February 19th, 2012 | 145 Entries

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145 Entries for “balloon”

  1. i saw balloons up in the sky the other night. i pointed them out to somebody (who, who, who?) and said, they’re either from a party and got loose or someone just sent them up. where did i see them? where has my memory gone? i love water balloons too and my grandchildren love balloons and where where did i see them? in the sky flying like lucy in the sky with diamonds. was it with carol? i have so few friends here in walnut creek, maybe i want to fill my house with balloons. like baloney. like festoons. why balloons? what color is my favorite? like everything, pink and white and blue balloons.

    By joanna bressler on 02.19.2012

  2. lucy in the sky with diamonds
    balloons in the sky with my grandchildren
    balloons in the bathtub filled with water
    balloons at the birthday party
    and they break free of earth
    as i also want to break free and
    fly with the balloons
    off to foreign parts and away from home.

    By joanna bressler on 02.19.2012

  3. Balloons bring so many smiles. They are colorful, shiny and attractive. They can be harmful to animals who might choke on the remains of a broken balloon so one must be careful to dispose of them properly. From time to time, a balloon gets lose from a birthday child on campus and a helium balloon goes skyward with hopes and dreams attached.

    By J O'Neill on 02.19.2012

  4. air
    float cat happy
    high voices
    bad singers
    bad dancers
    rl;ldkflasdjflasjdfkladjflksjdfkjdkl fas
    i dunno what to write anymore! :(

    By mimi on 02.19.2012

  5. Balloons pop. Balloons fly above us and see things that the world yearns to question. We will never know their stories. They are beautiful, honest, real balloon stories. Wow.

    By Balloons on 02.19.2012

  6. Twenty-five balloons bobbed around the living room beneath the multicolored Happy Birthday banner. He would be home any moment, and she anticipated the look of shock on his face with a deviant smile.

    By Nina URL on 02.19.2012

  7. it’s been forever since I came hwre. It feels nnice – to type, to write anything and everything. I am a balloon. I can fly on hot air, I can explode on someone’s face.

    By Jo on 02.19.2012

  8. The silvery balloon drifted up, up, up, higher and higher until Gwen, her hand in her husband’s, couldn’t see it any more. She turned to Drake, her face flushed with excitement.

    “Can you believe it?” she asked. “We’re actually married!”

    “I believe it, all right,” he responded, smiling the wide, happy smile she loved so much. When he was gone, back in time, she had imagined his smile, over and over, always yearning to see it again. Now she would never have to miss it again.

    By Erin URL on 02.19.2012

  9. balloons are incredible
    so fucking light and shit
    get rid of your problems, just be free
    let go
    balloons are given to children for a reason
    that reason is hope
    take the balloon
    who cares about your age
    take it and go
    live your life the way you want
    be free.

    By Emily on 02.19.2012

  10. My balloon turned into a monster, and the more people it ate, the bigger it became. Then it at the mayor of my town and blew up. There were people guts everywhere.

    By Julia URL on 02.19.2012

  11. Balloon

    The Red Balloon. I remember the red balloon and then lots of balloons and being sad for the kid who lost his balloon. I’m not sure I’d want to watch it again now. I don’t like movies that made me sad. But I did like the movie. I bet it’s on youtube somewhere. (Yup, it is.)

    By Noisy Quiet URL on 02.19.2012

  12. The ballon rose high in the sky and my anxiety rose with it. I had never ridden in a hot air ballon before and the sights blew me away. The wind moved me through the clouds and I felt free.

    By Sheila Good URL on 02.19.2012

  13. She was ballooning, with every week. No, not pregnant. Just on an eating jag that she couldn’t stop. Needed help, but where to turn.

    By Margaret on 02.19.2012

  14. float

    By Justin on 02.19.2012

  15. The balloon floated away with the others, carrying away all my fears. I didn’t know what would happen next, except I left shortly after. A weight had been lifted, and I knew it was okay. I knew everything would be okay.

    By shannon on 02.19.2012

  16. i wasn’t planning on floating away. i wasn’t planning on things getting out of hand. on letting go of everything. and it wasn’t good, like they explained. it was terrible.

    By Nightawait URL on 02.19.2012

  17. Weather balloons don’t make good twisty animals. They’re just too big and bulky. And they would make terrible balloon hats. Really weather balloons are not fun at all. Who wants to play with a weather balloon. Now a water balloon – there’s some fun. It’s so cool to squish it in your hand and hear it splat when you throw it! I love to play with water balloons!

    By K. on 02.19.2012

  18. A balloon depicted the ball of loons- a crazy dance of buffoons.

    By Marianne URL on 02.19.2012

  19. I stared at the red balloon in my hand. He was gone, I didn’t need it anymore. And yet I hung onto it, my red string of fate. His hand was no longer clutched around the string, his pinky no longer tied. Was it tied to begin with? I was alone now, so in a fit of rage and desperation, I let the balloon go, and watched it soar into the never ending blue sky. Maybe in another life, I wouldn’t have to let go.

    By Aspen on 02.19.2012

  20. Up, up, up, and away. The balloon was gone – out of sight. The note was attached securely to the string and, along with it, my feelings and emotions that I could tell to no one.

