February 8th, 2013 | 225 Entries

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225 Entries for “growing”

  1. trees grow
    people grow
    but midjets dont grow
    why dont they grow??
    is because of me or is kljasdfhlkjasdhf

    By kittypanda on 02.09.2013

  2. animals grow
    people grow
    but midjets dont grow
    why dont they grow??
    is because of me or is kljasdfhlkjasdhf
    maria maria!! you remind of a westside story, born and raised in a spanish harlem. YOURE LIVING THE LIFE JUST LIKE A MOVIE STAR!!! OOOO MARIA MARIA

    By kittypanda on 02.09.2013

  3. Growing up I had no idea what life meant or where I was supposed to go with it. I was confused, sad, unhappy. I began to realize that everyone wasn’t as jolly and good as I had read about in books. Everyone didn’t want to be my friend, my valentine, or my buddy. I was on my own, and growing up made me realize it.

    By Mikaela Gonzaga URL on 02.09.2013

  4. seeds are the start. The seed is planted and they grow. Seeds of ideas, seeds of plants, seeds of a personality… nature or nurture. Growing occurs without attention of with attention. Sometimes we prune what grows; ideas, plants, personalities. Sometimes we allow the thing to grow of it’s own accord, give it the room and allow it to fill the space as it sees fit. Ideas, personalities, plants. Growing can happen in a large space and a small space. Growing occurs as an exploration of the space that is allowed to be filled. How much space is required to grow and idea, a plant, a personality? How much nurture? When does nurture become pruning?
    Jack grew a beanstalk and it grew to it’s own agenda. The beanstalk was given space to grow and in turn the beanstalk provided an opportunity for Jack to grow.

    By R on 02.09.2013

  5. It

    By Dack on 02.09.2013

  6. There are things growing all around us. You don’t even need to open your eyes. You can turn inward and see that you are growing at every turn. Every time a moment goes by at every turn of the earth, you are growing.

    By daniel ciullo on 02.09.2013

  7. we all grow, is human nature. growing is important is part of evolution.not just physical but mentally. out grow of certain things. see the big picture. dont stick with old ideas. grow! and as you grow some day you will die. sorry is part of growing.

    By Rulo on 02.09.2013

  8. plants grow. people grow. animals grow. everything grows from something. whether it’s built, blown in from some other location across town, or imagined. Everything around you was built off of something different, isn’t that extraordinary?

    By Rachel on 02.09.2013

  9. plants grow. animals grow. people grow. for any thing, growth is development. every single thing around you or within you – thoughts, actions, breaths – came from somewhere lesser than they are now. Isn’t that extraordinary?

    By fluorescentadolescent on 02.09.2013

  10. Growth means a lot of things-constant change, refreshing emotions, and most of all, a way to remind ourselves everyday, with a gesture so simple as looking into a mirror, that nothing is infinite.

    By hmmwhatshouldmynamebetoday on 02.09.2013

  11. last i saw you
    you wore a skirt to your knees

    now the same skirt
    barely reaches mid-thigh

    barely needs me to hitch it up
    to slip my hand inside

    we were told we’re incorruptible
    incorruptible little girls

    turns out everyone’s incorruptible
    until they turn sixteen

    our kisses never tasted sweet
    only like drugstore lipstick

    i licked it off the edges of your lips
    cleaned it off your teeth

    would make mommy proud
    if she didn’t look away in disgust

    but you make me come home early
    which daddy never did

    guess they’d call us monsters now
    at least we’re the prettiest on this street.

    By isa on 02.09.2013

  12. Growing means forgetting.
    Growing means developing yourself.
    It suck to have to decide everything when you are so young.
    But then again, you dont actually have to.
    Thats why I have decided to not decide.

    By Renata on 02.09.2013

  13. enlarging, getting bigger, larger, getting taller, sizing, plants grow, children grow up. I believe the children are the future, grow up, is a term to call an immatur

    By Abbie on 02.09.2013

  14. Life is like a growing tree. We start out as little baby seedlings then we start to age over the years. Our skin begins to crack, the hair begins to grow everywhere, and our arms become frail and droopy.

    By blah on 02.09.2013

  15. She ate one side of the mushroom and grew taller and taller. Her peers gawked as she surpassed them all, eventually breaking through to the treetops. There, Alice stopped growing. She looked around and wondered if anything would be the same again. It had been quite a journey so far and she imagined there was still a long way to go. Alice knew she differed from her friends, and needed a chance to explore wonderland on her own.

    By Kelsey Taylor URL on 02.09.2013

  16. america today is growing at an alarmingly fast pace. With technology skyrocketing to new heights, communication is endless and creativity is widespread.

    By austin on 02.09.2013

  17. She ate one side of the mushroom and grew taller and taller. Her peers gawked as she surpassed them and eventually the treetops. There, she stopped growing. Alice wondered if anything would ever be the same again. She knew she differed from her friends, and had to explore wonderland by herself.

    By Kelsey Taylor on 02.09.2013

  18. growth of cells or any living organism for that matter, uncontrollable and inevitable. Some things grow at alarming rates and some don’t, the rate at which things grow also cannot be controlled or altered. It is simply a process of life in which we all take part.

    By dean URL on 02.09.2013

  19. It was growing, the little bloom inside of me was blossoming.. He started the growth process between us both. He helped my bud grow into a beautiful tree and i helped him grow into a lovely pink rose. Growing is the only word to describe our passionate feelings toward one another, yet it was so intoxicating that i couldn’t get enough of this growth drug. The bud in me grew up into a healthy, strong tree which radiates love and peace. Our growing only made us both better in time

    By Mya H. on 02.09.2013

  20. up in life is where he wants to be, going forward and up into the sky where he belongs without growth what is life nothing of interest for to do nothing is to go backwards and that’s not where he wants to be he wants to be somewhere and someone and get places for himself

    By Rohan Light on 02.09.2013

  21. up up up
    not going down
    you look lovely in that gown
    care to dance?
    don’t mine if I do
    My how you’ve grown
    may I live with you?

    By Octowhat on 02.09.2013

  22. growing. it starts with painful strains on your legs. then spreads to the arms. Then, comes emotional growing. The most painful kind. All expect you to be an adult before your time actually comes. growing pains.

    By mira on 02.09.2013

  23. When I was younger I use to thing growing up was great, now i realize that being young is so much better than being an adult. Who wants to pay taxes and go to work. Thats boring, running in the backyard bare foot is fun. I wish I was young.

    By Soniya on 02.09.2013

  24. I sat there, small at first, crying like the child I was. But time stops for no man, and soon I saw myself again, this time in the mirror, smiling with a beautiful girl next to me, she was smiling to, her beautiful auburn hair, and a few months later, I saw myself again, alone, but you never stop growing.

    By Atticus on 02.09.2013

  25. to evolve, to change, growing means changing, it could be for the best or for the worst.

    By ximena URL on 02.09.2013