May 2nd, 2011 | 518 Entries

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518 Entries for “bandana”

  1. In the summer time it is always nice to go riding in the corvette with the top down. Of course, it is advisable to always have in stow my favorite color (red) bandana. This is useful in keeping my long hair out of my face. It

    By Betty Torrens on 05.03.2011

  2. I love bandana in my head,Its just cool to have a bandana.I look like a rock star.It enchances my cool look.I feel special.Thank you.

    By Jibin on 05.03.2011

  3. I like bandanas because they remind me of Kung Fu films. And there is scientifically nothing more badass on this planet than any human that can perform Kung Fu. Remember Neo in the Matrix? He could wait to tell people he knew Kung Fu! He just wishes he had a bandana to make it official. Also, Bandanaman Dan.

    By Dean John Morris URL on 05.03.2011

  4. I used to love wearing bandanas when I was younger. I had them in every color of the rainbow. I tied them together with knots and draped them over my windows. Now that I’m older, I only wear black bandanas.

    By Stephanie Cronkright on 05.03.2011

  5. Her bandana is a symbol of pride for her, sitting on a top shelf. It has been bruised and torn and ripped and dilapidated, but it still reminds her of a time when she could wear that bandana with a smile on her youthful face. She could laugh at the world. Life was good when she wore that little bandana on her head.

    By Meghan URL on 05.03.2011

  6. bandana are funky.. they are avalible in different colors and styles.

    By hira gillani on 05.03.2011

  7. hide your face
    hide your bed hair
    is it more than that>
    are you hiding your thoughts
    your mind
    your feelings
    is it a cover up for a sensitive guy
    to look tough?

    By alysa bianca on 05.03.2011

  8. Rebel without a cause.
    For the life of me, I still can’t figure out why a “rebel” would choose to tie a piece of cloth around his head. Isn’t that restrictive? Isn’t that the opposite of being a rebel?
    I want to see a yellow polka dot bandana. Maybe I’ll write a song about it too.

    By therese URL on 05.03.2011

  9. The Arizona heat was brutal at this time of day. John could only tie his bandana around his forehead to keep the sweat from dripping into his eyes. The suspense was killing him. The walk was more than he could handle. If there was a way for him to blink his eyes and be there he would do it.
    All the while she waited patiently.

    By Sybil on 05.03.2011

  10. The only evidence that the dog had had an owner was that small red bandana around its neck, with a scrap of paper attached to it. “Please keep me. I have nowhere else to go.” I sighed. Another dog was a bit much, but I had a feeling it would work out fine, and I smiled at the bull terrier, opening my door.

    “Well then, welcome home.”

    By rina URL on 05.03.2011

  11. In the summer my little cousin likes to wear bandanas. She wears them so that way it keeps her hair out of her face. Her bandanas always match her outfit that she wears.

    By Kayla URL on 05.03.2011

  12. it means by wear you put on a head and this is all i know for bandana

    By chewbaca URL on 05.03.2011

  13. There once was a bandana it was purple and he wore everywhere he went He wore it in the shower, in the lake, in the barn. It became his signature piece of clothing. He came to be known eventually as the bandana kid. When he died, they barried him with it. It became apart of him forever.

    By Kara Dudley on 05.03.2011

  14. I do not know what bandana means. I do not even have a clue! It kind of looks like banana! Yeah that is what it looks like.

    By Breanna Craven URL on 05.03.2011

  15. I love bandana I have one that says b.a.c.a bikers against child abuse

    By werty URL on 05.03.2011

  16. I don’t like bananas they make me yack!…………… wait we’re talking about bananas right?oops thats bandana not banana:o

    By mushihimesamafutari URL on 05.03.2011

  17. Something you use in your head that is supposed to make you look nicer, but it actually makes you look like a crazy dude coming straight from the last decade. I am thinking axl rose, you know.

    By julia on 05.03.2011

  18. I have two or three bandana’s. They are purple, blue and white. I love bandana’s because they are like headbands for girls. But boys can also wear them. The thing that stinks is that I can not wear them to school.

    By Breanna Craven URL on 05.03.2011

  19. My whole family went to a rodeo and all of the clowns were wearing different colored bandanas to keep the dirt out of their face.On halloween my sister was a cowboy and she had to wear a bandana with the costume.

    By Rochelle Scott URL on 05.03.2011

  20. I wore a camo bandana back in the days i was fightin in Vietnam. Nam was some crazy crap happenin.

    By Wltbank URL on 05.03.2011

  21. bikers use bandanas a lot.

    By kamikaze URL on 05.03.2011

  22. There is a bandana there. On the floor. It lays in a crumbled mass, forgotten, abandoned and alone. I fell bad for it. The corners ripped and torn, fraying edges lifting up in the breeze, as if it is beckoning to me to rescue it. The color is faded, from a deep red to something slightly gray, dying, sickly. I lift it up shake it off and shove it in my pocket. I couldn’t bear to watch it waste away.

    By Lili on 05.03.2011

  23. She wasn’t wearing more than a little piece of cloth, red with white swirls all over, and it didn’t cover much, but she didn’t seem like she was really trying to cover much anyways. Not because she was improper or anything, but just because there was something more important to her in life right then.

