April 27th, 2012 | 190 Entries

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190 Entries for “balloons”

  1. fun red blue yellow float lose in sky like the oo in the word little kids love them string helium helium voice funny hair rub your head purple carnival string attached to belt loop fun festival pop! scary loud oh no! birthday party prom get well hospital it’s a girl/boy happy times simple pleasure choking hazard

    By Jody Hiltenbrand on 04.27.2012

  2. balloons are really cool.. they are big and come in a bunch of colors. people sell them in parks and on spongebob, they steal a balloon on national free balloon day. Balloons are used by clowns to make animals.. which is pretty stinking cool :D heheheheheheheh.

    By Caroline on 04.27.2012

  3. balloons are indicators of a wonderful party. A celebration of

    By Tra on 04.27.2012

  4. There are many balloons everywhere. Red, blue, black, and green balloons. Large and small balloons. Even different shape balloons. Everyone smiles when they have a balloon. I love balloons!

    By Diane DuBois on 04.27.2012

  5. They are all sorts of colors. When filled with helium, they fly high. You can deflate them and the helium, if you breathe it in, will make your voice pitched higher. If you sit on a balloon, it will pop loudly. If you let some into the air, it might land in water where an animal might accidentally swallow it. I think they are bad for the environment. They are just a form a plastic. We should use paper instead, although it won’t float as well.

    By Tracy on 04.27.2012

  6. Balloons are different colors. Some are big and some are small. At restaurants you can get balloons. Red Robin is the main place that I think about. They are used for birthdays, weddings, and lots of other special events. Some even have feet and walk. At the hospital gift shop they have some that look like cows, horses, frogs, puppies, and kittens. In the movie up, balloons picked a whole house up off the ground. That would be scary. I will NEVER ride in a hot air balloon.

    By Susan on 04.27.2012

  7. red red red flying little kids jumping balloons clowns is there a story which should come out of this. I don’t know, but I like it. Maybe I could use this in my class with my students. By balloons. Lots of doubles. double doubles. Maybe there is a way to do this another way

    By Nathan Hall on 04.27.2012

  8. One upon a time there were balloons. A mom had bought these balloons for a birthday party. When the little boy walked into the room, his face lit up with excitement when he saw all the wonderful colors bouncing off the ceiling. He felt the joy the colors of the balloons had added to his party.

    By Kelsey on 04.27.2012

  9. Balloons fly away. Yup.

    By Jconrad URL on 04.27.2012

  10. The air was sweet and calm as Jesse Marie walked beside her daddy. As he turned and held his hand out to her, to Jesse Marie’s delight, he was holding a string attached to three giant red balloons. Red was her favorite color.

    By Kristen Vesely on 04.27.2012

  11. I once filled a balloon with a hundred gummy bears it was yummy.

    By turttles URL on 04.27.2012

  12. Balloons can be used for so many things! When I was a kid my brother and sister and I used to play ‘Keep it Alive’ to entertain ourselves. We would blow up a balloon and bat it around trying not to let it hit the floor.

    By jclark URL on 04.27.2012

  13. I had balloons at my b-day party last year.

    By chickaboo URL on 04.27.2012

  14. balloons are fun to play v-ball with but its even more fun when their filled with water~!

    By epiclysiver URL on 04.27.2012

  15. that thing you use at parties and fill it with helium so they can float

    By rockstar33 URL on 04.27.2012

  16. Balloons .
    The little boy had green , blue , and yellow balloons for his birthday .

    By Kahthryn URL on 04.27.2012

  17. Balloons,bubbles,and ballones.

    By dominik2 URL on 04.27.2012

  18. Balloons

    Why do I think I saw this already? I don’t think I wrote on it. I think I imagined it. OH! I KNOW!!! There are themed “summer movie” series near me. I was thinking earlier today that a great theme would be films with “Balloons!” Wow. Coincidence :)

    Ok, for a quick blurb…

    I make balloon animals. I deliberately learned how to make 1 balloon animals when I was younger, instead of designs with multiple balloons, because I was on a budget and wanted my bag of balloons to last longer! Nowadays, when I see street performers and their multi-balloon creations, I want to give it a try :)

    By Noisy Quiet URL on 04.27.2012

  19. As it turns out, hot air balloons are not meant to do water landings.

    By WearyWater URL on 04.27.2012

  20. A balloons are really beautiful and the little girl hold it and she want to buy another one but her mom didn’t want her buy it so she cry and then sell balloons that person give one to that girl nag said if you cry this balloons will fly away and then you will be sad so do not cry

    By Jingyiliu on 04.27.2012

  21. it is a ball and there are many any in it i like it very good i love it so much , and i like it since i was 6 year old . and yesterday i saw a little girl hold a small balloon , and i was very happy , and the balloon is very beautiful .

