January 2nd, 2013 | 296 Entries

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296 Entries for “amount”

  1. vast changing measuring reconciling contrast, amount is vague but measured

    By alex on 01.02.2013

  2. The amount of things in the world is a lot. There are amounts of everything: money, stuffed animals, clothes, flour, sugar, you name it and there are amounts of it… It’s a little ridiculous when you think about it, because it seems like there is a unlimited supply of everything, when really, almost everything is finite, and we are just privileged enough to be able to access it all.

    By Nicholas on 01.02.2013

  3. When something is huge, is cantity, and you need to count it, to know how many there is. But the amount is not the important thing, the important thing is the quality of that thing. And that you enjoy it, and that it makes you happy.

    By Justine Huguenin on 01.02.2013

  4. the amount of times i think of kissing your skin….
    the amount of times i feel myself blush when I look into your eyes
    the amount of times i feel my heart skip a beat when we touch
    the amount of times i feel you
    i need you
    the amount of times I know i need you
    too many
    not enough

    By Sahara Vicious URL on 01.02.2013

  5. Amount. Too much. Too little. No balance. Out of control. No patience. Can’t think. Don’t stop. Shoot me. Shoot me please. No amount of anything deserves this. I can’t think. I’m finished.

    By karen URL on 01.02.2013

  6. What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? i’ll have you know I graduated top of my class, in the navy seals, Ive been involved in numerous secret raids on alquiada, and have over three hundred confirmed kills, I am trained in gorilla warfare, and I am the top sniper in the entire us armed forces youre nothing to me but just another target.

    By Derp on 01.02.2013

  7. the amount of feelings in this world. there is an exes of what the possibilities of all the words the english language has to describe all these feelings. the amount

    By sherry on 01.02.2013

  8. She asked for 10 minutes while she drank her tea from one of the cups of the mismatched tea set her mother gave her for her 18th birthday. She couldn’t have 10 minutes. She needed to leave.

    By karen URL on 01.02.2013

  9. What will you amount to? Can it amount to much? What amount of effort will it take to get there? We are a society of transactions. How can we judge our worth – what we may or may not amount to – by anything

    By Dusti URL on 01.02.2013

  10. The amount of time it take me to think of something to paint always surpasses the time it actually takes me to paint it. I’m always searching for inspiration but I never seem to use it all before it’s gone. Does inspiration expire?

    By Sam Wise URL on 01.02.2013

  11. I already received the word amount. I’m starting to wonder about the amount of words this website actually has. Maybe this is the only word because I’m starting to run out of things to say about the word amount. The amount of things I can write about it are not great at all.

    By ray on 01.02.2013

  12. “I will amount to something one day.” I whispered to the back of the dark closet door as mama shut it. “You be quiet now. I’ll be back later.” She said.

    By Sheila Good URL on 01.02.2013

  13. The amount of letters I get a day is crazy. Do these people not have free time?

    By Sam Wise URL on 01.02.2013

  14. I’m not crazy. Oh no, no dear me I am NOT crazy! I’ve been drinking unthinkable amounts of alcohol, yes, and oh dear this is the first time I’ve ever done such a thing! I’m… drunk? Drunk! On love, perhaps, drunk, drunk! Such a lovely word! Drunk, my dearest! When did the good girl go out of the window? When she, or should I say me?, got DRUNK!

    By Andrea on 01.02.2013

  15. You will become.
    You will not stay the same, but you will grow.
    You have learned and you have changed.
    You have failed and you have faltered.
    But this I promise you –
    Your days are not empty.
    The pieces of your journey will amount to a story.
    Maybe it only tells of love.
    Maybe that’s enough.

    By Rachel Kirven URL on 01.02.2013

  16. The amount of time left to this break is something that is an almost constant humming in the back of my head, a countdown to when I can escape the ghost of my former self and return to the life I have built for myself, one with freedom, independence, friends that are like a second family, and of course, you, the one that I have been craving the presence of from the second I got into my family’s car that night.

    By Jess URL on 01.02.2013

  17. To some people there is no amount of money that they can be happy with, the poor want more, the rich want more. The amount of money you have is not important…but sometimes it helps a lot.

    By chloe on 01.02.2013

  18. What amount of money contributes to a person’s happiness? is it the cost and quantity of possessions that determines a person’s life or the amount of happiness that people are able to find.

    By Mel on 01.02.2013

  19. there is no amount of words that could be classified as my limit when it comes to writing about random words. And it just so turns out to be that the word amount is my best word. I was told for a long time that i will amount to nothing, but here I am now. Typing on the internet. Does that mean anything? Im afraid not. Have I proved myself to be worth some sort of value> I think not.

    By james on 01.02.2013

  20. The amount of change returned was much too little. She looked at the high school dropout, who was slowly succumbing to the meth he consumed every night at his run-down apartment, and decided it wasn’t worth mentioning.

    By Emma Knutz on 01.02.2013

  21. I stared at them all in shock of not realizing how soon they’d vanish. I knew they were my friends, but I didn’t know how quickly the end would sneak up on me. It was the last time I’d have that amount of people surrounding me, and I was strangely okay with it. Now I’d have to provide more communication, but I would never have to worry about whether they truly cared about me. The sun was setting, and I wiped my hands of those years. The memories would slowly fade, and the blue sky would be back.

