperately fighting for had come in. They were told to hold off until the sign went up, but the people had finally broken them, and they were trampled as they stormed the shiny glass storefront with clear, neat signs advertising the latest iPhone. They had finally gotten what they came for.

    By Samantha URL on 11.12.2013

  36. A barricade blocked the border. Beyond it, he saw the rolling hills and lush fields of the country beyond. They were identical to the rolling hills and lush fields he now left behind—and yet each was not the same as the other.

    All it takes to make two different worlds, he thought, is an imaginary line.

    By Anthony StClair URL on 11.12.2013

  37. I tore the barricade down, threw all the pieces around, and then stomped on them all, just for good measure.

    Word of advice: don’t ever barricade your heart.

    By Kayla Pongrac URL on 11.12.2013

  38. barricade
    they forgot to change the word
    that’s some barricade, but i can get over it!
    the new word is pen… the first thing i saw ;)
    That i write with
    So many words inside of it
    Ready to be created in stories, math terms, magnificent papers, incredible drawings, ideas, inventions, and so many other things
    Pens are magical things, for if we didn’t have them
    Most people would use pencils
    Or markers
    But who draws in pen (you may ask yourself)?
    Because I am a human barricade (or in other terms rebel) because I don’t always do normal things, and I block out normality at times, just like a barricade would block out trespassers or wimps who just want to get by easily in life
    Make your pen the tool you use for outstanding creations
    Use your pen as the barricade for escaping reality…
    And the pen will be your barricade

    By Brittany (you can call me britt if you want or don't i do not care whatsoever) on 11.12.2013

  39. the barricades were blocking the french troops march to the capital. The rebellion was starting to become fearless if they think they can take us here.

    By Chip Adkins on 11.12.2013

  40. The barricade was not a tangible thing. It could not be seen, nor heard, nor even felt. The barricade was within her, halting her heart.

    By Devon on 11.12.2013