December 23rd, 2010 | 361 Entries

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361 Entries for “alter”

  1. alter is something that apparently does not match with the normal style, way or shape. Alter is the alternative logic of seeing, thinking or live the world.

    By Ximena URL on 12.23.2010

  2. She set the candle at the alter and lit it before she knelt to pray. And as she prayed, he came up behind her and put a hand on her shoulder, her prayer was answered.

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 12.23.2010

  3. alter.. things shoulodn’t always be altered but some things require it. we grow up and alter, we learn and alter… we love and alter, we hurt and alter. we growup… we change… we live, we lie, we love and cry and hope and pray and wish. we alter.

    By Katrina Somers on 12.23.2010

  4. I can alter your existance. I can change the world in ways that you never knew or could imagine. I can also sit here and change the world by nothing. Everyone pretends that action changes the world, but inaction can as well. Not doing something may impact someone more than actually doing something someone expects you to.

    By Molly URL on 12.23.2010

  5. Bridges, monks, mountains and serial killer, all things not related but what my mind sees when read, its a rough word really bitter tasting, also has too many vowels in it

    By Kyle B. URL on 12.23.2010

  6. his alter-ego was John, the milkman. everyday he would casually deliver milk to the citizens of Shelt, but in his mind he was thinking of his next move. He knew on Monday for instance, that he had to plan for the bomb threat he was putting on tomorrow morning.

    By Sarabelle URL on 12.23.2010

  7. somedays I wish I could be someone else, something else
    I feel I could be so much more
    If only…

    By bleep on 12.23.2010

  8. An alter can be different things. Though my alter is a wiccan one. One of candles of different colors. One of incense and paper. Paper of spells and runes. For my alter is a wiccan one.

    By Silver Spirit on 12.23.2010

  9. i don’t like to change. altering pants is for old people, I mean come on thats like ancient history man, the last time i had my pants altered was when my mom was all “your pants are draggin’ on the ground!” goodness. I don’t wanna change…

    By Maddie on 12.23.2010

  10. Changing experience. wedding scence. can’t wait. a weeding changes your life. so the word it it’s self. funny how things work that way. i’m getting married in the mornin!

    By Rachel on 12.23.2010

  11. ego
    the id and libido
    voices singing from my eyes
    the head of wisdom filled with lies
    and glory shines through bitter seeds,
    of death and wonder, ancient weeds

    By Tatti Dorjan URL on 12.23.2010

  12. This makes me think of alter-egos, or alternative selves that a person might create. But the word could be a verb, I think. It could mean to change something. There is something nefarious about either use.

    By Jean Brooks on 12.23.2010

  13. I don’t want to change the way we are. But it is inevitable.
    Life is transformative. I am transformed. But perhaps we can still love each other in the morning.
    To alter our society is a gift, to alter ourselves: a necessity

    By Ian on 12.23.2010

  14. We’re running on electric, silent, the enemy scanning, listening. I gave the order to alter course by 5degrees to port, sweat trickling down my cheek onto the chart. There are objects in the water all around us, I don’t know if they’re mines or something new. When we get out of this, I’m really looking forward to looping back at night and sinking that destroyer.

    By Kevin URL on 12.23.2010

  15. i met a by named ben who i hope to marry maybe and then we will go o the alter and meet with a man who will alter my dress. and then i will get a bet otter who i will find at the zoo and it will be fun becuase i will take my niece and nephew with me and we will have a jolly time as we ride some elephants and then get icecream.

    By patricia on 12.23.2010

  16. The corpses burning upon the Gracian alters could be smelled from miles away. Most would want to put as much distance between themselves and the yearly sacrifices, but if Lute wanted more information she would have to dig deeper. Even places she would never normally go.

    By Allyssa on 12.23.2010

  17. There we knelt, everyday, our prayers brought up to God from our mahogany alter. These words curling in the sweet smell of incense. Something I thought was so meaningful. It is crushing when you find out the emptiness of it all.

    By Rachel URL on 12.23.2010

  18. My life is altered. A reality off set, misplaced, and slightly tilted to the left. Awaiting that special compulsive someone to feel the obligation to correct it. South beach tits. LA lips. Just about anything can be altered. Except my life.

    By Spencer Campbell on 12.23.2010

  19. I thought all day about altering this recipe I found. I know it’s really late at night, and I’m not really that hungry either, but I just made these pizza taquito things out of some Pillsbury Crescent Rolls.

    Yum, yum?

    By Emily Duvall URL on 12.23.2010

  20. Breathless. It was unrealistic. This was the happiest moment of my life and I wish I could stop time. As I stood at the altar… and said I do.

