July 27th, 2011 | 515 Entries

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515 Entries for “band”

  1. I want to be in a band one day… actually, i kinda already am in one. We call ourselves THA FAM. I love it cuz it’s comrised of my family members…all the kids anyway. We have the dopest music on the fucking planet but no one ever hears it cuz it only goes platinum in our homes…that’s fucking wack. HOWEVER, all that will change shortly…then i’ll be complaining

    By wyann on 07.27.2011

  2. my ex boyfriend was involed in every sort of band. they have become a big part of my life. i think the concept bring people together, and bands are underrated in general. plus, band dudes are hot. i really enjoy every type of music, and seeing it played live with the band completes the experience.

    By Deanna on 07.27.2011

  3. a band can be a music band such as beatles or a hair band or a wrist band. my favorite music band used to be the boys and back street boys. i cant think of any other band now. oh i can. how about pussycat dolls or something like that?

    By el on 07.27.2011

  4. A unit a peice a puzzle a dream
    I wish I could write what is in my throat,
    but it just comes out as phlegm.

    By ObsidianSky URL on 07.27.2011

  5. a band is an awesome word that can describe many things including what we normally think of as people with instruments. but and band can also describe people who are together or who have made a band or a act like a promis the word band truely is one of those words that we can use in so many different situations.

    By Zoey Grant on 07.27.2011

  6. I have always hated those cheap rubber bands. They held profound messages.

    By strawberri URL on 07.27.2011

  7. camp. like in the movie american pie. i went to band camp once, it was kinda like the movie. actually i went a few times. i used to play the violin. ugh, it was so wack. i wasn’t a fan, but my dad forced me to keep playing because he was so proud of me. womp, womp. it was a disaster. i was so bad.

    By Anonymous on 07.27.2011

  8. I always wanted to be in a band. I played the clarinet in high school. I wanted to be in a rock band but I have no musical talent. I kick ass at rock band though.

    By Tamara URL on 07.27.2011

  9. An electric guitar could be heard throughout the neighborhood. Every riff full of passion. The beat going faster. The vocal chords of the singer was going to break, but until that happens, they will play until they go big time.

    By henshinger URL on 07.27.2011

  10. a band is like the emobodiement of music, it can influence, destroy, create and entertain, rock and roll symbolizes freedom of expression and a willingness to split from the norm of everyday living

    By Jono on 07.27.2011

  11. marching band
    miles dinsmore
    i’m section leader for my marching band
    bounty hunter
    tactical instinct
    i love band
    band is truly my favorite thing to do outside of school
    i met a lot of great people through band it was amazing, most of my friends are from there, at least the real ones.

    By Kim Hermosillo on 07.27.2011

  12. i play the drums and i was in the concert and jazz band. next year i am in wind ensemble which is the premier band for my school. being in a band really is important to me, it educates me on the fine areas of music and allows me to have loads of fun. i love being in band.

    By Chris on 07.27.2011

  13. Little Rubber Stretchy Thing. That’s what we called ourselves. Pretty funny, right? None of us were entirely serious when the whole thing started. We just wanted to get together and jam a bit. Well, you all know how THAT turned out.

    By torin URL on 07.27.2011

  14. I was in a band when i was a kid. we didnt have a name but it was awesome. i sang and my friend jeremi played bass while Sammy played drums… I miss her. But the band was awesome. it was fun while it lasted but its all over now.

    By Carrie on 07.27.2011

  15. i was in the band in 6th and 7th grade. i played the trumpet. i loved it but i couldnt play very vell because i was born without rhythem. i love bands. like the dave matthews band. which also has a trumpet. weird. my parents were both in the band in college. thats where they met.

    By kristi bruister on 07.27.2011

  16. “Wooooow, dude! You got a band?” he asked. Then, Samantha appeared, with her usual sarcastic comments, she said. “Oh yeah, he has a band. It’s called “We’re a cliché band that wants to wine about every single thing but it’s okay because we get girls.” Benjamin stared in utter dislike. Samantha winked and said : “Just kidding…”

    By Abigail URL on 07.27.2011

  17. I love band. I played the trumpet when I was in middle school. However, I wasn’t very good at it, and band took too much time in high school, so I quit. My brother also played the trumpet in middle school. In fact, I got his trumpet to use. That said, I was still first chair trumpet in middle school. Shows you the quality of trumpet players at Robert Frost Junior High! I wanted to learn how to play the saxophone, but they did not offer it at middle school.

    By Meghan URL on 07.27.2011

  18. i always wanted to have my own band. i think i’m afraid that i couldnt actually play music even though its kind of all i want. but if all the lovely people i ever met and loved could play

    By Michaela on 07.27.2011

  19. Band
    Like music? Or like a band of brothers?
    I like bands, a lot of different ones.
    Ooh, or like head bands? I like therubbery ones, and the ones with bows(:
    They’re so cute.

    By MirandaLee on 07.27.2011

  20. I wanted to be in a band once.
    My friend and I even had the name picked out… or, one of two names
    Souls of Smoke or Declaration of Insanity
    I wish we had actually figured it out, it would have been fun.

