February 9th, 2013 | 210 Entries

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210 Entries for “ancient”

  1. My grandmother was ancient but that didn’t matter. I loved her anyway. Even if she didnt know how to work a mobile phone or even a computer, it made her cute and adorable even.

    By Sofia MacKinnon on 02.10.2013

  2. Something really old, from an earlier generation, a previous moment in history, that usually is accompanied by ancient ideas and traditions that have been preserved alongside the object itself.

    By Tiffany on 02.10.2013

  3. Vacant like an ancient platform, isolated at sea: barnacle-covered and rusting, dustless, blustered by a heaving sea. Memories of bombs and conflict abound in the creaking structure, ghostly helicopters landing and rising in fiery fury.

    By tomcfa on 02.10.2013

  4. those things that one mattered, once meant the world and then some that gave us life, that meant everything, that was what we thrived on are now ancient. giving thanks.

    By Safon on 02.10.2013

  5. An ancient story. Epic proportions were needed. Teaching somebody something is impossible without utilizing a grand scale. Always it come back, this ancient truth. I’m rambling.

    By Jan2510 on 02.10.2013

  6. There’s a lot of ways you could talk about being ancient. I’m old and grey, yet I’m young at heart and barely able to change the younger generations mind. Just because you immediately judge from the exterior image, doesn’t mean you know better than anyone else about who I really am. For all you know I could be a millionaire. For all you care I could be dead and gone.

    By niamh on 02.10.2013

  7. i feel it close. sitting on my throne i’m waiting for the blade to cut all the veins of my reign. after that there’s nothing but blood, the blood of my people.

    By shuji on 02.10.2013

  8. our love was as ancient as all the bones of the greatest lovers

    By stephaniewrites URL on 02.10.2013

  9. They have been here before us. I was not first. I can feel their presence and I can benefit from their knowledge. I just have to be willing to listen.

    By Linahl on 02.10.2013

  10. Ancient is a type of history usually forgotten about due to enormous changes since.

    By Eva on 02.10.2013

  11. How splendid would it be to enter a room in which the mysteries of the ancient world were revealed to you. Where would you go? I’d go to the beginning. Holy crap the universe is huge.

    By Elliott on 02.10.2013

  12. Greece, Rome

    By Pogi on 02.10.2013

  13. I remember riding in the backseat of the car. My grandfather in front, driving. His elbow skin was so wrinkly and was almost detached from the bone. I pulled it lightly and was surprised to find it soft. He laughed and said, “what cha doin, dearie?” And I told him. “Your elbow is soft and wobbly, like a chicken waddle. But soft, like an earlobe. I was just noticing.” And he just chuckled again and shook his head.

    By RedChickPoet on 02.10.2013

  14. out of date
    yet, filled with the knowledge of experience unclouded by advanced pursuits.
    Gut feeling.

    By Buckin von Bronco on 02.10.2013

  15. her skin fell off of her body like she’d lived thousands of years, at least to my childhood eyes. powdery feeling and smelling, my bubbie was like a special animal i’d never met in any other place. every now and then my own skin or smell reminds me of her — usually when i’m in the bathroom — and it kind of grosses me out.

    By Carin URL on 02.10.2013

  16. She digs her fingers into the dirt. Feels it wedging between her fingernails, rich and grainy. Clenches those immune hands. She’s ready to fight, old blood running in her veins.

    She’ll win…
    because she can’t die.

    By genahtastic on 02.10.2013

  17. paper skin
    I see it beating underneath
    so faint…so so faint…
    it’s tired, like you
    not even having the energy to be red
    it’s not beautiful
    it should just end
    Put on a sweater if you’re cold.
    why not just whisper goodbye?

    By Octowhat on 02.10.2013

  18. Everyone likes to think they’re doing something new and daring. Truth is, this conflict is ancient. “New age” is just a new tweak on age-old human selfishness.

    By aura.rayne on 02.10.2013

  19. io amo l’antico, lo trovo affascinante e misterioso. Mi piace l’odore dell’antico, le rovine, la muffa e la vecchiaia. Antico è la parola della mia infanzia.

    By ilaria on 02.10.2013

  20. Ancient. What a nice word. Doesn’t look how it sounds, though. I like that.

    By osnapitzriz on 02.10.2013

  21. beliefs are woven into the chromosome insight of other selves. melting upon inside the liquid of time, forgotten smiles, nice tiles, mediocre minds in all in all a selfish monster.

