July 12th, 2012 | 308 Entries

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308 Entries for “bandages”

  1. why do you guys keep insisting that we write about bandages? they are not such an interesting topic. dont you have anything else for us to write about? isnt this supposed to be a cool website. im depressed and its all your fault! good job. and good bye forever.

    By shireen URL on 07.12.2012

  2. She rushed to get the bandages out of the medical kit. The rummaged through the box as fast she could and hurried to get back to the wounded soldier. “You’ll be fine”, she said, trying to comfort the ailing man as she lifted his arm and bandaged it. His chest followed, the wounds weren’t that bad, but she was worried nevertheless.

    By Alex on 07.12.2012

  3. They help to cover up what was injured. When I get hurt and I bleed they are the one thing that I can count on to help and patch me up. They don’t immediately cure what was damaged, but they give your body the tools to heal up what was hurt.

    By Kirby Fields on 07.12.2012

  4. bandages. uhm wow okay well these help you when your hurt. but i guess bandages dont’ neccessarily just have to be you getting aid from like a bandaid? you know when you cut yourself. Maybe there are emotional bandages as well, when your broken inside you look for what is your bandage, whether it be music, shelter from others, i dont’ know chocolate.. i like bandaids with stuff on them like dora and stuff. it’s all good fun isn’t it .

    By Emily Young on 07.12.2012

  5. She looked down at her hands and groaned. That wasn’t going to be easily explained. She was sure that people would assume the worst, not that she managed to burn her hands running that obstacle course. Shaking her head, she fumbled to sign the release forms. The look on her boyfriend’s face was going to be priceless. How long would he tease her about this?

    By Meghan Gabehart URL on 07.12.2012

  6. hello my name is flop AND i would like to tell you something about my day i ate a candle made of cherrys then had a cow shine my shoes and then i told some man that i was having his baby which he thought was craz

    By shanny on 07.12.2012

  7. bandages is a word that my friend matthew once said in his sleep. Although the word bandages was also accompanied with the word ‘dog.’ So what he ended up saying in his sleep was ‘dog bandages’ which we all found hilariously bizarre at the time. Talking in sleep is such a novelty to hear because of course you can never hear yourself talking in your own sleep. Personally i’ve never used bandages that much myself, I have never broken a bone in my body or been stabbed or had someone scratch me really really hard. Nothing has happened to me really where the most natural thing to use would have been a bandage, I don’t; even really understand how people apply them. Well I guess there was a time when I was younger and i spilt hot chocolate all over myself and my mother put my in an ice bath and put a wet bandage on my leg where she thought i’d have third degree burns. It was weird.

    By Anon on 07.12.2012

  8. bandages remind me of oxegen and when i was helping people with there injuries some guy got stabbed and the blood was everywhere i was amazed at how calm i was i wanted to just seize the moment and show everyone what drugs and drink are really like

    By shanny on 07.12.2012

  9. Bandages covered my face. They covered my hands and all the parts of my body still with feeling. Perhaps they covered the parts that I could no longer feel or perhaps they were missing altogether. The last thing I remember was leaving the house this morning.

    By Tara79 URL on 07.12.2012

  10. the bandages covered her arms. Each the same placid dull beige-white color that could only remind her of hospitals. But they were a better appereance then what was beneath them. The purple, blue, and green manifest of colors that could only be brought about by pain, by someone’s hurt. And a bright red slashes that had a glow even beneath their cover. They were a painful reminder pf what she’d done “wrong” and how she “better never do it again” if she didnt want those bandages again. In a weird way though, she kind of liked them.

    By Annie URL on 07.12.2012

  11. If I had the proper bandages I would take of your heart, your wounded ego and all the broken promises. I have seen a great healing happen when such things are covered in the proper way. There was a man from Taipei who sold bandages in a paper wrap. He said there were illnesses beyond what he knew but even those would heal under the proper care. I love you.

    By raventro URL on 07.12.2012

  12. Three bandages was the beginning of all. Then he started to hurt himself so much, so he could need more and mores bandages. That was all, he was adicted to bandages.

    By Blanca on 07.12.2012

  13. Bandages, huh? I can’t really recall the last time I wore them. I mean, if I had to think of something about them immediately, I could remember the time I sprained my ankle at Camp Woodward playing dodge ball. Man, that just sounds funny and embarrassing at the same time. I woke the next morning in excruciating pain and I had to ice my foot and wear bandages for a whole week.

    By Mitch URL on 07.12.2012

  14. Bandages were always something Theo and I kept around the house. Just for emergencies. Just in case. Y’know? Never know what would happen and all. In the end, I suppose, the bandages were pretty useless.
    Not a single one of them could save his life.
    It was pretty stupid to keep them all in the first place.

    By Missie URL on 07.12.2012

  15. He really wondered if this time there would be enough bandages. Each time he met with her before his heart was broken a bit more.

    Would there be enough to mend his heart again?

    Carefully , he opened the door

    By dave on 07.12.2012


    By Amanda on 07.12.2012

  17. Bandages. His leg was covered in them. Tan. Large. Soaked in blood and you could tell the bandages were not enough. You saw the hurt in his eyes, an animal-like pain, not quite knowing death but knowing he was close to it.

    By Scott on 07.12.2012

  18. She was covered in bandages. Even her toes were wrapped in them, the glue of the white wraps melting into the crevices and wrinkles of each one. The only spots that weren’t bandaged were open holes for her eyes and her nostrils.

