July 16th, 2014 | 56 Entries

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56 Entries for “alterations”

  1. The changes were unexpected, but she kind of liked them. Maybe it wasn’t so bad, this superhero business. At least it wasn’t as skimpy as she’d feared it might be, and the violet color was nice. She wouldn’t mind wearing this outfit as much as she thought she would.

    By Weiryn URL on 07.16.2014

  2. Thaddeus’ gift was amazing. I couldn’t believe the detail on the robe. IT was breathtakingly intricate and beyond anything I had imagined. It was fit for a Master Mage, not a lowly apprentice such as I.

    By Weiryn URL on 07.16.2014

  3. clothes not fitting. things need to be changed. to long and to short. you need to change your mind. something isn’t correct.

    By samantha on 07.16.2014

  4. As many changes a person ca go through, can shape their life in an unexpected way Changes can be sometimes beneficial, sometimes destructive

    By Rocsana on 07.17.2014

  5. alterations change stream of conciousness
    im so lost right about now
    im going to college so everything will be so differenet
    i dont even know how to do this
    alterations is a real big word
    all thats on my mind right now is apath and how i really dont want to do it
    what is stream of conciousness

    By Jake URL on 07.17.2014

  6. They said the procedure would be simple. Just a few alterations here and there; nothing major. They lied.

    By Analisa URL on 07.17.2014

  7. I loved that dress, I said. It’s a pity I have to have it taken in.

    What do you mean, she asked.

    Oh nothing, I said. I had a rib taken out. It was the only thing that would let my heart beat to its content.

    By louchelush URL on 07.17.2014

  8. fun to be with, genuine, loyal, makes me happy, cute, different, adventurous, loving, exciting, fun, caring, real, honest, straight forward, smart, responsible, mature,

    By Mae on 07.17.2014

  9. Sanders looked at his master drearily, pins set between his lips as he tugged at the curtains.

    “No, longer. They have to brush the floor.”

    By Dailenna URL on 07.17.2014

  10. Alternate your way of thinking. Your current way isn’t helping you at all, it’s making you worse. What you’re feeling right now is temporary. Darkness and all that. So heads up, sweetheart. It will get better. I believe in you.

    By Jenny Pepper on 07.17.2014

  11. the last time I got somethings altered it was still too big for me. Damn waste of time I say oh well now I just buy cheap and cheeful so no problem buy em wear em.

    By Kathy Baker on 07.17.2014

  12. She was late getting to the shop, she hoped the alterations to her wedding dress wouldnt take long, it was caterers next.

    By dorian on 07.17.2014

  13. Things always change. It doesn’t matter how tightly you cling to stability, something is always going to come and kick your butt or kick you and thrust you into a new love you never knew existed. Really, it’s beautiful, and although I can see why we are afraid, I think it needs to be embraced more.

    By Anna URL on 07.17.2014

  14. I chopped off a little piece at first, then more, then more. My hair fell in flat coils on the floor. An ant, scurrying by to God-knows-where, wisely avoided it. My locks, limp and once-long, are plastered flat with sweat against my forehead. I feel lighter. Ifeel free.

    By k8 URL on 07.17.2014

  15. I’m cleaning my keyboard. khjkgghfsttuiyuoiihihghgxsea3w3wrf. Done. That’s almost it. One more thing though—I’m Asian and my name is Ping. How about it?

    By Jim Ranger on 07.17.2014

  16. “But Dadddddd,” I whined, drawing out the word as long as I could.

    “Yes?” He was unfazed, dangling a few sharp pins from the corner of his mouth.

    By jupiter URL on 07.17.2014

  17. Alterations alternated amongst themselves forming foreign words having fun filled scrabble squabble on rainy reveries

    By Madhumati on 07.17.2014

  18. He stood there, waiting with his fists at his sides. He sucks at altrications. Actually, he absolutly hates them. He didn’t want to do this.

    By Lauren on 07.17.2014

  19. As I made the alterations to the shape of my tutu, I wondered…was this actually going to look better on me than it did on my husband? Just saying, he’s got the long, shapely legs – I have all the thighs ever created and it’s not the best look, unless you like muscley, large thighs on your women, then I’m perfect.

    By Deedee URL on 07.17.2014

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    By wyu on 07.17.2014

  21. Kenji sat motionless, staring at the floor, not daring to meet his boss’ stare, even though he could feel it cutting into him.
    Eventually Miura took a sip of his tea, and grunted his disapproval. “There will have to be some alterations, but we will go ahead with the plan. But Kenji, be assured; If you screw anything up from now on, I won’t be able to protect you!”

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 07.17.2014

  22. playing by the book, with alterations.

    same old story, with a different perspective.
    more mature eyes, with more determined motivations.

    my own potential leading the altercation.

    being the test of time and will.

    where, i dare indeterminism answer, shall it find me?

    By unbornsymphony URL on 07.17.2014

  23. Something altered his perception of her right then, it was as if her physical had been broken, rearranged and put back together as it never had before.

    By Robert Paulson URL on 07.17.2014

  24. He paced about the dimly lit room, his lab coat swinging at his side so you could barely see the scuff marks that painted it. Of all the decisions he was called to make, this one was the most troubling… a simple alteration to the wrong component could threaten the balance of existence as he knew it.