    By Sameer Ahmed on 02.10.2013

  22. It was the ancient tree fell. The question was not would anyone hear but would it make any difference? For the plants and animals underneath there would be radical change and opportunity too.

    By Meredyth URL on 02.10.2013

  23. old people can be seen as ancient by young people
    but they aren’t
    old buildings are ancient
    the world is ancient
    the universe is ancient, the most ancient thing we know
    yet we call old people ancient

    By Christie on 02.10.2013

  24. When i say Egypt, everybody thinks pyramids, pharaohs, Cleopatra. But they always forget that this was ancient Egypt.

    By dina on 02.10.2013

  25. Never underestimate the power of age. Some things that are ancient have more power than those things that are new. They’ve the experience to draw upon, the power that has been gathered for thousands of years. Family heirlooms, rituals. Almost anything can be more powerful after it’s been here for a century.

    By Serryphae URL on 02.10.2013

  26. It was a city. Enormous, wide and beautiful. Abandoned, for the look of it. And you were the only one to know of its existence. A forgotten city nobody knew about. But you.

    By limeblooded on 02.10.2013

  27. Ancient is the way of hate; but eternal is the way of love.

    By B. Ryngksai URL on 02.10.2013

  28. People used to travel by horses in ancient times.

    By emrah on 02.10.2013

  29. Oddly, it wasn’t the appeal of a foreign power that inspired me to travel. It was the acute juxtaposition of the ancient and contemporary in Rome that piqued my interest. The well preserved ruins are a site to behold, especially when presented among the many office buildings in the town center. It reminds me where we’ve been and, perhaps more importantly, where we have yet to go.

    By John on 02.10.2013

  30. That is the way my soul feels. Ancient is the memory I keep from the very dark beginning.
    I feel the world is something ne

    By Chuck on 02.10.2013

  31. Ancient cultures are the most interesting think in the world. You can learn, you can discover, you can live in other people’s eyes.

    By Diana on 02.10.2013

  32. He is the ancient of days – or so the Bible says. He is my God, my strength, my all. I am blessed to be His child, to call him Abba, (daddy), Father. Without Him my life would still be in shambles – and, today, even in a wicked world, even when I am the wicked part of the world, still He loves and gives me greater grace.

    What a precious thing is that – to know I am a child of the King, the King’s daughter, the loved of His Son. Praise His name now and forevermore.

    thank you for this minute to tell of His great love.

    By barbara URL on 02.10.2013

  33. The brook near where I took that memorable picnic was ancient. Well,presumably it was ancient. Brooks didn’t just spring up somewhere at random did they? WelI I assumed it was ancient and I got to thinking about how much that brook had “seen” or would have seen had it had eyes.

    By Elesha on 02.10.2013

  34. ancient describes something that is old. it usually refers to things such as relics, and antiques. some people are described as ancient, but these usually refer to people from a long time ago in the past (e.g. cleopatra, george washington). ancient describes a long period of time way back.

    By teodor on 02.10.2013

  35. The ancient statues stared back at her. Oddly enough, even though they dwarfed her at an alarming height, she had never felt more peaceful before in her life. Surrounded by history, she could feel the ancient stories and tales swirl around her as she climbed the steps up the pyramid.

    By Robyn URL on 02.10.2013

  36. In ancient days, our living styles were very different from today’s technological era. Ancient people culture and food habits were very different.

    By Ramakrishnan on 02.10.2013

  37. Old history, civilization, earth, human genome, homo sapien

    By Alexander Jon Heijnen on 02.10.2013

  38. The ancient text looked as if it would evaporate. It was so faded you could barely make it out. He reached for it, trying to be as gentle as possible. However, when he touched it, it crumbled into oblivion. Whatever was on it was too far gone for him to be concerned with. It was too late.

    By Kim M on 02.10.2013

  39. Así llamo a mis papas. Es una palabra que me gusta y la considero aplicable a todo. No es necesario encontrarme frente a una estatua China para usarla; es un gran adjetivo para decorar mi hablar.

    That’s how I call my parents. It’s a word I like and consider it applicable to everything. It’s not necessary to be standing in front of a Chinese statue to use it; it’s a great adjetive to decorate my speak.

    By Clara on 02.10.2013

  40. our love is old,
    prophetic, eternal,
    as vast as the universe–

    and nothing i haven’t seen before
    (never mind the love, YOU
    are excruciatingly boring).

    By isa on 02.10.2013