    By cnk on 02.19.2012

  21. 99 red balloons…i could watch them float away forever. it means that there is somewhere else to go besides just here. earth isn’t all there is. it can’t be. there is so much more to live for than just what’s here. if all i had to do forever was sit there with him and watch the balloons float away one by one…99 red balloons wouldn’t be so bad… <3

    By singasongjusttosmile URL on 02.19.2012

  22. a balloon is red and floating in the sky!
    it’s filled with air and light.
    I wish I was a balloon, no troubles, light-heart.
    we live to see the balloons on our birthdays.
    when it is your birthday, you’ll know it by the levity in your balloon.
    in your heart.
    this is it.

    By Dianne on 02.19.2012

  23. Cut my string and I will float upward…daring you, teasing you to try and catch me. But I float out of your grasp, up into the azure sky.

    By Jocelyn URL on 02.19.2012

  24. your fingers curl
    around the tangled
    string of a red
    balloon. “your wish?”
    you ask. you don’t
    wait for my answer.
    you let go.

    By corey leigh kirby URL on 02.19.2012

  25. As if by luck I ran into him again, this time though ill prepared to let him know how much I cared, I braced myself to let him know a truth tthat long has haunted.

    By Ruben URL on 02.19.2012

  26. Balloons. Such a beautiful thing when clasped in popsicle-stained hands, but what about after they are freed? What about the animal who chokes, who dies alone? We are monsters. We are blind. We are so afraid to be released to the sky.

    By Molly Lyn URL on 02.19.2012

  27. There was a red balloon. Just like the one in pictures in movies. just like you would imagine it. Big, shiny, attached to a long string. The string attached to the wrist of a small child.

    By Che on 02.19.2012

  28. Elevated. It was lifting. Taking away with it everything. And when I say everything. I literally mean everything. I had no idea where it was going. And the truth is, I really did not care. I just needed it gone. I just need it gone. Please, just take it all away. I’m begging for a fresh start.

    By Tiffany on 02.19.2012

  29. Stomach distended beyond recognition. Eyes flicking back and forth uneasily in their sockets. Pale pink tongue flopping out of a gaping, nauseous mouth. He thought it would not be much longer until his insides burst like a balloon.

    By WearyWater URL on 02.19.2012

  30. she flies up to the clouds,hanging from the ribbon of her balloon. so fragile, so wek, but so strong, strong enough to pull her 57 lb body up throughe atmosphere. flying past the stars and dancing with the moon, she sings.

    By sydney on 02.19.2012

  31. i talke a deep breath.
    then let it out all at once.
    into a bright blue balloon.
    i tie the knot.
    and let it go into the wind.
    i watch as it is carried higher.
    then out of sight.
    like the things i hold tight that shouldn’t
    then i let go.

    By debi on 02.19.2012

  32. The hot air balloon rose above the city as I pretended to wave goodbye to my friends and family. My smile was huge, the tears of joy were streaming down my face. With a deep breath, and sigh I opened my eyes, realizing I was alone. I glanced back to the ground at the now ant-like specs, knowing we have no connection. I will not remember a single face 5 minutes from now. The balloon drifts away from the uncertain reality I once knew. My only is hope is that it will take me to a new face, one I will remember, one I will wave goodbye to.

    By Sarah on 02.19.2012

  33. She stood and watched as the balloon floated aimlessly up to the sky and blended in with the clouds. She waited as it rose to heights and wished that she could go with it.

    By Alexa URL on 02.19.2012

  34. It was a great big balloon, with every color of the rainbow shimmering from it.

    They watched as it grew larger and larger. It was beautiful.

    “All ready!” The air man called out.

    Cheers, whoops and whistles filled the air.

    “Be ready!” He called out.

    The balloons began to rise from the ground.

    “Eyes up and weights off!”

    A loud roar rose up from the crowds as the balloons rose up in the air, a shimmering of color and hope.

    By Sara H. URL on 02.19.2012

  35. I love balloons. Red, yellow, green. They bring out my inner child. She leaps out to grab the balloon floating away.

    They make me feel free and unencumbered. It’s amazing to feel that if only for a little while!

    By Whitney URL on 02.19.2012

  36. The balloon (Red? Blue? Purple) you couldn’t remember anymore and you wondered if it still (ever) mattered. It was a symbol you would drunkenly relate to a friendcompanionloverstranger. Nothing more.
    Nothing more.
    You watched it float up in the air, free.
    You watched it and waited for it to come back down, for a scrap of rubber to appear.
    Something, anything to float down and prove it existed.
    Nothing ever did.

    By Salaa'ut URL on 02.19.2012

  37. It traveled through the air as if it would never come back down.
    I knew it was a mixture helium and happiness, and the result was feelings felt like never before.
    Up, up, and away.
    Was what your love did for me.

    By misscardigangirl URL on 02.19.2012

  38. Im letting go of you, he thought. He let the balloon slip through his hands. It reminded him of the condom balloon he inflated with helium and sent into the ozone about a year ago. He was going to use that condom the night before he let it fly, but someone broke him, and it remained useless in his back pocket, which, by the way, isn’t a smart place to keep a condom, but he was young.

    By Kalen Goodluck URL on 02.19.2012

  39. It was as sudden and alarming as a balloon burst. It was the words we had dreaded to hear “there is no salmon left I’m afraid”. You’re afraid? I cried. What about us? What about our meal? What, am I just meant to eat the chicken and pretend like it’s salmon?

    By Suzie on 02.19.2012

  40. Hot, drifting, vulnerable red balloon will you land or plummet?

    By micelf on 02.19.2012