April 27th, 2012 | 190 Entries

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190 Entries for “balloons”

  1. I like to draw faces on balloons. Faces on balloons look weird but if you let the air out of them. They’re kind of cute. It’s true, You should try it. I don’t know. Maybe not.

    By Julian S URL on 04.27.2012

  2. Like gummy
    gumdrops of the sky
    they rise in my mind
    lifting my heart
    over my head
    synthetic capture
    of breath
    held high.

    By Ursamare URL on 04.27.2012

  3. Teacher writes a note and puts it in her blue balloon, and she shows us how it flies away. She says somebody somewhere far away will find it. I scribble something down in my messy childhood way of writing and let loose my bright red balloon. Seven years later I’m no longer living in my hometown in Texas but in Arizona, and times are tough. I see a bit of red caught on one of the cacti and find a little note nearby. I grin. On the paper is a little smiley face and the words “Hope the weather’s nice wherever you are.”

    By Cherry Kate URL on 04.27.2012

  4. colorful
    birthdays, circus, children
    fly away
    red, blue, yellow

    By Gail on 04.27.2012

  5. It was one of those bipolar days. I started off just fine, didn’t need coffee, and sometime during the carnival it hit me. Within a MINUTE I was in tears for no reason. He must be the one – he bought me a dozen balloons tied together just so that I could pop them.

    By Sasha Yedrysek URL on 04.27.2012

  6. fly
    blow up

    By theresa on 04.27.2012

  7. they brought them out for all of us to see all fo us to enjoy and revel at and we smiled and waved as we drove by the people cheering for us as we laughed beers in hand it was us the champions the winners the dreamers we’d finally done it we’d finally accomplished it we’d finally won and balloons filled the air as we waved to the crowds

    By C. Ritchie URL on 04.27.2012

  8. Glitter cascaded from the balloons
    forming the words
    Find yourself amusing….if not fascinating
    and…….Listen to the song of Life…

    By Isabella on 04.27.2012

  9. Tie your worries to a balloon and let them go. It doesn’t even have to be a real balloon. Let your worries sink away into the atmosphere. Everyone has balloons that they want to get rid of. But, only some of us can get rid of them.

    By K8 on 04.27.2012

  10. Balloons go as high as they can until they pop. I think.So… what if we’re dying and our life is flashing before our eyes?

    By Mr.Goulbourne on 04.27.2012

  11. “don’t let go, hold onto it tightly and if it decides to fly away from you, chase after it until you can’t feel your knees any more.” words said about something as simple as a balloon can just as easily be a metaphor to something more important. A DREAM. so i’d like a balloon, please.

    By olive. URL on 04.27.2012

  12. Huge, colorful, round balls that are appealing to the eye- especially the eyes of children. They are used for celebratory occasions. Their presence warms hearts and spaces.

    By Delphine Williamson on 04.27.2012

  13. Perhaps the child who abandoned the balloon to the thunderstorm wished to witness its demise, but the balloon plunged upwards. It shuddered under the jolting raindrops but the rain didn’t puncture its plastic hide. The rain nearly rammed it against a brick wall, but it managed to escape by a hairsbreadth and was off into the sky. The kid stayed looking up but his mother grabbed his hand and said, “It’s gone now, John.” John kept looking, not out of longing but wanting to see it burst gloriously upon lightning that would make the static sparks from his hair pale in comparison. But the balloon would give him no such pleasure.

    By Holden URL on 04.27.2012

  14. flying high above in the sea-blue sky, dreaming of far off places alight with colour, air, life. Dreaming. waiting.

    By Julie on 04.27.2012

  15. ah wow ! big colouful balloons like the ones I saw on a tv program yesterday designed to keep some people with dementia entertained – okay i’m not explaining it well but it was gorgeous! they were bouncing around the room, everyone was smilin

    By Pandorajk on 04.27.2012

  16. I think ballon s are the most fun in the whole world. They can bring life and color to a very boring place. They are fun to play with young children. They can bounce them around and hit them, and even popping them is alot of fun. I love the colors that come with balloons. Bright and cheery, pastels and dark!

    By Megan on 04.27.2012

  17. The sunlight hit the surface of the balloons as she threw them into the sky. Each had a special secret wish attached to it, released to the universe. The air was filled with colorful wishes!

    By Lotus Bloom URL on 04.27.2012

  18. tied and skinned and balled and strings in the sky killers of dolphins use to open veins full of air or nothing like deflated condoms hanging around for another try.

    By candihurst URL on 04.27.2012

  19. The balloons floated across the robin’s egg blue sky as Jensen and the Ninja babe sat and stared. Neither said a word, but both of their heads tracked the balloons and both of them had satisfying smiles on their faces.

    By chole URL on 04.27.2012

  20. They float
    They land
    They drift
    At hand
    And I
    Who cries
    Will never see them again
    I know that it is impossible
    To catch sight of you
    Although my heart aches
    And my lungs burn
    They drift
    They storm
    Away from my hand
    With and without form
    Someday I will
    Reach that place
    Where you have left me
    To drift and die
    Someday I will see
    That beautiful
    Of happiness and no ache

    By Dang Yang on 04.27.2012

  21. Sometimes I look into the sky and see something. It’s a terrible little thing. It can only go up but never come down. Though it might be lucky, to be able to travel so far and fast and see the world from up high.

