February 9th, 2013 | 210 Entries

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210 Entries for “ancient”

  1. relique, reliquia, old but its merely just a word a state that humans have created sure you will die eventually but you are you be you and be unique then you will be ancient people will remmener you

    By Mafer Zelaya URL on 02.09.2013

  2. Ancient, old as the seas, old as dust, old as dinosaurs. That’s how I used to see my grandpa. He had so many stories that it seemed like he had been around since the beginning of time.

    By Jon URL on 02.09.2013

  3. Something so old and embedded into the history of the world and ourselves. Gold. Solid. Historical.

    By Katie Cascia on 02.09.2013

  4. Historic and decomposed. Far before any time I could ever imagine. Technology ceased to exist. Nature was the only form of entertainment. Humans made the most of what they had and made life wonderful. That world is now in ruins.

    By Meghan URL on 02.09.2013

  5. Ancient things have some unique quality in them that is just beautiful. Ancient artifacts hold so much inside that give so much information. Ancient doesnt have to mean just “old”, its just something with history.

    By Kasey on 02.09.2013

  6. I don’t know… Old? Passe? Something that is still around for me to hate, rubbing itself in my face? Hegemonic ancient-ness that refuses to leave the young alone. Wither and die.

    By Abhineeta URL on 02.09.2013

  7. The way he carried himself was deliberate, full of meaning, like an ancient Greek councilman, his gait unfettered by the crushing gray tide of modern ennui all about him. Indeed, his stride seemed as primeval as the earth upon which he tread. And when he stopped walking to gaze at the swelling trees above, his bones had all the marble promise of David.

    By Neelvar on 02.09.2013

  8. The blood that flows within us is not just our own but that of so many before us. Like artifacts trickling through us and we don’t even realize it. We don’t realize that we are history.

    By Sandra on 02.09.2013

  9. The blasphemous train eeked forward, I held her hand tightly. The mountain reeked of ancient stone and earth, but she didn’t mind. It was dark, but I still wondered how light would be any better. I hoped we would find it.

    By Opal Blossom on 02.09.2013

  10. The ancient is very abstract. No one knows what took place in ancient times but it seems the tendency of people to believe here say about it I.e. religious doctrine is a curable disease.

    By Josh URL on 02.09.2013

  11. ancient times, biblical times. things that seem completely irrelevant, old, historical, ancient-that’s it. but maybe not all ancient things have to stay that way, maybe some can become curent again. maybe some are even more relevant and meaningful than what’s “in” or current now.

    By Elle Shay on 02.09.2013

  12. In her dream, he wore a priest’s garb and a hard topped hat, like the dervishes wore, with cloth hanging down on all sides. He chanted the perimeter of the house in an ancient tongue. She couldn’t tell what his intentions were….

    By Clarity URL on 02.09.2013

  13. Ancient are people
    Ancient are buildings
    Ancient are thoughts
    Ancient are practices
    Ancient is the culture
    Take the Good out of it !!

    By Mayank Agrawal on 02.09.2013

  14. there was an old ruined covered city. deloate with now one around. not life just nothing. except for one thing. this this was not alive it wass not dead either. it was inbetween it was a Formallt.

    By Ayelen on 02.09.2013

  15. walking in the long sand seeing an ancient pyramid coming closer and closer to my eyes, and it takes my breath away or at least whats left of it

    By Jason on 02.09.2013

  16. I love ancient stuff. Ancient books… the smell and the way of writing the text.. but mostly.. the smell.. I mean.. who wouldn’t like that? It just has that something.. I’ve been trying to make parchment.. like in harry Potter… Ancient paper with text in it.. text in a different language .. so basically.. I dissolved coffee powder in water and applied it on paper…. and Lo! I got parchment.. I took an ink pen and wrote down funny figures.. I liked it.. it gave me the “ancient” feel.

    By Sri Vidya on 02.09.2013

  17. The tree was absolutely ancient.
    “Guys…” I shouted “I don’t know if this is a good idea…” but they were already too far up in the tree to hear me.
    I looked down and decided I was too high up to give up.
    So, I climbed.
    By the time I reached the top my friends should have been up there for a while.
    They weren’t.
    They had disappeared…

    By Kelsy F. URL on 02.09.2013

  18. There was an ancient citadel in her dream – she was sure she had never seen it before. It seemed to sparkle – which of course was ridiculous as it was made from stone – but sparkle it did. She wanted to go towards it, she felt compelled to reach for it.

    By Lisa on 02.09.2013

  19. The ancient ruins were the panorama for these set of lovers. They were holding hands tightly strong, as if from one moment to another they would separate forever. They were also scared. Scared that their love wouldn’t be as ancient as the ruins. That it would end some day.

    By Miranda on 02.09.2013

  20. past. gone. nostalgia. a feeling of emptyness knowing that what was could never be again. It’s past. It’s gone. Close your doors and come tommorow for hope of a better future.