    By countryFrog URL on 05.03.2011

  24. A bandana is like a smallish piece of cloth that you either put around your neck,over your mouth or some people wear it on their head

    By summer firm URL on 05.03.2011

  25. I’m sitting on my bed, wishing I could scream, cry, do anything to let the trapped feeling bubbling inside my stomach escape. My bandana collection– one that I had been growing for 10 years, stares resolutely back at me, as if to say, “you will never be anything different. Ever.”

    By Annie URL on 05.03.2011

  26. bandana, muchos recuerdos, nochevieja, sobretodo. Así se llama un pub de Úbeda donde soliamos ir.

    By one love on 05.03.2011

  27. As a child, I loved wearing bandanas. I thought that I was very gangster and that I looked cool. This was also the phase in my life when I looked and dressed like a boy, so this increased my masculine look. It wasn’t until later in my life where I realize how stupid I looked with a big black bandana on my head accompanied with a typical 5 year old outfit.

    By Kelly URL on 05.03.2011

  28. You put hair in it. Which is attached to your head. It’s kinda like a banana, only it isn’t. Carlos Bandana is a poor substitute for the famous guitarist. I’ll skip the rest of my seconds.

    By Quinn on 05.03.2011

  29. When I think of bandanas, I think of cowboys and those kids who wear bandanas in their back pockets or around their necks as accessories. I think it’s unique to wear a bandana around your neck because not a lot of people do, nowadays. The most common everyday use for a bandana is over your head. I don’t like having a bandana on my head, but I’ll wear it around my neck any day. When I think of wearing bandanas, I imagine them being flashes of color on people who wear black T shirts and jeans. I think of red, bright green.

    By Jamie URL on 05.03.2011

  30. bandana’s remind me of the west. cowboys and indians. bank robbers and the good guys searching for them and fighting for good. i picture them red and black around a mans mouth and nose.

    By Andrea on 05.03.2011

  31. there was once a man, this man wore a bandana. A kind of bandana you could see on a tiger, something out of the heart of Africa; something from the deepest heat and the brightest grass. He would talk and he would walk like he knows everything.

    By Samuel Bernier-Cormier URL on 05.03.2011

  32. They wrap around your head, but no-one seems to do it anymore. I used to think I should get one… thank god I didn’t. Maybe it’s cause I was young and foolish. And then, I think about the next twenty years of my life. I’ll probably say the same thing about my thoughts now.

    Anyway, back on topic: bandanas look great on some people… just not everyone.

    By Noudthe3rd on 05.03.2011

  33. The tropics were sunny year-round. The Arctic was icy year-round. And humanity existed in a frozen state of stasis. Perhaps that is redundant to say. Frozen state of stasis. But it does not negate my point. We were recently jarred into caring about politics, with an historic election, however, this will not last.

    By AmPetryschuk URL on 05.03.2011

  34. She was known for the red bandana she wore around her neck. She was a beautiful girl, so young to be such an outlaw. Gorgeous green eyes and shining blonde hair. No one ever forgot her face when she robbed them. She was so curteus too. If it wasn’t for the gun in her hand, you wouldn’t think she was capable of robbery. Or any crime for that matter.

    It was just another normal day for the outlaw known as Emi, they called her that becuase they all described her green eyes like emeralds. A little cutesy for an outlaw name in her opinion but, she didn’t mind so much. Besides, her good looks have certainly done her no harm in the business of crime. She had a plan, a good solid plan. She was working her way to the top with a pearly smile on her face. She was going to make it. Only a few more months of this rough and rugged lifestyle, then she was going to be living large for the rest of her days.

    By Laura on 05.03.2011

  35. bikers. cancer patients. “it’s like you don’t even have cancer!” family guy. banana. american flag. green. pirate. pirate party when i was younger, for my friend lydia. treasure hunt. X marks the spot.

    By Emily Cashour URL on 05.03.2011

  36. it was a red bandana i akways wre that one everywhere, my granny gave it me on my 7th bday and i kept it until i gave it my little gril on her seventh bday. that was 41 years ago. im glad to say the bandana is still in the family weither it be on the little girl or wrap aroun dmy grandsons favorite toy

    By brittany on 05.03.2011

  37. she sat in the passenger seat of the car with her red bandanna, singing every song that came on the radio if she knew the lyrics or not, the breeze caressing her face and I thought to myself how I had never seen anything so enviable as a carefree wild spirit before.

    By Kiersten on 05.03.2011

  38. i like to wear bandanas, they are funky and remind me of western movies, and remind me of that guy that went viral…you dumb, you so dumb…he wore a red bandana in the interview…i like to wear them when i’m doing housework, like gardening or painting

    By Karina on 05.03.2011

  39. There was a bandana on his head, stopping sweat from dropping in his eyes. He couldn’t afford sweat in his eyes. Not when this lock was far more complicated than he had expected. Three picks already impaled it. He needed to open the door, so that he could get to that brooch the Lady kept in her jewel box, worth a weeks feeding.

    By Kendra URL on 05.03.2011

  40. My mother always told me to wear a bandana around my neck to keep away chills – and keeping away chills was the answer to most things. If you kept away the chills then the rest would be a piece of cake. So she implied. I DO have several bandanas and I DO wear them.

    By pleides URL on 05.03.2011