September 16th, 2012 | 357 Entries

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357 Entries for “alive”

  1. I love that I’m alive! I wake up in the morning and I know … dang! I did it again! Way to be alive! Such a great word. Always a great way to start the day. So much better than the alternative. Oh to be alive. Alive with a song in your heart. Go. Be amazing. Be alive

    By jennifer goyette on 09.17.2012

  2. Alive.

    The word rung in her ears and her heart as her body clenched, anticipating the merciful blow that would end her misery.

    The blow that would kill her tension.


    And there it went.

    And, without her fully aware of it, her legs roared at a pace unknown to her ever before, as if completely independent of her body.

    Her mind was isolated of all thought. It was just her and the track.

    The heat of the merciless sun and the roars of the eager crowd did not shake her.

    No, this was her moment.

    It was her moment.

    She was alive.

    By Tabitha Payne on 09.17.2012

  3. Jenny took a deep breath and looked calmly out over the mountain tops. She could feel the sun on her face and smell the rich combinations of the foliage around her. It was a fabulous day to be alive!

    By Cim URL on 09.17.2012

  4. Senses awaken: the breeze of the ocean waves, the taste of your favorite food, the climax of your favorite movie, the shivers in your spine. The moment you feel completely helpless and free to do as you wish, you cannot rewind or undo. How wonderful is it to leave your own mark on a surface so fragile.

    By Armando on 09.17.2012

  5. Alive is when you feel as if you are in the right place at the right time — the moment couldn’t be any happier. Alive is feeling the wind rush through your hair on a hike up a hill. Alive is strumming a guitar to the beat inside your head. Alive is kissing your boyfriend. Alive is knowing that there is a place for you in this big world.

    By Lauren B. on 09.17.2012

  6. I am so thankful to be alive today. there are many different things that has happened to the world i could have been dead but yet i am alive . I wish that the people who did pass was alive today

    By Tatty Royal on 09.17.2012

  7. not the best thing but it is some how good don’t know how to live it right but i’m trying love it and hate it

    By nourhan on 09.17.2012

  8. She sometimes wondered, as she sat beneath the trees with the willow branches waving, what it ment to be alive. Alive, living, living like these trees. But what if there was more to it than that? People always talk about how it is to feel alive… about really living. She was alive, but what if someday she woke up to find out she had never really lived?

    By Claudia on 09.17.2012

  9. living, life, colour, meaning, beautiful, special, everything.

    By Matilda Hallin on 09.17.2012

  10. Every other feeling was lost, there was also no other senses, but the sound of his heart. It kept pumping. Steadily, alive.

    By Miw-Miw on 09.17.2012

  11. it’s cool when you are alive, free, when you feel your heart beating, when your feel your brains working and your soul loving, when you can speak and walk, when you can touch and smell, when you can sing and dance. i would never change it on smth else.

    By Helen on 09.17.2012

  12. dawn breaks,
    that annoying beep of alarms blare,
    we pound it silent with our fists.
    we drudge our way to work,
    dreading the coming week.
    but rarely to we stop
    and think that maybe,
    just maybe
    this week is a gift.
    maybe it’s just great
    that we’re alive.

    By NuSol URL on 09.17.2012

  13. i’m alive!!!isn’t that great?

    By fay on 09.17.2012

  14. To be alive is to experience everything, good and bad. Pain, joy, love & death. Can’t avoid being alive. Not supposed to numb ourselves, otherwise why be alive at all? Alive. A Life. I am blessed to be alive.

    By SlimLeigh URL on 09.17.2012

  15. live
    for the

    By Joy URL on 09.17.2012

  16. I don’t have to confirm myself, after I walked two miles, I can stop and look back and I don’t have to worry about how I got here, I don’t have to remember the road because I’m alive and I will be when I get there, I live wherever I am and it seems to continue like that, like an Amen, like Om, I am the sound of one hand clapping.

    By peet URL on 09.17.2012

  17. I am alive. I am now more than ever, and always more myself with every breath. I am alive, and free. Without my life, I am not. I am not without my weakness because of living, but I am alive because I must live. I was given this curse and gift to understand.

    By Jacob on 09.17.2012

  18. A body, rising up from sleep, from horizontal to vertical, sitting to standing, from dark into light. A recognition like the zing-snap of a light-bulb, an electrical charge, an enthusiasm like a racing pulse. The responsibility to do, to act. A verb, not a noun. A gift, a challenge, a revelation. And light, all light.

    By siobhan347 URL on 09.17.2012

  19. As the breath rushes to escape her lungs, her eyes open as if for the first time. Suddenly she can feel. There- see how green the trees, feel how soft the grass. Everything moving together, breathing in and out in waves, an ocean of colour and sound and touch.

    By With Feeling URL on 09.17.2012

  20. I don’t even want to think about it this morning. When I woke up I fed them and everything was still kicking. Not dead, at least not yet. That’s a way to be. But it’s still Monday and everything lays out in front of us like an obstacle course. Like hurdle after hurdle. A week for the living, or the dead.

    By Bryan URL on 09.17.2012

  21. I feel Alive. These past days I was full of it. Everything seems beautiful and happy, I can complain no longer. everything around me is alive and full of life.I sync with the universe now.

