July 17th, 2017 | 36 Entries

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36 Entries for “amplified”

  1. i don’t what that’s mean but it look like ana appdate or spmthing like that it’s in the pass that’s mean it’s a verb i think it’s makink somthing biger or better like make it more usful

    By abderrahman on 07.17.2017

  2. My feelings are amplified.
    I don’t know how else to describe it. Everything I feel, I feel it more.
    I’m not irate, I’m raging.
    I’m not blue, I’m desperately miserable.
    I’m not cheery, I’m ecstatic.
    One day, one day my feelings will simmer and settle and the calm will be amplified.

    One day…

    By SamCat on 07.17.2017

  3. ample
    amped up
    all the way amped up
    turned up
    Im talkin all the way
    without fear
    stress and all that other mess
    that anguish…

    By tutu on 07.17.2017

  4. Amplified, comes the day’s end when your
    lifes trend comes to an end,
    all that’s left is 3 years,
    could have kept you afloat for another 3 years,
    but you drowned,
    because you felt needs to frown,
    and act clown in your girl’s gown,
    even though a bit of wit,
    can raise a tit,
    and haze any sort of wild mist,
    impeding on speech impediments of life’s lisps!

    By Milad URL on 07.17.2017

  5. my heart beats fast, hard and loud. it sounds like a large drum, boom, boom, boom. the sound is almost amplified in a way, i feel like everyone can hear it. and guess what? it’s all because of you.

    By Lizzy on 07.17.2017

  6. i feel like my head will explode, along with my heart, as I sit here, anticipating the havoc that I have once again called upon.

    A day that brings much strain and forces me to age faster than others, qualifies as a day that is…..

    By askJeffrey.lee on 07.17.2017

  7. It was so cold. The blanket didn’t do anything and you hated that. Oh how you wished it could do something, but it never did. It was just so cold. Very cold.

    By ellow on 07.17.2017

  8. He closed his mouth, cut off the vibrations of sound welling up in his throat. Swallowing it down like bitter tea. He clenched his teeth so that his jaw would rebel painfully if he dared opened it again. Fatigue washed over his eyes, and the more it felt like he was asleep, the easier it seemed to be to accept it all as dreaming, as sleep-walking, as a free-for-all. What if it always was the same dream in the waxing moonlight? His teeth ached, and he saw a vision of them shattering in an explosive display of violent restraint. His side was cool, and his mind jumped at the unexpected empty space. The clock had been dead for months so he couldn’t tell how long it had been so. The moon waning, hallucinating dreams, dreamy hallucinations, and the silence between his teeth louder than any words.

    By Ai URL on 07.17.2017

  9. The sound was so great already. But, of course, She had to come and amplify the sound. My ears were ringing and bleeding. I wish I had chosen the right, but hard path, instead of the easy and wrong choice.

    By HHB on 07.17.2017

  10. Her fear amplified her heartbeat and she could feel the pulse in her throat. She held her breath as the sound of his footsteps drew closer. Would he find her?

    By Miranda Mullins URL on 07.17.2017

  11. I’m a little bit amplified of snakes and bears and the animal that eat meat.

    By Jessie URL on 07.17.2017

  12. Everything was so damn loud. Everything was amplified. All the noise split ears in two, and every child in the room cried. There was no more peace or quiet. There was no more tranquil calm. All I heard through the tinnitus was the banshee’s endless song. Pretty soon, there’d be a riot, if there was no end to the song.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 07.17.2017

  13. Loud. Over exaggerated motions. When I think of this word I think of Beyonce ,and how extra she has to be with her motions so all of her fans can see her.

    By morganecooper on 07.17.2017

  14. conversations in my own language
    ring from stranger to stranger
    for stranger and
    I’m caught in the middle and quiet
    and calm and listening
    to myself and thinking in a language
    that used to be foreign

    By peri on 07.17.2017

  15. Erweiterung. Verstärkung. Bei mir verstärken sich im Moment nur die Widerstände. Die Blockaden. Ich weiß noch nicht, wie ich da wieder rauskomme. Statt zu trainieren oder die Wohnung aufzuräumen oder die Fenster zu putzen oder Artikel für meine Webseite zu schreiben, spiele ich Mahjongg. Ok, seltener als befürchtet. Nie mehr als zwei Spiele hintereinander. Aber jedes Spiel ist zu viel, weil es mir Lebenszeit raubt, die anders besser angelegt wäre.

    By Lisa URL on 07.18.2017

  16. When I feel things they feel like they have levels. When I see a person, I feel them times ten. Sometimes their feelings are louder than I can handle. Other times my feelings are more than I can handle. Sometimes they feel like I am experiencing them through a megaphone even though I can’t hear them.

