April 13th, 2013 | 161 Entries

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161 Entries for “attracted”

  1. hot people, science, law of attraction, the secret, strings pulling two people together, magnets, stairs, clothes being stuck together, ladder, rats, snakes, traps

    By Shelly on 04.13.2013

  2. People get attracted to fruit. Mostly lemons, but pineapples and McGyver are absoloutely attractive too. Most people stick their genitals inside the fruit, but with McGyver it´s more difficult. Suddenly you are superglued to his anus for ethernity.
    Moral – never get attracted.

    By Daniel on 04.13.2013

  3. Sheila stared at the fluttering moths. Attracted to the lantern they bumped against it, their wings whirring. Sheila really just wanted to go to sleep, but sleep was not cooperating with her tonight.

    By Wylee on 04.13.2013

  4. I saw him. On the first day in a new school, in a new class. Sitting diagonally from my seat, I said hello. He waved. And in that moment, I was attracted to him. Like a planet, following its star. Once lost, I was now found. Like a magnet, repulsed from all but that which drew me in. He became that which drew me in.

    By redglassesgirl on 04.13.2013

  5. She attracted good wherever she went , because their was good in her heart. It didn’t matter
    what she said or did as long as she remembered to bless everything with care & compassion.

    By skylarkin URL on 04.13.2013

  6. Sure, I’m attracted to you.

    By Jason URL on 04.13.2013

  7. Ugh! I’m sure this isn’t what is supposed to happen, Okay attracted. Magnets are attractwed to one another – North to south, or is it noerth repels south? And I am attracted to this website because it seems like its supposed to help you with daily writing – even though I have no idea what is soing to happen ext when my sixty seconds are up,

    By beth on 04.13.2013

  8. yesterday something attracted me which is the trees ,and i was attracted to the smell of the flowers.

    By HAMZEH HDS on 04.13.2013

  9. I am so attracted to you. I can not even fathom how you re so attractive. I sit there and watch you in art, you never see me. I talked to you for the first time on Friday. You seemed nice, but now I am 75% sure you are gay, which sucks.

    By Carolina Norman on 04.13.2013

  10. He had never felt this way before, not about anyone. She was the sweetest apple he’d ever tasted. It was safe to say he was attracted. She was a black widow, and he was a moth desperately beating his wings for safety.

    By FezzesAreCool URL on 04.13.2013

  11. Of course, everyone knows one day they’re gonna fall in love. They’re gonna have someone that they find cute both inside and out, someone they want to sleep with but at the same time stay up all night discussing your favourite books and hobbies. Everyone

    By Amanda URL on 04.13.2013

  12. I am seeing you, as I want to see you, as I imagine you to be. The calling of your scent, your mysteries, brings me into your life like I want to know what it is about. That I want to see you, know you, go through a messy physical and emotional ride that we can share and love our emotions that occur, whether they are ‘bad’ or ‘good’ when really it is just you and me together.

    By Josh URL on 04.13.2013

  13. Two people
    No matter what gender
    Social class
    No matter how tall
    Or short
    Or how inexplicably arrogant
    You are
    Two people
    You and someone else
    Will fall in love
    You’ll want to hug them
    Kiss them
    Let them know
    You care

    By typewritingly URL on 04.13.2013

  14. The paper clip moved imperceptibly at first. Then it appeared to vibrate on the table top. It stopped for about a second, before starting to judder again. As the hand moved closer it seem to almost pause in the air before rushing forward and connecting with the magnet.

    By Ian URL on 04.13.2013

  15. attracted is attraction. attraction drives all that is. we are attracted to clothes, money, certain lifestyles, people. the rest of our lives will depend on what were attracted to.

    By danielle on 04.13.2013

  16. attraction is one of basic human attributes we get attracted to people and even things. the extent of attraction and the quality of it often defines who we are.

    By arv on 04.13.2013

  17. Sometimes you can’t see where to look.
    The eyes aren’t designed to pick out the clues
    that guide children through trees
    into a place of food fights and colour fights and
    water balloons that crash around the feet
    of the people you fancy.

    There is not enough time
    to colour the path to
    the right person.

    By degna URL on 04.13.2013

  18. I hate myself for being attracted to you and for making your looks the main reason I liked you. That’s all you really have anyways. Your looks. You’re mean and ugly on the inside, and if you aren’t you certainly haven’t shown me otherwise.

    By Olivia URL on 04.13.2013

  19. “You love him.”

    “Courf, what –”

    “You are sexually attracted to Enjolras.”

    /”Courfeyrac keep your voice down.”/



    By Julia A. URL on 04.13.2013

  20. “Evelyn, please–” his voice rings in my ears as I turn away from the door. “Please, just listen to me.”
    I whip back around to face him. “What, Aaron? What do you think you could say to me that could make this any better?”
    “Oh, I don’t know.” he says, rolling his eyes, his words spitting with sarcasm. “How about I’m sorry!?”
    I glare at him. “I’m sorry won’t change what you did. Nothing will, alright? Just leave me alone.” I turn again.

    By Harper URL on 04.13.2013

  21. “I’m not all that attracted to him,” Mary said. She eased back in her chair. The legs scraped at the concrete ground. “Frankly, he gives me the willies.”
    “I thought that was only me,” Janice said. “It was instant creepville, even though he’d done absolutely nothing.”

