July 28th, 2011 | 263 Entries

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263 Entries for “amuse”

  1. amuse me amuse her amuse him amuse us amuse them amuse us all but most importantly amuse yourself for you are the one that amuses everyone else.

    By Caitlin on 07.28.2011

  2. i’m not amused by children’s things any more. no, that’s isn’t true. I’m not amused by you. I can watch spongebob with my dad until my face turns blue, but i expected more than that from you. you wre supposed to be this last hoorah of my childhood, but you are just a child. i don’t hesistate to say i’ll leave you behind in this petty place while i go to college and really become someone. you can stay here, amuse yourself with childish games and childish friends. i’m not just too old for you. i’m too mature. i always was.

    By Shannon on 07.28.2011

  3. Why is she so amused by that comment? I wasn’t trying to be funny at all. He is laughing now? An alarm bell tringed. Something is unusual here. I looked to my left again and caught an indiscreet wink to her brother.
    Ok what are these two critters up to? I scanned around furtively. Nothing.
    ‘Hold it right there. Bob! Caroline! We are not going a step further, until you come clean. What is so funny?’
    They chuckled in harmony.
    ‘You tell her’
    ‘Ok. Mum… Don’t get upset. You have toilet paper hanging out of your pants.’

    By Dave URL on 07.28.2011

  4. You amuse me so. You amuse yourself sometimes too, and the crinkles next to your eyes as you giggle make me crinkle mine as well. We can laugh and smile together and I feel the happiness in life when I am with you. We also cry and curse and pray. Oh life.

    By amanda URL on 07.28.2011

  5. clowns
    laughing children at the party,
    rainbow wig and cherry red nose
    balloon dogs and cream pies
    sitting inside, alone I watch,

    Coulrophobia-fear of clowns

    By J-sizzle URL on 07.28.2011

  6. fun, laugh, tickle, circus, crazy, silly, sly, smile, think, muse, love, like, tease,

    By Sarah Kmiec on 07.28.2011

  7. you amuse me with all your silly little quirks. I love the way speak with a Canadian accent after watching hockey or use vocabulary that would make an English professor stumble

    By B. Green URL on 07.28.2011

  8. What I find amusing is how easy it is to murder someone and get away with it. I do it all the time. In my head. You feel how vulnerable flesh is against cold metal. You feel infallible, powerful.

    By T URL on 07.28.2011

  9. the way your eyes light up when you hear me laugh or when i say something funny, do i amuse you dear? they sparkle and dance, rivers of light sparkling in your irisis, fickle, and friendly, having fun, reflect in mine.

    By cloie on 07.28.2011

  10. I bit my lip and tried to hide my smile. It was too perfect, this moment.
    “Don’t laugh at me,” he pleaded. I would obey that- I held back laughter.
    “What?” his face, so innocent, so comical, stared at me. I told him the truth,
    “You amuse me”

    By leah URL on 07.28.2011

  11. i was thinking about how much my dog amuses me. and romance novels, how silly are those? they just, they kiss and you never know whats going to happen next, because then there is always a conflict, and they don’t end up together. or they do? that’s the guesswork you can never be sure of in situations like this. I want them to be together 95% of the time.
    Sometimes though, it takes longer. take the notebook for example, how much of a mess their relationship is? and they have to mend it themselves. and they do it, and they love each other so they are willing to work at their marriage. I like that sort of love story, those are the good ones you want to go on forever.

    By Katrina on 07.28.2011

  12. empty eyes, shallow laugh, fat hanging out above too tight jeans….trying so hard to fit without an ounce of self-esteem, self-thought – no idea. I’m immediately amused, but more quickly it fades to pity.

    By More Everything URL on 07.28.2011

  13. The one word that I would use to describe my life is this. Amuse. I tried my whole life to make everyone amused at my character to cover up my dark secrets…

    By kat. URL on 07.28.2011

  14. Funny. Fun. So many guys I know. To find delight in something, to tickle the funny bone.

    By caitlin URL on 07.28.2011

  15. I’m amused by the fact that… I had a point to say and just as promptly as it came, forgot it. Woo dinner’s ready!

    A muse
    amus-ingly (kind of works)

    By Jess on 07.28.2011

  16. I amuse myself when I stare in the mirror and pull funny faces. Sometimes I strike a glorious pose that pulls the cloth against the curve of my body just right, and a smile curls on my lips. I stand in front of the mirror for ten, twenty minutes, gesturing wildly and contorting my expression this way and that.

    By oxy URL on 07.28.2011

  17. I would like you to amuse me
    in a way that is transcendent
    of big words and sparrows which fly in the evening
    as the sun is just barely deciding to set
    and the grasses end their dances with the breeze.

    By Katie C. URL on 07.28.2011

  18. i suppose the artifacts
    of my own youth are the
    faded amusements that trickle
    through my history.

    By John Austin Lachausse URL on 07.28.2011

  19. amuse. Its a funny word – it reminds me of little tiny food things, amuse-bouches – amusing the mouth. What a better way to describe food. Its a meditative sort of word, as if you’re musing on something charming.

    By acmarkel on 07.28.2011

  20. I wasn’t very amused by his behavior. In fact, my attitude towards him was quite scornful. He was embarrassing, and I tried to act as if I didn’t know him.

    By Marie URL on 07.28.2011

  21. He laughed as he watched the children dancing in the cool rainfall going through the evening air. They seemed to be lost in their own worlds of imagination and delight, completely taken in by the water covering their bodies. He found it inspiring that the rain did not ruin their day, but instead gave them an unexpected thrill in the midst of a dull, hot summer.