    By asavas URL on 07.17.2014

  25. My body parts are alterations of your desires. I sometimes think that I can’t fit in your tiny square…well too bad because you can’t fit in my big world. Touch me again and find me on the moon.

    By Souvlaki on 07.17.2014

  26. He didn’t know if he should continue. His life wasn’t particularly great, nor was it particularly horrible; but he wasn’t satisfied either. What was wrong? He didn’t know. But he wanted to do something about it.

    By madehleine URL on 07.17.2014

  27. Alles verändert sich,
    du bist glücklich,
    würdest am liebsten die Zeit anhalten,
    doch sie dreht unaufhörlich weiter.

    Alles verändert sich,
    du bist unglücklich,
    wünschtest alles würde vergehen,
    doch sie dreht sich unaufhörlich weiter.

    Alles verändert sich,
    lass dich einfach mit ihr treiben.
    Stillstand wird es niemals geben,
    alles wird sich ändern.

    By Anuri URL on 07.17.2014

  28. “I made some alterations to the suit,” the tailor said quietly before handing the gentleman the loaded hanger. “Some tucking in, some stitching. It should fit much better now.”

    The gentleman smiled, cleared his throat, and handed the suit to his daughter, who was beaming.

    “Thanks,” he told the tailor. “We’re both really looking forward the wedding, obviously. Now she’s going to look like one fantastic bride.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 07.17.2014

  29. I thought it would be easy, that I could change. I wasn’t prepared for the effort it would take to alter myself; to stitch the fabric of my soul.

    By Spottedfrost10 URL on 07.17.2014

  30. It was funny, the way people wanted things to change. From wedding dresses to dog collars, nothing ever seems to be perfect.

    By cat on 07.17.2014

  31. Alterations, huh? interesting. Well, speaking of those, my life has undergone quite a few alterations in the past few months. I have fallen in love, a feeling that was foreign to me until i met her. to be honest, im not entirely sure what i think of love. Its strong, perhaps too strong. At times it seems to be the greatest thing ive ever felt. It makes me laugh like a child and giggle like a little school girl. On the other hand, It can pull at my gut and pound my chest like a drum. to be so intertwind with another is terrifying.

    By Barry on 07.17.2014

  32. Changing, changing, always changing
    Take a bit off here, a tuck off there, hem the line, chop the top
    Never contented, but always customized.
    Dare to be different, and that’s okay.

    By Vera on 07.17.2014

  33. I would very much like to order some alterations on this world. Who should I see about that? I would like to change the way people shoot a plane out of the sky, the way we make weapons so that we can obliterate each other, the way that some barbarians think it is their right to steal children, or marry children or rape children. Who the hell is in charge?

    By bb333 URL on 07.17.2014

  34. Well this here is the same word as i had yesterday
    an alteration that i had was that yesterday my mind was altered for not having slept and it being late in the night
    now my mind is different and altered
    there are also alterations of my life and the environment around me
    i lhope to alter it to not apath but full of diversity

    By Jake URL on 07.17.2014

  35. There is a beauty, one that no alterations can alter, one that no force of destruction can desecrate. Dear reader, do you see beauty in a dying flower? I hope you can.

    By Sappho on 07.17.2014

  36. There are periods in our life. Called alterations. They simply shift our habits, our opinions, our feelings about something. They can be rocky, or smooth. But never easy.

    By Alice Walker on 07.17.2014

  37. the coat did not fit snug,
    as the alterations were needed to be made,
    snug like the retreat in which I envisioned my mug,
    customized with a portrait of my lovable dear,
    far from the welts that I put in my life, to degrade,
    tailoring the days notice to the embrace of life,
    comes with apples, stems, leaves, branches,
    Trees! Trees! they supply the most of human continuation!

    By Milad URL on 07.17.2014

  38. The bachata music blasted with the turn of her finger.what seemed bland to him really was what he yearned, after falls and rises, with other women he constantly made alterations. He flashed to when he feigned an acute and spiced interest in salsa music, “Oh wow, this song is excellente”, he shouted with enticement. “Ye. Its my favorite song” she danced along with their conversation. The bachata music brought him back, to his contemporary reality, smacking him in the face. “Are you even listening to me”, she scolded. “Yeah you said that you need to get groceries before tommorw because I have to get to work early on”, he heeded. Again, he shifted her focus on the goodwill he would shed. He opened his pupils with wide aptitude and optimism, listening to her every word, from the thrum of her tone, to the alterations of her face. They raised from their conversations with synchronized smiles, the empty Mcdonalds table, became now emptier as they headed for the door. McDonalds was a standstill meal, providing the same tasty fries and hot and spicy mchicken sandwhich whenever he pended for a junky meal–unlike his life, McDonalds did not require alterations for its quality of taste–though his life did. He opened the door for her, as she sashayed with him, her beatific hips followed his changed outlook. He rang the ignition to start, smirking to himself, oddly. Yet, he felt nothing close to odd; he took a never-before-seen route home that evening.

    By Milad URL on 07.17.2014

  39. if i could alter time, the alterations i would make would affect the world. teenagers would be happy, it’d be socially acceptable to be any sexuality and children wouldn’t be starving, oh the alterations I’d make…

    By Alice Walker URL on 07.17.2014

  40. Changing things change all the time not knowing there changing or knowing they are changing its strange people try to change sometimes. for the better or worse. People get suprised when things change.

    By Izza on 07.17.2014