February 16th, 2012 | 179 Entries

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179 Entries for “ants”

  1. Skimming over the earth, earnest, searching, working, loading. Their diligence puts me to shame.

    By Bella Sicilia URL on 02.17.2012

  2. It was $8 to rent the locker which was almost all he had. Nothing in it but ants and a smell that could turn your 8 bucks into liquid and have you paying more just to get the hell out of there…

    By Julia URL on 02.17.2012

  3. When he looked up again he saw her unmistakable flirtatious smile and sparkling eyes…and this put ants in his pants. For an instant, his whole life ceased to exist and he was completely involved in the emotions of this very instant.

    By chole URL on 02.17.2012

  4. They are disgusting & hahve funny looking bodys, i never really liked ants but use to have an ant farm in an butter container. I find ants very weird and gross but i guess they dont harm anyone which is a good thing, omg they smell when drowning. They are horrible things to stand on ust because they are so small it is weird. Sort of feels like something crue because they are so innocent but hmmm. Cant say I fancy ants at all. Can’t say I would have a pet ant… But.. I do like the movie “ants”

    By jess on 02.17.2012

  5. we are all ants in our own right. devolved ants that cant work together without killing each other…devolved ants that can’t life 50 times their own strength. yet we still follow, and bring our ‘leaders’ their daily bread

    By Brandon URL on 02.17.2012

  6. the feeling was wildly unpleasant – like ants crawling on sugar, writhing black specks that tickle and disgust. a perfect sunny, cloudless day, gingham blanket, ruined by ants.

    By Ashlyn URL on 02.17.2012

  7. Small black busy little creatures, who take everything in stride. Scurry, scurry, hurry, hurry, creep, crawly…..

    By Annie URL on 02.17.2012

  8. I hate ants. Especially fire ants. If you live in the south, you know what those are! My daughter, as a child, used to sit in fire ant piles. She would get bitten by so many ants, and she would scream and cry. I would retrieve her, only to find her repeating the behavior and finding another fire ant pile later in the day. No telling what the fascination was there, but one time, when I took her to the doctor, he said that he had never seen so many bites on a child without the child being really, really sick. She was a mess!

    By Judy B on 02.17.2012

  9. ants come. ants go. intent on saving enough food, probably knowing how much is enough, and they keep working because they haven’t saved enough. they are there to survive. i wonder if the skills of survival in itself is their pleasure.

    By kaorita on 02.17.2012

  10. Ants are crawling over the surface of my desk. there are more and more and more of them following. It’s an ant river right in front of me. All I can do is stare at them, how their little legs move without a break, how they line up in order, how nothing seems to distract them from their way.

    By Katja on 02.17.2012

  11. Ants walked down the table leg in a straight line, stopping when the leader became confused by different smells. On their way home, an adventure completed, with food stuffs to bring them into another season. The leader paused, turned right and left the company. Who would guide them now? Why did he leave?

    By cate on 02.17.2012

  12. so i sat down on the blanket
    and made myself all fancy
    just when i felt sooo cozy
    i began to get quite antsy

    i found i could not sit
    and needed to jump around
    when i did and felt my body
    there were ants all around!

    By debi on 02.17.2012

  13. creepy crawly and in your pants. the name of my mate if you were talking about somthing he’s doing. large, red, black and sometimes lethal.. to other insects anyway.

    By duncan on 02.17.2012

  14. oh! they are scary, i ll fight a tiger but not an ant, esp. the red one. They are mean. And i can not believe the story people make about ants being cooperative

    By naman on 02.17.2012

  15. ants in my pants feel icky
    ants in my plants are tricky
    ants in my garden are picky
    ants in my house are snicky

    By beth on 02.17.2012

  16. they are tiny like my puppy and they can hold a cherry and you can eat them

    By harhodes URL on 02.17.2012

  17. Ants in my pants, keeping me anxious, anticipatious, excited. Things never seem what they are, theings never are what they seem. Ants if they were the size of dogs would rule the world. Allegedly.

