February 24th, 2011 | 482 Entries

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482 Entries for “barber”

  1. the love that we shared was for another time, because as his hair fell to the red and white checked floor I knew that he would never love again.

    By Stephanie Joss URL on 02.25.2011

  2. wow barber..this one’s a toughy but i was told not to think & just thats what i am going to go.. hMmmmMMmmmm….im thinking again…shoot. okay well a every BARBER shop has that pole thats red white & blue & it spins…..hows that? welllll

    By dione on 02.25.2011

  3. I used to go on Saturday morning errands with my father as a kid. I may have been a girl, but we had a special bond, and that was our “time” together. First stop was always the barber shop. I’d sit sucking on a lollipop while his hair was trimmed, watching the hairs form piles around the back of his chair.

    By Clarasaurus URL on 02.25.2011

  4. Why am I writing? I went to a barber. I go to a barber often. I remember the poles, twirling, with red and white swirls. Barbers like to talk to people. I like to talk to people. They use scissors. They have those nice brushes that wipe your face and leave suds there. They can talk to you. I said that already. They can cut your nose hair. I went to a barber once in Nicaquaraga

    By Alex on 02.25.2011

  5. Others putting their trust in you,
    Never knowing for sure if you are going to mess up or not,
    it’s a tenuous thing, to be a barber.
    What if you mess up?
    People never forget the barber that messes up their hair
    Concentrating on giving someone a new look,
    In the “zone”
    Watching the hair fall to the floor,
    Only to later be swept away and never seen again.

    By Alexis URL on 02.25.2011

  6. someone who cuts hair. has a lot of character. with a barber shop and that thingy out front. listens a lot. I’ve never been to a barber. I guess they are cool. Don’t actually have a ton to say about a barber. kind of a cool word tho. bar ber. they should work in bars!

    By Susan on 02.25.2011

  7. Laurie and I went to the barber, of course Laurie is a woman, but she has beard, she works at a circus. I met her during her presentation while she was at my city. It was instant love.

    By Carlos on 02.25.2011

  8. Clippity clip clop drop shuffle. As my hair falls to the floor in dying blonde waves I frown and crystalline tears form at the corners of my eyes. Its better this way.

    By Anonymous URL on 02.25.2011

  9. Cut your throa- I mean hair, like a barber. With your big razo – scissors, of course, scissors. All shiny and silver. Yeah, just like a barber. Locks of love, I mean lots. Lots.

    By Hyperbole URL on 02.25.2011

  10. Its where you go to get a hair cut if your a guy. You go to a “Barber” shop usually.

    By Jewelz on 02.25.2011

  11. a person who cuts peoples hair

    By littleman on 02.25.2011

  12. you go to them to get your hair cut. When i go to get my hair cut my barber knows me pretty well. I like my barber because she is cool and pretty nice. My barber is good at cutting hair, she does mine perfect every time.

    By mileham12mileham34 URL on 02.25.2011

  13. A barber is a person that cuts hair of other people. They do people hair in many ways.

    By soccer10 URL on 02.25.2011

  14. A barber is were u can get ur hair cut. The other day on the news Justin Beiber cut his hair. lol he looks funny

    By Brittany Riggins on 02.25.2011

  15. If you need a hair cut then you need to go to the barber. Sometimes barber cut peoples hair good but sometimes they do a horrible job. I have my mom cut my hair instead of a barber.

    By emmaliegh URL on 02.25.2011

  16. a person who cuts your hair and its kinda creepy to cut some random persons hair.

    By red neck URL on 02.25.2011

  17. i have a barber named barber joe. he cuts my hair every sunday. i only get my hair cut on sunday. then i go to get an icecream sundae after my sunday haircut. he is so cool. i mean i love him so much! someday he is going to marry me.!!!!!! i love him! even though im 12 soon to be 13 and hes like 80. Akwurd! hey! did i win?

    By valerie pickett URL on 02.25.2011

  18. barber is a weird word but it is cool i guess just kiding it is just a nother word i do not now wat it is but it is cool i guess

    By emily URL on 02.25.2011

  19. shop quartet going up and down the silly snow banks of quilted burber, fixed on salad finging holster punks kickin the horses mouth

    By pixipix URL on 02.25.2011

  20. Someone you go to get your hair cut if your a guy. That will work out for you great.

    By shadowkisz URL on 02.25.2011

  21. A barber is a person who cuts hair and stuff like that!!!

    By stillmoon URL on 02.25.2011

  22. A barber is a person who cuts hair. He colors your hair. Puts foil in your hair. And other stuff. He cleans’s your hair.