    By Sarah URL on 07.12.2012

  19. So yesterday I fell and cut my knee
    The gravel, grit and graze seemed all but one
    I watched the blood roll down infinitely
    Until the moon took over from the sun

    By gsk URL on 07.12.2012

  20. He wrapped his hands around her arms, leaving marks where marks should never be. He shoved her to the wall, hard, like he meant to break her apart. She begged her to stop, he kept on hurting her, painting his angry masterpiece in blacks and blues on her skin. The pain was unbearable, but familiar. When she finally slid down to the wall, virtually dead, she heard him catch his breath. Felt his arms wrapping around her like he cared, like he’s suddenly a different person. The warm, frantic whispers came next, at once professing his love for her, at once blaming her for the fault. She has been so stubborn, he said. She should’ve known better, he said.

    The bandages he lovingly wrapped around her wounds afterwards did not do much to mend her heart.

    By madpocky URL on 07.12.2012

  21. sticky goo that holds my flu bloody bed inside my head who knew

    By AMarie on 07.12.2012

  22. all bandages were sold out. what was she going to do? her show was starting in 2 hours and she was not ready yet. no bandage meant no show! how could someone be a ballerina without bandages? she was not even mentioning the pink skirt which was too big for her now that she lost so much weight because the stress of the show!

    By sedi on 07.12.2012

  23. June was like that. Passive-agressive. Self-centered. Bitter. Her world was always crashing. Her friends didn’t understand. The wounds in her heart could not be mended with bandages. Her tea was always cold.

    By penny dreadful URL on 07.12.2012

  24. OUCH! Well, there goes my finger. i guess I didn’t really need that anyway, but I certainly do require a few bandages. They’ll be saturated in no time at the rate this blood is spurting out.

    By Victoria on 07.12.2012

  25. She kinda feels like they’re holding her together and she might actually be right about that after the beating she’s taken. It wasn’t pretty. Pain had made her mind fuzzy on the Citadel and it was bad again here, now.

    She wonders why she isn’t dead. And then she remembers her crew, worries about where they might be, and she stops thinking about the bandages holding her new skin and bone grafts in place, stops worrying about the crushed kneecap and amputated arm and internal bleeding and all of that bullshit she doesn’t need. Pushing herself up to a sit position is painful enough she wants to scream, but instead she grits her teeth and gets the attention of the nearest doctor.

    “Where’s my ship?”

    By eflat URL on 07.12.2012

  26. Bandages help cover wounds, cuts or scrapes. I personally use bandages a lot. I have a bad habit of picking at hang nails on my fingers, and bandages help a little with my habit. Bandages are a necessity. I call them band-aids.

    By Emily URL on 07.12.2012

  27. There are no bandages that can conceal the wound you left on my heart. I am broken and there is no way to mend this.

    By leelee on 07.12.2012

  28. Covers the pain, the blood, and the fear. Lies on top of the skin with a unique texture. Heals the wounds of people around the world . Knows when to stop the bleeding.

    By Sarah Chapdelaine on 07.12.2012

  29. bandages come in very handy when animals attack you. we keep them oustide by our campfire because the bears and deer come and try to eat us alive. they are viscious and the bandages help cover the bites so they dont get infected. bandages are also very soft.

    By jess on 07.12.2012

  30. when i was younger i used to be afraid of getting cut and falling down, id love to put on a bandage though, because underneath it i had a story of where i fell and why. I was a warrior. bandages show healing. a sign that ones hurting while still hiding.

    By Katie Lamontagne on 07.12.2012

  31. Sadly there have never been imagined bandages to heal a broken heart.

    By Ella Lussuria URL on 07.12.2012

  32. Bandages. You are a brown sticker that heals many a wound. Sometimes you are of no use, but for the little things, you are there. It’s not hard to find you. You are always there to help with all the little frusterations I have.

    By Hayley on 07.12.2012

  33. The bandages covered my arms, legs, mouth. They weren’t helping me or healing me they were holding me back, and I wanted to break them so badly instead of being broken by them. But I could do nothing. So I was bound by my bandages as I always was and always have been.

    By Elizabeth URL on 07.12.2012

  34. Blood was everywhere. There was nothing but red hand prints and the markings of a body being dragged through the gore. Guess bandages wouldn’t help this guy….

    By Matthew URL on 07.12.2012

  35. Bandages help you to heal. They are biege. they are in different sizes and colours. I like bandages. Bandages can get real sticky and hurt you instead of help you

    By Ezequiel on 07.12.2012

  36. bandages make you safe. when I was a litle girl I wanted those with funny designs, but my mother insisted on buying plain ones. It was not fun. And I fell a lot so my knees were always hurt.I never wore the plain ones.

    By cristina on 07.12.2012

  37. It went too deep this time. The blood is flowing uncontrollably and the rush of adrenaline that I felt just moments before has disappeared. Now, fear is slowly creeping into my bones. I don’t want to die, I don’t want to die.

    By Caitlin URL on 07.12.2012

  38. Bandages are there to heal a wound. They just cover it up, so bad things can’t get in the wound. I wish you could put bandages on your heart. Something to cover it up, help it heal and prevent it from getting worse.

    By Emily URL on 07.12.2012

  39. I’m not even going to try and be edgy by connecting bandages to covering wounds of love. Because just stop.

    By Viv URL on 07.12.2012

  40. they are used when we hurt our self . It prevents from bleeding and cures the wound quick

    By Shama on 07.12.2012