    By Israa on 09.17.2012

  22. I feel very alive at this point in my life. I’m not exactly where I would like myself to be but I’m getting there. Things are falling into place. I have a man that I love, I am independent, I am going to school diligently. There are some obstacles holding me back but I think I’m strong enough to overcome them.

    By Alicia URL on 09.17.2012

  23. i am alive, we are living. living is shit. I hate my live as much as everyone else hates theirs. I wish I could go and make a new live where no one would tell me what to do and I wouldn’t get depressed. A live I could live in peace and write.

    By flavia on 09.17.2012

  24. I breathe. I feel. My blood pumps in my veins. I am alive. My heart beats. I smile, laugh, cry. I don’t merely exist. Dreams, goals, aspirations. Life. Biology. The soup of life. Growing up. Learning from mistakes. Taking a big breath of fresh air. Not going through the motions every fucking day.

    By moonburst URL on 09.17.2012

  25. I have never felt as alive as I did in that city all those years ago. When I had full reign to walk for hundreds of block and climb statues and salsa in the streets. No one to stop me. No one to make me think. Just me and the constant drumming in coexistence.
    The energy that will never escape farther than it can last in your lungs as you leave. How far can you hold in your breath? How far will you take it with you?

    By Lex URL on 09.17.2012

  26. Alive. Only alive. Alive but not living is where I am. It’s where most of us are. We stumble along through life, only alive, only breathing, and doing but not living. They’re used alot to describe the same concept, but in truth when you think about it they can be completely different… And right now I know I’m alive, but I don’t know if I’m living.

    By Solanaceae URL on 09.17.2012

  27. to be afraid of anything but just not admit it. to live in a fucking circle but not know it. not to feel how you breath until your last breath. Live strong and fast very rarely otherwise just go with the flow

    By denisa on 09.17.2012

  28. Breathing. Seeing your loved ones. Getting to do things that you love. Feeling free. Eating good food. Listening to good music. It’s the little things in life. Alive.

    By Amalina J on 09.17.2012

  29. I feel alive this mornng. The sun is peeping over the mountains and the morning mist is heavy in the valley… birds are singing the day awake. Standing on my balcony, I reach up to the heavens and then touch my toes. It is great to have another day.

    By Katherine on 09.17.2012

  30. I was alive once
    Then twice
    Did you really believe
    This is all we have
    Did you really believe
    This is it
    Not me
    I have stubbed my toe before
    And then again
    Damn chair

    By recogirl URL on 09.17.2012

  31. I was still breathing, that was a good thing right?

    I mean, it wasn’t like I was dead. My legs were snapped, I couldn’t move my fingers, and I was pretty sure I broke a rib.

    But I was still breathing.

    And that was really all that mattered to me.

    By Zandra URL on 09.17.2012

  32. Everyone likes their hobbies because it makes them feel alive. Like when I play computer games, it makes feel like im in control of more things and that sense of power is actually quite addictive.

    By ifyouknowwhatimean on 09.17.2012

  33. I was tired of everything being meaningless. I was tired of being stuck in this thing between love and friends. Going nowhere. No security. No hope. I was tired of not feeling alive. I was straight up with you, I asked you to be mine. You did not answer me, but it feels good to have a heart beat again. It feels good to take that step forward. It feels good to feel alive again.

    By Windy URL on 09.17.2012

  34. To be alive. Breathing. Beating. There are the base requirements. What beyond simply existing defines being alive? Some say moments of pleasure, but aren’t those simply a reaction to a stimulus? Science.

    By adsfadfs on 09.17.2012

  35. What does it mean to be alive? Does it mean to breathe, experience, love, procreate? I want it all. I want my definition of alive to be all of that and more. I want every atom of my body to tingle with excitement and trepidation, I want to feel my palms sweating as I look into the eyes of the man I love, I want my hair to stand on end as I walk through a haunted house. I want to feel so alive that I can barely contain my heart inside my chest, thumping against my tattooed body as I spread my wings to fly.

    By claire URL on 09.17.2012

  36. Being alive is a lot of fun. It’s a lot like being not dead. I feel alive all of the time, except when I’m sleeping, then I feel a bit not alive. There are many songs written about the concept of life and what it is to be alive. Some of those songs are disco songs. I like Staying Alive.

    By Claire on 09.17.2012

  37. living, life, experience, love, existence, happy, not just there, empathetic, sincere, lively, hopeful, faith, together, beauty,

    By bre on 09.17.2012

  38. somedays, i forget what it means to be alive.
    something is missing.
    i live and nothing is tying me here.
    but something is keeping me living.
    i need something to make me alive.

    By sarah marie URL on 09.17.2012

  39. Okay, think. You breathing? Yep, or it feels like I am, anyway. Pulse? Hard to check right now, but I’m pretty sure. Okay, chances are, I’m alive.

    Now, to think of a way to get out of this pyramid while keeping it that way.

    By Kevin S. Smith URL on 09.17.2012

  40. simply not exist, feel emotions, truly love, live, beauty, happiness, to live

    By bre on 09.17.2012