May 12th, 2013 | 169 Entries

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169 Entries for “auburn”

  1. hair beautiful fire… I didn’t really understand what I had to tell…
    Chocolate… Kindness

    By Clo on 05.12.2013

  2. the auburn dog fell like an autumn leaf in the cocoa lake and splashed sparkling droplets into the air around with the snow

    By Ben on 05.12.2013

  3. i like it on people’s hair. it’s summer. bright like the sun. vibrant too.

    By j on 05.12.2013

  4. His hair was a fiery Auburn that shone in the sun like a blazing fire that made your heart melt when you looked at him.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 05.12.2013

  5. Auburn eyes. Silky robes. From another time she comes.

    By Lenna on 05.12.2013

  6. His hair is the color that reminds her of fall. The rest of him reminds her of summer. Sunny happy smiles and a general happiness that just shouts ‘SUMMER’. But his hair is red and smooth. He doesn’t let her touch it often, after that incident.

    By Kate on 05.12.2013

  7. its fire. it’s the sun in summer. it’s summer itself. it’s some vibrant young womans hair color. it’s the ground when its happy. its the color i googled because i wasnt really sure

    By J URL on 05.12.2013

  8. big city and ginger hair, cars speeding past grey skyscrapers with a background of orange sunset skies. ginger hair, ginny weasley big city and cops speeding down winding lanes

    burnt orange leaves falling from great trees

    By Beth on 05.12.2013

  9. She had a strange smile, and auburn hair. I’ve only met three people that have such an unusual hair color, and two of them were twins.

    At dinner, she came up to me and said, “You’re hair’s weird.”

    And that’s when we became best friends.

    By Palak URL on 05.12.2013

  10. She smiled brightly from a distance. Her face seemed to light up when she saw her mother and father’s teary eyes. Her auburn hair went flying when she ran across the yard to their compassion and love for her. The family embraced.

    Happy Mother’s day!

    By Annee on 05.12.2013

  11. Auburn is the color of hair that people might want most. It’s fall, autumn, anything you want. Auburn is luxurious and cozy. It’s love and tea. Or a good book. Auburn is smart and specific and genuine.. maybe a little coy. Auburn is unique and wants to be different; it is different.

    By Angela Merrill on 05.12.2013

  12. The last dying embers of sunlight glinted off of her hair, turning the normally chestnut strands auburn. She turned, her pale skin also adopting the brilliant hue and offered me a placating smile. “It’s not that simple, Kara,” she said, her voice soft, entreating. Like everything else about her, it called to me, promised…things, everything really. Everything I wanted, everything I NEEDED.
    But…in the end a promise was just words. And words were only worth the breath it took to speak them.
    ‘And sometimes,’ I thought bitterly, ‘they weren’t even worth that.’
    “I think it is,” I said with a shrug. “But then, what do I know? I’m just a soldier,”

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 05.12.2013

  13. oh how i wish what this was all about!! time and time again, I’ve been telling myself i should get serious about learning words in the english language! such a beautiful language – in which i feel like i can say things that would never come out just right in danish. but it never seems to happen. there’s no excuse. i need to get my grove on, slam my ass in the seat and WRITE. and READ.

    By Maja on 05.12.2013

  14. auburn. auburn like his hair had been. the exact same shade, flecked with brown and blonde. it had never been the red people had said, but rather something much more beautiful. something one could only notice after time. it simply grew on you.

    By Bridget on 05.12.2013

  15. Auburn hair suddenly draped down her back and she was looking up at him with something between infuriation, apoplexy, and panic. “My reptaiton!” she hissed, scrambling to restore her hair to something resembling decorum.

    “I like it this way.”

    “Nevertheless.” she said, frowning ferociously at him, “You do not want to marry me, and I must hold out for someone else.”

    The shining mass of hair piled atop her head, stuck with pins.

    By Maria URL on 05.12.2013

  16. The sky was dancing with light as the sun began to set. The auburn hue glowed with the calmness of the air around me.The smell of fall blew through the trees as the leaves danced with elogance along the ground. The beauty of tomorrow awaits.

    By kim on 05.12.2013

  17. Her hair is auburn and my is black. Her face is fair and my is not.

    By teeda URL on 05.12.2013

  18. university my hair an actress a place burning hell fire au? my old friend and his beloved and their photo on facebook

    By bs on 05.12.2013

  19. Auburn. A beautiful shade of red. Like crimson bliss.

    By Jason URL on 05.12.2013

  20. She had auburn hair. It was beautiful and golden in the sun. When she turned, the world lit up with her smile and the sun caught her with the most stunning incandescence. She turned. The world stopped. I had never seen such beauty in all the smiles in the world. She was smiling for me.

    By Kylie on 05.12.2013

  21. I wish I had auburn hair, more than anything. Even though I’m depressed on the inside, I think that auburn would fit perfectly with me because it shows people that I’m not afraid to give up, and I’m not afraid to fight for what I believe in. Mess with a girl with auburn hair, and prepare to deal with the fire.