    By greg on 04.27.2012

  22. There is a man, selling a lot of balloons. Lots of children are buying them some of balloons are blowing up and others are flying away. children are holding balloons are really tightly. one child, who lost balloons is started to cry.

    By Hana Jang on 04.27.2012

  23. Balloons make me smile. I love balloons that are shiny, not necessarily with sayings. I like the unique colored ones. I especially like getting balloons for no reason at all. I can’t imagine someone not liking balloons. They do so much to cheer someone up!

    By M.Schliep URL on 04.27.2012

  24. slow wood door room mom moon nest test tie east taste eat time east

    By Gwhite_sharkZ7 on 04.27.2012

  25. In amusemant park, there’s balloon merchant. He is selling lots of balloons to children. basically, children really like balloons. So they are whining to there parents to buy balloons.

    By hana URL on 04.27.2012

  26. I like balloons. I also like waffles and o- blood. Beware ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    By Re-Vamped URL on 04.27.2012

  27. 99 luft balloons was the 80’s song that I loved. I can’t remember who sings it. Nor

    By Pamela DeBord URL on 04.27.2012

  28. The more she struggled t keep her laughter in, the less she was successful. He had presented her the handful of balloons, and she could only accept as humbly as possible. Today was special. Being eighteen years old, finally, was special. And she wanted today to only be about him and her.

    By Chyden URL on 04.27.2012

  29. helium

    By Karalyn on 04.27.2012

  30. Different colored balloons
    floating around in the air
    without a care of what’s happening down below.
    Aimlessly and confidently drifting though their airy playground,
    celebrating their diversity

    no captivity of the
    status quo.

    no conditioning by the
    social structures.

    no goal to
    figure which direction to go.

    By TheAmoretto URL on 04.27.2012

  31. Balloons are really beautiful. They can fly over the sky and away from where I am. In a prison being beaten. I wish I could fly over his life and away to my love.

    By Lindsey URL on 04.27.2012

  32. Bobby and Laurie owned a company that made balloons. Bobby’s little boy used to sneak into the factory and test the product by blowing them up as big as they would go…making them POP! really loud. This made it difficult for his mom and dad to relax, feeling unsafe.

    They soon died.

    Bobby wants you to check out…

    maybe you have a 54 word short story to share with vanhaydu

    By vanhaydu URL on 04.27.2012

  33. The balloons floated up into the sky, until they were out of view. Jessica watched them as they went. Symbolic, Jessica decided.

    By Schuyler on 04.27.2012

  34. I have a good idea…

    I’m going to get a small helium tank, get some heavy duty ballons, fill one or three up, tying a one dollar bill on each one with a hand written note saying something positive and uplifting.

    Do you have a short story? Can it be said in 54 words or less?

    By vanhaydu URL on 04.27.2012

  35. The balloons are full of hot air.
    The balloons are ready to go.
    Off they go. Up up in the air.
    Where will they go and where will they land.
    Nobodies knows.

    By teeda URL on 04.27.2012

  36. I think of colors and happiness. I think of childhood memories and my mother’s need for special perfection. I think of a solitary piece of encouragement that emphasizes the importance of a special day.

    By Dulce on 04.27.2012

  37. My eyes grow,
    panicked breaths
    my lungs are swollen balloons
    “Is this happening?”, I ask myself
    “Whattayasay?”, you ask myself
    a foot tapping,
    you put your hand in mine
    and my heart pauses and
    my mind pauses and
    the world pauses for us
    and my chest explodes
    “YES! YES! YES! YES!”

    By HumanKryptonite URL on 04.27.2012

  38. Drifting aimlessly through the night sky are two balloons of the silver birthday kind. The number is just about visible from this distance. They float sliently above a steetlamp, the dangling cords reaching out for the soft warmth of yellow light – longing to be treasured – before sliding out of view behind the multistorey carpark. Forever 21.

    By RJay on 04.27.2012

  39. I have seen balloons. They often float high into the sky if they have helium in them. Curious George gets caught holding too many balloons and flies high into the sky.

    By Janay on 04.27.2012

  40. Are the biggest, and brightest things in the sky at the carnival. Balloons make my heart fly high, they pop in the high atmosphere and send rubber bands of light to the ground which then become fodder for poor fish and birds. I love to blow on them at parties and rub them on my head to stick to the wall and keep rubbing them on my sweater to make the little papers stick to them. The Red Balloon is one of my favorite movies to show students.

    By ET on 04.27.2012