March 7th, 2011 | 719 Entries

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719 Entries for “almost”

  1. It is almost time to let him know …almost. It is going to change his life, you know. Almost. He should have seen this coming … almost. The winds of change are here.

    By Bonnie Cehovet URL on 03.08.2011

  2. I didn’t quite get to do this yesterday, or the day before, or the day before that. I did write here a few times, but I almost wrote every day. Every single day. That’s a lot of almost writing. Sort of makes me almost prolific, doesn’t it?

    By Henry Gaudet URL on 03.08.2011

  3. dreamed, died, cried, tried, went for it with no pretenses, put my self on the cutting board. took a risk. almost almost keeps us from living.

    By Tiz's Dream URL on 03.08.2011

  4. Almost there. As he rounded the bend in the track his destination became visible. Pausing for a moment, he quickly stole a glance behind him to see how far he had come, The wheels of the small wooden cart he dragged behind him had left soft imprints in the dirt road. They ached. He ached.

    By Remedy URL on 03.08.2011

  5. when it’s just not quite, and you haven’t got it or didn’t do it and you wish you had but you couldn’t quite reach and it’s a shame but we don’t mind because you almost got it and that’s enough

    By Ella Whittlestone on 03.08.2011

  6. if only we had more than one chance at life. i would hate to be one of those people who on their death bed looks back and says, almost… i almost… i want to live to the fullest. i dont want to be an “almost” person… i want to know that i achieved great things.

    By Lily on 03.08.2011

  7. You know you can do almost anything when you’ve done with doing nothing.

    By Neha on 03.08.2011

  8. Almost is not good enough. i was so close to winning the world champion, but whether luck or the gods didn’t like me, I didn’t make it. It’s a great acomplishment that I got no.2 but it’s just not good enough. Oh well, maybe next year.

    By Ian URL on 03.08.2011

  9. Almost doesn’t exist. You either did, our you didn’t. If the doctor walked up to you in a hospital while you were waiting for the verdict on a family member’s surgery, would you appreciate “He almost lived” more than “He didn’t make it?” I think almost is a shortvut used by people who are too cowardly to admit they couldn’t.

    By Paige URL on 03.08.2011

  10. It was 8 pm. She ran down the stairs and checked out her reflection in the hall mirror. The wonky teeth, the bad eye-liner, well t would just have to do. She was late for her date. Almost. And he was waiting on the corner. She could tell he was not happy to see her. It was not going to be a real date. just an Almost one.

    By alison cross URL on 03.08.2011

  11. i almost had something with you.. we almost made something work. then it slipped away. for a reason ill never know. i almost loved you. your my almost lover. i almost wish it didnt hurt this bad. i almost think that we coulda lasted foreever.

    By Johanna on 03.08.2011

  12. It is or it isn’t, it was or it never was. There is no middle. All that happened was nothing but almost interactions which equated in nothing but broken expectations.

    By Sam URL on 03.08.2011

  13. Almost – like he is almost on my mind 24/7! Like this is going to change anytime soon! Almost isn’t quite there, is it? But then, almost i better than never having taken the first step!

    By Bonnie Cehovet URL on 03.08.2011

  14. so close yet so far
    the ignition of fire
    the sparks of electricity in the air
    the dimmly lit room bursts to life
    in an explosion of passion and despair
    what is next
    the calm
    the serene
    the death

    By megan URL on 03.08.2011

  15. “I almost had it!” She yelled. “But you just had to block my way!”
    “Me? I was the one that saved the goal!” He screamed back. “But If you don’t want to play by the rules, then you can leave!”
    “Guys, guys!” The coach came over and separated the two team members. “Break it up!”

    By Laura Riddle URL on 03.08.2011

  16. Almost doesnt count. Only in horseshoes and hand grenades. Most of the time things almost happen and almost all of the time they dont.
    I almost have done alot of things, and mostly I haven’t.
    Almost is a sad word. Its a word of could have been’s.

    By Sarah on 03.08.2011

  17. You are almost there. Just a little further, one more step, one more. You know you can do this and you know you have to do this. Almost is not good enough. Better. Further. Just a little.


    By Iris slootheer URL on 03.08.2011

  18. one day i was almost better. and then one day i was. one day it was almost peaceful, almost a fully loving world. and then, one day sometime down the road, it was.

    i’m so lucky that these almosts can become real. like the possibility of this.

    i almost killed myself. multiple times. i almost wasn’t here.

    but i am.
    thank you, universe. thank you, love.

    By anonymous on 03.08.2011

  19. He was almost out of time. George had to get out of town before he could get caught. The police knew his face, knew the name he was using now, and they were coming after him. Where could he go? Sally was out of the picture and even if she weren’t, he wouldn’t put her in that kind of danger.

