January 29th, 2013 | 239 Entries

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239 Entries for “baby”

  1. ‘Baby’, that’s what we named her–small gray bird, actually, she was named after a neighborhood bulldog named Baby…wasn’t until ten years later that we found out that ‘she’ was a ‘he’–oh well.

    By BlueDaisies URL on 01.29.2013

  2. my mother is having her 10th child. babies are supposed to be things to celebrate. i’m alone in my selfishness. a big sister 9 times over? too much feels. i don’t live at home. they don’t know me. and it breaks my heart. they think i’m some mother figure who comes over occasionally.

    By Courtney S on 01.29.2013

  3. Babies. I know the word is baby but I think babies. I’m never sure if I find them more disturbing or cute. I mean, here they are, being all adorable, when they just broke their mom’s vag. They just stopped being a parasite, and yet, instinctually, we love them, because they are us. So, essentially, we all suck. We are all things that have to be a parasite of another of our kind to survive the first bits of our life. And we are unwarrantedly cute.

    By Grim on 01.29.2013

  4. I am a baby. WAAAAAA. I cry when I want. I poop when I want. Only my Id controls me. I have no sense of measurement or object permanence.

    By Brittney on 01.29.2013

  5. Oh baby. My mother’s reaction whenever I drag into the house with a scabbed, bloody knee. My boyfriend’s reaction when I walk in in a pair of stiliettos. Connotation is an interesting thing. :)

    By Annah URL on 01.29.2013

  6. You and me –
    We’re two birds of a feather.
    And, baby,
    We were born to fly.

    By Abbey URL on 01.29.2013

  7. belleza, amor, cariños, mimos, simpleza, dulzura,felicidad, alegria, paz, calor, bondad,silencio, armonia

    By Manuela Delgado on 01.29.2013

  8. a baby is annoying and cries and throws up a lot and sometimes they can be cute, but mostly not. a baby is expensive and ungrateful and loud. a baby is small and innocent and life and beauty. a baby is a gift and a curse. a baby

    By Marisa on 01.29.2013

  9. I screaming little child that is just born. Most people have been exposed to babies sometime in their life. Every one is born as a baby usually all being very very cute and chubby.

    By Andie Tangonan on 01.29.2013

  10. A baby is a precious creature that two parents, willing or not, bring into this world. Some, when they grow up, are loved and some are not loved, some love their parents and some would rather see them jump off a bridge. “Baby” can be used in more than one way, a baby can be a child or can be a nickname for someone’s girlfriend or boyfriend.

    By Courtney on 01.29.2013

  11. My parents always said that I was an easy baby. With only my uncontrollable older brother to compare me to, who can blame them? I was quiet—always reserved.

    I was unnaturally stoic for a baby. If something upset me, I learned from an early age how to keep my displeasure to myself. I haven’t seen a single picture of myself as an infant smiling. I merely stare into the camera lens, black brows furrowed over my dark eyes and mouth permanently turned down in a frown of childish puzzlement.

    And this, I think, was the earliest indication of the sort of person I would turn out to be.

    By WearyWater URL on 01.29.2013

  12. toes and hair and fucking membranes first then a life and a soul and spirit becomes of something so small. artificial insemination. so many methods to bring and create life why when the world is too fucked for a new untainted soul? or is that just what it needs?

    By claire on 01.29.2013

  13. toes and hair and fucking membranes first then a life and a soul and spirit becomes of something so small. artificial insemination. so many methods to bring and create life why when the world is too fucked for a new untainted soul? or is that just what it needs?

    By claire on 01.29.2013

  14. The time that my best friend had her baby and she looked exactly as my friend did as a child. It’s so cute to see her now that shes older, such personality. I loved seeing her in the dress that my grandma made for me when i was her age.

    By Melyssa on 01.29.2013

  15. she’s my baby, my child. she said. you can’t take her away from me, she’s all my world, all i am.
    we can pay you. he said. we can make you rich beyond your wildest dreams.
    no. she said. not now. not ever.

    By Claire on 01.29.2013

  16. Small child, little, hand, new to the world, and new to the land, learn well my child and all will be right. Don’t forget to tell your parents good night. Because if you die before you wake don’t regret a single day.

    By Audrey on 01.29.2013

  17. Baby, it can mean so many different things. It could be a new start, a commitment with the one you love. To bring new life into the world. It can also bring someone’s world crumbling down. It could be a total accident that can leave you alone and pushes into the grown up world before you’re ready. Ripping your world apart until you an embarrassment to the world, left in the cold to be judged by society.

    By Juliet on 01.29.2013

  18. innocent, beautiful, small, adorable, nieve, life, new, begining, health, toes, fingers, hair, eyes, nose, perfect, proud, huggable,

    By Melissa on 01.29.2013

  19. The baby was crying. She couldn’t take it anymore. The tears kept streaming down her face at an alarming rate. She was in over her head trying to play a role that wasn’t her’s in the first place. She stopped crying and raised her head

    By maura on 01.29.2013

  20. She was a baby. Just a little baby pup. Barely even old enough. To leave her mother and her love. But she felt ready, and so she ventured out, with a leap and a scream and a shout.
    It’s always hard when the time comes, but we have to trust our teaching will pay off in the long-run.