    By Courtney on 07.27.2011

  21. I love the band Blink 182. why you ask? because all they’re songs are amazing. trust me you will never hear anything like it ever again. So In about a week me and my good friend Julie are going to go see a Blink 182 and MCR. (my chemical romance) concert at the comcaste thearter in Hartford Ct, all of you will be mad Jealouse. have fun! :D
    You will be stuck home all night and me and her will be having the time of our lives..don’t worry we won’t include you. we will just rub it in your faceses once we get home and pull an all nighter of course.
    have you ever wanted to be in a band for real though? i think its everyones dream at one point in their lives..don’t you thinK?

    By Jessica on 07.27.2011

  22. elvis,beatles,jonas brother,camp rock, nate, nick, keebvin,selena and the scence, taylor swift and her band

    By vanessa on 07.27.2011

  23. I was in band once. In 5th grade. Mr D was my teacher. I don’t think he liked me. Anyways, I played the flute, and I ended up quiting, like most things I started in my childhood, some things just don’t change. I just couldn’t play the flute. I ended up sticking to the piano. Which, consequently, I also quit. So predictable.

    By Erin Leigh URL on 07.27.2011

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    By Chris URL on 07.27.2011

  25. I love bands because they represent the union of people that get together to create music, which is the most wonderful thing that can exist. Bands are there to make it a lot easier for people in the music business because now they are not alone in that harsh business, the entertainment business that is.

    By Ana Sofia on 07.27.2011

  26. I was in band in middle school. It was one of the best experiences I had. It was a camaraderie with people just as geeky and awkward as myself. I even did the honors band stuff, though, admittedly that was mostly to meet boys from other areas.

    By CK on 07.27.2011

  27. give me horse feathers any day. i’ll eat that for breakfast and be back again for lunch. i saw them backed up by the portland cello project the first time and have loved them ever since. music makes me whole.

    By mariah on 07.27.2011

  28. i am proud to say that i was in the colorguard in marching band. i had 4 incredible years, 8 incredible seasons and made the best of friends who are my other family, my brothers and sisters whom i will love forever. :)

    By victoria URL on 07.27.2011

  29. I was in band in middle school. At the time I thought I was really cool. And maybe I was. All the cool kids were in band, but they played instruments like the saxophone or the drums. I played the clarinet. I guess I wasn’t cool. And that’s okay.

    By Rachel on 07.27.2011

  30. I was dreaming my whole life of being in a band. My voice crashed through walls of silence into the auditory vibrations flowing on the other side. My passion for vocal demonstration had a stranglehold on my ambition. The fear of not being liked, noticed, cared for. I want my fluttery voice to ring across the amplification of heavy duty speakers.

    By Theresa on 07.27.2011

  31. I love band. Band is my life. Everything about me says band. I love music. I love noise. I can never stop humming. Band may just be a four letter word to some people, but to me, band is a way of life. No matter if it’s a high school marching band, jazz band, or a garage band, band means so much more than just a definition in the dictionary. Some people may think of band as a geeky school subject. Sure, everyone in band may be a band geek. But we’re proud of it. Band is not just a class. It is not just a group. It is not just musical instruments. When you’re in a band, you’re part of a family outside of your average mom and dad, sister and brother. You form bonds that will last a lifetime.

    By Mariah on 07.27.2011

  32. My best is in band and so was my ex-boyfriend. Music is around me everywhere. They’re all like family. It’s pretty amazing and I’m drawn to that. Bands can inspire as one. Show teamwork and friendship. I was always in the band room and always close to band kids :)

    By Dakota Howell on 07.27.2011

  33. I was in band throughout middle school. I played the clarinet. It was nice to have a place with people just as awkward and weird as myself. I even joined the honors band, but that was mostly to outsource to hotter boys from different schools. I remember going to musicals with the band, and copping a feel in the dark theater while watching “The Music Man” and falling in love.

    By duckie URL on 07.27.2011

  34. He was the leader of the band. He’s everything I wanted in a guy. Tall, dark, funny, and smart. He didn’t notice me. All he cared about was that girl… and his band.

    By annatee on 07.27.2011

  35. It seems like forever since I went out and enjoyed the music from a good band. I think I definitely need to get out more.

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 07.27.2011

  36. I’m with the band—in my dreams. I could be a back up singer, or the opener, depending on whose band it was. Been there, done that, in both instances. I’m the gal who automatically sings harmony on every song I hear on the radio. I sang harmony in grade school to all the silly liltle songs they made us learn–to the point the teacher would come and stand by my desk to see if I could really do that or if I was off key!

    By K Nason URL on 07.27.2011

  37. “‘The yellow band’ Cried Sherlock Holmes!”
    “Stop! Stop!” Ms. Elton Shouted. “Eric, did you read at all.”
    Eric was puzzled. Hadn’t Emma told him everything that happened. “Yes. I read the entire book.”

    By MoeMasterMighty URL on 07.27.2011

  38. My friend has one and it ain’t going well.
    The leader left and whose left aren’t swell.
    He’s now got the keys to the musical group,
    And now is the head, so that’s the scoop.

    Good luck buddy.

    By CalvinA on 07.27.2011

  39. fanother reason for people who think they have taste to make the rest of us feel like we have no idea what is cool or hip. a band of brothers. a band of users. bandwidth. the band. i don’t care if you’ve heard the latest greatest thing. just give me something to dance to please. thanks.

    By sarah on 07.27.2011

  40. The band of life growns withing ourselves. Showing themselves in the light of the day by gaceously produce joyfulness. people love to band themselves together with comraderie

    By kelli on 07.27.2011