July 15th, 2017 | 37 Entries

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37 Entries for “ancient”

  1. The stories that we tell might seem new, wrapped up in bright, shiny paper and tied with ribbons that gleam in the light, presented in a way that appears surprising and original. In truth, they all contain the spirits of the ancient storytellers, their dusty fingerprints remaining in fragments on the pages. The epics and the poetry, the fairy tales and the folklore – those tales continue to speak to us, leaving tufts of warm breath in our ears.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 07.15.2017

  2. “The ancient ruins are right this way,” Melanie pointed a little further ahead, beckoning her tourist group to follow. “Now be careful, because there is a slight drop along this rocky pathway.”

    The group ambled forward, some holding up cameras and others iPhones, trying to capture the moment. Melanie sighed, biting back the impatient words that were at the tip of her tongue. These people were so engrossed in their technology that they–

    A shrill scream pierced the air. A girl Melanie had seen earlier with her parents had taken a misstep and fallen over the edge of the guardrail.

    Fear seized her insides as panic reigned.

    By AJ Kenobi URL on 07.15.2017

  3. ancient Greek statues
    whisper around my ankle
    like a bomb of sprinkled wrinkle
    swim in it, swim and drown
    turn that smile upside down
    health and beauty
    thoughtful process
    get off that mattress
    reeducate your mind
    go out and come back
    and wake up

    beside me

    By too stable URL on 07.15.2017

  4. Who I am tonight: you see me across the way but I’m a mirage lifted up by heat waves and slipping beyond your vision.

    By Key Ring Full of Keys URL on 07.15.2017

  5. Ancient. When I think of ancient, I go back to Egyptian times. Ancient as in artifacts. Ancient as in mummies. Pyramids. Just history. Tp me ancient remains to live forever because of the stories being told from the history.

    By morganecooper URL on 07.15.2017

  6. I’m starting to feel so ancient. Is language dead? Or am I using the wrong one? Why do you feel so far away? Please come back, I love you Xiu Xie

    By Megan on 07.15.2017

  7. Ancient times. Bible. Religious traditions. I think about how people talked, behaved and the reasons why. I am curious as to their motivations and why specific traditions were so important. They shaped our world. How can we not be interested. How can we not want to know more about who we are and why we are the way we are and do the things that we do?

    By KimberlyH URL on 07.15.2017

  8. The time was old. Everything was just a memory, dying as fast as light travels. The only remeniscence of survival was what was left behind. The ancient artifacts are all we have to see.

    By Nick on 07.15.2017

  9. the buildings are crumbling, deteriorating, slowly but surely dying. we walk amongst them, a group of nobodies, a group of nothing, feeling more at home in this place of rubble than in any other place. like the buildings, we are falling. like them, we are withering into nothingness.

    By shannon URL on 07.15.2017

  10. It’s interesting how some concepts in our lives are themes. Sometimes they feel new and sometimes they feel like we have been working on them for life times. I often feel like I have been struggling to love myself for life times. I wonder why it is so difficult to love myself and feel lovable to others.

    By Brooke Merrick URL on 07.16.2017

  11. As the memory system that is rooted in a human body seems to have existed since… forever, I literally cannot believe my ancient mind, which has gone through so many evolutions and has never been any more complex than right now, can’t think of a fitting short text for this topic.

    By Anastasia on 07.16.2017

  12. Suzy felt ancient as she tried to get out of bed the next day. Only being in her early thirties you would think she could still handle drinking with the girls till 2! It seems like she can’t handle parties like she used to.

    By Noey46 on 07.16.2017

  13. She ran her hands over the stone, feeling the age and the history and willing it to seep into her skin and impart any kind of wisdom on her. She wanted to walk away affected. She wanted to walk around different. What was that Rilke poem? “You must change your life…”

    By Bridget Grace URL on 07.16.2017

  14. Alte Menschen riechen seltsam. Alte Menschen reden seltsam. Oft hören sie nicht mehr richtig. Sie sehen nicht mehr richtig. Sie sind in sich eingekapselt. Sie reden, aber sie fragen nicht nach wenn ich selbst etwas erzähle. Sie wollen nicht wissen, wie es mir geht. Nur das, was sie schon von mir zu wissen glauben, wollen sie noch einmal bestätigt haben.

