February 19th, 2012 | 145 Entries

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145 Entries for “balloon”

  1. Hit it! Harder!

    That’s all I heard before the blue balloon burst, releasing the plastic anchor from its suspension in the middle of the room. It clattered to the floor, and the cold rubber of the party favor was tossed into the trash.

    By Kristen Leigh URL on 02.19.2012

  2. I remember in second grade, when I went to the carnival, and I got that balloon. It was green. I recall my dearest mother gently tying the string around my little wrist, and how we were having a great time, because my dad wasn’t there. I drew a face on the balloon, named it, and blew it up again when it deflated. But then those bullies popped it. I was so lonely then. I fought back to avenge the death of my dearest green balloon.

    By Chabo URL on 02.19.2012

  3. a balloon drifts over head, a sign of good luck we say, my partner and me. Not that we ever have good luck, but still, every time we see a balloon drift over head we say good luck.

    By Kim URL on 02.19.2012

  4. Whatever I’m focusing on seems to become bigger, stronger, blowing up in my awareness. This is great if I’m focused upon love, joy and prosperity. But when I’m under a cloud and feel sorry for myself the balloon is hard to pop. Pop! Off you go.

    By Alison URL on 02.19.2012

  5. a purple ballon
    for a new beginning
    flying over a field
    with a lover hanging from it
    a story unfolds
    Not McEwan’s story
    yours and mine
    but same story
    of madness
    the imbalance that leads people believe
    in love
    a purple balloon to let that crazyness fly away

    By hermosa URL on 02.19.2012

  6. It wasn’t too long that I was so high I couldn’t sit still without going crazy. The clock’s ticks seemed to be mocking me, as if to countdown the seconds in my youth.

    By Ruben URL on 02.19.2012

  7. he had ballooned up to 480 pounds in the space of 2 short years. the stress had driven him to eat as though each meal were his last. a pound of bacon, 2 dozen eggs, the entire can of refrigerated biscuits. orange juice by the gallon.

    By debra on 02.19.2012

  8. He’d given her roses, filled her office with red balloons, even sang (off-key) under her bedroom window. He was the most utterly romantic fool that ever lived, and while she loved him for it, she wasn’t in love with him.

    By lil_nail URL on 02.19.2012

  9. The key to happiness. Makes you feel loved. Or liked. When your little special. When your little if you dont get one our weird it like if dont have and arm. Other little kids say your weird

    By Alyssa on 02.19.2012

  10. fly me high .
    on a red balloon
    and tell me you’ll take me there soon

    By Nikhil on 02.19.2012

  11. The balloon bobbed above the little girl’s head. She smiled, cheeks rosy, and giggled as she sped along the sidewalk. The red balloon followed, jumping sporadically with each step.

    By Carnella URL on 02.19.2012

  12. rytfgfgfgdfdf

    By muhammed URL on 02.19.2012

  13. The balloon had bursted fell and cracked my head

    By muhammed URL on 02.19.2012

  14. standing looking out at the world from a place that isn’t really a place more of a state of mind more of a dream a movie of sorts a scene that doesn’t end but gets bigger and better as we rise and fall in our hot air balloon

    By C. Ritchie URL on 02.19.2012

  15. As I look around I realize I’ve never been here before, I don’t know how did I end up here, probably due to my daydream and thoughtless walking. The place was empty and it was starting to get dark, the place looks groomy but something catches my attention, a colortul balloon, I start walking towards it as my mind brings bright childhood memories upon me.

    By Carolina URL on 02.19.2012

  16. bring you to the sky.
    Freedom of flying, no limit for action. No jealousy of colors.
    Everyone loves me and i am the perfect friend for one night.

    By benj.p on 02.19.2012

  17. The red balloon had Mother’s face on it. The green one had Father’s. A strange pair of etched portraits bloated with the effects of helium. I couldn’t turn my eyes away.

    The entire town was being cursed like this. It had started with a carnival. Now the balloons were circling the entire city. All with the faces of my friends and family. Blankly staring. Threatening to burst.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 02.19.2012

  18. sail away. sky. weightless. sunshine. light. parties. children. helium. squeaky voices. bang. pin pricks. mistakes. christmas. red. blue. yellow. pink

    By sarah URL on 02.19.2012

  19. A big empty space inside – who are you – have we met before? I think I’ve been here, I would have thought it would have been with you.

    Where do we go from here? – If only someone knew.

    By Chase URL on 02.19.2012

  20. Flying high, above the world. Freed from the hand that held you down. Liberated. Soaring with the birds. Higher and higher. Towards the sun.

    By Jane URL on 02.19.2012

  21. I swear, his head’s a balloon. Every little compliment, a gust of air blowing him up a little more. One day, oh, one day, he’ll pop. And if all goes well, I’ll be there to see it.

    By Caddie on 02.19.2012

  22. Lifting up into the sky, the balloons flew. Each one bore another message to you. I took a deep breath, and on the count of three, let it out. Along with it, every heave of anger, frustration, and abandonment that I had harbored for months. The words for you were simple. “It’s all been said”.

    By agloe on 02.19.2012

  23. It was just a balloon but they’d managed to reach the limits of the stratosphere. All it would take now is just one push of a button, the same button that they’d both been staring at for the entire journey up. Then the balloon would detach and the rockets would kick in and there will be no turning back, they will be the first civilians to attempt a flight to the moon.

