November 7th, 2011 | 552 Entries

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552 Entries for “autumn”

  1. She has blonde hair like i once did, she looks like me and sounds a bit like me too. I wasn’t ever able to be a sister to Autumn, but, somehow it seems like fate that we were able to find eachother. They say the internet can do almost anything, but i didn’t think it would bring me and my birth sister together, but it did. I just wish I knew how to be an older sister.

    By Alyss URL on 11.07.2011

  2. Autumn….not only is it the harbinger of frosty, snowy, dark days ahead, it is also the most oddly spelled season of all. Aren’t Spring and Summer the most relaxing seasonal words?

    By johken URL on 11.07.2011

  3. Autumn. The weather is cooling down, and rain is falling. The ground is slick and cold beneath my feet, and water is seeping in through the whole in my shoes. My socks are wet, so I will hang them out to dry.

    By billdred URL on 11.07.2011

  4. the chill of the air felt to cut me, seemingly as his words did. the cold was harsh, and added to the pain. he said, “You know im sorry.” I turned and walked away.

    By jennbunny URL on 11.07.2011

  5. I like autumn it’s very colorful and the trees look very pretty. Autumn comes right after spring I think or it’s the same as fall just it has a different name.

    By Chata97 URL on 11.07.2011

  6. If the sea ever curdled and it’s smell turned bitter, then it would smell just like autumn. That rotten, soggy decompsing phase when the world smells like death and spring is just too far away.

    By Tatti Dorjan URL on 11.07.2011

  7. Autumn. Yep – sounds better than Fall, more optimistic.

    By Andy H URL on 11.07.2011

  8. Autumn is crisp and cool. It foreshadows the winter that is around the corner. It chills us and forces us down. We must submit now in autumn to prepare for winter. Both are despicable and both should be done

    By amanda on 11.07.2011

  9. The trees are changing, the colors are turning from green to red, yellow and orange, nature begins to die only to be reborn, the cycle is almost ending and the cold anticipation of winter is almost here.

    By Enbedo on 11.07.2011

  10. Brisk breezes blow from across the sea. I see gray clouds on the horizon. Tut tut, it looks like rain. I best be getting home.

    By billdred URL on 11.07.2011

  11. it’s what i look forward to every year. the leaves change and get all pretty. the oranges and yellows and reds just make me want to smile and giggle… and when i do i watch as people look at me smiling, and then they smile. autumn. it’s what makes people happy. and it’s fun to watch as your smile catches on to make other people’s days just a little bit better… it’s magical. autumn rules.

    By Alicia R on 11.07.2011

  12. Colors everywhere.
    the wind blowing my hair.
    Everything fresh and new,
    my feelings askew.

    By Elise URL on 11.07.2011

  13. Autumn is my favorite season. It’s beautiful and cozy and the perfect hoody and jeans weather. My birthday is in autumn, and however much I love the season, I wish my birthday were on a warmer date, because it makes outdoor parties obsolete. AUTUMN IS GRAND!

    By Brandi on 11.07.2011

  14. Autumn is the time of year when leaves litter the ground and apple cider is served piping hot. It’s in the autumn time that things seem to slow down and become less sunny.

    By Malory URL on 11.07.2011

  15. The autumn leaves fell around her as she stood outside his doorstep, waiting. He opens the door to see her bright and shining face, happy to see him. He gleams with joy and gives her a quick kiss on the cheek hello. They interlock hands and head on their way.

    By Sara on 11.07.2011

  16. the most beautiful thing about it its the leafs, that means its falling, its falling the rest of the year in brown
    dont clean it up, she said! clean up your mess

    By marianna URL on 11.07.2011

  17. autumn is a time of colours, crunchy leaves and new beginnings: school, return to work, new sports seasons..

    autumn is also a time to reinvest oneself in their passions, hobbies, work and families. we celebrate and thank. we plan and scheme and write and, often, shiver.

    By mike w on 11.07.2011

  18. They sprawled out on the ground, breathless. It had been a long run for the two old friends and they were beat. Lying there listening to the autumn wind blow through the trees and feeling the grass tickling their backs was glory to their senses.

    Finally they got up, stretched, and started the long walk home.

    By Tim URL on 11.07.2011

  19. the fall leaves fall to the ground and make the water look full of color, not plain as if it just fell from the sky, but filled with fresh green, orange, purple, yellow and brown life. Every leaf makes a ripple; a ripple reminds one of life.

    By Jennifer on 11.07.2011

  20. There’s something about Autumn in autumn. She blends in with the leaves, painting her face in reds and golds and oranges. Her hair branches out in roots. She drinks hot coffee under the shade of a large oak tree that has the words “Save Me” spray-painted on its stomach. And she giggles as the cold air kicks up around her shoes and carries her about the city.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 11.07.2011

  21. ORange yellow red swirling into the crisp cool air.

    By Kaetlen on 11.07.2011

  22. It’s the fall!! HORRAH! There is nothing better than leaves and orange and all of that. Just fun stuff. I like jumping in the leaves….it makes me think of being a kid again. I miss that…raking leaves too…what larks! I hope it never ends…PLEASE!!!