    By Eli URL on 07.16.2017

  15. My body feels ancient as I climb the stairs to the top of the eifel tower. It has to be worth it I say to myself. It has to be. I keep putting one foot in front of the other, thinking about all the biggest loser challanges I’ve seen invloving stairs. If they can do it, so can I. Well, at least I hope I can.

    By Kimberly Clark URL on 07.16.2017

  16. a history i don’t like to study
    too old, so old the details are muddy
    more than 200 years ago
    it leaves me befuddled

    By molly on 07.16.2017

  17. The skies reached up around me as I traversed the ancient grounds. Artifacts that no one has laid eyes on in centuries lay scattered across the ground, their value forgotten. My foot stepped upon something soft. In the dust, something the Old Ones called a “Teddy Bear.”

    By Kimberly Sheridan URL on 07.16.2017

  18. An ancient locket, old and wise beyond it’s years rested on the chair in front of me. How did that get here? I didn’t recall having seeing it when moving in earlier. “Come” a cold voice hissed, I turned around wildly. I could swear I was dreaming. “Hello?”

    By Cypress Sterling on 07.16.2017

  19. The ancient runes rose high above the beach. Karri stuck her spear in the sound and watched as the light from the fading sun changed against the stone walls.

    By Ann M. Lynn URL on 07.16.2017

  20. This word reminds me of the Book of Mormon. And AP World History. Ancient Aztecs, Ancient Mayans, Ancient Egypt, etc. Also reminds me of my grandparents. Yikes! But they are kind of old…

    By Andrea Patterson URL on 07.16.2017

  21. The Ancient Rome I wish it is nice.

    By Jessie URL on 07.16.2017

  22. I’ve already had this word, right? Why does it appear anyway?
    To show some things stay with us forever? That history repeats itself?
    It does, still no need to remember my little monkey brain.

    By Anastasia on 07.16.2017

  23. The way she looked was in a way that reminded me of an ancient side table you see in an antique store. Something simple but alluring, something you don’t want but you need.

    By Samm on 07.16.2017

  24. ancient is something that is really old. I think of ancient egypt. Some people refer to old people as being ancient! Ancient makes me think of ruins like the ancient ruins in italy.

    By Teneille Thompson on 07.17.2017

  25. The ancient forest beckoned calling her name softly in the rustling of the leaves on the gnarled branches of the trees. A strange feeling came over her as she slowly ventured in.

    By Angela URL on 07.17.2017

  26. Old things remind us about how the present is transient and how we are bound to become just as old as anything on this planet.

    By Horacio on 07.17.2017

  27. ancient dino saur eat marble bananas for lunch after a trilleon gears ate geniouses after

    By stuart on 07.17.2017

  28. This word makes me think of egyptians. They built pyramids, but only the richest of the rich. They thought that your soul needed a place to live in the after life. I don’t like that idea, because if you were a servant in real life, you would be a servant in the afterlife. I bet the poor people didn’t really like this idea, but they didn’t have a choice.

    By betsy on 07.17.2017

  29. the pyrimids of egipt are ancient so is the tombs inside and temples and so is the shinx

    By jordan on 07.17.2017

  30. reading about things that are ancient is incredible. the word itself sounds majestic and regal. anything described as ancient sounds as if it would be so exciting to see or touch or smell. egypt greece rome

    By Katelyn Iacolo on 07.17.2017

  31. hello geo frogs that eat yingyangs for snack and goobles dive tumb down in the koala tickle pit

    By stuart on 07.17.2017

  32. skye got an ancient transformer helicopter it turned in to a robot and a police car

    By jordan on 07.17.2017

  33. hello geo frogs that eat yingyangs for snack and goobles dive tumb down in the koala tickle pit he ate a noodle kookoo bird for noodles

    By stuart on 07.17.2017

  34. its yellow, oxidising, degraded to rubble.
    i stand in her midst, gazing upon
    her majesty.

    By ching URL on 07.17.2017

  35. historical artiface, statue, place, gold, silver, copper, rusty, old, pricless, timeconsumming

    By solara URL on 07.17.2017

  36. 1 of my favorite subjects is history,especially ancient history

    By lauren arthur on 07.17.2017

  37. I am feeling so ancient right now,historical Artifacs, ancient history and Egyptions and how they
    lived.if i could time travel i would go to to te time period of the Egyptions,to see what the ate,and
    they did to entertain themselves.

    my favorite ancient history

    By lauren arthur on 07.17.2017