January 2nd, 2013 | 296 Entries

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296 Entries for “amount”

  1. something sticks sadly on the soul of her shoes
    gum, spit, cement
    a wordless afterthought
    no matter how much i spend on clothes
    i still can’t get a break
    no amount will bring you
    the comfort
    of a clean shoe.

    By Matty M. on 01.03.2013

  2. the amount that the jug contain was extraordinary compared to the amount the cup held, he peered deep into the misty water as to try and see his won reflection but was denied when he noticed that there was some dirt sitting on the bottom stopping the water being clear.

    By jacob on 01.03.2013

  3. Of course, with such a huge amount of options, Derek had a lot of thinking to do. I mean, you can’t just make a decision like this in a few seconds. No, this was going to need a good night’s sleep or two. In fact, this decision could wait, it wasn’t going anywhere was it? Derek went to bed and had some of the greatest dreams he’d ever had.

    By .Theo URL on 01.03.2013

  4. There’s a large amount of many things on this planet. However, this isn’t a large enough amount of genuine kindness, I believe. Some people should give enough kindness to the world, instead of taking it all from it. We all need to be more caring to the people around us, and amount to the person our parents, grandparents, and love ones expect us to be. The word amount says a lot.

    By Forgetaboutme on 01.03.2013

  5. this amount, this small small amount is one word and nothing more. You see, I never met something so large in my life. It was big, let me tell you, but it was also one. The amount was one and so was the number. One great thing.

    By Ev URL on 01.03.2013

  6. So little. So little still. Got to keep going. Poor in words and wealthy in silence. Less is more. More is less. People don’t understand. I don’t understand. I need more words. They don’t come fast enough.

    By lia URL on 01.03.2013

  7. The amount
    of anger and disappointment
    you place in my chest
    is outrageous.

    Here is my middle finger.

    By Jackie on 01.03.2013

  8. the amount of sleep i need right now
    seems incessantly too much to borrow from the day.
    his time off is a paid affair
    which settles us all into our beds at night
    and allows us to doze and daze ourselves into restful dreams.
    i know of little comfort of this amount of pay,
    except that which leads us to our own dreams–
    reaching, grasping, and fighting.
    until the amount of sleep is worth nothing

    By t44 URL on 01.03.2013

  9. Some things can’t be measured. The things that can never measure up. The amount of money you have is never up. The amount that someone loves you cannot be measured.

    The obstacles one is willing to cross for you. The sacrifices one is willing to make doesn’t equate to a numerical.

    By paridhirustogi URL on 01.03.2013

  10. the amount of love he feels for him cannot be measured.

    “hey,” he bounds up to him cheerfully, and promptly attaches himself to his side. he’s gotten so used to this. to having him take up half of his personal space. but he doesn’t mind he concludes as he watches him pull his arm to wound around his waist. “hug me, please?”

    so he wraps his arms around him and chuckles as he feels his nose burrow into his chest.

    the amount of feels he has for him cannot be fathomed.

    By maia URL on 01.03.2013

  11. What you’re worth. Will your life amount to anything? Will you be more than ordinary, leave a mark, or simply fade into the oblivion that is humanity. It is a balance of your life, as much as it can describe a balance or sum of money, or anything else.

    By Katie on 01.03.2013

  12. The amount of time I spend on the internet is ridiculous. I could be productive with my life but I’m not. I could be writing music or poetry, or novels. I could be doing a million other things with my life. Even just picking up a book would be better. But I choose the internet.

    By Victoria URL on 01.03.2013

  13. Amount, sometimes we may not see the amount of care and love people have for one. It may be very hard to see but at times it is so clear and obvious. There are different amounts of care and love we just have to find it.

    By Nelson Moreno on 01.03.2013

  14. The amount of time I spend thinking about you is just…crazy.
    You’re on my mind when I wake up.
    You’re there when I’m about to sleep.
    When I’m out shopping,
    When I’m conversing with friends,
    When I’m watching a movie or listening to music,
    You somehow find your way back onto my train of thought.
    You even pop up in my dreams sometimes.
    You’ve spent an awful lot of time inside my head.
    But why?
    Don’t my thoughts scare you?
    They sure as hell scare me.

