November 9th, 2010 | 153 Entries

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153 Entries for “average”

  1. Average is thinking that you will do what everyone else has ever dreamed in their life to do. Being average is dreaming about being president. About being a doctor. About being an Astronaut. I’m not average. I dream about being just me the best I can be. The best version Ever.

    By Deidre on 11.09.2010

  2. I am not sure if I can do this is average word

    By Edwin Saragih URL on 11.09.2010

  3. The average temperature in New York City that night was predicted to be -5 degrees Celsius. She bundled up in her favorite rainbow scarf and trodded through the snow, giving questioning looks to those who seemed so miserable. The snow fell in gentle waves around her as an uncontainable smile played on her chapped lips.She saw him in the distance, sprinted to the end of the street and finally collapsed into her true loves arms.

    By Tiffany F URL on 11.09.2010

  4. simple, normal, nothing special. not super cool. boring. the same as everyone else. not unique. seven letters. four vowels. boring, oh i already said that.

    By Kristen Harris on 11.09.2010

  5. An average day of mine has so many highs and lows that it’s a damn good thing I enjoy roller coasters.

    By Amiee URL on 11.09.2010

  6. Although never a stand
    Out she’s considered above
    Average in many categories such as
    School performance and artistic
    Tendencies but nothing that really
    Defines her so she drifts restless
    And concerned that she’ll never find her
    Passion in the endless sea of

    By Amiee URL on 11.09.2010

  7. One day I awoke to find myself to be average. Nothing special, nothing new. Just average only to find that everyone else had awoken to be strange. So what does that make me? Average, I think not. But average of the strange makes me what now?

    By Mandy Krueger on 11.09.2010

  8. The girl in the back of the class.
    So quiet, so mysterious, so far from average.
    She never spoke, but her face was always smiling.
    That smile was so far from average.

    By Carly Bencivenga URL on 11.09.2010

  9. I must admit I’m an average girl. Average height. Average weight. Average intelligence. Average looks.

    Yet there is always a boy that finds me remarkable.

    Oh it’s wonderful to be average some days!

    By Rhee on 11.09.2010

  10. “Sitting her at the bar seeing all the other women, I feel just average,” Jessica said to her best friend Tina.
    Tina responded ” Don’t be silly girl. All these other women wish they were as above average and real as you girl.”
    “Well, somebody should tell the men staring at those women how fake they are,” Jessica said.
    “I think at least one guy got the message. Mr. tall, dark, and totally georgeous has been staring at you since we came in. Oh,here he comes.” Tina said totally envious.

    By amber URL on 11.09.2010

  11. I didn’t wanna do this. I thought I was just average. And nothing more. I’m not no special star who can sing a song, or serenade you with a guitar. I’m just this average kid. But I loved you either way.

    And I wanted you to notice me. But I wasn’t the football star team or anything like that. I wanted you to see me more than just this quiet, reclusive kid. But I couldn’t dance, I’m not a hip-hop star.

    Nah, I’m just that quiet kid. I’m that average guy. That’s who I am.

    By Michael Aquino URL on 11.09.2010

  12. An average childhood is the one behind the candy case, the tiny brown paper sack wanting to be filled by the hand of a grown-up with mysterious treats that may be bad for us but taste like something out of this world.

    By nannan URL on 11.09.2010

  13. I don’t know if this relationship is average. Is it the quotient of all the values divided by the number of values. Is it you plus me, divided by the both of us? I guess so. I don’t know. I just know that I can’t put a name to it, an I wish I could. I wish we were normal. But no one ever said that average was normal anyway.

    By Annie P URL on 11.09.2010

  14. I want to see a future and create it for myself.
    I don’t want time to constrain me.
    I wish I could define my life, all by myself.
    And go beyond what the average eye can see.
    But certain things are impossible,
    this being one of many.
    Tangibly, I can only seize the future as it comes.
    Carpe Diem.

    By giraffeslovepopsicles URL on 11.09.2010

  15. She was an average kid, with an average house and average family. They were not rich, nor poor. Her parents were neither mean, nor indulging. Her dog was neither big nor small. She was the typical average kid, and she did not feel the urge to break the humdrum of her daily life. Why would she? When she knew so many others who had it worse than her.

    By Anny on 11.09.2010

  16. This was a very average time in a very average place in a very average year in a very average decade of a very average century.
    The character, John Tyler, was a very average man with a very average house and a very average job.
    His life remained average and he died an average death.
    This is not his story.

    By Jay Stevens on 11.09.2010

  17. some days i feel pretty average, then i think and wonder when i will meet the person that will no longer allow me to feel that way.

    on the other end i realize, no one will ever make me not feel average i have to realize there is nothing average about me.

