January 29th, 2013 | 239 Entries

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239 Entries for “baby”

  1. The baby looked up at me from the crib. It’s mother cried gently, lost in a world that I couldn’t reach.

    Someone was going to pay for this.

    By Graeme URL on 01.29.2013

  2. Babys get diabetes when given too much hot sauce. To stop diabetes instead buy Dave’s healthy and nutritious tomato sauce! CLICK HERE TO ORDER

    By Frodo URL on 01.29.2013

  3. A sweet grace from heaven above. Treasure. Sunshine. Little palms that I held inmine. I wish you’d never grow up.

    By Twyley URL on 01.29.2013

  4. Baby. I will never forget the first time he called me that. HIs eyes with such promise. He used it almost regrettably, as he expected me to reject his new nickname for me. Instead, I responded by leaning in and giving him a kiss he could never forget. It was the moment I realized I was going to be his, and only his.

    By Victoria on 01.29.2013

  5. all of my friends seem to be having babies. I’m getting used to the fact that our lives are changing. But it bothers me that they seem to think they are somehow better people now. Not just better people than they used to be, but somehow better people than all of the rest of us. Including each other, which doesn’t even make sense.

    By Carolyn on 01.29.2013

  6. The baby is cradled safely in her arm and it peeks up at her with blinking, trusting brown eyes. She swallows and continues walking, tearing her eyes away from it and clenching it tighter all the same.

    By Renata URL on 01.29.2013

  7. It is young and sad and lonely. It sits peacefully in bed. I know it should be crying, but it sucks on its thumb instead. I might hum, but it has claws and razor-sharp teeth, and I reckon it isn’t much like the children I’m used to.

    By darseyrsm URL on 01.29.2013

  8. I picked up the baby in my arms. She was cold, barely covered with just a dirty pink t-shirt and an overpacked diaper. It was hard to tell how old she was, because she had this mass of thick red curls, yet could barely lift her head when I held her.

    By Dani URL on 01.29.2013

  9. She cradled the baby tenderly in her arms. I’ll always love you, she thought, putting a tender kiss on the baby’s soft cheek. You’ll always be mine, even if I’m not here. The delivery had taken much strength and blood out of her body and she knew she would not survive much longer.

    By Kristina URL on 01.29.2013

  10. pooor little thing its so ugly yet innocent it doesnt know people will label him or ridicule for the rest of his life or that his mom wont be around forever and that people will bully him and his dad will probably go likr his mother.

    By Phash on 01.29.2013

  11. Girl that is super cute…new born bundle of fun. Amazing Angel.

    By liz URL on 01.29.2013

  12. The baby wails loudly, yet another thing to grind on my nerves. I sip my coffee and glare out the window, trying to bear it if only for the fact that it was now pouring outside, and I forgot my coat. Eventually, it was too much for me to handle and I chose to face the rain instead of the tolerating the ear piercing shrieks any longer.

    By Darion URL on 01.29.2013

  13. Oh, yeah. That’s it! Why you always do this? It drives me crazy! You are the only one who’s ever done this. When you are near the edge, it seems everything is hyper-real, like the art that people do that is so detailed it’s more detailed than a photograph…that’s how you know the difference. The edge is where it’s at. The edge is what one always searches for but so rarely finds. So much of life is in the middle of the page. The words here are so mundane, so blah. As one moves out, to look for the abyss, the words shift, the page warps around, filling in the hope and anticipation with mediocrity. That’s no way to live. Perhaps the way to escape is to run. Run away with you, Baby.

    By Eric on 01.29.2013

  14. Life so precious in it’s little proportions. Eyes of wonderment, at a world where everything is new. Someday to be a world leader, but for today, a humble beginning.

    By Archori URL on 01.29.2013

  15. Innocence, no precursors or walls. Comepletely objective and the world is full of love and magic. Love is always unconditional

    By Marsha Wolff on 01.29.2013

  16. I held her in my arms, she was like glass. I could of dropped her. I was so afraid I would. Then, I realized that I loved her at the same time. She was the new beginning to my life, and she was the kick start to my future. Too bad that my dad couldn’t see me now.

    By Aubri on 01.29.2013

  17. Holding my stomach, I stared out the window… I only had about a month left to say I was an expectant mother. However, was I really going to be expecting? Is this really what I am ready to have? I was afraid, and I was almost alone. I held the hand of my dearest, and I realized that now I was ready.

    By Aubri URL on 01.29.2013

  18. one day you’ll say it and i’ll feel it in the depths of my belly. It’ll be endearing and welcomed and warming and relieving and sincere and authentic and amazing and worth the wait. you’ll call me baby and i’ll never forget it.

    By Safon URL on 01.29.2013

  19. the baby was small and sweet; however it had been born a sickly and weak. everyone crowded around it hoping for a look, however, the baby was already dead.

    By alex lee on 01.29.2013

  20. Just because I cry,
    Just because I care,
    Just because I am curious,

    You call me a baby.