    By Sara Z on 01.29.2013

  21. An expected blesssing.
    Love in manifestation.
    The joy of my life.

    By Ericka Renee URL on 01.29.2013

  22. oooh baby baby its a wild world. Wild like the Jungles of old. The world needs more babies like the jungles need less animals.

    By eloise on 01.29.2013

  23. I should stop writing drunk, baby. I should give you what you deserve. Come over here, baby, let me breathe you in and let me drink you. Baby, you are everything I’ve never asked for, and I want you, baby. You get me drunk, honey, sweetheart, and I want you. I should stop drinking you so hard and I should write sober. But you just fill me up, baby. You just get me drunk.

    By caitlinmonster URL on 01.29.2013

  24. baby is in the bath, waiting patiently for the mother thats passed out on the couch exhausted from the life she now has with her cousin that married her for papers and then fell hard

    By lisa on 01.29.2013

  25. Baby hand. never rough only sweet. baby feet. not indian feet. I want a baby. for me to keep.

    By Jax URL on 01.29.2013

  26. he was a man that you could never believe was a child. never once was he held tender to a breast, cooed gently to sleep. no. he was much too harsh to have ever been shown love. i pitied and admired him. for not knowing love held him in reverence to all those around, and built him up, strong as stone.

    By tess on 01.29.2013

  27. Can’t we think of anything more clever?
    Originality is not our flavor of love.
    It’s all been done and said before,
    So why not make use of old words?
    They serve us well, remind us
    We’re creating something
    Beautiful, not something new.

    By Genevieve on 01.29.2013

  28. Baby baby baby. I can’t remember what movie that’s from but there you go. I’m SO frustrated today I don’t want to handle it. I suppose the only up-side to it all is that I DON’T have a baby to contend with. Silver linings, right?

    By Park URL on 01.29.2013

  29. I can’t take this space. I thought I wanted more but even astronauts will tell you that too much space will make it hard to breathe. you’re my oxygen, baby. and I’m suffocating without you near me.

    By Kam URL on 01.29.2013

  30. I wanted to pet the baby elephant but shied away from doing so at the last moment

    By S J on 01.29.2013

  31. He had a very unique way of looking at things around himself. I found it funny, but there was something in it that attracted me, I would often ask for his insights into the very grave matters of life, his explanation would always be very simple, yet, to a thinking mind, it would have a very deep inner meaning; I failed to fathom the depths of this logic, yet, this kid, would always make me think.

    By Abir on 01.29.2013

  32. The baby cried and screamed and kicked all through the night. Bloody murder said it’s screams. My eyes cannot shut, my ears cannot stop. The child will not be quieted. I cannot comfort it, crying and crying and crying.

    By Payton URL on 01.29.2013

  33. babies are cute and giggly many people love them but me well, lets just say I’m a bit different. What is it with them that makes everyone’s heart melt. I mean there just a smaller version of a human. Oh no I think I’m beginning to like them too. Too cute!

    By kerry on 01.29.2013

  34. cute little creature. Why gay guys cannot adopt babies in so many countries?

    By Oscar on 01.29.2013

  35. Baby, Hey Baby! Funny I got CPR certified today and holler Baby, Hey Baby at a mannequin baby. That’s all. It was weird, since I have more time to kill, to tap a fake baby and scream Baby, Hey Baby.

    By charlie URL on 01.29.2013

  36. I don’t have a baby. My cousin just had a baby. She is my age. Makes me wonder if I will ever be lucky enough to experience being a mother, I have heard it truly is life-changing. I can imagine it making me reevaluate what is important in life.

    By Christie Caulfield URL on 01.29.2013

  37. I once was an infant, we all were and then we grow up trying to find ourselves and we just get hurt by anything and everyone, holding an infant takes us back to the time when everything was bliss. Please hold me. We can go back together.

    By Hallie Hofman on 01.29.2013

  38. Woman are fetus machines, cranking them out day after day, the wailing mess of flesh, we are forced to love them, to nurture them, they suck away our lives while we create theirs. fetus machine.

    By hallie URL on 01.29.2013

  39. It cried and cried and cried some more. No one really knew what for. They tried milk, they tried honey, heck they even tried large sums of money. Nothing seemed to appease the child, until one day they woke up and realized that it was actually a Furby, meaning it’s demands stemmed not from reason but the inevitable and ever-present chaos this universe puts itself through.

    By Jesse URL on 01.29.2013

  40. Can you imagine what it’s like to have a baby?
    What it’s like for someone to call you baby?
    To be a baby?
    Baby is an endearing term, but it encompasses such scary new things. New love, new life.

    By rokstarbabe URL on 01.29.2013