    By KimberlyFDR URL on 03.08.2011

  20. Almost instantly the world blurred. Everything stirred and shifted. Colours changed and moved in ways I had never seen before. Almost had cost me my life. I had almost made it to the edge. We were ALMOST the best. I was almost positive that we were going to be okay. I was wrong. Almost isn’t certain. Almost is vague, and due to almost, I watched my best friend die in my arms. Almost makes life a sort of game, a gamble. You say almost, and it sounds so sure. It’s a false security, and almost landed me in a hospital for three weeks after the accident. Almost isn’t good enough. Almost kills. Almost? Almost is a word.

    By Hana URL on 03.08.2011

  21. Times almost up… But how much is 60 seconds in the grand scheme of things? 60 seconds isn’t much… None of us can do much in a minute…. But all it takes is a minute for your life to change…

    By Maggie on 03.08.2011

  22. almost everybody thinks I’m an orange gypsy who lives on the moon but I’ve never been to the moon, only Jupiter and Saturn. I sailed around Saturn in a pirate ship, the pirate ship belonged to Blue Beard the Pirate. He’s an alien. It’s funny that alien’s can be pirates too.

    By Blue Beard on 03.08.2011

  23. i almost break down man. This is stupid. LIfe sucks. why can’t somebody lend me a hand at such a disastrous moment. What i neeed is just a little help and life becomes much easier for me. I want to kill myself, torn myself into pieces and end this miserable life. Haha. Going crazy right now.Yeah… Almost…

    By Nivlac on 03.08.2011

  24. ive almost got my milk drunk. Its going down my throat as i finish it off. I’m almost there.

    By Eden URL on 03.08.2011

  25. Almost is one of those places, one of those times. It’s in between, like the shore is between the sand and the seas, like Dawn is between Night and Day. It’s timeless and frenetic at once. It’s beautiful and tragic.

    By Mark on 03.08.2011

  26. I’m almost there. I’m almost free. I’m almost over you.

    The goal is near. I’m almost touching it. But I shouldn’t be complacent. Or it may come to slide away from my grasp.

    I’m almost there.

    By yunisee on 03.08.2011

  27. I almost didn’t write this. This spam, is priceless. Juliana will almost reach the peak of no return as she writes her novel about me, LUCRETIA JANE. I will suffice. I will SACRIFICE. SPAM SPAM SPAM.

    love always, Lucretia Jane

    By Lucretia on 03.08.2011

  28. i

    By hannah brown URL on 03.08.2011

  29. Almost? This looks almost exactly like a prompt from last week. As a matter of fact, I’m almost certain of this… almost.

    By David Saleeba URL on 03.08.2011

  30. “Almost!” Hunter called to Chris. Holding onto the rope and hoping he had the stength to pull him up.

    By shamazing on 03.08.2011

  31. I almost went to the gym last night. Almost means just about. I usually use the phrase “just about” more often than “almost” This is almost a tool I could use for today’s tip. Oh, if you go back, you get 60 more seconds to write! That’s almost cheating! Ha!
    I almost submitted my email address, but I’m such a skeptic about doing that, I didn’t.
    This is an interesting concept, I wonder if it would help or hinder one’s writer’s block?

    By Christine on 03.08.2011

  32. almost

    By Arzu on 03.08.2011

  33. She was sick and tired of this almost-life,
    With its almost-dreams and too-real strife,
    And its almost-loves and almost-dears,
    Where the only not ‘almost’ were her fears.

    By SprawlingInk URL on 03.08.2011

  34. I almost got a B in math.

    By kamikaze URL on 03.08.2011

  35. i almost fell of my bed. ha ha not really..

    By "CountryGirl!!!":D URL on 03.08.2011

  36. Ialmost got a toy. But i gave my mom attitude so i didnt get it…….hhhhaaaaaa

    By Daylan Turner on 03.08.2011

  37. almost means like done like yesterday i went to go fix my alarm and my dad said are you done yet i said alomost done

    By chewbaca URL on 03.08.2011

  38. almost to the finish line just keep running dont stop till you get there! i love track! bhhahhahaa yeah so almost done with this two more seconds!

    By Breanna Craven URL on 03.08.2011

  39. there is a possibility that things could have happened between us but then again you know,…it was just a possibility so you never really will know now will ya? it’s one of those things that happen when you’re in love but you don’t really know exactly what is gonna happen unless you take a dive deep into the deepest cliff and decide whether or not it was really worth it.

    By Alejandro Marín URL on 03.08.2011

  40. Today when i was walking to school with my brother i almost fell on the road. That would’ve hurt if i did fall.

    By Kayla URL on 03.08.2011