March 7th, 2011 | 719 Entries

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719 Entries for “almost”

  1. almost touched by you
    tears welling in my eyes
    almost loved by you
    my heart’s about to swell
    almost, always almost
    but never truly there.

    By Zarweane De on 03.08.2011

  2. almost feel off a dock when I was swimming last summer. It was quite a fall.

    By Kelly connel on 03.08.2011

  3. Almost wasn’t close enough and she erased the entire paragraph in order to start over. There were too many filler words that elementary writing classes had told her to avoid, and there wasn’t enough of a similarity to all her friends writing styles that she thought was better than her own, and there wasn’t enough practice in the 6 years she had avoided creating.

    By Michelle URL on 03.08.2011

  4. almost is a word that i cant think i use alot its just a word that s very weird and doesnt make sence, and im almost just writing nonsence

    By Gry on 03.08.2011

  5. It was almost time to go out. But there was still plenty to do before that happened. Beth took a deep breath, feeling the air from the bottom of her abdomen rise up above. Without thinking, she jumped into the water and landed feet first. It took her breath away and made her gasp for fresh air. Her companion looked on, with a bemused look on their face.

    By Teresa on 03.08.2011

  6. i was almost there she was almost there but we were never close enough. it’s the space in between adequate and bad; it’s the distance between home and your destination; it’s the time that you just don’t have.

    By Maggie on 03.08.2011

  7. almost is a tempting word. it means that you are not quite there yet but just kind of almost close. it means inadequacy. it makes you want to push.

    By anne hopkins on 03.08.2011

  8. The young baseball star ran, twisted around, located the ball and made unbelievable diving catch. His team won the world series.


    He almost swore when he heard that the delivery would take two weeks. Two weeks! Who had that kind of time?!

    Synonyms for almost are: so close, nearly, close, not quite.
    Antonyms for almost are: not even close, didn’t (did not), not close.

    I hope you’ve enjoyed this written definition. This may be your last chance to read this, as in 2045 humans will have joined up with machines and become living dollars. Robots will do everything, and progress will leap. HELP ME! STOP PROGRESS BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!

    (By the way, if you actually did enjoy this, please donate $10 to help me pay off funding)

    By Caleb on 03.08.2011

  9. almost almond. but still a nut.

    By Nellbie URL on 03.08.2011

  10. Almost. What could have been. So many uncertainties in it. How do I know if what I did was the right thing. I guess I just have to accept it and move on. Moving on doesn’t seem good either. I guess I’ll just dwell on the almosts in life

    By Savannah Lee URL on 03.08.2011

  11. One more email and he might be my friend. One more secret and he might trust me. One more IM and he might tell me he cares. One more smile and he might love me. One more day and he might think about me. USER HAS DELETED PROFILE. Almost.

    By IcaMercer on 03.08.2011

  12. what? I already did almost. do you not have another word? Here’s where you should say, do YOU not have any more words? I always have more words. Jokes on you. Sometimes I think my ability to have this flowing, stream of consciousness writers voice has really been an aid in my social ability to keep a conversation going. But then I get all self conscious about talking too much, then I have to stop, then the conversation gets weird and quiet.

    By Hallie URL on 03.08.2011

  13. Almost is a word which can mean everything or nothing, it is the difference between winning the race and losing it. Almost can give you hope or dunk you in despair. Almost is a word which never gets where it is going. Almost is almost enough.

    By Megs URL on 03.08.2011

  14. there.

    By Sara on 03.08.2011

  15. Amost is a wod that is used alot to describe something that was meant to be done but isn’t. So it’s probably not very helpful to getting things done and probably not a word that people that like to get things done like to say or hear. I almost never get anything done…yeah sure somethings like cleaning or supper at night but when it comes to people depending on me for things they would like done usually things dont get completely finished.

    By Joysters URL on 03.08.2011

  16. Almost is like barely. Or close to somthing..

    By Brittany URL on 03.08.2011

  17. When I think of almost I think of something like I am saying or if I am writing an essay or a story. Thats what I think of it.

    By bananaphone URL on 03.08.2011

  18. i almost caught a rabbit yesterday but it was to fast. almost meaning close but no cookie!:)

    By chase URL on 03.08.2011

  19. Almost is the same as close to somthing idk brittany put that so yuperrz i almost was happy then i was super happy

    By anacaa URL on 03.08.2011

  20. Almost is more than halfway.

    By Sam tate URL on 03.08.2011

  21. So close. She squeezed her eyes shut and prayed, really prayed. But then he was lying on his back, panting, and she left sprawled across the floor, with only her thoughts and the heavy beating of her heart. She held her breath for a moment, hoping that it wasn’t over, then slowly let it out, whistling softly, when she realized it was. He turned his head and grinned at her, and she almost smiled back.