    I just knew it would.

    By Marissa URL on 01.02.2013

  22. The amount of interesting things that can be found on the internet is rather impressive. There’s various amounts of things inside the web that one wouldn’t even think possible. Groupings of these amounts of things would include art, porn, blogs, news web sites and the like.

    By ichiba on 01.02.2013

  23. It’s hard to be
    what you want.

    I don’t think I’m
    what you need.

    Most people see
    That I don’t

    Amount to anything.

    By Sarah on 01.02.2013

  24. The amount of liquor ones body can hold is ridiculous. The amount of liquor my body can hold gets ejected in less than one hour. The amount of money left in my pocket is next to none.

    By ely on 01.02.2013

  25. Between love and hate there can be just the right amount of balance.

    By Potata URL on 01.02.2013

  26. I opened my wallet.
    The amount was dismal to say the least.
    “I have to find a place to move out to. I have to pay for school and food.
    Christ what in the world am I going to do.”
    I curled up in a ball in my bed. Breathe in, breathe out.
    First, to save money I couldn’t spend it….on ANYTHING. NO iTunes, DVDs, food or fun activities. Nothing.
    I have to get a job. There’s no getting around it. Goddammit as if my schedule weren’t full enough what with play practices and classes. I reaaaally needed that RA job right about now. I couldn’t even pay for school, how in the hell was I going to pay for rent?!
    Even if I get the RA job I’ll still need more money….the usher job would be great….I could try for that….And I need Grandma and Dad to pay for something…there’s no way of paying for it otherwise. And scholarships. Please god some scholarships. And maybe more financial aid although there wasn’t much hope on that front.

    By Elizabeth Tempest URL on 01.02.2013

  27. I have a certain amount of amountness. This amount helps me mount horses and even huskies sometimes. Just a certain amount of times. In this type of quick typing cases it is very simple to come up with clever puns.

    By estefano on 01.02.2013

  28. the amount of time I have to write this is 60 seconds. sixty seconds is not a lot of time. its as long as a minute. I learned that when I was about four in preschool, because I used to think that minutes were seconds and seconds were minutes and I said “10 minutes isn’t very long!” to my friends because I thought it was seconds.

    By Nora on 01.02.2013

  29. I wasn’t ready, knew I couldn’t get a quick start, knew I couldn’t fill the page. Oddly that kind of accounting and summing of inadequacies takes up a huge amt of time, in the damning and in the recovery.

    By Lucinda on 01.02.2013

  30. the amount of everything in the world is hard to explain. there are lots of people and the amounts of opportunities are endless. Even though people give up the amount of things they could have done is endless and sad that they have wasted it. The moral of this is to never give up and find something important in life with endless amounts of time.

    By Bayleigh Bogan on 01.02.2013

  31. the amount of blood in the human body. the amount of iron. phosphorous, water, nitrogen, oxygen, lyme, calcium, trace elements. Hair, skin, teeth, nails, lips and cheeks.

    By Holly on 01.02.2013

  32. How much money do you have? What is the amount? This seems to be the single most important thing in our culture today. Amount. We’re under the impression more is better; sometimes it is. It comes down to the amount of soul you have.

    By matt on 01.02.2013

  33. The amount I owed Mr. Jones Gibbons was miniscule, however for Mr. Jones Gibbons it was a lot. One day when I came home to my apartment the stove was on, I noticed that Mr. Gibbons tried to kill me by letting my apartment fill with gas.

    By Jonathan on 01.02.2013

  34. maybe the amount of bent keys
    or stuck locks,
    will explain how many ways i’ve tried finding you.

    By Bri URL on 01.02.2013

  35. The amount of what…what is the amount of love ??? what is love and what does it amount to ? nothing? what is the amount of money? It has none.

    By Elisha Ford on 01.02.2013

  36. So just a couple of days ago i was thinking of a friend i haven’t seen in a while. I really miss her and i wish we just could spend more time together because i felt that we’ve been missing out a lot on each other’s lives.

    By mr.newbie URL on 01.02.2013

  37. That’s all!?? How could that be it? He had saved for months and months to buy his favorite action figure, but this is all that he could come up with? Sixty two cents, that would hardly buy you a pack of gum fifty years ago. And here he sits, wondering what else he could get his brother for Christmas.

    By Jesse URL on 01.02.2013

  38. no amount of money could blind him to the fact that I had stolen his heart….and the trick was….well….me. And he was the treat. I tasted the sweetness and began to have cravings….and all the while, like a good junkie, I sweet-talked him until I got more of what I craved.

    By Theresa URL on 01.02.2013

  39. There is no set quantity, no way to measure the amounts that I miss you. How is it that a country is able to capture ones heart without the ability to speak? If I were a little girl….

    By Emily on 01.02.2013

  40. The amount is crazy. Why do the want me to pay a million bucks for a pig?! That’s so ridiculous! Who has that kind of money anymore?

    By Senya20 URL on 01.02.2013