November 30th, 2011 | 264 Entries

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264 Entries for “anywhere”

  1. A place where I can lay on the beach and drink a frosty cold beverage. I can also read as many books as I want without interruption and without time constraints.

    By Nicole Massey on 11.30.2011

  2. anywhere but here. what am i really trying to accomplish? why do i have such a compulsion to leave? to go abroad and travel? i mean i am doing good deeds so that’s alright, right? well where is the line? between doing good deeds for the world and leaving your loved ones behind? i love everyone though. i promise.

    By Naomi URL on 11.30.2011

  3. Seems so impossible. It’s for everyone else, not me. My path is set, it’s predicable, boring and unrewarding. Sometimes anywhere is limitless. It’s all that could be in life. It’s the warmth of a sun I will never feel, air I will never feel glide on my skin and tastes I will never experience.

    By lizamajig URL on 11.30.2011

  4. I’d rather be anywhere…with him. Anywhere but here in this moment. I’d like to be on a beach…in the sand…with the sun on my shoulders.

    By Tena Prudente on 11.30.2011

  5. “Let’s just go.” He said. And I laughed.

    Not a full out laugh, I s’pose. It was more of a chuckle. A scoff. An “Are you insane?!” kind of laugh. Not like I had any money. Not like I had any means of transportation.

    “Go.” He repeated. And this time I stared up at him. How would we get there? With what money? what food? What PERMISSION?

    “Where?” I asked. I sniffled and swiped at my eyes. He smiled, leaned in and whispered so that only I could hear.


    By Elin on 11.30.2011

  6. i would love to go anywhere. if i could, i would probably go to italy or to a remote island somewhere. i would blog about the cultures, the food, the people. i would spend my days meditating and learning about all the wonders life has to offer.

    By christina on 11.30.2011

  7. In my minds eye i am anywhere.
    I am where I want to be and where I am.
    I am anywhere outside of this library where i sit now procrastinating.
    I am on top of a snowy alaskan peak, ready to ski down it.
    I am snorkeling in a cerulean carribean sea.
    I am anywhere.
    i am everywhere.
    it is all we are.

    By traveling kd URL on 11.30.2011

  8. Anywhere. I hated the word. Anywhere… It didn’t flow on my tongue the way other words did. Like prolepsis. Like fidelity. Anywhere. The word, everyone loved. They loved what it meant, what it expressed. Me? I just found it boring. Why go anywhere if you can go everywhere?

    By Alex URL on 11.30.2011

  9. You just can’t move and go anywhere. One will find that once you get to anywhere, you are still nowhere. The key is to make the place where you are somewhere, at all cost. Easily recognized, not easily done.

    By Fender2010 URL on 11.30.2011

  10. You could be anywhere, and I wasted your time. I’ll never forget and I won’t forgive myself any time soon. I’ve been saying sorry a lot lately, but you can’t hear me. I’m sorry for that.

    By Deidrene URL on 11.30.2011

  11. “Where shall I meet you?” she asked.
    “Anywhere” I replied. She knew where that would be. Out back, beyond the pale rock that catches the moonlight on clear nights, when the stars are too dark and too distant to cast their own shadows. As they led me away, I knew it wouldn’t be long. She’d hung around me just long enough to slip me that paperclip. It would be child’splay, and these two didn’t look like the sort who tended to pay attention to the small details.
    Forty minutes later, I arrived. A little breathless after the long climb up there, but pleased to see she’d made it before I had. The moon was just breaking from behind the scattering clouds. In the distance, a glow arose from a gully where I’d ditched the car and the two gentlemen accompanying me. That had been the easy part, and the night had only just begun.

    By Gordsthoughts URL on 11.30.2011

  12. anywhere is supposed to be somewhere i can go right? am i there already? can i be there? i just want to be anywhere. i wanted to be here. i wanted to leave. anywhere but here, right? i don’t know anymore. where is where. anywhere, here,

    By cherri3pie on 11.30.2011

  13. I could be anywhere and still be with you. Deep in my heart you lay. Burned deep into my skin. You follow me. Or perhaps it is I who follow you? Anywhere anytime I will find you in the closest of places. Do not leave this place. Fear is no longer here.

    By Olivia URL on 11.30.2011

  14. Anywhere is. That’s a song by Enya. She’s a singer. A singer is musical performer. Music is pleasing to my ears. My ears are on the sides of my head. My head is on my shoulders.

    By Si URL on 11.30.2011

  15. Anywhere

    Anywhere but here.

    She didn’t know where she was going, only that she had to go. She knew it was unlikely any of them would come back, but they could. If they did, she rationalized, she could lock the door. Refuse to let anyone in. They’d go away in time. But they’d still know she was there. They might come back another time. Wait for her outside, or drive down her street, or park across the street, looking through her windows to see if she was home. They might wait in the lobby, bother her neighbors. They might even enlist others to drive by on their behalf.

    She would have to go.

    “Stay” she’d thought to herself. “Stay and calm down. You’ll be happier in the morning when you’re still in your home instead of who knows where.” This is what she’d told herself as she’d locked the doors, turned off the lights, and tried to get some sleep. But sleep hadn’t come, and an hour later, she was packing. The fastest panicked packing she’d ever done. What do you pack when you don’t know where you’re going? Money, clothes, pajamas, laptop, dvds (for distraction), papers, bills, PDA, chargers for everything…. a backup drive of important files… Nothing abnormal. Only items that would make her unmemorable. That would make her blend in with a crowd. Sweats, caps, subdued colors. Everything had to fit in one suitcase. One case that she could roll.