    By Zoë URL on 03.08.2011

  22. I almost hit a home run. I didn’t almost I did hit the bullseye. You almost killed the deer. You almost shot that turkey.

    By Jpac URL on 03.08.2011

  23. Almost is just a little bit short. Almost didn’t quite make it. Almost failed. Almost didn’t reach the goal. Or maybe you’re not quite finished and you will reach the goal.

    By HanParm on 03.08.2011

  24. almost always I think. almost nothing I did. Nikita friends love spring night horse

    By Alexandra on 03.08.2011

  25. almost there, moments that were almost right, moments in which you almost liked me, almost cared. I thought that maybe we were almost there. Maybe if I’d smiled a bit more, if I’d run a hand through my hair at the right moment, maybe we’d be something other than almost.
    Maybe if I’d talked to you, if I hadn’t been too shy, I would have caught more of those looks.

    By Hannah URL on 03.08.2011

  26. almost is never quite there.
    it is a cup half full/ cup half empty kind of word. It depends on a person’s character as to how they perceive it.
    Almost can mean oh so close, or never quite making it.

    By Emma Fry URL on 03.08.2011

  27. Almost would be half bad job or that were not quite there. A lot of people do this now a days.

    By devin21 URL on 03.08.2011

  28. You almost made it.
    Its time now to think of what you need.
    Time to relate to the world again.
    time to grow up from those days. time to runaway.

    By Sapphire URL on 03.08.2011

  29. i almost peed in my pants this morning. but then i almost held myself. i almost had a fight with my friend . i almost slapped sowmya. i alomst kilkled u.alomst is a nice word. almost is a wod i use almost everyday. alomst likely i like you. i almost feel like an idiot. alomst i kissed you. i almost crossed the record s

    By cathy on 03.08.2011

  30. I hate almost. Almost isnt good enough. almost doesnt get the job done. almost fucking sucks. I dont want to almost win. I dont want to almost fall in love. I dont want to almost get the girl. I dont want to almost live life. I want to fucking do it all. Completely. Almost can go fuck itself. Almost is as good as not at all.

    By Gautham on 03.08.2011

  31. I almost married Ben. He left for the right reason but sometimes it hurts to much to even think about him being gone. He’ll be back in another eighteen months. But can I really make it that far? Is my love for him strong enough than the pain of having him gone? I almost had a happy ending. But Now, I’m almost there.

    By Marissa on 03.08.2011

  32. I almost did something but thankfully I caught myself. Almost is what people say when they wish they had done something or are very glad that they chose to do it instead. Almost can be either be good or not.

    By Sarah on 03.08.2011

  33. I almost did it. Almost. But I failed anyway. It isn’t because I’m lazy, not at all. The thing is, I almost finished. Just barely made the way to getting there, but I didn’t. That’s my problem, not finishing things because I ALMOST did it.

    By Hannah URL on 03.08.2011

  34. i almost went to school today but instead, i thought i’d stay home and stumble upon. i played guitar and i sung out of tune, which isn’t anything new. i almost went to see my mom today but instead i played guitar and i sung out of tune. i played songs that have already been written because i can’t find the skill within myself to create something of my own. i guess it isn’t something of my own, because music is just perception thrown back into the world.

    By amelia on 03.08.2011

  35. I almost did it. I almost was able to forget, but somehow he keeps creeping back into my mind. How do I go from almost to all the way? Is is possible? I have no idea. So for now, I will stick with the almost and hope for all the way.

    By Megan Brown on 03.08.2011

  36. I’m sick of being almost there. Almost the best, almost perfect at something. When can I finally finish something and be proud of it? I guess never. I’ll always be living in someone else’s shadow who was smarter than I was, or just better in general. Almost doesn’t cut it. It never did and never will.

    By Yasmin on 03.08.2011

  37. it’s almost time to fall in love again. you know how to almost see the future before your very eyes. some day you might get married, others don’t even think about it but are still in love. I was in love once. I still love him. I almost fell so hard for him that i couldn’t get out.

    By Trish on 03.08.2011

  38. almost anything will happen for no reason at all. almost everyone will leave you even when you dont want them to and almost anything will be the reason for your downfall. almost all the people in this world are hopeless and almost all the people miss almost everyone in thier life. almost everyone goes to heaven but not everyone almost everyone will treat you wrong and almost everyone will do you wrong and you’ll still love almost anyone. but

    By Sara URL on 03.08.2011

  39. I almost did it. I almost was able to forget all about him, but somehow he keeps creeping back into my mind. How do I go from almost to all the way? Is is possible? I don’t know. So for now I suppose I will stick with almost and hope someday I can get all the way.

    By [Megan]. URL on 03.08.2011

  40. I almost couldn’t hear her faint cry but when I did I relaized what I had done. I was ashamed and sadened by the hurt. I would take back all of it if meant we could be friends again. I almost forgot how special you are to me…almost.

    By Sarah on 03.08.2011