    By Alicia URL on 07.28.2011

  22. she looked amused, bemused, holding her program like it were a fan, like she were a Victorian lady, but really, she wished she had a granola bar in her purse

    By rimpu URL on 07.28.2011

  23. You amuse me.
    The way you smile, and the stories you tell.
    You make life interesting.
    I just wish it would last longer, y’know?
    I’m leaving on Sunday – and I still haven’t gotten your reaction to that. I wish I had the guts to tell you face to face….
    But while I can scale a building, run from the cops, eat spicy food and laugh while doing it… I can’t seem to face not seeing you, again.

    By Lancir URL on 07.28.2011

  24. Amuse me. Amuse you. Amuse him, her, her, and him. Use your muse and do amuse. Amuse those who have to muse and be a muse to those who only wish to amuse. Who is my muse? What is my muse? Where is my muse? Does my muse have a muse? I wonder if my muse is ever amused. Does, he, she, it amuse? Or is it just a muse? What about your muse?

    By Z URL on 07.28.2011

  25. amuse me, my dear friend. come and play with me! come gather your last bits of sanity and share in with me the joy.

    By lynnette on 07.28.2011

  26. volleyballs in a tennis court, strewn like spit cherry stems, halfway inflated and halfway molding into the ground, green like spring;

    By robyn URL on 07.28.2011

  27. To amuse myself, I sometimes just sit in the woods and space out. No talk, no phone, no sound but the wind and the calling of the nearby birds. Some moving water is always a bonus. It’s personal and will come across as unsual for most readers, but if you try it you may find it amusing too. Yes, I also have hugged a tree…

    By T. Michael Smith URL on 07.28.2011

  28. Lots of things are amusing to me. I laugh at practically everything. Haha and earlier my boyfriend told me and my best bud that we are amusing ’cause we made a dance out of the awkward turtle motion along to the theme song for Six Flags. We’re awesome like that :)

    By Emilia URL on 07.28.2011

  29. write about the word “amuse”
    well, I have nothing to lose
    Unfortunately the rhymes are not coming easy
    I can think of no better rhyme than “queezy”
    the time is nearly running out
    my entry tomorrow will be better no doubt

    By MJ on 07.28.2011

  30. At rest, eyes following the ticker. Tense on the screen. My hands sweep the surface, leaving the imprint of what we want to lay bare. Left waiting. Your words come like home, calling me back.


    By Kelly URL on 07.28.2011

  31. I find a lot of things amusing. Actually that’s not true I find a lot of things distracting and eye catching. When I’m walking into a store, or a place I haven’t been before I start walking more slowly and look all around me so that I can take everything in

    By Taylor URL on 07.28.2011

  32. “You amuse me.”
    “Oh I do, do I?”
    Callie smiled. Trey had never been kinder. Was this the first time he said somehting legitamitely sweet, and not for a prank? Probably.
    “Yeah…you’re my best friend, you know.”
    Callie sighed in her head. Best friend. Of course.

    By Ophelia Willow on 07.28.2011

  33. “Oh, please, amuse me Bob” Mia said with a sarcastic face.

    “Okay, so I was walking down the park, right right? So then, OUT OF NOWHERE! BOOM! A duck comes FLYING toward me, and I just duck. Get it?” bob started chuckling.

    By Abigail URL on 07.28.2011

  34. I can amuse myself by writing, dreaming, reading or riding my motorbike. I think it’s fun to amuse myself – I don’t need a party or social gathering to have fun. Mind you, I love parties. I always start slow and then am last to leave. The amusing thing is that I don’t always have to drink alcohol to be stupid at parties. I can dance on the table tops sober.

    By herby URL on 07.28.2011

  35. its amusing yet confusing
    the way you talk to me
    you laugh and joke and poke and tease
    but i never end up happily
    then i look at you from faraway
    i stare at how beautiful you are
    but you’re never as amusing yet confusing
    when you’re sitting right next to me in the car

    By celeste cervantes URL on 07.28.2011

  36. Amuse is what most people think about your jokes. they don’t actually find them funny they just think that if they laugh that it’ll make you feel better about yourself. So if you find yourself in an awkward situation make a joke that someone witll find amusing

    By Erika on 07.28.2011

  37. sometimes it amuses me. the way you look at me. the way you talk. like I mean nothing when I know I rest snuggled in your heart, holding on tightly to one of it’s strings. You can’t hide it. I can see it behind the black in your eyes.

    By Katie Belloff on 07.28.2011

  38. I met some very amusing people in my life. Those are my friends and families. I seriously like amusing people. I also love amusing people. I myself amuse people by telling jokes and stuff. I like bringing laughter and happiness to my friends and families. My mom and dad are especially amusing. But when i think of the word amuse, i think of clowns. Creepy, scary clowns.

    By October_Air on 07.28.2011

  39. You amuse me with your fake laugh, half-heartened smile, and unreal feelings. It’s funny that even though I know all these truths about you, I’m still here, waiting… Amused by every little stupid thing you do.

    By eraserewind_ URL on 07.28.2011

  40. Life is amusing at it’s finest. It amuses me. It amuses you. It’s all one big comedy. Or is it? What’s amusing, really? What causes that bubble of laughter to trickle out of our mouths? Different people, different reasons.

    By Larissa on 07.28.2011