    By Calico URL on 05.12.2013

  22. her hair was auburn. dark, light, honey,copper. she shook her head and threw back her neck when she laughed, and the auburn tendrils slid down her cheeks and back.

    By jenna mazur URL on 05.12.2013

  23. The girl had auburn hair, and when they put her on the morgue slab it spread out, drifting over the side in a red-brown wave. She had grey bruises around her eyes, a bitter twist of the mouth.
    When the men who had delivered her left, I stroked the side of her face gently. There is nothing sadder, I think, than this job. Seeing the sadness, the brittle I-cannot-go-on look. Nothing sadder than picking up the hairbrush and the powder and trying to paint it away for the family.

    By F on 05.12.2013

  24. His hair was auburn like the leaves. Red and brown. Red and brown. Red and brown. All hour that’s all that was going through my head. Red and brown. Real? Dyed? I would never know. Red and brown. Red and brown. I decided I would ask him after class. So I would know. But no.

    By Caitlin URL on 05.12.2013

  25. auburn tigers, a great football team in 2012. I think it’s a color too? probably better to use it as a color than a team. but the team shows america’s quick perceptiveness to “winning”, and how they envelop it in their own lifestyle, but maybe it’s just a color.

    By Bryan URL on 05.12.2013

  26. Her skin was milky with a gentle splattering of freckles. I couldn’t see her face behind all that thick, curly auburn hair. Just her tender arm.

    By Allena on 05.12.2013

  27. My friend has auburn hair. Everyone calls her a ginger and says she has red hair and even though she is fine with it, we both know that her hair is auburn, not red. It’s weird to call her a ginger when someone with real red hair is standing right next to her.

    By Natalia on 05.12.2013

  28. i ove the sound of this word, it’s smokey, sexy, full of autumnal sensuousness. but then sometimes it’s just Magnum PI, and then it’s big moustaches and wavy thick hair that is never out of place. so it doesn’t work on all levels, I guess

    By Martyn on 05.12.2013

  29. autumn leaves and warmth
    reminiscence of drinking tea by the fireplace

    By nancheestarz on 05.12.2013

  30. Auburn is a city I like to go with my family we like to walk on the beach and talk about our past lives. my favorite time we went to auburn was just before my mom died. we walked along the beach at four in the morning talking about what it was like when I was born. to this day me and my dad go to auburn every year and walk along that same beach at four in the morning and talk about when he first met mom.

    By pais on 05.12.2013

  31. auburn hair like clam shell paste, auburn like the color of wet, heavy sand. auburn hair flowing in crystals, catching the sun in firework sheen, hard as a rock and smelling like flowers.

    By Fred Fingery URL on 05.12.2013

  32. My sister has beautiful auburn hair. She always ties it back in piggy tail braids, bright pink bows tied on each end. I would play with those braids as a kid, stoking and admiring her beautiful locks.

    By Madelyn on 05.12.2013

  33. I was in a state of confusion, I was mentally not stable. As i poured the watery substance on the ground….. I hesitated, then I lit the match and laughed….as I yelled…..AUBURN

    By Serenity URL on 05.12.2013

  34. it’s the color of her hair, the feel in the air. i don’t know how else to put it. it’s just one of those beautiful wonderful thing that is, and always will be. the air is crisp with it, and i can’t get enough.

    By Katleyn on 05.12.2013

  35. She stood out from the crowd and not just because of her auburn hair. She was mesmerising to look at, the crowd would part the way for her as she walked along, unaware of the effect she was having on others. It had always been like this.

    By Amimee URL on 05.12.2013

  36. The first time I heard the word auburn, I was reading The Omen. I was a little boy. They described the character who got her eyes torn out by a raven as having auburn hair. So I asked someone what it meant and they gave me the description.

    By Wilder Ocean URL on 05.12.2013

  37. this is brown and yellow and red. this is the color you see in fall. the color in a fire. my soul is a fire. it is warm and comforting. like a fire. it will comfort you in winter, in the cold parts of your life. take a step into my soul and feel my warmth, my auburn.

    By abs on 05.12.2013

  38. Auburn reminds me of autumn. The colour the leaves turn before they fall to the ground lifeless. Autumn is my favourite season, you see. It gives me any excuse to wear my favourite scruffy jumpers and fluffy and curl up on the sofa whilst watching reruns of Friends.

    By Yolanda URL on 05.12.2013

  39. Her auburn hair flew behind her as she ran, looking like a wild fire. When she spun around in a circle, it flew around her, looking so fire-like that Erin almost told her to stop, drop, and roll

    By Iam Me URL on 05.12.2013

  40. It’s the color of her hair. Auburn. Not a brown. Not a red. Not a yellow. But tints of all, as if the sun is filtering through a specimen from the desert. She’s different in that way. Not the typical girl I am used to seeing in this coffee shop. My coffee shop, that is. I watch her order her coffee and then I find my place on the page in front of me and continue reading.

    By Kajsa on 05.12.2013