    By devin on 02.09.2013

  21. “Stop, please,” I say, and he leans back, away from me. I can feel his embarrassment, and it hurts to watch. He doesn’t even protest with a, “What?” or an, “I didn’t do anything.” I smile in the dark and grab his shirt. “Come here.” My lips press against his, and our smiles mold into one.

    By Marissa URL on 02.09.2013

  22. The ancient artifacts were spilled across the tomb floor like scraps of paper, canopic jars and intricate carvings and, oh, SO much gold. “If we live to get out of this,” I told my guard, “Remind me to buy a boat.”

    By Kate URL on 02.09.2013

  23. the ripener of wine
    the one that gives wise words volume
    the indicator
    of value
    through time

    By D France URL on 02.09.2013

  24. artifacts with egyptians and gold and silver not silver though because everything in egypt was yellow back then and the walls were written on but mrs ooms is ancient and so is that other substitute that i cant think of her name ugh whats her name i dont remember

    By anita on 02.09.2013

  25. What is it? Does it mean wrinkles in old people’s skin? Or does it stand for wisdom that’s been spreading the world since its beginnings? Or does it mean the earth itself, what we stand on every single day?

    By Isabelle URL on 02.09.2013

  26. “Don’t touch that!” but I was too late. Amy had already worn the ancient necklace we found in the attic of my grandmother’s house.
    “Why not? Its nice. Do you think your grandmother would let me wear this for the prom? I think Jessie would love it.” Amy said.
    “Whatever, Amy. I’m going downstairs, so clean up the mess.” I said turning towards the door. When she didn’t answer, I turned around. But the thing is, she wasn’t there.
    On the floor is the necklace she wore few second ago.
    She’s gone….
    And it’s all because of my damn curiousity.

    By LunaSyn20 URL on 02.09.2013

  27. TIme and space fly far back and disappear into a dark vacuum and what is left? Nothing, just emptiness. This is how we began, and this is how we will end.

    By nikki on 02.10.2013

  28. She felt old. Waking up and bones popping. Throbbing blood vessels feeling like they’re going to burst from their containment.
    Rolled over to see the window, rolled back to see the wall. She felt
    Ancient in her own time
    An artifact walking sublimely through this century.

    By Katie on 02.10.2013

  29. From ancient toil break to new mutiny… Where civil hands make civil wounds unclean… From forth the fatal loins of these to foes, a pair of star-crossed lovers take their life.

    By Kaylalala URL on 02.10.2013

  30. …From ancient toil break to new mutiny, where civil hands make civil wounds unclean. From forth the fatal loins of these to foes, a pair of star-crossed lovers take their life…

    By Kaylalala URL on 02.10.2013

  31. My bones feel ancient in the way that life intended. What should not feel ancient is my spirit. It should feel worn, as in I use it everyday. It should feel wise, as in I made and learned from my mistakes a long the way. It should feel soft and strong at the same time, but never ancient. This life is not supposed to feel like dying.

    By evey URL on 02.10.2013

  32. Once unveiled the life sized statue of an ancient Chinese general gazed impassively on all assembled and the words that followed.

    By Valentin Eni URL on 02.10.2013

  33. The ancient ruins were scattered around the field. Higgins walked over to one of them and touched it. He felt a strange power surge through him as it started to glow. He turned to his assistant and whispered in awe; “It still works!”

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 02.10.2013

  34. They were like pyramids, but not really. Or Stonehenge, but not quite. Whatever they were, bar the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, he needed to get rid of them. “It’s disgusting and gross,” she said, “I’ve never known someone to keep pizza boxes on the ground as long as you.”

    By Jesse URL on 02.10.2013

  35. Egypt. Pyramids. Initiation. Richness of culture. A well designed society. The keeper of truth. Color and abundance. simple and focused life. Structure and timelessness.

    The Great Change of our World.

    By Hank Moody URL on 02.10.2013

  36. There was an ancient ball at the bottom of see. June went for a dive and discovred it. She saw the pretty colours and got enchanted by how shiny it is. The sun came and the ball exploded spreading colours all over the world.

    By Zaynab Lotfy on 02.10.2013

  37. I dont uch about ancient history, but Im really interested in it. the kings, the quees, rules, and the antiques- all interest me.
    i love antiques. they have so much of history to them, it gives them personality. nything rugge

    By Aakarshita on 02.10.2013

  38. She smiled faintly, wrinkled cheeks lifting and making the skin by her eyes crinkle. “Well, you know me,” she joked. “I’m ancient.”

    By Raida Kabir URL on 02.10.2013

  39. Ancient is made up of recorded history, nostalgic or forgotten, old and rusty but is the root to everything that’s around us. It is the basic and the start of everything.

    By Huntingrey URL on 02.10.2013

  40. The ancient road: that leads to nowhere. The one that many have travelled but few have understood. The one that we all blindly follow into nothingness. Only the brave walk on the grass. Only the brave follow a different path.

    By Ollie URL on 02.10.2013