July 4th, 2011 | 317 Entries

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317 Entries for “assisted”

  1. aided, abetted, helped, supported, enabled, facilitated,

    An ass is ted. Out of the box – associate. Uncharacteristic freedom. Brilliance?

    By Valerahaha URL on 07.04.2011

  2. A soft hand rested on her shoulder, a smile squeezed from her face. He was all that she lacked, and though she could not live without him, she was less a caged bird than one which a nest to which it could return.

    By Rin URL on 07.04.2011

  3. I have many friends that have assisted me through hard times but yet it seems my true rock has always been my family. I know I can count on them for true assistance no matter what I am going through. They love me unconditionally. And I am always here to assist them, too. Because thats what family does.

    By taylor devost on 07.04.2011

  4. she assisted him in the one thing he could never understand. How to love. Together they taught each other new things every day. She taught him what it was like to have someone listen, and he taught her what it was like to have someone care. They were magnificent together. They were in love.

    By Kennedy Daniels on 07.04.2011

  5. to help another, whole heartedly. and asking for nothing in return.
    to love thy neighbor as thyself.
    to give strength to another being, literally and figuratively.
    to love each other in the darkest hour.

    By kara URL on 07.04.2011

  6. I saw an old man crossing the street, stooped over his cane, his breath laboured and raspy. There was a thin trickle of blood flowing down his hairless scalp. I couldn’t help but stare. I didn’t do anything to help as he walked down the street….just watched.

    By Calvin on 07.04.2011

  7. Assisted is such a nice initiative. Yet, sometimes, it’s awfully demeaning. I guess that depends on the person I am, and the person who is assisting me.

    By Nishat on 07.04.2011

  8. I saw a young man who assisted an elderly lady across the street. At first I thought they were related by the way they conversed so freely as they crossed, but it came to my attention that they were merely being civil. It is rare to see such congeniality these days. Rare and refreshing.

    By Christine on 07.04.2011

  9. I have no idea what to put here…
    assisted: old people, shopping bags, cane, grey hair, tomatoes? this is what I think of when I hear assisted… Also, I don’t want anyone to assist me.

    By Kt Perner URL on 07.04.2011

  10. I didn’t now how it happened, i saw a man sitting alone in a park and he was crying/ alone. When i thought he couldn’t get anymore down he dropped his final cigarette he was smoking and started to tremble, so without further a due i handed him my last cigarette and made a difference, i assisted.

    By Christopher on 07.04.2011

  11. Hospitals. I volunteer at one. I assist patients 3 days a week. I change sheets, I push wheelchairs, I take lunch trays, I play with kids and I clean toys. It wasn’t until right now that I realized how much of a slave I am to the hospital. LOL. geez.

    By Shannon URL on 07.04.2011

  12. Assisted? what kind of writing prompt is that! I feel very un-assisted in achieving my goal of writing nonsense in this box while watching my little purple bar underneath all of this fill up. Stupid word in a stupid font in a stupid purple in a stupid place. >:P

    By stellasoliz URL on 07.04.2011

  13. I always feel bad when I see people get hurt just the way I expected them to. I could have assisted that person and maybe they wouldn’t be hurt they way they are. But I also keeping telling myself that it had to happen because although even to me it sounds stupid, I think I still believe in fate or whatever. I like to think I do at least so guilt doesn’t take over my life.

    By Rowan URL on 07.04.2011

  14. I’m sure that the first thing the majority of people think about is the elderly. Why is that? Just because their older doesn’t always mean they need assistance. They are just as willing and able as we are. Sometimes the young need assistance too. It’s not like we should judge them based on their age. Don’t take your age for granted. It’ll be gone someday.

    By Shannon URL on 07.04.2011

  15. Her gait was long, dignified. The sound of her heels echoed and bounced off the walls. A few people turned to gawk at this enigma of a woman. But all of a sudden the image of the beautiful lady was shattered. She tripped and fell to the floor, assisted by no one.

    By Meghan URL on 07.04.2011

  16. assistance. i don’t need any. i don’t need you. i am strong. on my own. i am me. myself. unassisted. alone.


    we need assistance to survive.

    By carolyn on 07.04.2011

  17. Assisted. Well I think I’ve heard that word about 20 times this weekend. You see, when you go camping… not helping isn’t an option. You assist everyone. Even other campers and not just your own fam bam. By the end of my assistance today, I was sweaty, dirty, and my hands hurt and were swollen. But in the end… it was totally worth it.

    By Taylor Fielding URL on 07.04.2011

  18. help. old people. school work. Government. Family. Money.

    By Miranda Haslam on 07.04.2011

  19. Assisted living. One of the saddest forms of help I’ve ever known of. Senior citizens living in diapers and hand-fed apple sauce. Seems like a memory of years, years earlier.