    By Angela on 12.23.2010

  21. ALter. Not the one we pray at. No. This is about change, reformation, a switch. THIS is a verb, dammit. And a wondrous verb at that. Altered States was a movie I never saw. But still. Damn good word,

    By Tom Joyce on 12.23.2010

  22. Change….that’s what it’s all about. What can you alter in your life to make it better? We all have something that we can do. Sometimes it’s that which we overlook. Take a risk…alter…

    By muse URL on 12.23.2010

  23. alter is to change. not remain the same. I wish I could alter myself. My body, my life. I hate sameness. Altering alterations. Change is good. Wish I could. Alter you.

    By Luvlylici URL on 12.23.2010

  24. change…by force. makes me think of the beginning of the alphabet, then being whipped away fast because of the rest of the word changes everything. Kind of like it’s necessary, but your reluctant to go along. You know it’s for the better but you want to hold on to he before because it’s easier to go with…no hard changes. but altering is necessary, you know that too. Alter dresses, alter hems. Alter in a church, alter…for some reason, it makes me think of bowling.

    By Emily on 12.23.2010

  25. to change or rearange, like in life, you alter stuff. like reality if you’re on drugs.. which is interesting as if altering perception. like derealization or depersonalization. or INCEPTION! <- great movie. Where life is altered into Dreams. TRIPPY.

    By Sasha on 12.23.2010

  26. if only i could change my life, i wish that it were different. to be in a different place than i am right now, to alter how I feel and think and react would be a beautiful thing, and yet, do i really want to change? i like who i am right now, i am beautiful, but so is change.

    By Anna Vacha on 12.23.2010

  27. If I could alter anything it would be how my life has unfolded the past ten years. It did not turn out as I had hoped. Not even close. If I had an idea of what was to come I wouldn’t have been so excited for the new millennium. Oh well. Time to try again in the 2010s.

    By Anastasia Rose URL on 12.23.2010

  28. He tried to alter me. He succeeded. But not in the way he wanted to. He tried to control me, but that only drove me away. He tried to change me to fit the girl he thought I was. But I became the girl I never knew I could be.

    By The Freak in the Corner on 12.23.2010

  29. I have an alter ego. I’m a crime fighter in a distant cyberpunk environment. Tracking down and dealing with the personalities of this insane fantasy world. I have an alter ego.

    By Chuck K. URL on 12.23.2010

  30. church. never enjoyed it. they told me if i didn’t go, god wouldn’t forgive me. well i’m pretty sure he’s forgiven me, i’m still alive aren’t i? religion’s aren’t my thing. god though, god’s my thing. thank him a lot for everything. even though he’s taken some people out of my life, he’s helped them even more. thanks god.

    By Alison on 12.23.2010

  31. alter not one thing yu are the perfect you
    I would alter the law in this land if I could
    altr not the word of a true andthe time has come to be at the alter
    don’t alter a thing
    the alter is a place of worship
    in you is the true alter

    By Jeff URL on 12.23.2010

  32. Alter the world into what you want it to be. Not some figment or picture, but an alternate reality of what it really is. Alter the reality. Let it be what everyone wants it be. A happy place for most, a sad one for others. Smile and be happy to those you chose, and to others not. GO and DO I

    By Katherine Rola on 12.23.2010

  33. ego. to change, modify, twist and reshape. a new dimension. a new face. significantly different from its former being. a new life. a switch-up. to alter one’s self is to find a new being.

    By Josh on 12.23.2010

  34. Ego. Mine is a very stylish, thin, and organized girl who drinks hot tea and loves to clean. She goes for prim and proper boys and despises the bizzare; the exact opposite of me.

    By Rachel Elizabeth URL on 12.23.2010

  35. I wish I could alter many things about myself. Isn’t that what people do on those crazy Bridezilla-esque shows? Become someone you’re not? It seems like a strange idea to me. I wouldn’t have the courage, I don’t think. No. I love me.

    … right?

    By Ash on 12.23.2010

  36. “i dont know what to do anymore, pastor.” i said, kneeling at the alter. “everybody hates me, i don’t know how much more i can take.” “i can sum up what life does. it goes on.”

    By britt on 12.23.2010

  37. I tried to alter my appearance as much as possible. First dates were nervewracking enough without having to worry about the hideous scar visible down my left cheek. No amount of makeup could cover it up.

    By docwen URL on 12.23.2010

  38. to alter is to change and to make different. you should never alter your personality for someone unless you are changing for the better. to alter your behavior can end in good results and also very nasty ones.

    By Mimi Edger on 12.23.2010

  39. i hate it when people alter plans. i do, however, enjoy “altars”. in the poppy z. brite book ” lost souls” someone describes christian’s semen as tasting like “chartreuse and altars.” he was a nice, but very badass vampire.

    By gidgetgangrene URL on 12.23.2010

  40. alter my being so that patterns of life can reevaluate themselves and redirect the flow of energy from what has been to a more intriguing interesting peaceful and complex future. I love the way that my state of mind alters my perseption of reality so easily.

    By lionel URL on 12.23.2010