    By nimbusgrey URL on 02.17.2012

  18. Ants work in group. They are hardworking. Their spirit is inspiring. They live in colonies.

    By arshad shaikh on 02.17.2012

  19. He watched the ants as they walked in a line, one by one, climbing the dirt hill that must have been like several stories tall to them. Each knowing exactly what it was doing, following the one ahead of it through some programmed instinct.

    But he had no one to follow. Like an ant, separated from its colony, limping in circles.

    By Holden URL on 02.17.2012

  20. The dots on the pavement–angry-red and night-black–connected with each other as they trace the sweet highway toward a pillow of bread and crystal sugar. In a gigantic, dangerous dome where we live in, noticing the intricacies of small life can sometimes open a new window that will remind us that Tiny Things make the world seem livelier.

    By Airiz URL on 02.17.2012

  21. Picnics, summer fun, they have a job and a purpose, just please don’t eat my sandwich. I can’t wait for summer!

    By Gwen URL on 02.17.2012

  22. organised
    lined up
    house cleaner
    too many at a time

    By Simran on 02.17.2012

  23. when we were children
    we would place
    cardboard firecrackers
    in dirt mounds
    and watch ants
    scurry in rushed
    retreat. our

    By corey leigh kirby URL on 02.17.2012

  24. small little forgers. sometimes they are pest when they get in your house and crawl all over the place.

    By spiderwebb11 URL on 02.17.2012

  25. tiny little bugs!!!!!!! bugs!!!!!!!!!!some ant are really mean to me they don’t like me but sometimes i like them!!!!!!!!!!!!bugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By loulou88888 URL on 02.17.2012

  26. I hate ants cause they bite. And then the bite itch. I once lit an ant on fire with a magnifying glass! Muahahaha!

    By Noreen on 02.17.2012

  27. the ants go marching one by one harah harah the ants go marching two by two……

    By Amaryllis URL on 02.17.2012

  28. ants are little bugs that crawl all over the ground

    By zach URL on 02.17.2012

  29. ants are craling insects that are small. Some are piosonous. hi

    By butter URL on 02.17.2012

  30. ants are tiny animals that walk all over the world like black ants ants are my favorite kind of animals cause their sooo tinnny

    By Bieberlover URL on 02.17.2012

  31. We once stood in the cold park watching our breath and smoke. I didnt know we were standing in an ant bed. The next day I was covered in bites. There gone now. Like you.

    By leslie URL on 02.17.2012

  32. I have ants in my pants! Going to an art fair as an artist……me….an artist! How exciting to finally have my work recognized………and that I have actually found it…….my destiny

    By Lucyac URL on 02.17.2012

  33. The ants are marching one by one hurrah hurrrah. Theants are marching2 by 2 hurrah hurrah . the ants are marching 3 by three by3 the little one stops to scratch his knee.

    By marylee on 02.17.2012


    By rOSIE on 02.17.2012

  35. they’re everywhere. up the walls. along the floor. in the cupboards. in my head. they infect everything like a river of red fear washing over my life.

    By locke URL on 02.17.2012

  36. the ants have invaded :/ no more free photo editing, that sucks

    By Haze URL on 02.17.2012

  37. She watched the people marching to work, like ants methodically going about their business. Then she let go of the ledge and hurtled towards them.

    By Laura URL on 02.17.2012

  38. In my pants… itching to get out of this building, this city and this country. So be it.

    By Jeanie URL on 02.17.2012

  39. Sitting in the coffee shop, looking out the window. the sun was shining in all it’s beautiful spring glory. Tingles in my stomach. Ants in my pants. My foot swinging like there was music rocking loud and inspired it’s own personal dance. Just waiting for you. Excited to see you. Life opened up.

    By Seansj URL on 02.17.2012

  40. Ants are annoying. They have invaded my house many times.

    By lizzyb97 URL on 02.17.2012