July 17th, 2014 | 49 Entries

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49 Entries for “crosswalk”

  1. Another pedestrian. Another crosswalk. Another victim.

    By Wanda on 07.18.2014

  2. The LED-bright stick figure at the street corner has just shifted into the blinking red hand, STOP STOP STOP, but I step into the street anyway. Big mistake.

    By k8 URL on 07.18.2014

  3. She couldn’t do it. Even though there were no cars coming in either direction, her feet refused to move. They were becoming cemented right into the side walk. She hadn’t seen him in months and there he was standing across the street. He hadn’t yet spotted her, but seeing as her feet wouldn’t move it was only a matter of time before his eyes laid upon her.

    By Beka URL on 07.18.2014

  4. the crosswalk is a space with symbolic value, all crossing points are.

    By sappho on 07.18.2014

  5. Three kids at a crosswalk. An unrelenting stream of vehicles crossing back and forth, indifferent to the unacknowledged patience of the children, unmoved by a man yelling at the cars to stop.

    By asavas URL on 07.18.2014

  6. It was a dangerous place. A place were people have died. A place parents were afraid their children went to. Did you know that most run over accidents occur at crosswalks?

    By Nuno on 07.18.2014

  7. It was all black and white, and was supposed to keep me on the right track. But, it was actually very limiting, and extremely narrow for my liking.

    By JoAnne Robinett on 07.18.2014

  8. I saw a crosswalk in New York City and thought how unusual it was to see a crosswalk guard. We don’t see those in the rural areas where I am accustomed.

    By D Mayfield on 07.18.2014

  9. People don’t pay much attention to these. It’s like we should be given classes on life and this should be in said class. Talking about the normal rules of how things should be in life are for people’s own safety. Not just because someone thought they should make something up.

    By Sarah Michelle on 07.18.2014