    By Pom Pi on 11.07.2011

  23. it’s autumn again it’s november that month that since 2009 I haven’t gone without falling for someone it’s funny when you think about it since it’s fall and I am falling it’s crazy really how autumn’s other name is the reason I so so love this season

    By C. Ritchie URL on 11.07.2011

  24. Autumn

    My favorite season. There’s nothing I don’t like about it. The leaves, the temperature… not too hot and not to cold. And shorter days. I like shorter days. I like apples and pumpkins and fleecy things too.

    Someday, I’d like to have a cabin. For fall and winter months. Maybe I can hibernate in the spring…

    By Noisy Quiet URL on 11.07.2011

  25. Autumn is a lush country of colors. Surrounded by the beauty that is the falling leaves, I looked up to see an array of reds, yellows, greens, and browns. The leaves fell often, sometimes hitting my body before fluttering to the ground. The air at this time feels magnificent. Not cold, and also not the terrible, humid heat that was once, the summer.

    By Rachel on 11.07.2011

  26. The gray autumn skies brought a remarkable contrast to the landscape. The leaves danced upon the warm breeze and swirled around my feet like dancers on stage. It was beautiful and magical just to be alive and outside on this autumn day.

    By Bri URL on 11.07.2011

  27. The crisp clean air falls around you, changing your perception of the leaves and their colors that too, fall to the dewy grassed-ground. Autumn, a season of magical colors and scents send a chill that awaken the senses, met by the warmth of such a magical season, a season full of magical colors and scents.

    By Annette on 11.07.2011

  28. Autumn

    Love it. Love the aroma of autumn. The fallen leaves beginning to rot underfoot after I rustled and crunched them into a pile. The smell of the wood smoke the begins wafting from chimney after chimney. I love the crisp air in the bedroom in the morning. Perhaps best is the call of the geese overhead, returning to their winter homes.

    By CameoRoze URL on 11.07.2011

  29. i hate autumn. worst season of the year. it comes right inbetween summer and winter and all it is is leaves all over the ground and what feels like neverending rain. its just not a good time. snow and sun are much more enjoyable but it feels like autumn is just a mix of the two. honestly who needs it.. really, hmm i wonder how much more time i can write before it kicks me off of this. you know how it tells you to finish up your last sentence? yeah you can pretty much write for however long you want. if i had something substantial to say i would probably not even worry about the one word one minute thing because i’ve been typing after the minute since “honestly who needs it”. people who are skimming through these must think im a typing wizard. i wish. im just a cheating wizard..

    By jordan URL on 11.07.2011

  30. Leaves like sunburnt skin
    Trees like shipwreck rocks
    Wind like a bully’s spit
    Dawn like a lazy eye
    Dusk like a coroner’s sheet

    By gsk URL on 11.07.2011

  31. Autumn was a funny time of year, a time where pretty much everything changes. The leaves turn a musky red, the weather changes drastically and a time for new beginnings as the younger people start school again. The end of an era and yet the start of something new.

    By Lisa URL on 11.07.2011

  32. autumn. That’s when he left. We’ve been searching ever since. Well, I have. All those Autumns. They keep telling me he’s never coming back. But I don’t believe them. We were meant to be, that’s what he told me. I’ll never stop searching. Never. I can’t bring myself to give up.

    By Laura URL on 11.07.2011

  33. The leaves had begun to don their fiery foliage, and chill was in the air. Autumn was making it’s presence known, and everything smelled of woodsoake, and leaves. I sat on my porch listening to the calls of the birds who would winter here. For me, winter was the only season left.

    By _Kate_ URL on 11.07.2011

  34. my favorite season. I love fall because of the leaves, pumpkin flavored foods, warm sweaters and scarfs, and most of all for the brisk air and colorful scenery.

    By Megan Thom on 11.07.2011

  35. Summer is done. Winter has yet to arrive. For now there is just the fall, Autumn. I can’t see that word without wincing though. I hate that my name is also a thing besides my name.

    By Autumn URL on 11.07.2011

  36. Autumn is my favorite season. It’s because everything’s so colorful. It’s got a kind of beautiful irony, because it’s the last stage of leaf-life. It’s like the leaves all got together and said, “Hey, if we’re going to go, let’s show the rest of them the most amazing thing they’ve ever seen before we do.”

    That, and it’s colorful.

    By Rebecca URL on 11.07.2011

  37. The leaves blew freely in the wind and Myra watched them as they danced and skittered along the footpath. “If only I could escape Peter and be as free as them,” she thought to herself.

    Sighing, she shook the thought from her head and carried on her way up the block to met him; and the possibility of another black eye.

    By Jess on 11.07.2011

  38. leaves color my world again. cold cuts at my neck and i’m sick of these buildings. i’d rather be somewhere i could enjoy this, but for now i’m stuck.

    By robert on 11.07.2011

  39. Autumn is a season in fall. Autumn comes after summer.

    By countrygirl12 URL on 11.07.2011

  40. When i think of autumn i think of leaves falling off trees. When all the leaves turn orange. Autumn is the season after spring. :)

    By Bub :D URL on 11.07.2011