    By Linda Adams URL on 04.13.2013

  22. It was an undeniable feeling, the way she walked, the way she talked, the way her hair bounced around like miniature slinkies even when she was still. I would walk to school in the mornings, hoping to see her along the way so we could chat, even if it were only a few words. Wether the feeling was mutual, I wasn’t sure, I was never taught the queues to watch for when someone was attracted to another. After days of accompanying each other on our walk to school, I finally summoned enough courage to ask her- the uncertainty had become too much to bear. I can’t remember what I said, but I do remember her response. Her mouth widened revealing her perfectly aligned, pristine, stubby teeth, I had never seen a smile so beautiful.

    By Ryan G URL on 04.13.2013

  23. I was attracted to her good looks. Her smile, those dimples, her pretty ocean blue eyes that twinkled in the moonlight. Her blonde locks of hair, perfect and simple. I was attracted to her personality, the way that she made me laugh, her adorable sense of humor and her idiosyncrasies.

    By Gilltyascharged on 04.13.2013

  24. the light
    the sun shone on my back
    bringing warmth
    and i ran
    faster and faster
    until i could barely breathe
    but the freedom
    it pulled me in
    like a moth to light
    and i could not
    would not
    chasing it

    By Em URL on 04.13.2013

  25. I placed my breakfast bowl down on the dew covered table, attracted to the chill air that would no doubt precede a sweltering hot day.

    By Fiona URL on 04.13.2013

  26. I have been attracted to your words for almost four years now. So let me be close to you and lets see what will happen when we can be for real.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 04.13.2013

  27. The house was attracted by lots of attention. Many of the press where there staring at the house… Standing bold and bright glistening in the sun light. Attracted by lots of attention by all… Attracted… And may it be a coinsidance or not the house was called attracted. What wonders like behind the house… Who knows?

    By rehaan on 04.13.2013

  28. The house was attracted by lots of attention. Many of the press where there staring at the house… Standing bold and bright glistening in the sun light. Attracted by all… Attracted… And may it be a coinsidance or not the house was called attracted. What wonders like behind the house… Who knows? Attracted! Manor Attracted it was called. It contained many rooms, all holding there own mystery… All having their one story… Each one longing to tell!!

    By rehaan on 04.13.2013

  29. Why do opposites attract so much? North magnetic pole attracts the South magnetic pole. Bad attracts good. Up attracts down. But why does this happen? No one knows.

    By Hex Goblinweb URL on 04.13.2013

  30. I wasn’t attracted to him at first. I stood near him though, and felt the electric attraction of our bodies working totally independent of my mind. He wore a green, plaid, short sleeved, collared shirt and khaki shorts. I didn’t know what to do about the strange feeling in my body, and he asked me to come over. I declined. The next day, I did come over.

    By Claire on 04.13.2013

  31. He drew her breath into himself, growing more attracted with every molecule of her.

    By Marianne URL on 04.13.2013

  32. I know I want to write… I’m attracted to the kind of lifestyle where you ‘don’t have to work a day in your life,’ according to Ray Bradbury. Maybe I don’t see writing as that easy, but I certainly never see it as a pain, or the part of my life that I need to remove from my life to make it more substantial… no, writing is my life, no matter how mediocre you think I may be. And I love it. It is the joy to my life.

    By A.C. Rooks URL on 04.13.2013

  33. I was ensnared by something far beyond her beauty though that, in and of itself, was potent enough. But it was her spirit, her very essence, which attracted me, which drew me in and rendered me powerless to resist. And I was enraptured not only by the sight of her but by her very existence.

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 04.13.2013

  34. Everyone is attracted. It doesn’t mater what to. We just are. That’s what humans do. we become attracted. That’s how we love.

    By Katie on 04.13.2013

  35. He was attracted to danger. To the touch of guns and knives against his skin, the splitting of flesh when bullets pierced through him. There was very little that was more attractive than that, because it was the only constant he’d ever had in his life. Blood, guts, pain, screaming, the danger of not coming home at night. Of course he had nothing to come home to, and perhaps that was what made danger even more attractive.
    Danger was attractive to him, and he knew it.

    By Love Raney on 04.13.2013

  36. Pulled; ripped; tangled; trapped. Her look was the briefest and the most enchanting I had ever beheld.

    By Martin Casement URL on 04.13.2013

  37. I couldn’t help being attracted to him. The curve of his chin, the shape of his face, his smile, just everything about him was attractive. I felt like he was a regal prince waiting to take me away off to a far away land.

    By Emily on 04.13.2013

  38. It was there all at once. The unwelcome visitor, the mirror of the soul. ‘I’m betrothed’ I tried to say, but to no avail. The sheets have trapped me.

    By Martin Casement URL on 04.13.2013

  39. I’m attracted to life. It is my passion, I want it to be my passion. Once I can get over all the bullshit that destracts me from life, I truly begin to live. I will suffer through life and I will embrace it, and it will be beautiful. I’m attracted to the thrill of it

    By matt on 04.13.2013

  40. I am attracted to you in the worst way possible.
    I’m attracted to your eyes when they sparkle like stars.
    I’m attracted to your ears how they always hear what I need them to.
    I’m attracted your mouth, the way it quirks up when you smile.
    I’m attracted to your voice, it’s smooth like chocolate and comforting like rain.

    By Mamzelle on 04.13.2013