    By Caitlin Cordova on 02.25.2011

  23. I’ve never been to the barber before. It seems weird to pay someone just to cut your hair. It seems like a waste of money.

    By Jarom URL on 02.25.2011

  24. Red, blue, and white ribboned together, spiraling endless to some unheard metronome. The tinkle of a bell alerts to the opening of the door, the entrance of a new possibility.

    By Ashlee URL on 02.25.2011

  25. When I think of barbers, I think of the straight-razor shaves that you can only get at a barber shop. They have to be specially certified because, I mean, they are slicing hair off of your face with a razor sharp straight blade. Can’t find too many barbers out there that actually do that nowadays. I bought a friend of mine a gift certificate to get a professional shave at the barber shop, and they whipped out one of those pink ladies bic razors. What a let-down that was.

    By Pandy Fackler URL on 02.25.2011

  26. He has been a barber for the last 50 years but still loved every minute. He only cut the hair of his long time customers, and spent 5 minutes out of every one chatting and laughing with them.
    His customers either loved him or hated him.

    By M Daly URL on 02.25.2011

  27. What I never go to. Pin stripes, Blue water, Old men smoking cigars. Where most mafia men meet their end. Why would you ever trust a guy with a razor against your neck?

    By Bill URL on 02.25.2011

  28. I gazed through the window of the barber shop and I saw you sitting there, getting your hair cut. You couldn’t see me through the sun’s glare on the windowpane, and It was as if we were two parts of a whole, separated by a force that we couldn’t really perceive. I was close enough to touch you, and you didn’t know I was there.

    By besia Friedel URL on 02.25.2011

  29. haircuts are like modifications to the person. It’s a miniutre version of a name change. People resond to you based on how you present yourself. When your hair looks good you feel good.

    By morgan on 02.25.2011

  30. When there wasn’t a barber there was a warehouse. One in which old remnants of teenage angst and hook-ups could be found on every wall and corner.

    By M on 02.25.2011

  31. I went to the barber the other day and got a haircut, the barber told me great stories about the shop, it was my first time at the shop and so I got to meet all of the interesting people that work and attend it. There were both kids and young adults. After going to the barber I went home.

    By Natalia on 02.25.2011

  32. A barber.

    A seemingly simple man.

    His scissors sit on his broken stand.

    and he watchs the world go by…

    without him.

    By Angelina on 02.25.2011

  33. Well when I first saw this word I thought of Babar…like the elephant show for kids. My sisters and I always used to watch it. It was the best. I can still hear the theme song in my head.

    By maagbaars URL on 02.25.2011

  34. when i was younger i was scared of the barber. i was scared to cut a piece of my body off. it never hurt i just felt like i was doing something wrong. that and i was afraid he was gonna cut my ear off or some shit

    By abel on 02.25.2011

  35. Going to the barber.

    What a simple experience.

    Watching the sun stream through the window

    hitting the barber`s scissors, creating patterns on the wall.

    Its over soon

    and you go out, greeted by the vast blue sky.


    What a good day.

    By Angelina URL on 02.25.2011

  36. A wealthy barber, a book who’s author I’ve met and talked with at great length.
    My barber calls herself a stylist — sort of like a janitor calling himself a maintenance engineer.

    By Bill on 02.25.2011

  37. been a long time since, I have seen one of these fellows. Having no hair (intentionally) really benefits my wallet. I enjoy the cool breeze on my dome, and especially the feeling a fresh shave on my scalp. Except when it’s too hot out.

    By mikey URL on 02.25.2011

  38. snip snip
    hair falls
    what will it look like
    will they hate me?
    a diffrent look should help
    or so they said
    he’s done

    By shelby on 02.25.2011

  39. His razor was dull, as were his eyes. He’d been shaving face for far too long. It was time to cut something deeper into his life than the surface of the skin. His reflection in the blade showed him now, now, NOW was his chance…

    By Amanda Moore on 02.25.2011

  40. i’ve never actually been to the barbershope, probably because i’m a woman. although, they kind of scare me, with those big ass blades that they just scrap off your face witht hat big oozy white mouse! i’d be afraid to get cut open. i don’t think my dad ever went either?

    By oph on 02.25.2011