    By Amber Paxton on 07.04.2011

  20. She assisted in the trip.

    By paperplane2 URL on 07.04.2011

  21. We assisted upon insistence that we assist his assistant.

    By Marianne URL on 07.04.2011

  22. Being assisted throughout my life by my parents. Assisted by people who care, love and believe in what I want in life. As i go through life I know I will need to be assisted at times but at times like these i want to stray from assistance

    By Geoff K URL on 07.04.2011

  23. assisted.
    i think i dislike that word… assisted.
    it makes me automatically think of assisted living homes.
    and really i don’t have much to write about that.

    By korrina URL on 07.04.2011

  24. They say that assisting to something is just as bad as doing it yourself.
    I didn’t have a choice! If I didn’t help him, he was going to kill me too!
    It wasn’t my choice!
    You have to believe me!
    They say assisting to something is just as bad as doing it yourself.
    So here I am.
    The Assistant.
    I assisted in killing a man.
    It was my fault.
    Good bye.

    By Lovely Lily URL on 07.04.2011

  25. Assisted living. My grandmother is going there soon. She’s slowly becoming blind and her health has not been the best. She hopes to be moving out soon and going into assisted living. I pray that God gives her the strength to continue through this difficult journey.

    By victoria URL on 07.04.2011

  26. I instantly think about Assisted Living. How many people need assistance just to live. It’s sad, really. Think about it. Assisted living. You need someone to assist you as you breathe and move and think upon this earth. Someone helps you live. Assisted living.

    By Amanda on 07.04.2011

  27. I am assisted with a nurse. I am a doctor. I give shots to people and I enjoy it. I am American. I like my assistants. They are nurses. Some nurses are boys and some are girls. Once I was assisted with a person from the ER.

    By Susie on 07.04.2011

  28. I’ve never really felt like I need to be assisted. I always felt I had control of everything and didn’t need anyone. But I was wrong, we all need assistance at some point. Cause lifes problems are overwhelming, and we all become helpless and need a helping hand.

    By Matt Flann on 07.04.2011

  29. To help, to aid, to assist. I have assisted people. I have assisted people on both good and bad terms.

    By AmyMae URL on 07.04.2011

  30. asssisted by the world in so many ways. it gives everything we need as we give things it doesnt

    By Emma URL on 07.04.2011

  31. I wouldn’t be able to leave for Kenya on Thursday if I hadn’t been assisted in so many ways. I was given the application by someone I knew, I was assisted in the interview process by the awesome volunteers, and I have learned so much from the program that will help me when I get there. Twelve years of public education helps, too.

    By Natalie on 07.04.2011

  32. It wasn’t meant to start out that way. She was supposed to live a long and exciting life. That was, she was supposed to live it before two words. Terminal cancer. What a blow, right? Two words that meant the world had finally given her its “fuck you.” And if that couldn’t change things up, what would?

    By Seri on 07.04.2011

  33. assistance is what we all need in life but are too scared or ashamed to ask for it for the most part good friends and family will notice we need help whether it be money food or just someone to talk to we all need opinions and a helping hand whether or not we like to admit it like myself i accept things for the way they are and move on thanks to all the people in my life you know who you are

    By manny capote aka drs on 07.04.2011

  34. “oh, i’m sorry, let me help you with that” the man stuttered after bumping into the fair woman who had been carrying her groceries down the block. he noticed her hair was an oddly pale blond color, and her eyes were darker than he had ever seen before. everyone had contrast, but this was just strange. “no, it’s ok.” she said, seeming both in a rush and distrustful of the man, and continued on her way.

    By B on 07.04.2011

  35. When people get used to being assisted by me all the time, they abuse it. (Like in English or Algebra. ESPECIALLY in Algebra)

    Hate that.

    By Krisha Coleen. URL on 07.04.2011

  36. i was an elderly man and i knew when the walk sign turned i wouldn’t make it across the street alone. i looked helplessly for someone to help me as i stood and felt my knees give way. no one wanted to help and elderly homeless man. untill all of a sudden i was assisted.

    By Kristen Carrigan on 07.04.2011

  37. Assisted living dracula. Pretty scary stuff, if you’re into nursing home horror movies, which some folks in the industry might be. The beginning of a whole new genre. I’m just waiting for Wheelchair Frankenstein… It’s sort of alive!

    Oh, so now I have sixty more seconds to write? I have somehow gamed the system due to its own poor design! Though this isn’t really a contest, I suppose, so much as it is a nice little stimulus for free writing and blockage removal. The kale of the internet writing world. Fiber gets you regular.

    By Ben URL on 07.04.2011

  38. assisted , well i dont know what exactly means,. but i just can say, my father assisted me last night with my homework.

    By Olga on 07.04.2011

  39. The nurse assisted with 36 surgeries, without the doctor even knowing her name. She passed him scalpels and instruments and needles, saved countless lives, and saw the death of a few too. But still, the doctor had no idea who she was when she smiled at him in the corridors of the hospital.

    By travellati URL on 07.04.2011

  40. the drugs only assisted my subconscious announce what i already knew. now my issues are out in the open, forcing me to pay attention without distraction.

    By BattleCry URL on 07.04.2011