    By Glennsta URL on 02.19.2012

  24. Balloons in the sky, a lot of colors, too much, i feel blinded and i don’t like those colors, take them away. They hide the sun , wind takes away the balloons and i don’t like those they hide the moon and the sun and wind please take them away

    By sam URL on 02.19.2012

  25. It floats around, It’s cheerfull and attracks kindness and childlishness, warmth is all across the sky and fills the air with sphere thingys.

    By Cath on 02.19.2012

  26. Floating on clear blue sky free. Where are you going? Where have you been? Perhaps you’ve escaped from a child hand, and left him crying. Shame on you!

    By Barbara on 02.19.2012

  27. Her dreams floated off with the balloon off into the airs. But with it also floated all of her fears, misgivings, and failed adventures .Everyone’s expectations. She laid and watched it float high into the sky.

    She imagined it could float forever. Even though she knew eventually it would pop, she still wished it wouldn’t. That it would carry everything up to the stars. Then, perhaps, those that may be would know that she is tired of all this work. All the work of meeting everyone else’s standards for her, except her own.

    Watching that balloon she was ready for fly away from everything that had tied her down before.

    She was free… Flying away like a bright blue balloon on the grey morose sky, no longer attached to the ground but always reminded by the black string tail.

    By Ash URL on 02.19.2012

  28. She was a beacon, stars shone through her and reflected off of the sun’s bright eyes. She turned her face to the blue overhead and blinded herself with the fierce rays illuminating her, and drifted into open arms. She wanted to float in that in-between of the atmosphere, dance in the grass-washed dew that seemed to hover in the air, and she drank the sweetness of the sky as she gazed at clouds, before she released the red balloon and watched it fly to heaven, up up up and away. It was just a dot, growing smaller, fighting the wind, until it was no more. She closed her eyes and dreamed of the kaleidoscope around her.

    By HumanKryptonite URL on 02.19.2012

  29. There once was a girl with a balloon. It wasn’t an ordinary balloon but one shaped like a giraffe. Not only that but it was alive as well. Whenever the girl went for a walk the giraffe balloon would eat the leaves from trees above them. The girl loved that balloon. and it loved her too. They went everywhere together until one day the jealous neighborhood cat noticed how much fun the 2 had together. He decided it was time for the giraffe to go. He followed them to the park one day and from the bushes picked a rose and climbed a tree nearby. As the giraffe was eating the cat leaped forward and POP!

    By Kelsey on 02.19.2012

  30. Color drifting into the sky, a child’s tears grow as the balloon fades.

    By Cynthia on 02.19.2012

  31. life is like a balloon. sometimes I feel like I’m flying so high and floating on air… but then after time passes, I begin to deflate… to fall to the ground and face reality. I just want to feel full.

    By laughalot on 02.19.2012

  32. puppy?
    I don’t know what this is for, so i wrote puppy.
    so now, lyrics
    this was a triumph
    I’m making a note here
    huge success
    its hard to overstate my satisfaction
    Aperture science
    we do what me must, because, we can
    for the good of all of us
    except the ones who are dead

    By Em on 02.19.2012

  33. I hated balloons when i was a kid. they would be perfect for an hour or two, and then they would deflate. it was disappointing and sad. and that’s even if you didn’t accidentally let go of it. no, balloons were fun for a while, but they always reminded me of a person going through life–bright and vigorous, but always, always slowly fading away.

    By Actus on 02.19.2012

  34. The balloon was so big and red. It was almost to big for the car. We did get it in and arrived to our spot only to have the balloon fly away.

    By teeda URL on 02.19.2012

  35. She giggled when my hand scratched the balloon and a funny noise appeared.When i looked at her she stopped, but kept smiling. “Just let go”, she said and my hands loosened and let the balloon go up, up into the sky.

    By Fredda URL on 02.19.2012

  36. The balloon string jerked in her hand, alternately tightening and slackening as the breeze caught it erratically. “D’you think if I let go it could go all the way to the moon?”
    He laughed. “I doubt it. It’d go into orbit first and it’d run out of helium long before that.”
    “It could still go high, though. Really high.”
    “Well, that’s why you shouldn’t let go of it, then.” He took her by the other hand firmly and led her off through the park, balloon trailing through the air behind them.

    By Penny on 02.19.2012

  37. The pop seemed deafening. I remembered how loud balloon pops were when I was a kid, how I dreaded it so deeply whenever balloons were around. I used to think that was silly, but now it was deafening. The children and their parents stared at me blankly, as I stood shell shocked holding the flaccid balloon skin, what should have been a dog or a giraffe. Even then, I couldn’t hide behind the clown paint.

    By Rachel URL on 02.19.2012

  38. careful, gentle
    why be so full when you can be so empty
    guileless, clear
    float away on a whim and never return

    By Kirsten Buckmaster on 02.19.2012

  39. Balloon

    Last summer I fulfilled a dream of a lifetime. I went on a hot air balloon ride with my daughter. It was wonderful to glide over the town I went to college in. We actually touched down on the Snake River!

    By CameoRoze URL on 02.19.2012

  40. Last night, I sucked a heart shaped helium balloon dry. It was grand.

    By Lor-n URL on 02.19.2012