    How, HOW, can you do that?
    I soothed your cries, I care for you, and I am curious to know what can make your life better.

    It seems like you will always be a baby.
    Not like it matters anyway.

    By diana on 01.29.2013

  21. Ahhhh. For some this is a joy. However, for others… as myself this currently is anything but a joy. One day I would love a child. Although now is just not the right time.

    By brent URL on 01.29.2013

  22. once i was a baby, and although I don’t remember much, studies have shown that there are memories stored tin the central cortex of the brain, that play a role in the formation of personality an

    By joel on 01.29.2013

  23. There once was a baby and now that baby is me. I’ve grown up so much already and to think that I may only be a quarter or a fifth of the way through my life. I can barely remember what I was like at the end of high school, and that was 2 and a half years away only. We are ever changing beings and that is such a fascinating thought and I can’t wait to see how I continue to grow.

    By Tom Tyrrell on 01.29.2013

  24. Baby. Too many babies, 8 babies to a woman in Bangladesh. Why? Too much death. Too many babies because too many die. We need balance in both, don’t we? Balance and relaxing of numbers, of population, production and death. The craziness of the imbalance will kill us. We need Malthus back.

    By Foster Hayley URL on 01.29.2013

  25. i had a baby last year. He is a boy. HE is in a bad health. He is in a bad manner, and we havent seen him for a long time lol thats good

    By Rock on 01.29.2013

  26. The baby’s wailing was loud and shrill. The doctor patted the baby’s head gently. “Dear, I am sorry you have lost your dear mother.” The baby stopped wailing as if she understood and hiccuped.

    By claire on 01.29.2013

  27. baby I’m amazed at the way you’re with me all the time…
    …and maybe I’m amazed at the way I need you….

    By ~snow URL on 01.29.2013

  28. baby. bad song, introduction to life, beginning, clean slate, a life just started without corruption or hate or evil or anything that makes us humans the monsters. baby. the beginning.

    By Mars Woddail on 01.29.2013

  29. All of my guts are outside of my body.
    I feels the wind of nausea, the air echoing in an empty skin shell.
    Life breezes past.
    I feel none of it.

    By genahtastic URL on 01.29.2013

  30. A baby is a gift to the world. I hate people who hate babies. Babies come into the world so innocent. I love their happy faces. Babies should be treated with respect. They’re so cute!

    By Alyssa on 01.29.2013

  31. Baby’s come into the world so innocent and peaceful. Then, with society’s help, they develop fears, and flaws. They keep their beautiful baby-ness deep within them though.

    By Alyssa Cleland URL on 01.29.2013

  32. “Don’t treat me like a child. I’m not kid anymore,” she mocked. “You can be rough sometimes you know.” She heard his husband giggle.

    “If that’s what you want,” he replied with a with grin.

    By unblurthefuture URL on 01.29.2013

  33. She anxiously checked the results of the third test. A baby. Unbelievable. She’d been so careful! She’d taken her pill at the same time every day and even kept using condoms. How could this happen? A slimy, parasitic, baby was growing inside of her. She let out a long, loud sigh of exasperation.

    By Sheep on 01.29.2013

  34. When you’re just a little girl, you already have your mind set on the fake reality of finding your true love, Moving into a cozy home where all the houses on the block have green glass and pretty little yellow daisies, and you’d have little ones. While you read your book and daddy reads his newspaper they run around acting like little superheros.
    But then they grow up, and they suffer from the hate in their hearts and lies of the world. And their once known youth is gone. So when something dark does happen, there won’t be superheros.

    By JaneDoe URL on 01.29.2013

  35. He doesn’t call me baby anymore, like you did. But I’m happier it is he who does not call me baby, than you who does.

    By a.r. on 01.29.2013

  36. Sweet. Innocent. Ignorant to the horrors of this world. They have not experienced intangible pain yet. They’re eyes are bright and open, ready to learn. They love easily. They trust easily. Because what gives them a reason not to trust?

    By Faith Rivers on 01.29.2013

  37. He couldn’t believe it. There she was, a tiny little carbon copy of himself. If only things weren’t so crazy, maybe he could have stayed.

    By Cashmoney URL on 01.29.2013

  38. I don’t want one. Why do people want one? I don’t get it. I don’t get why women coo over them and I am a woman! i suppose for me it represents something I am not quite ready for or it represents everything that I fight against. I don’t want to be forced into this image anymore.

    By Gabrielle URL on 01.29.2013

  39. baby i loved you from the second i saw you and i knew i could never let you go. that smile and they way your lips turned up at the corners like waves and when i looked at you it made the ocean ripple. we always affected eachother like that.

    By Lola on 01.29.2013

  40. “Way to distract me from what we were really talking about,” I say. “Bringing up our cute “met as babies, still friends” relationship. Good one.” I sarcastically wink at him.

    “I was just trying to make you feel less alone. You know, since you stopped talking to Luke and the guys. You’re by yourself a lot.”

    I look up from my s’more into his eyes. “I’m not alone.”

    By Marissa URL on 01.29.2013