    By tiffany n. URL on 01.03.2013

  15. “Hello, Life?”


    “You gave me lemons again. I ordered peaches, for crying out loud.”

    “Perhaps. Surely you’ll find the amount delivered satisfactory, though.”

    “I’ll take quality over quantity any day!”

    “‘Any’ day. An expression you use loosely because your days amount to quite a number, no?”


    “Incidentally, citrus fruits contain Vitamin C. Quite beneficial physiology-wise”

    “Fine — but at least oranges next time round?”


    “Hello, Life?”

    By mimosa eyes URL on 01.03.2013

  16. I keep thinking about the amount of bad thoughts we produce each day. Why won’t we just stop whining and focus on the amount of good around us. The amount of calm words and sweet emotions and beautiful songs. The amount counts. But only in good.

    By Alex on 01.03.2013

  17. I didn’t amount to much I just kept to myself and let live fly past me, let time keep ticking as it does and complained when it had past me by. I know that if I could go back it would be different. If some things had changed I wouldn’t have done or not done the things I wanted. But I can’t help wondering if it would be different if I would make those decisions, think before I act or act before I think. Say the words I so needed to say without fear. To shout when I was quiet, to hush when I was loud. I made mistakes but did I make the right ones or did I delude myself in thinking that I wasn’t making any mistakes at all. Mistakes help us grow as a person, help us learn and correct ourselves but I made the mistake of trying for perfection and not stopping to screw up along the way. I know I’ve made my mistakes and its too late to learn and grow from them and become the person I want to be. That was my gravest mistake.

    By Tim Colson on 01.03.2013

  18. Sometimes, a single conversation amounts to everything.
    And then you wonder, on what basis do we measure our decisions? On days and nights of deliberate thinking that can wipe off with one look, one word, one minute? :)
    It’s a very long list of numbers you’re looking at… all jumbled. The total amount of which, you do not know. Maybe you never should.

    By Gargi. URL on 01.03.2013

  19. the amount of time i spend on the internet is insane. i used to spend all my time in front of a tv before it came along. i guess this is better, but it’s killing my eyes. not to mention my fat ass from sitting on it all day. i won’t amount to anything if i keep this up.

    By Marie URL on 01.03.2013

  20. This is the think I need to accomplish my goals. Time, money, effort and so on. This represents what I will get in return my efforts.

    By Victor URL on 01.03.2013

  21. amount matters alot in some cases like money but somtimes amout is never important at that time the thing that holds prime importance is quality no matter how much da amount is if quality is not good amount is useless.

    By chubby URL on 01.03.2013

  22. he didn’t have enough to pay the bill for dinner; it was unsurprising really, what with the fact that he’d been laid off recently and didn’t really have extra money. but he’d wanted to take his wife out for a nice dinner, just once, and apparently he couldn’t even do that.

    “excuse me sir, but someone offered to pay your bill for you,” the waitress said brightly.

    the man looked around and saw a small girl smiled at him–she couldn’t be more than seven or eight years old. he could just tell that she’d done it for him and he couldn’t place his finger on why she would do such a thing.

    sometimes the kindness of strangers was enough.

    By jo on 01.03.2013

  23. The amount of money that I received from the last job that I did was way below what I had expected. I was not impress with the wages being paid at but I cannot do any better.

