July 12th, 2012 | 308 Entries

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308 Entries for “bandages”

  1. From the day in the park to the afternoon sitting at home in the rain, I wore the bandage. My momma put it on my knee when I fell, and I wore it as a trophy. A signal of my trials on the playground.

    By Natasha on 07.12.2012

  2. He went to take bandages out of the first aid kit. Instead of it he saw ‘Zombie Apocalypse Survival Box’. It wasn’t so shocking as one would think it will be. “Michael, I’m using your Survival kit” he shouted to his friend whom was waiting with the finger cut almost in half. “Just make it fast you bastard ! I’m bleedin out !” shouted back Mike.

    By Omnix URL on 07.12.2012

  3. Bandages protect me when I get a scrap or a cut,
    But what can protect me from a broken heart that cannot be shut? 
    Try as I might, I cannot fix this ache in my chest, 
    I wish I could find some way to put the pain to rest.
    Tossing and turning, I dream of you,
    How oh how could this possibly be true?
    The hurt inside is all too real,
    Please somebody tell me how not to feel.

    By Sarah URL on 07.12.2012

  4. She had bandages covering the holes in her soul. The holes that were made from the piercing words of her father. How she ached. She was miserable. But those bandages kept her sane, safe, whole.

    By Katie on 07.12.2012

  5. i put bandages on my eyes when i spill salt in them while salting my french fries, it help the soul. thanks for your time, i will see you on the flippity flip woo bop a pop with the strudel and the puddin pops flip flam hamburger…

    By jackauen URL on 07.12.2012

  6. bandages wind up my legs
    like the ribbons of pointe shoes
    I fantasize of being those women
    control of my legs
    my body
    for fate has doomed me
    to hospital beds

    By Kathy URL on 07.12.2012

  7. So once I was at the store, it was a cool store with prices very low. I came across a pack of bandages and I bought them for a good price. When I return home it turns out that I actually bought a pair of shoes and so for the rest of the day I used shoes as bandages.

    By jackauen URL on 07.12.2012

  8. I don’t know how many bandages I’ve wrapped around my shoulders– I dislodge them often, from jumping at shadows, cringing at banshees, trying to catch myself when I fall since no one else will do the catching for me. They don’t bleed, but I like to think the wrapping holds me together.

    By Annie P URL on 07.12.2012

  9. the band-aid commercial because im stuck on band-aid brand because band-aid’s stuck and me :) I need bandages a lot because I’m such a klutz

    By Sarah on 07.12.2012

  10. I never had a need for those things as a kid. For each and every cut or gash I got, I never wanted a bandages because I was proud of “war wounds”; still have the scars today.

    By J URL on 07.12.2012

  11. I wrapped a bandage around my knee, hopping to stem the flow of blood that was pouring out. Ace had convinced me to try a triple flip on my bike, and I should never had listened to him. At least my bike’s still in good shape, I don’t have to worry about buying a new one anytime soon.. The ER fees are bad enough.

    By Kael on 07.12.2012

  12. they wrap around me

    straining to hold me together

    but bandages can never undo what you’ve done

    and i will forever be in pieces.

    By swansandsparrows URL on 07.12.2012

  13. She burst through the doors to supply cupboard and reached for the bandages. She could barely breathe. Dr. Fleming may not make it and after the disaster in the OR she did not want to be the one responsible.

    By sharon london on 07.12.2012

  14. I woke up slowly, in a daze. I felt weak and sore, but oddly light, as if I were floating. Time seemed to be standing still. I could hear voices around me, indistinct and fuzzy. My whole body seemed to be engulfed in gauze and bandages. I could hardly move my head…

    By Keeper on 07.12.2012

  15. white
    stark white against the skin
    of a growing population
    held together with their sin

    the brightest crimson hue
    resting oh so pleasantly
    beneath the brows’ of me and you

    By slantedstories URL on 07.12.2012

  16. The man curled his knees to his chest and looked at the yellow bandage with the one small smiling face. His blue eyes blinked as his sandy blond hair fell into his face. He feel onto his knee one day while playing hide and seek with his little sister.

    By Rich URL on 07.12.2012

  17. I like bandages with pretty colors and cool designs on them. It’s like a piece of your personality on your skin. And it hides the mistakes. So it’s like saying: “Hey, you fucked up. But that’s okay because I’m here to help you and I’ll make you smile. It still hurts, but you don’t have to think about it.”

    By Darren URL on 07.12.2012

  18. There was once a time when men wandered through the streets with their wives, musing through the various grocery stands as the children played at the park nearby. But now there is no musing. No child laughs at the park. The merry-go-round remains un-spun. The houses lie low and dormant, the children inside keeping quiet and still as they wait for their mothers to return home.
    The mothers are gone for much of the day, working in the harsh factories, taking the place of the men. Some are at the hospital as nurses, aiding the men who are off at war. They sew and stitch and clean wounds and cut bandages. Always someone is needing bandages.

    By MoeMasterMighty URL on 07.12.2012

  19. There are no bandages for ruthless language. No easy way to tear off stickers plastered to your forehead. And the funny thing is, the people trying to wash the ink right off their arms are re-applying the sticky stuff to the biceps, elbows, and shoulders of those they want to label in their own way.