    “You should stay” a voice inside her still said, but the panic hadn’t subsided. She’d given it a chance. She’d tried to take a nap, but that hadn’t worked. So now it was time for plan B. Now it was time to run.

    By Noisy Quiet URL on 11.30.2011

  16. if i could be anywhere right now. id be in the carribean. in warm weather. in a bathing suit. swimming in clear water. anywhere.

    By Emmy URL on 11.30.2011

  17. anywhere. I’m stuck, not at any place nor a particular destination. I’m just…. HERE .
    and i think may be the journey’s more important than the actual end?
    or how could THAT be, when that’s all that seems to matter?

    may be I won’t wait, I’ll stop thinking, then I’ll be anywhere. I’ll be here and there, and where ever you’re eyes go… I’ll be ….
    um, well, anywhere

    By zainib URL on 11.30.2011

  18. i would go anywhere to be with him again. far away as i could go to be with him. the hottest place, the coldest place. anywhere he wanted to be and i would be there in a heartbeat. i would be with him anywhere, except where he actually is, heaven.

    By Kim URL on 11.30.2011

  19. When I think of anywhere, I think of escaping. So anywhere becomes a safe haven – salvation or redemption. Take me anywhere. I’d go anywhere with you. It’s a romantic sense of leaving and becoming a recluse in some wide-open space. Stripped of everything else that clutters the space you inhabit now, anywhere is the essential core of your soul.

    By s. smile URL on 11.30.2011

  20. anywhere is where I wanna be, Anywhere but here. Get me out of here. take me anywhere.

    By Kayleigh on 11.30.2011

  21. “where do you want to go to grad school?”



    basically any state that fought for the union in the civil war.

    By sarah marie URL on 11.30.2011

  22. Anywhere… that sounds brilliant, if I could be anywhere right now, I would want to be vacationing in Australia or sitting in the beach of Hawai or better yet just sleeping in my warm cozy bed on this cold windy day. Anywhere but here sounds perfect… makes it sound like my life is sad but its not, its just boring. I am bored and restless and so anywhere sounds… well, beautiful.

    By Pari on 11.30.2011

  23. I go anywhere with my friends.
    I play anywhere I get told
    I love to go anywhere.
    Anywhere is a cool word
    Anywhere I go is with my friends family or people

    By Nick on 11.30.2011

  24. Anywhere. Anywhere means any place, all locations are anywhere. Anywhere you want to go, somewhere you want to go, everywhere is anywhere.

    By Adam on 11.30.2011

  25. Anywhere can be used in a sentence like ” if you could go anywhere where would you go

    By Ryan on 11.30.2011

  26. Here, there and anywhere. You can go anywhere you want to go like Queensland or America, you can even go for a bike ride anywhere.

    By bmeyer16 URL on 11.30.2011

  27. Anywhere kinda means like your free to go places and it kinda reminds me of the song ‘ive been everywhere man’

    By Jeffrey on 11.30.2011

  28. Anywhere can be any place in the universe and cannot be a particular place or area. Anywhere I go, I am me and I cannot change that.

    By Tommy on 11.30.2011

  29. Anywhere can be anywhere which is anywhere and you don’t know where I am because I can be anywhere see I am writing this from an undisclosed location which could be anywhere.

    By Madrag on 11.30.2011

  30. Anywhere, anywhere is Usally used when someone is looking for something for example someone might say “wheres my school bag? I couldn’t find it anywhere” this is just one example I’m sure there are plenty more.

    By Sam Baum URL on 11.30.2011

  31. You can be anywhere in the world and at any place at any time

    By Caleb on 11.30.2011

  32. I am anywhere, like a ghost, like that guy, and I am sort of telling you something but there is no point in listening to me so bye

    By Its ya brother from another mother on 11.30.2011

  33. There here anywhere up down side to side front back fly dig run wark lol

    By Dillan1212 URL on 11.30.2011

  34. Am I here? Am I over there? I am everywhere!!! Look ANYWHERE and you wil find me! Can you guess who I am? YES! I AM THE BOOGIEMAN!!! BOOGIE BOOGIE BOOGIE!!!
    Hee hee!

    By Dominator URL on 11.30.2011

  35. Anywhere
    I can go anywhere
    I can’t find my… Oh found it :)

    By Gigantor URL on 11.30.2011

  36. Any where is anywhere, anywhere u can go to china anywhere????? I have to do this really quickly because I have 1 % left and don’t have charger at school so this is really randoningisnness???? I can go any wherei want to said bob?????????”???????????????????????? But he don’t have wings so he can’t but if you have wing s you still can go an where????? By 4 now??!?!?

    By Joelzer12 on 11.30.2011

  37. Anywhere is that u can go where ever you want and people go anywhere on vacation or somewhere else they want to go.

    By Aristos URL on 11.30.2011

  38. I am here i could be anywhere but im not anywhere I am here not over there but hear right where I am ment to be which is hear not any where and her isn’t there and there isn’t any where but just where ibet I confused you ha ha ha I’m also confused and no I’m not cRAzY
    Live long and prosper by chicken b squad

    By Chicken bomb squad ! URL on 11.30.2011

  39. Anywhere is nowhere
    F is for frien hat do stuff together
    U is for u and me
    N is for anywhere and any time at all down here in the deep blue see

    Hee,Hee copy right by Dom

    I first saw this in Spongebob copy right Kurt

    By Ranga on 11.30.2011

  40. Anywhere. I don’t have to say the meaning because, come on. It anywhere. I’m anywhere if you lose me. It’s a word that you should learn in primary school. Damm my iPad is lagging. Llllaaaaaaggggg

    By Brockyate (Brock) lol :p on 11.30.2011