    By victor URL on 01.03.2013

  24. a word will never amount to more than a sentence. thats not true maybe it will.. i promise you though it would have to be one hell of a word. lets review some history a word that may have changed the world…Mahatma Ghandi’s mantra of peace, Malcolm X’ Dream and Change as so valiantly espoused by Obama. But these words would not have amounted to much without the strength of feeling and the conviction in the actions of these leaders. Moving away from the great ones, the men and women who shaped world history, Amount is also the word most commonly on the minds of middle class indians, possibly working men and women all over the world. Science tells you that an average man thinks about sex atleast 6 times a minute, In this day and age of capitalism and crushing inflation working class stiffs are constantly thinking “how mush is good enough?” which stems from the fundamental but unsaid thought “what is the amount i need to earn before i can stop throwing my life away to a mindless fucking grind”

    By aditya on 01.03.2013

  25. If I did not finish my accounting degree,I would Amount to nothing is what my Father said.

    By tammarahoover on 01.03.2013

  26. There wasn’t enough. On any other day this wouldn’t be a problem, but today the amount needed to be perfect because the boss was here to do the count.

    By mogumba URL on 01.03.2013

  27. the quantity of something, anything, is not merely in it’s number or weight. the amount of water that you value depends on your thirst.

    By Aayush on 01.03.2013

  28. What’s the proper amount? Dollar dollar bills, y’all. All or nothing. Watching a documentary on young ballet dancers reaching for the stars, giving their entire lives (and the state of their feet – good Lord!) making me feel small, undisciplined, not putting out the right amount of effort or desire or ambition to make a difference.

    By Ara URL on 01.03.2013

  29. Casey wanted it more than anything. It didn’t matter how much she had to struggle, scrap by, and go without. She worked long hours, and saved and saved. But when the job came through and they said “You’re hired”, she just couldn’t do it. The cost for her job was cutting ties with everything she knew to move across the world. It was just too much.

    By Soft URL on 01.03.2013

  30. A lot amount of my time spent in front of tv? Oh, it’s 60 seconds yet?

    By bluepaint URL on 01.03.2013

  31. Jackson never wondered how much money Doc had spent on him over the years. He’d never asked. Their relationship was in balance currently, just like always. He didn’t worry about how much he spent on his cigarettes nor did he concern himself with how much he spent on Doc’s Cherry Coke Zero’s. It just wasn’t something they did. Other people may worry about silly little things like that. But they weren’t other people. They were just…them.

    By ladyofdecember URL on 01.03.2013

  32. The amount of productivity needs to increase in my life. No amount of money can buy time with your children, and I need to do more with them. They grow up too fast, and time is not something one can get back.

    By Britney URL on 01.03.2013

  33. The amount of money in my pocket isn’t quite enough to purchase the toy my child wants. The amount of love in my heart is more than enough to make up for it. The hugs, the laughter, the good times. These she’ll remember long after.

    By MsBurrows URL on 01.03.2013

  34. My dad was told that he would never amount to much. In fact, his high school guidance counselor told him that he wasn’t college material and that he should consider doing something else. As it turns out, my dad did go to college and turned out to be quite successful.

    By Mr. Dunning URL on 01.03.2013

  35. Today I went to the store to get a drink to drink and I saw another drink to drink. Picked it up and it was worth five billion dollars. I was so surprised that it was that much because it was just a twenty onnse thing of can. So I bought it for the amount of money. I drank it and my brain blew up.

    By ChuaZ URL on 01.03.2013

  36. the amount of money isn’t a status symbol. it is the amount of charity and care you have gave to other people. That is what matters.

    By Caeden Polster URL on 01.03.2013

  37. the amount of money you have depends on how much you earn and how many jobs yo will have over the team of your life nothing can stop you from making money money isnt everything but its the only thing you have to get to the thing you want
    you can each goals emotionally or spiritually with money.

    By riley on 01.03.2013

  38. Amount is when you have a smile and add it to a frown, you get an amount, an equal, a sum. you can’t equal an amount with anything else coz then you don’t get an amount you just get something else! You can also have an amount in stories e.g. end of story, end of chapter, end of paragraph, end of scene, end of sentence, end of phrase. :)

    By Tahlia on 01.03.2013

  39. The amount of love I felt was equal to the amount of tears I cried every night.

    By soph on 01.03.2013

  40. The bagels cost a certain amount. $1. That was it. The special price of the day there were exactly 13 in the bakers dozen and so $13 was the price.

    By Zac Harris URL on 01.03.2013