    People are not meant to be compartmentalized unless they decide to pack themselves that way. On that same note, they cannot compartmentalize anyone else.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 07.12.2012

  20. There were several carefully wrapped bandages around his face, chest, and arms. They were accompanied by casts on his legs and arms, and the monitor next to him let out short beeps every so often. Dark purple bruises were visible through the thinner bandages around his eyes.

    By Alex URL on 07.12.2012

  21. Bandages cover but fail to actually heal. They hide the wound and only cause me to wonder, “Whats going on under there?”. Am I healing, or am I hiding reminders of the pain? As children, our pain is simple; we love the fun patterned bandages. They’re a simple solution to our relatively simple plights.

    By Christina URL on 07.12.2012

  22. bandages are really helpful nowadays. They can protect our skin from any kind of bacteria that would want to enter it. Bandages can be found in the hospital, pharmacy and any clinic shop nearby. bandages are one of the most important and simple thing a human can ask for.

    By manaf on 07.12.2012

  23. Oh heal my soul. Oh give me strength. Oh take away this heart ache. For I am lost. I am distant. I am forever needing. Do not give me a bandage but a cure. I can not stand another moment of this pain.

    By David Ray on 07.12.2012

  24. Ouch I hurt myself. only a bandage can help but we have no bandages why do mommy’s kisses feel better than bandages. they help they heal what if I had bandages all over my body!

    By Jeneen on 07.12.2012

  25. Hides, scars, hurt, nude, sticky, owchies, hides the healing

    By Laine on 07.12.2012

  26. You have bandaged me from the broken state I was in when you first met me in a cold, December night. You healed me with your time, and kissed my scraped knee. You were my knight in shining armor, and I hope you will always be that person to me. I was so glad to have you found me that dreary night.

    By Miri URL on 07.12.2012

  27. “ouch, mama! i have a boo-boo!”
    “baby girl, you know what we do. wipe away those tears. i will kiss it twice, say a prayer, then give you a bandage.”
    “a bangade?! yes! my favorite!”

    By Lola URL on 07.12.2012

  28. That one hot hot heat song, or just a song stuck in your heat in the hot hot heat. Sweat collects in to little beads that slide down your legs and your arms, and in your head things repeat themselves and bounce off the walls of your otherwise empty mind.

    By monroe2go URL on 07.12.2012

  29. Bandages. Good place to start, with the word itself. Bandages. It’s a good word. It reminds me of WW2, which reminds me, of course of Shannon. Also of CPR courses and summer camps. And casts, because I have broken so many. Bones. People asked me about that today, in the first aid training, we talked a lot about breaking bones, and I might have broken the most out of the whole group. But I don’t know, really, I’ve lost count.

    By Sydney on 07.12.2012

  30. There are no bandages for a broken heart. Only time and chocolate.

    By Emma URL on 07.12.2012

  31. They are really really nice to use if you have a cut, but really only if they have neosporin on them because that’s what heals yo shit.

    By thismusicsmellsfunny on 07.12.2012

  32. bandages are very useful for healing cuts and scrapes. They help apply pressure to the wound and stop bleeding. Bandages are one of the most used first aids arround. Bandages are also called bandaids,

    By Josh on 07.12.2012

  33. one time i cut myself on purpose, to prove my pain. i used 4 bandages to cover it up for my mum wouldnt find out. four bandages? yes she did notice. and yes i did get in trouble. yes i learned my lesson, yes i do regret it. it changed my life. im so much happier.

    By kimmy URL on 07.12.2012

  34. Meaghan searched everywhere for bandages, but there were none to be found. This was an emergency! Fiona was losing blood quickly and there was nothing Meaghan could do about it. She didn’t want to watch her best friend die.

    By Jamie URL on 07.12.2012

  35. The little girl looked down at her knee, where the row of Dora and Pooh and Spongebob bandages made a colorful patch on her knee. She sniffled again, and rubbed her nose.

    “There you go, dear,” her mother said.

    “Can I go back out on my bike?’ the girl asked.

    By Annie on 07.12.2012

  36. Bandages are temporary patches that ease your wounds. They ease the pain, but they don’t fully fix the injury.

    By Jackie Eastman URL on 07.12.2012

  37. There was a boy named john. He really play with bandages. Nobody ever found out why though. Jphn grew up in a small town in alaska wuth his mother jane. She had an abundace of.baclndahes from when she was a nurse. He grew up playing with them and eventually made a living sellimg thm across the world.

    By zyanya ciurca on 07.12.2012

  38. to love someone as real as you is amazing i love you and please find a way to take me out of here i need a saviour. you are my hero. please find a way to find me i am stuck here no where to be seen or am paranoid. am i okay i wont know.

    By ella on 07.12.2012

  39. blood. staunch it. Get a bandage on that hurt. It hurts. Help me. Fix me. Put a bandage on it. A white bandage made of cotton. Make it so I will heal. I need your care. Help me. Make sure I don’t get an infection.

    By violetb1ue URL on 07.12.2012

  40. Seeing her with the bandages on her arms, he wanted to kill himself. Why didn’t she use the safe word? Why didn’t he know better?!

    Why was she looking at him with that devilish gleam in her eyes?

    “Honey, these are worth every scar. I can’t wait to go at it again,” she smirked.

    By Kayla Lords URL on 07.12.2012