    By keiransmiles URL on 04.27.2012

  22. Millions of shades and tints pass over me. The ground is overrun with color. Everything is a burst of pigment. I lift my head and find a huge mass of color speeding by. Millions of balloons fly into the sky, on a mission. They have a destination.

    By Isabella Pierson on 04.27.2012

  23. The string slipped from my fingers and it floated up above my head. The wind blew it around for a few minuets, keeping it just above my head close enough for me to read the written words on it’s surface. A prayer. A hope. A memory. I stared at it as it flew away with my best friends name on it and hoped maybe, just maybe it will find him and lead him back home. It was just a dream… but what’s life without them?

    By Solanaceae URL on 04.27.2012

  24. low and behold, there’s a balloon up there! look at it go. up up and away til it goes pop!

    By Spencer on 04.27.2012

  25. She thought about the most annoying thing she could possible think of to try to make herself forget. It was the sound of balloons rubbing together. The boy standing next to her coughed loudly. She continued to think about the balloons and tried to ignore him. He coughed again.

    By MoeMasterMighty URL on 04.27.2012

  26. The balloons, for the third time, lifted into the air like great red bubbles willing to burst into light froth. As the children tossed the water bombs at each other’s skulls, I sat with a lemonade and sucked it through a straw, my shades protecting me from the sun’s toothless grin. Fortunately, my skin was able to get a rather nice tan most days, enough to get the handsome gym teacher to notice me as he walked across the blacktop.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 04.27.2012

  27. Balloons floating, bright red, green, yellow, blue. Flying high free above. floating onward without thought or control. Freedom, flight, release and on.

    By teresac URL on 04.27.2012

  28. She watched as the group of four year-olds fixated on the red balloon
    The red balloon that had started losing its helium and had begun a silent and slow journey across the classroom towards the window
    her painstakingly planned math lesson had lost their interest as the focus shifted to the magical red balloon
    There was no getting them back.
    At first she tried to redirect their attention back to what they SHOULD be doing
    What had been planned
    But then
    she noticed the magical looks that had appeared
    and felt something in the air
    and remembered
    she decided to join them
    And realized
    That they indeed had chosen the wiser path…

    By Pam Heighway URL on 04.27.2012

  29. I absolutely love balloons. They come in such beautiful colors and fill your heart and soul with glee. Children love them. They are used in weddings and to send off thoughts of loved ones. Wishes are carried to heaven in them. They are used for birthday parties and for decorations.

    By Sandra Stiles URL on 04.27.2012

  30. “Mels!” the Doctor shouted.

    “Yes, Dad?”

    “Look what I found!”

    The Doctor appeared at the door of Melody’s bedroom with a handful of balloons.

    “What on earth have you got?”

    “Balloons!” he shouted excitedly. “I’ve always loved balloons!”

    Mels tried hard not to laugh. “You are a cosmic nine year old.”

    By Damaris URL on 04.27.2012

  31. Pop birthday happy floating string sunny red green yellow pink blow air Windy

    By Fungayi on 04.27.2012

  32. The colors are vibrant and full, plump with a shiny spot where the light catches on the rubber. I loosen the tie on one and let it go, up. Up to disappear slowly in the blue. It feels good. I let them all go. 17 balloons in the sky.

    By Jean Moore on 04.27.2012

  33. There were an expanse of a variety of colored balloons floating from the sky. The bobbed happily along. The people looked up in amaze. They had no idea where these balloons came from. It gave a sense of cheer and carefreeness in the stark, depressing time they were in.

    By Amanda URL on 04.27.2012

  34. when i think of balloons I think of clowns and that movie that matt wants me to see tomorrow. and contrary to my friends opinions i do not like him. how is it that everyone can have a guy best friend but the second I get one everyone jumps to conclusions? maybe im too sared to admit im not over the last guy to break my heart. long story short, i hate balloons.

    By katelynn7 URL on 04.27.2012

  35. The sky was a pale blue with cotton candy puffs of clouds my son and husband walked a little ahead of me they were looking at the cage with the lion it it when a crowd of people suddenly separated them from my sight my husband came bursting through the crowd with a. Panicked look on his face saying tommy was just there he was right beside me I looked up in the sky and saw the red balloon we had gotten him drifting into the distance . The panic in my blood quickly changed to disbelief the crowed he must have been separated by that. Rows of people I took off in the direction they were walking oh I will find him I
    His mother it is my job my duty

    By Marie Marshall on 04.27.2012

  36. Flying high and floating onward. Never returning. Always away. Beautiful, Where are you wandering? What a great way to live. Give me a way to follow and I will. Ephemeral, but beautiful.

    By Arleta on 04.27.2012

  37. Up in the sky floating like a lost lonely thought. Gathering in their own world to connect with others with the same ideas. All colors as diverse as us! Where do they all go at the end of a long day? Are they tired at the end of their travels. Deflated with lifelessness?

    By Sharon on 04.27.2012

  38. colourfull party birthday big small shapes air decorate

    By Gabriela URL on 04.27.2012

  39. Children love ballons. Colourful baloons are available at shop. Wh don’t you buy a ballon for festivals? It will be attractive. Come on.

    By Pradheep on 04.27.2012

  40. So many of them.

    You just didn’t know how to proceed when you saw it.

    That helium rainbow, that rubbery miracle, that floating wonder.

    He held your hand though, and that.

    That made it alright. Everything.

    By Don't look back URL on 04.27.2012