    By KeY on 11.09.2010

  18. average is a number a rating of a person not so good not that bad the math part not so fun but perhaps just average

    By bianca on 11.09.2010

  19. I think everyone is average. Me. You. Your friend. Your mom. Your grandpa. Your aunt. Your cousin. We all are just average human beings.

    By T URL on 11.09.2010

  20. The means justify the mode. I find that, while all things exist on a continuum, it may not be trying to find a moderation that is difficult, but trying to establish the poles from which our current (inalterable, assuredly) position could be judged as the median.

    By Pasteur on 11.09.2010

  21. My Grade Point Average is a very important number in my life right now. I regret my procrastination all throughout my educational career and I don’t think any colleges will be excited by it. Boo.

    By Isaac URL on 11.09.2010

  22. I am not average like you think Shon. I am a successful short volleyball player. I can jump serve with my strong hand AND my bad hand. I am playing setter and I am not a setter, I am a libero! And how come you don’t give a shit?! Hate hate I am not average and I deserve more praise than the stupid powers that have their mommys and daddys do their work. I hate you for thinking I am average and they are strong when it is not true to anybody with a brain.

    By Kiki URL on 11.09.2010

  23. Me, I feel I am of average hight and intelligence.

    By me on 11.09.2010

  24. We sat today, together, and I was excited. We conversed and had fun; laughing and enjoying ourselves. However, It wasn’t long into it though, that I realized, I’m just an Average Joe to him, and nothing will never, ever happen.

    By Meeks URL on 11.09.2010

  25. is worse than bad.

    By Rob URL on 11.09.2010

  26. Average. Ah the bane of mediocrity. Something that everyone strives for and nobody achieves. What the people use to measure against everything else and in truth never exists. Average doesn’t exist, embrace the weird!

    By kit URL on 11.10.2010

  27. what does it mean to average? when someone says he is an average guy simply trying to pursue and average girl? is it average behavior to have your heart thump hard in your chest or to give him the finger and walk off saying “forget that…i’m more than just average.”

    By miss.miles URL on 11.10.2010

  28. cardboard boxes are average. brown hair is average. brown eyes are average but i love his eyes. they are just brown eyes but i love his just brown eyes.
    sometimes average is better than extraordinary

    By lauryn on 11.10.2010

  29. Average means normal, middle ground, non outsanding. It has connotations of being ‘less than’ excellent of highly satisfactory, and often implies mediocrity. Similar words include passable, . Also linked to mathematics and the process of data collection eg “finding an averge means”

    By noo on 11.10.2010

  30. 5’2 is the national average height for american woman
    i thought i was 5’4 since the 7th grade
    last january i was measured
    5’2 2/3
    the nurse says

    By channie URL on 11.10.2010

  31. What is average? Even, steady, a line between great heights and lowly lows. A sort of nothing statistic that attempts to define neither high nor low. Some position to be avoided at all costs? Not necessarily. One can get lost in the forest of average, be a hidden treasure not noticed, not shared, when one is merely average.

    By gino on 11.10.2010

  32. I’m just your average guy whom just so happens to like wearing pantyhose once in a great while..would I ever tell anyone…hell no

    By bend @the knees on 11.10.2010

  33. The man was of an average build. He did not have the most prestigious job, just and average one. However he was an excellent bowler his average was above 200.

    By Jim on 11.10.2010

  34. Average can be a good thing. Many of the most successful leaders were only average students in school.

    By Jim on 11.10.2010

  35. normal, not unique.

    Average can mean many things to many people. It could me you are just like everyone else or that you are just good enough. I don’t see average as being good or bad.

    By matt worrell on 11.10.2010

  36. average life, we’re all pretty average. We can’t really help it though… it’s just those little things that makes us less-than-average or even more-than. Who knows. We just need to live through our lives, forget stereotypes and forget the motives behind other’s actions. Live your life the way you want it to be. Who need’s “average?”

    By Taylor URL on 11.10.2010

  37. my life is average.

    By Taylor URL on 11.10.2010

  38. when i think of the word average i think % percent.

    By Brittany on 11.10.2010

  39. An average number of youth have attended the said event that brought the show to its highest rating so far.

    By kristianne tabula on 11.10.2010

  40. I’ve never been one to state myself as average. I love being different, even though about everyone else on this earth considers themselves “different” which would mean that different is average….
    The way that you view things depends on your outlook. I’m going to sit here and say that I’m not average…because I’m not.

    By Crystal URL on 11.10.2010