    By Brooke Merrick on 07.18.2017

  17. My thoughts are starting to get bigger and bigger.
    Not sure when I’ll pull the trigger.
    Thinking of everything bad in life,
    every mistake is amplified.
    I think I just died.

    By Anastasia on 07.18.2017

  18. chase has a megaphone to amplified his voice so people can hear him

    By jordan on 07.18.2017

  19. The caterpillar got a bullhorn and yelled to all the other caterpillars, “LET’S GET ‘EM, GIRLS!” The caterpillars descended on the trees, and within seconds, the leaves were reduced to teeth marks. The evil trees shrunk into smaller versions of themselves, alone and withered in the forest. Nothing was left but the sound of satisfied caterpillar burps.

    By betsy on 07.18.2017

  20. I love amplification speakers explotions firework cars reving motors roaring people snoreing thats all

    By stuart on 07.18.2017

  21. Sometimes our problems may be little, but it gets amplified by the mind. When we think too much, anything insignificant can get amplified too. Therefore, it is better to let things be, take a deep breathe and let go.

    By Janaki Srinivasan URL on 07.18.2017

  22. She felt the music surge through the bar, hitting that place in her chest where it felt like the beat was inhabiting her, making her a part of the bigger mob of people. She closed her eyes and inhaled, trying to center herself, trying to regain her own identity in the face of the music.

    By Bridget Grace on 07.18.2017

  23. amplified,means BIGGER or STRONGER.LIKE a giant you fought was so weak that you were to difeate it,then you wanted to fight it again the next day,but could not defeat it it defeated you because it became more amplified

    By lauren arthur on 07.18.2017

  24. sometimes we have feelings either it is sadness or even anger, someoe has the power to make you more mad or sad that you just want to strangle them,like me when i get bullied,they make fun of me,threatene to kill me i run home mad and crying,then finally i get so amplied i have this urge hurt them more then they hurt me.

    what amplified means to me and a well known
    description about

    By lauren arthur on 07.18.2017

  25. I don’t know what to write about this word, the word amplified makes me think of music, of bass, of a loud festival where everybody is wearing shredded tank tops and beaded bracelets, moshing to music that beat so loud your eardrums feel like they could explode. I think of warped tour, a messy, crazy place I wouldn’t want to be at any point in my life. No thank you.

    By Anastasia URL on 07.18.2017

  26. I don’t exactly know how I use this word but there are many different things that I want to amplify, such as my brain and my memorizing ability. :

    By plankton on 07.18.2017

  27. Amplified is a new word for me, to be honest I checked its meaning on google translate but I’m not sure where can I use this word exactly.
    amplified means to high

    By plankton on 07.18.2017

  28. “Amplified”

    The noise inside my mind. The muffled glare of the city streets beyond my window. They glow a world their own. Footfalls of pedestrians who travel in circles across the sidewalks. The blare of traffic horns, almost musical. The heart I hear between my ears when I read words that pull at my panic chords. I am but a filament of this smoky early evening. I float there, somewhere between crosswalks and streetlamps.

    By Stacy L. M. on 07.18.2017

  29. my heart beats louder and louder in my ears.
    it was stronger than ever.

    i took a deep breath. i look at everything around me. i breathe again.

    i let go.

    By abe URL on 07.18.2017

  30. The music was amplified through the speaker at the D.J booth. They played the song loudly enough so you could hear it for blocks. There was a petting zoo where they amplified the goat sounds. The goats had a dance party to their bahahahaha sounds while eating gyros.

    By Jason on 07.18.2017

  31. My thoughts were amplified through my mouth as i spoke to the people.

    By Jason on 07.18.2017

  32. my anxiety and acid reflux have recently been amplified. It feels like they, in addition to my chronic pain, have been amplifying all of the background noise. All of the stress and anxiety I haven’t been thoroughly processing has been amplifying the difficulty of continuing to work for a corporation that doesn’t support me properly.

    By Kate on 07.18.2017

  33. the sound bangs through my ears. through my chest. it feels good because inside it’s empty and i need the illusion that my heart is still beating.

    By Ylan Chung on 07.18.2017

  34. the sound amplified throughout the room. it was like it was only me in the whole world. as i sunk into my chair i closed my eyes and thought about nothing. my mind was blank.

    By Alyssa on 07.18.2017

  35. You never can force me into your geography no matter how high you’ve amplified the topography.

    By Selenography URL on 07.18.2017

  36. My heart was amplified, petrified, put on display. It grew to enormous size, injected with vulnerability, then turned to stone after the bad summer. I don’t know how to soften it yet.

    By Laura J. on 07.18.2017